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Local Mardi Gras


Last year my wife and I went to a Mardi Gras party at one of the local clubs holds every year. The band was real good, and the festivities were fun to watch. I was kind of surprised by all of the tit flashing going on. I live in a small city in the Midwest, and most of the people are pretty conservative, meaning that if you want to see anything crazy, you have to travel to one of the college towns.

I kept trying to get my wife to flash her tits for some beads with no success. That is until we went to leave, she stood up, put her coat on and I asked her for one for the road. With that she lifted her shirt up flashing me her bra. I told her that wasn't a real flash and reached for her shirt. Expecting her to slap my hands away, I started to pull it up. Meeting no resistance when I got to her bra, I reached my fingers under it and gave a slight tug. Finding a grin on her face, I pulled it and her shirt all the way up, exposing her tits to my view. I pulled it down right away, and she had a big grin on her face.

As we walked out, I took her to the front of the balcony, where everybody would be able to see, and asked her if I could flash her tits to everyone. She told me to go ahead, so I got behind her, walked her right up to the rail and pulled her shirt and bra up. I left it up for a couple of seconds so that I could play with her tits and let anyone looking get a good view. She pulled her shirt down and said it was time to go and with that we left.

The sex was good that night.

Well, we went to the same Mardi Gras party this year and my wife took me by surprise. Last year, we just sat up on the balcony listening to the music and watching the people get crazy on the dance floor. On the way home, we talked about how much fun we had and how we both wished that we were down on the floor. I was kind of surprised when she told me this because she usually doesn't dance. Myself, I'm a bad dancer but I still enjoy dancing. My wife on the other hand just wants to listen to the music. She told me that with the crowd being that crazy, and crowded, you don't really have to dance, just get out there and wiggle a little here and there and do whatever the crowd is doing.

I took her up on her word this year, expecting her to go out on the dance floor when it got crowded and scream and yell with the rest of the people. I was not expecting her to flash her tits or anything crazy. Holding to my expectations, we sat up on the balcony again this year watching the crowd and listening to the music. Towards the end of the first set the dance floor started to get a little full and some guy was up on the center stage trying to get girls to flash their tits for beads. For the most part he was having no luck until this one girl pulled her top down for him. That's when my wife stood up, grabbed my hand and said let's go.

Just like she said, we mingled into the crowd and just kind of wiggled to the music. I may be a bad dancer, but she doesn't dance. Finally, the guy up on the center stage pointed to my wife, indicating he wanted her to pull her shirt up. Without any hesitation she lifted her top up, flashing her bra to him. He just dangled the beads, shaking his hand indicating that she had to flash her tits to him. She pulled her top down, holding her elbows to her chest, like she was trying to hide her chest from him and shook her head no. I reached around her, like I was hugging her from behind and whispered in her ear, "Can I?" She looked at me, grinned and said go ahead.

With that grin still on her face, she turned back to the guy on the stage, and pulled her arms back. With that I pulled her shirt up, stopping momentarily to grab her bra with it. I flashed her tits to him and he threw her the beads that he had been promising her. That seemed to set the stage for her. She started flashing her tits anytime that someone offered her beads. That only happened on more time during that set from the band and we went back up to our seats on the balcony when they went on break.

When the band came back from break, we remained in our seats up above. They did their little parade thing where everybody in the band grabbed something to bang on, whether with it was a drum or a wooden cup and walked out into the audience passing out beads as they went along. They went down the center of the main floor, over to one of the side entrances of the balcony, back down the other side. When they were done, everybody had beads to pass around, and things started to get fun. My wife and I stayed up on the balcony this set, and the only time she flashed her tits was when the guys below us started offering beads to the ladies up above, my wife included.

There was a group of girls next to us that the guys were trying to get to flash their tits to. They pretty much kept shaking their heads no until my wife flashed her tits first. Then I could see some talking going on amongst the girls and it looked like two of them decided to go ahead and flash. I saw them count and one girl pulled her shirt and bra up and the other girl left her bra on. The girl that showed her tits and one of her friends tagged up on the girl that didn't and lifted her shirt and bra up, flashing her tits to the guys below.

