byRonnie 1946©

Liz was late picking Brian up from the hotel.

She knew he'd be angry. He just didn't understand that doctors (she was a secretary to a medical specialist) often ran late and secretaries just can't leave patients when the doctor is consulting.

She parked the car in the hotel car park and got out.

Liz was a very attractive woman. She was 38, divorced mother of two teenagers and she kept herself in good shape purely by working hard at her two jobs. She'd be the first to tell you her bum was way too big and that her thighs were something she'd rather not talk about. The truth of the matter was that she was tall, with a full breasted 38D figure, trim waist, flat stomach, was extremely attractive, had a beautiful personality and exuded sensuality.

She walked to the door of the hotel. She hated going in there. She was always the recipient of the same course remarks and lewd stares, but Brian insisted she come in to pick him up.

"I'm not waiting outside for ya like some bloody loser," he'd say.

"But that hotel is just full of low life who make feel like some sort of whore when I walk in," she'd counter.

"But you are a whore sweetheart. You're my whore."

So she went and got the usual disgusting comments.

"Hey baby, looking for somebody 'cause I'm somebody and I've got a big one for ya."

"Hey spunky, want a seat? I gotta face ya can sit on."

More of these types of remarks, plus the guffaws, followed her as she made her way to Brian.

"Where the fuck have you been," he snarled at her. "It's huppast bloody six. You're supposed to finish at five. We've gotta drive up the bloody coast ya know."

"Brian, I've told you time and time again, doctors run late, and every Friday we have the same bloody conversation. Just finish your beer and we'll get going. I don't know what you're getting upset about; I'm the one who has to drive."

"Yeah, well it'd be nice to get there on time, just for once."

They headed off to the central coast. Brain making small talk and jokes at her expense.

She wondered why she was with him sometimes. Sure he was good looking in a rugged sort of a way but he never treated her nicely, always putting her down in front of others. She supposed the sex, when he wasn't drunk, was good. But even that had lessened over the past few months. She wasn't sure he wasn't getting it somewhere else occasionally.

They arrived at the caravan park on the bay, after stopping to get some liquor.

"Could you get me some Stollys and a bottle of wine please," she asked.

"Sure. Give us your money."

He was a mean bastard, she always had to pay for her own drinks.

She took all of the stuff out of the car and put it the van, the food and grog in the fridge while Brian grabbed a beer and went to the van next door to talk to his mates.

"Hey Lizzie," she hated being called Lizzie, "after dinner we'll play some cards with the guys, OK?"

"Whatever," she said, less than enthusiastic.

Liz prepared their dinner, as she always did, and had a few drinks whilst doing it. By the time dinner was finished she was feeling a little more relaxed and less uptight. She cleaned up the dinner table while Brian got the cards and things together.

He set up the card and drinks tables outside the van in the open grassed area.

The guys came over about 9.30, by which time Liz was very mellow and sipping on a glass of Verdelho, her favourite white wine.

Brian's best mate Swanny was the first in, gave Liz a peck on the cheek as he sat down. There was Alan, Liz didn't like him much, thought he was always trying to undress her with his eyes, and Alan's teenage son Paul.

She couldn't remember how late it was, or even why she agreed to it, but they were playing strip poker and she was down to just a G string. Liz wasn't sure why her nipples were extended. It may have been the cool night air or the fact she was just a bit turned on from the lustful looks she was getting from the men.

Young Paul was down to his boxer shorts, trying to hide his tent like erection. Swanny and Brian were both naked, their cocks at better than half mast.

Liz lost the next hand.

She started to slide off her G string whilst still sitting down.

"No. No," Chorused Brian and Alan, "You can see us all exposed. There's nowhere we can hide our cocks. We want to see your cunt!"

Liz boldly stood up and walked to where all the men could see her clearly. She slid the G string down over her hips, stood with her legs apart, hands on hips. Her clean shaven pussy bare as a baby's. Her outer pussy lips were parted revealing her inner lips noticeably wet and extended. It was obvious she was aroused.

