Liz Hurley at Ashley's party


Liz recognized the voice. She couldn't recall who it was though. Another black man. In the next room what were the chances. What if Ken was in there. The thoughts swirled in her head. She had just practically fallen in love with Ken. What a fool she was. He's already fucking another woman. I have to find out who's in there. Liz picked up the phone and called the desk. "Could you tell me who is the room next to mine?" said Liz. The clerk said that it was 213 however Ken's room said 211 on the door. Liz told the operator that and said, "Madam if you look on your wall there is a door they are two conjoining rooms. That is why I told you room 213 because, room 212 is conjoined to yours.

Liz didn't listen to the last half of her sentence and quickly ran to the door. She slowly opened it so as not to disturb whomever was fucking. As she opened it the room looked exactly like Ken's exactly to a tee. And there on the bed was.....

"Oh my lord......" Liz softly whispered to herself.

There on the bed was her friend Ashley Judd. Naked with her legs being held open by the lanky black man she had introduced to Liz as T. It was Tony Ken's brother they must have been sharing rooms. Liz turned away and put her hand to her mouth. "Oh my lord. Ashley is engaged to that driver. How can she cheat on him?" Liz thought to herself. She quickly rationalized to herself that she remembered how Ashley always attended those university of Kentucky Basketball games and how impressed she always was with the basketball players athleticism. Liz looked as Tony tore into Ashley with a cock just a bit smaller than Ken's.

The scene made Liz extremely hot as she watched the erotic scene of the wiry black man's large penis destroyed Ashley's small cunt. Ashley's muscular little body was tensing and trying to work with the thrusts that were giving indescribable pleasure. Ashley then laid her head back and gripped the sheets as she obviously orgasmed. "Ya ready for the finale Ash?" Tony asked her. Ashley sprung to life a bit and stood up. The kissed Tony lovingly as Liz watched Ashley suck on Tony's tongue.

Ashley broke their kiss and gave Tony a sultry look as she turned around and bent over the bed. Her ass rubbing against Tony's now flaccid yet large penis her muscular thighs tensing as she stood with her knees locked. Liz looked in horror and amazement as Tony rubbed his cock to hardness against her lily white ass and inserted it into her Asshole which easily accepted him. They've must have done this before Liz thought. Liz had unknowingly untied the short robe and was rubbing her breasts and pussy furiously.

Ken had returned with a bag of strawberries and cream. He looked quizzingly at the sight of Liz staring in a door with her back to him. He moved lightly so she wouldn't notice him. He easily looked over her to see his brother pounding into his boss' fiancée as Ashlye Judd moaned. Ken disrobed quickly and took the bad with him. Liz was fighting hard to keep her eyes on the action as she masturbated furiously. Ashley was swinging back and hitting her ass into Tony's skinny body. Her tight ass slightly jiggling at the impact.

Just then Liz felt a hand around her mouth with a strawberry in it. The cream covered strawberry entered her mouth. She knew it was Ken and she greedily sucked on his fingers as well as the strawberry. His hand covered her as he took over he was now fingering her and rubbing her breasts as Liz put her hands on either side of the doorway and braced herself. Ken planted kiss' on her back and slowly inserted his enormous rod into her sopping wet pussy. Liz gasped quietly at his entry so as not to disturb Ashley.

Judd was groaning and grunting as Tony was pawing her breasts and pound her asshole. Ken thrust into Liz several times until she achieved orgasm. Her sweaty hair hung from her face as her head fell. She was spent. Just then she felt Ken take out his cock and begin rubbing it's length on her lips as though he lubricating it. He then began to insert it into Liz's ass. Liz was too tired to fight it and Ashley was certainly enjoying it. Tony put his hands on her knees as Ashley bent her legs. He supported her in the air as he twisted her on his cock and laid her on her back on the bed. Tony was so tall so Ashley put her hands on her legs and spread as much she could allowing for his down thrusts into her ass.

Ken had half his penis inserted into Liz when it felt like he had reached full tilt. Liz sighed a bit thinking thank goodness he won't fit that whole thing in there. Then violently Ken thrust with all his might shoving himself into Liz butt. Liz looked at the mirror on Ashley's wall. The mirror on Ashley's wall showed the reflection off the wall in Ken's room and Liz could then see his tensed ass as he held the entire spear in her. Ken then reached under her arms and grabbed a hold of her breasts as he violently thrust upward into her ass. His strength kept her from bobbing on his cock forcing her to accept his massive girth destroying her. Liz looked up sweat dripping from her eyebrows as Tony pulled from Ashley and sprayed his hot jism onto her flawless face. Ashley tried to lick up as much she could.

Ashley wiped her eyes of the bucket load of cum and licked her fingers. As she opened her eyes there she saw Liz bent over arms on the doorway as Ken's hulking frame thrust into her. Ashley smiled and said, "enjoying yourself?" Liz could only close her eyes and say yes shakingly as the mixture of pain and pleasure was something she never before experienced. Ken continued his assault squeezing her breasts and slapping her ass until finally he thrust into Liz and held his cock and unloaded his cum in her asshole. He pulled out his cock with a popping sound. As he let her go she fell to the floor and rolled over to look up at the ceiling. All four people laid there panting and gasping for air.

"Wanna trade?" Ashley said with an impish smile.....

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