I kept an eye on those girls after that and I saw the two that flashed talking to each other. One of them left to get drinks and when she returned, she got on the other side of the girl who helped flash the second girl's tits but never flashed her own. At one point, she was leaning over the balcony, trying to talk to the guys below when the first two girls grabbed her. One girl held her arms back while the other girl pulled up her shirt and bra. With her arms held back like that, it thrust her tits out for all to see. They held her like that for several seconds before they let her go, giving her beads from around their necks in reward for letting them do that to her.

The band finished that set and went back on break, announcing that they would have stuff to pass out when they came back. Remembering last year, they gave away a bunch of shirts. They had two kinds; one was a short sleeve shirt that they gave to almost any girl on the dance floor that asked for one. Sometimes they would get the girl to flash in exchange for a shirt. The other kind was a little tank top that they would only give if the girl would take her shirt off. The band encouraged taking the bra off to, but would settle for a flash.

When the band started coming back on stage, my wife took me back down to the dance floor. "I want to get one of those shirts this year," she told me on the way down. I figured that she was talking about one of the sleeved shirts, but one the band started handing them out, she drug me up onto the center stage dance floor. They started with the t-shirts and handed them to few girls that flashed upon request. When the tank tops came out, I found out why my wife had brought me up onto the center stage area: it made her one of the closest people for the shirts. When she saw them, she worked her way up to the main stage and reached for one. The guy handing them out indicated that she had to lift her shirt up, which she did, flashing him her bra. He shook his head no and indicated it had to come off. Which she did, handing me her shirt. When she reached for the tank top, he pulled it back indicating that he wanted her to take the bra of too. She had her back to me and the crowd, so when she reached behind her back and unfastened the bra clasps we didn't get to see anything but her bare back. She reached for the shirt again but he indicated that she had to take the bra all of the way off.

With that, she pulled the straps over her shoulders, and let the bra fall to the floor. Next she held her arms out away from her body and shook her tits for the band. He gave her new shirt to her and she started to put it on. I leaned forward and yelled in her ear, "Turn around and do that again for everyone to see." She hesitated for a moment and I took that as an opportunity. She had her new tank top around her neck, not pulled down over her chest yet, so I grabbed it and pulled it back over her head.

She turned around grinning with her arm pulled tight against her chest. She had her hands at her chin, and her elbows pulled in tight, effectively hiding her tits from us. With a little cheering from the crowd, she pulled her elbows away and brought her hands down over her nipples. With some more cheering, she pulled her hands away and shook her boobs for the crowd, bringing a lot of beads her way. She grabbed the tank top from me, and climbed down to the dance floor, putting it on when she got down. I grabbed her bra off of the stage and climbed off and joined her on the floor. The tank top that she was now wearing was white and with her dark brown nipples, it left little to the imagination. After she was done, the crowd started to get really wild and several girls removed their tops on the stage trying to get the tank tops. A couple of girls just took their shirt off and danced in only their bra when the band ran out of tank tops.

I asked her what she wanted me to do with her bra and shirt, and she told me to go back to our seats and stuff them in her coat pocket. When I got back, she had pulled her tits out the sides of the tank top and was dancing like that. She had accumulated enough beads by now, that not much was showing really. She had some guy dangling a large set of beads over her indicating he wanted her to pull her pants down. She kept shaking her head no until I got there. Seeing this going on, I told her to go ahead, so she unbuckled and unzipped her pants. She doesn't wear panties these days, so when she pulled the zipper open, she flashed her pubes to him. Thinking this would be enough for him, she pulled her pants shut. He shook his head no and indicated that he wanted her to pull them down further. So she turned her back to him and pulled her pants down again, bent over and mooned him. He shook his head no again and indicated that he wanted to see her pussy.

My wife turned around and asked me if I mind and I asked her how badly she wanted those beads. She gave me one of those grins that I am beginning to like so much and climbed back up on stage next to this guy. I have to add in here that not only was the center stage full with people dancing on it, but so was the main stage. He was on the center stage watching her, and she was on the main stage facing him and the audience.