"All happy now?" she questioned the group and sat back down.

She looked at Brian who, along with the others, now had a full on erection.

He smiled at her, but it wasn't a loving or sincere smile.

"Young Paul here has never had a fuck. Why don't you take him inside and fuck him!"

Liz just looked at him, incredulous, unable to speak.

Paul's face was beetroot red, but his obvious erection was still showing.

"Whatsa matter," said Brian "cat gotya tongue?"

Liz didn't know what to say, or do. All the men were looking at her.

"I don't think so Brian," she stammered.

"Why not? Here's yer chance to crack a virgin. You've never had a virgin. Have ya?"

"My husband was a virgin when I first met him," Liz reminded him coldly.

"Yeah, but you weren't, were ya. You were the right little slag. Rootin' your little heart out since you were fourteen."

Liz inwardly cringed, wishing she'd never disclosed these intimacies with Brian. But also never believing he would repeat them in front of others.

"Now, you gunna take him in and fuck him, or what?"

Liz stood up proudly. Defiantly she looked at Paul.

"Come on Paul. Let's go inside."

The teenager scrambled to his feet, nearly knocking the table over in his haste. His erection poking straight out in front of him.

Liz smiled to herself. "At least I won't have to get him hard," she thought.

Inside the van Liz turned to him, proudly displaying her nakedness.

"How old are you Paul?"

"Eighteen," he stammered.

"Thank god I'm not going to get charged with carnal knowledge," she thought to herself.

As much as she tried to convince herself she was being forced into this, Liz secretly was very turned on and she couldn't wait to feel the boy's cock inside her.

She lay down on the bed, legs spread apart.

"Come on big boy. Put that thing inside me."

The boy quickly removed his boxer shorts and knelt between her parted legs. His cock wasn't that thick but it was a reasonable length, probably about six or seven inches.

She took hold of his cock and he visibly shuddered. Pre cum was already leaking.

"Christ. I hope he doesn't blow before he gets it in me," she thought.

"Steady young fella. We've got plenty of time." And she guided his erection into her very wet cunt.

He slid all the way in without stopping and started vigorously thrusting himself in and out of her.

"Whoa boy!" she said. "Slow down. You don't want to blow your load so quickly, do you?"

But there was no stopping him and within seconds he jetted a stream of cum into her cunt. She felt the force hitting the walls of her vagina. But he didn't stop thrusting. Nor did his cock go soft!

Liz started thrusting back at him, raising her hips off the bed to meat his every thrust. They quickly set up a vigorous rhythm. The boy bent down to suck at her right breast, his hand squeezing the other, whilst he pounded away at her pussy, his cock driving in and out of her wet and willing cunt. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his hips. She could feel herself beginning to lead to an orgasm, when he stiffened and jetted another stream of cum into her.

He collapsed down on her, their perspirations mingling, his hand still clutching at her left breast and his cock now starting to shrink.

Paul rolled off Liz and looked at her.

"You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen," he said adoringly.

"I bet you say that to all the girls you fuck," Liz said, smiling. Then she remembered as the boy blushed.

"Oh I'm sorry Paul. I forgot. I'm the first, aren't I?"

The boy nodded, his face reddening.

'Well I'm very flattered and honoured to be your first," Liz said, trying to give him back some pride, "And if you perform like that with the girls, you'll have them running after you, and that cock."

Paul brightened up and got up off the bed.

"I'd better go and clean up," Liz smiled, grabbing her robe and towel. "I'll just go over to the amenities block and have a quick shower."

When she came back to the van, holding her robe closed around her body, Paul, Alan and Swanny were all still sitting at the card table.

"Where's Brian?" she asked.

"He's in the van," Alan answered, with a smirk on his face.

Liz ignored the smirk and went into the van.

She found Brian lying naked on the bed stroking his erection.

"Hey baby, come and suck this."

Liz absolutely loved sucking cock. It was one of the sex acts that really got her juices flowing. She'd never figured out why, she just knew it happened.

But she was hesitant this time.

"I don't' think so Brain. Not with the others just outside."

"Ah forget 'em. They'll go home soon," he replied.

Still hesitant, Liz looked down at him on the bed, his hand still wrapped around his cock, the bulbous purple head swollen. She could feel the moisture beginning in her pussy.

She let go of the robe and it fell to the floor. She bent over the bed and took his cock in her hand. She loved the feel of his cock; it was very thick and veiny. And right now it was as hard as a rock!

She bent over further and stuck out her tongue, touching the tip of the head. Already she could taste the salty pre-cum. Liz let her mouth slide over the head and down the shaft. She felt Brian stiffen, then relax, as he always did, when she first put her mouth on his cock.

"Fuck that's good. Christ, you know how to suck cock baby."

Liz just nodded, accepting the compliment. She now had her hand wrapped around his cock, stroking it as her mouth followed her hand up and down the shaft. Her other hand was cupped around his balls, lightly squeezing and releasing.

As far as Liz was concerned one of Brian's good points was he didn't blow quickly, so most times she got to orgasm as well. She didn't think it was due to any consideration on his part, just the fact he didn't cum quickly.

Liz wasn't sure how long she'd been sucking and stroking Brian, but it was certainly having the desired effect on her. She could feel the wetness inside beginning to escape through her cunt lips, her own insides beginning to churn.

Suddenly, Liz felt hands on her hips and something poking at the entrance to her cunt.

"My boys had some of this hot cunt. Now I'm gonna have some." She heard Alan say.

Liz immediately started to lift her head and try to back away but Brain grabbed her head with both hands and held her down on his cock.

Alan gripped hold of her hips, pushed the head of his cock hard against the opening of her pussy and slipped easily into the wet depths of her cunt.

Liz gasped. He was longer and much thicker than his son. She could feel her lips stretch to accommodate him as he slid his cock all the way in and filled her cavity with his hardness.

Liz tried in vain to break out of Brian and Alan's grasp.

"Just keep sucking and fucking, you slag," Brian snarled. "You know you're gunna love it. Just what you've always wanted, two cocks at once."

Liz remembered saying something like that to Brian once, in a moment of sexual frenzy. But it was a fantasy she thought, not something she wanted in reality.

Given the circumstances, there was not much Liz could do about the situation. Brian was holding her head steady as he fucked her mouth, matching stroke for stroke as Alan assaulted her cunt from behind. Between them, they'd built up a good rhythm on Liz's body.

Liz gave up and resumed sucking and stroking Brian's cock. As much as she hated to admit it, she was enjoying the penetration of her cunt and was actually lifting her pussy to meet each of Alan's inward thrusts. The father was much more polished in his actions than the novice son. His stokes, whilst firm and forceful, were varied by his body movements and Liz could feel his cock moving all around in her cunt, which was now running with her juices. One moment his cock was pressing against the opening to her womb, and then the next second, by slightly shifting position, it was rubbing against her G spot.

Liz could feel her own orgasm building as she furiously sucked and fucked both the cocks in her.

"You said she was a hot fuck Brian. You weren't kidding." Alan gasped.

"Yeah. She's always been a hot root, from the first night I met her. We fucked all night that night too.'

Liz cringed inwardly, but still could not stop the enjoyment she was feeling.

Her orgasm now approaching rapidly, Liz worked even more furiously on Brian's cock, but still he didn't cum.

Then her own orgasm hit her.

She lifted her head off Brian's cock and started giving her familiar moans, gasps and groans as her orgasm wracked her body.

It was enough for Alan and he shot his load deep into her pulsating cunt, spurt after spurt splashing the walls of her already dripping cunt. He kept moving his cock in and out of her until, at last, her orgasm subsided. Then he withdrew his softening cock.

Her legs trembling Liz went to sit on the side of the bed.

"Oh no baby, climb on this," Brian demanded. "I want to feel what it's like slipping into a cum filled cunt."

Wearily Liz straddled him and lowered her cum filled cunt onto his cock; some of Alan's cum dripping down onto Brian's stomach, cock and balls as she did so.