She started doing the little wiggle thing that she refers to as dancing in a crowd and unzipped her jeans again. She hooked her thumbs in the waistband and started to push them down to the cheers of the crowd. She got them down far enough that most of her pubes were exposed, still wiggling to the beat of the music. She looked at the guy and held out her hand for the beads and he indicated he wanted them all the way down. So she did.

She pushed them down further bringing her pussy full into view. He gave her the beads and the crowd just went wild. Getting into the heat of the moment, she reached down and pushed her jeans all the way to her ankles. I think that if it wasn't for her shoes getting in the way that she might have taken them off. The crowd cheered louder and she reached for her shirt. She started pulling it up, up, and off, twirling it over her head and throwing it into the crowd. She pulled the beads back and hung them behind her so that everybody could see her better. She danced like that, naked up on the stage for a few minutes. Finally, she bent over and pulled her pants up, joining me on the floor.

Later, she told me that she would have danced like that all night except that some guy started feeling her up. Actually sticking his fingers in her when she bent over to get her pants.

We left shortly after that, grabbing our coats and her shirt and bra on our way out. Surprisingly, her tank top was waiting for her at our chair. One of the girls sitting next to us told me that she caught it and figured my wife would want it back. My wife put it back on and slung her coat over her arm and we headed for the door. She stopped me on our way out, when we got to the place on the balcony where I had flashed her tits last year.

"One for the road," she said as she hung her cot over the side. Next she dropped her pants again and pulled up her shirt yelling, "Woo-hoo!" at the top of her lungs. People started to look up at us and she thrust her chest out for them, leaned back in my arms and started to kiss me. I figured that we might as well give them one last good show and reached down and started to play with her pussy. Man she was wet! I played with her clit for just a few seconds, and her juices started gushing down her legs.

She pulled away from me, pulled her shirt down and her pants up, "Come on, let's go."

This bar that we were at is on the second and third floors of a large building. So when you exit, you are on a flight of stairs over looking the parking lot. As soon as we stepped outside, she lifted up her shirt again, and yelled, "Woo-hoo," at the top of her lungs. When she was sure that everyone in the parking lot had a good look, she pulled down her shirt and took off at a run for our car, laughing all the way.

"I can't believe I did that," she told me once the doors had closed and the engine started. "I just got into the heat of the moment out there on the stage and all of my inhibitions went away. I'm horny as hell and need to fuck you right away, so hurry up and find some place safe for us to do it."

"I know of some graveled roads nearby that might do in a bind," I told her.

"I don't care where, just hurry up and get there."

I wanted to drive like a bat out of hell to there, but she had taken her pants off and was playing with herself. I could just imagine getting pulled over by the police and having to explain why my wife was naked from the waist down. Talk about mood killers. So I found us an entryway to a field out on a nearby country road.

We got out, and I took her to the side of the car away from the road, figuring that if anyone came by, they wouldn't be able to see much. My wife had other ideas though and went to the opposite side, pointing out that if somebody came by, they wouldn't see anything she hadn't shown already tonight. With that, she bent over the car and we fucked doggy style on the side of the road. One car did come by, and I pulled out, not wanting to be caught like that. She had other plans though and tried to get me back in her. We compromised and I held her from behind, with her facing the road. It was foggy out that night, so the driver was not able to see us until he was right on top of us. Imagine his surprise as out of the fog appears a naked woman being held by a dressed man from behind waving as he went by. He honked and drove off into the fog.

When he was gone, I pulled my pants down and we finished off what we had started. She had been worked up for quite some time and came before the sounds of the truck faded away into the distance. I didn't last very long before a came in cum gushing orgasm. This set my wife off and she came again.

We went home, and fucked one more time before falling asleep. When we woke up in the morning, we talked about the night before and she had some fears that someone she knew might have seen her, but that if someone had, she had enjoyed herself enough last night to be worth it. I don't know if she is going to do anything like this next year, but I can hardly wait to find out.

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