Brain immediately began thrusting himself up into Liz's sloppy, wet cunt.

Weary as she was, Liz couldn't help but respond and within a matter of seconds was vigorously riding Brian's cock like there was no tomorrow.

Although she felt a little shame on what she was doing, Liz had to admit to herself that her body had never felt so sexually alive. It was like her whole being was centred on her cunt. That she was living only from within her pussy.

Liz was vaguely aware of Alan leaving the van, she thought. Then Brian pulled her down to him and started kissing her passionately, their tongues probing at each other. Their passion rose intensely as tongue met tongue and cock and cunt fused together.

She felt a movement on the bed and then a finger began probing at her anus. She stiffened and started to struggle but was held tightly by Brian. She could feel an oily liquid being applied to her anal passage.

"No Brian. No." she screamed.

"Shut up bitch." He hissed at her, "Or I'll gag ya. It's not the first time you've had a cock up yer arse."

He held her tightly as she felt one finger, then two penetrate her arsehole. They moved around inside her anal cavity, spreading the warm oil.

The fingers withdrew slowly and she could feel the head of a penis probing at the entry to her anus.

Both she and Brian had stopped moving now, awaiting the entry of the member into her anal passage.

The cock, obviously slicked with lubricant, forced its way past her sphincter muscle.

Liz could feel her arse muscles relaxing as she began to feel the enjoyment of both of her holes being penetrated at once. She began to respond as the anal intruder slid all the way in. She could feel his pubic hair against the cheeks of her bum. She lifted her arse up to meet the thrust of his cock.

Soon the three of them set up a rhythm and Liz felt her whole being alive, as the warmth of pleasure, spread from her genital and anal areas throughout her body.

Her hands on Brian's shoulders now, she concentrated on the pleasure she was receiving, still unsure as to whose cock it was giving her the anal pleasure.

Her eyes closed as she rode her two cocks, Liz became aware of someone standing near her. She opened her eyes to see young Paul, stoking an erection, just inches from her face.

"What the hell," she thought, "in for a penny, in for a pound," and beckoned the boy to her.

The boy shyly came forward and in one movement she took hold of his cock and slid in into her mouth, swallowing it all the way.

Now, she thought, I'm in heaven. All three holes filled at once and she set about pleasuring herself.

As said before, Liz loved sucking cock, and it wasn't long before she felt her own approaching orgasm. Vigorously she rode the two cocks in her arse and cunt, the men responding in the same manner. She could feel waves of pleasure spreading from within her belly, knowing her own orgasm was approaching rapidly.

But it was the boy who came first, spurting his cum down Liz's throat. As she swallowed it greedily she wondered how he could still produce so much cum when he'd already blown twice before.

It was the trigger to her own orgasm though, and she felt the familiar spasms begin in her own genitals. Her body shook as the boy withdrew his cock from her mouth and she cried out in pleasure. Then she felt the cock in her arse erupt, spewing cum into her bowel, jet after jet, after jet.

At that point Brian gave one last hard upward thrust and he too emptied his cum into her waiting cunt.

This continued her own orgasm and she fell down onto Brian's chest as her cunt spasmed around his spewing cock, trying to milk every last drop from him. The cock in her arse followed her down and kept pumping in and out of her 'til the she thought she would pass out from the pleasure of the two spasming cocks inside her.

Eventually, both cocks softened and withdrew from her body. It was only then she saw the anal penetrator was Swanny.

Exhausted, Liz rolled off Brian and fell into a deep sleep, cum seeping out of her arse and cunt.

This orgy scene was never repeated, in spite of Brains best endeavours. However, Liz did have many more threesomes with Swanny and Brian, right up until the time she and Brian split up.

If Liz was honest with herself, she'd admit it was one of the most sexually arousing experiences she's ever had, even though it was forced upon her.

Liz still adores sucking cock, still loves anal sex but is now strictly a one man woman.

I know, because I'm lucky enough to be that man!

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