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Locker Room


Nick was twenty five years old. He wasn't overly overweight, but he felt he could loose a few pounds and maybe build some muscles. He recently broke up with his girlfriend and figured that if he was going to get back in the game, he needed to look good.

This was his first time in a gym locker room; as a teen in high school he managed to get out of physical education, so he never had to change clothes much less shower in front of other men. But the time to be embarrassed was over, it was time to get in shape, and the only free time he'd have to do this would be before work, so he had no choice but to shower after working out. Fortunately for him, the showers themselves were individual stalls.

After selecting a remote locker and Nick sat down on the bench. He slid off his shoes and shocks, and then removed his shirt stood up and put them neatly inside the locker. He then looked around the room sheepishly and was convinced nobody was looking in his direction; Nick took a deep breath and pulled down his pants. Although he was still wearing his black briefs, he felt more exposed then ever. There was nothing but a thin layer of cloth between him and the rest of the world, to make matters worst he has a bulge growing; he hoped nobody would notice.

Nick became nervous as he realized it was time to remove his tighties. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath and quickly pulled them off and kicked them away. Nick quickly went to grab the towel on the bench that he thought he brought with him, but there was no towel to be seen. The towels were on the other side near the shower. "Why did I have to choose the complete opposite side of the room?" he thought to himself. Nick could have sworn that he took a towel with him; but that was a moot point now.

Once the confusion and the shock of his missing towel passed, the terror of being butt naked set in. He instantly put his hands in front of his crouch and look around, once again he was relived that no one appeared to be looking at him. After what felt like an eternity he decided he would go ahead and walk across the locker room naked and get a towel; he only hoped that nobody would look. Nick bent over to pick up his underwear off the ground, but what he did not realize at the time was that he was giving a near by secret admirer a glorious view of his ass and scrotum.

Being completely pre-occupied with his own nudity, Nick failed to notice that he left his locker key inside the locker as he closed it shut. He took a deep breath, lowered his eyes to the ground and quickly walked to the towel rack, he passed groups of legs and feet and only hoped that he was invisible to the owners. He didn't realize that someone was following him shortly behind.

Nick finally made it to the towel rack and quickly robed himself; he felt at ease again, he felt protected again. Nick confidently walked to the showers, he nodded to a man behind him and thought to himself that the man was well built and looked very strong. Nick hoped that he might one day look like that man. The man nodded in return and smiled, although Nick paid little attention. This wasn't so bad he thought to himself. As he was finally able to look ahead he noticed quite a few men that looked really decent and well built, he really couldn't wait until he looked the same.

Nick made it to the shower stall, he slipped off his towel without being embarrassed and slid into shower and closed the curtain behind him. Being is first day working out, he was pretty tired and the steaming hot water felt great as he closed his eyes and let it run down his face and along his body. He was in a trance and had little time to react when he felt a figure grab him from behind. Before he could realize what was happening, a large hand closed over his mouth, another hand held his chest and pushed him against the figure's body. Nick tried to scream, but only a muffled sound came out, he tried to struggle but the strangers grip was too tight. The stranger pushed his own body tight against Nick's. Nick could feel an erect penis pushing between his own thighs and pushing up against his butt cheeks. He tried to turn his head to see his captor, but the stranger held Nick's head in place.

Nick continued to struggle, but it was futile. He was too weak to break free. Once he stopped struggling the stranger leaned over to his ear and whispered, "You see, I have this sixth sense. I know what other men need, even if they don't know it themselves. And you my friend, you need to be fucked in the ass with a large cock. You need to be dominated and put in your place. You're screaming to be liberated and you don't even know it.". Nick continued to take deep breaths, his heart raced faster then ever. The words repeated over and over in his head, the situation felt so unreal. The stranger whispered again, "You're going to get fucked, there is no doubt about this. You have a choice however; you can choose the easy way and submit to me, or you can fight. Either way, it will happen, and if you fight, it will hurt a lot. Nod if you will submit willingly." Nick was not a fighter and he knew he was not strong enough to break free. He just wanted this to end; he just wanted to be free. Nick figured if he gave in, it would hopefully end fast. Nick nodded his head and the stranger released his hand from Nick's mouth. For one brief moment Nick considered yelling for help, but the shame of what was happening to him seemed to steal his voice away.

With one hand free, the stranger lathered his hand with soap from the wall dispenser in front of Nick. Nick was too scared to turn to face the stranger so he kept his eyes straight ahead. Nick felt the strangers hand part his butt cheeks as he massaged Nick's asshole. Although Nick had no idea how large this man's dick was, it felt enormous against his leg. The stranger continued to massage Nick as he slowly inserted his finger bit by bit. Even this man's fingers felt large. Nick felt violated and ashamed as the man fully inserted his finger inside his ass; but the same time Nick felt something he never felt before, he couldn't describe it, but part of him almost liked the feeling

Nick felt the stranger pull out his finger and at the same time grabbing his cock. He could feel the stranger position himself, Nick knew what was coming next and didn't have anytime to prepare himself. Just as Nick was about to scream out the man quickly put his hand over Nick's mouth, nothing but a quick squeak came out. The force in which the strangers penis penetrated Nick's virgin asshole sent shivers down Nick's spine, his entire body tingled, he was instinctively trying to pull away but the more he fought he deeper the strangers penis went in.The stranger whispered, "Don't fight it, accept it." Nick couldn't help himself, he felt his ass being stretched in all directions it hurt and tickled at the same time, he wanted it out of his body yet each time it went deeper inside of him it made his toes tingle. The stranger begin to thrust, almost completely pulling out until just his tip was still inserted the pushing in as hard as he could. Nick's body finally give in to fatigue and he stopped fighting, even Nick's ass started to learn how to accept the penis that was penetrating it, it almost was wanting it. The stranger finally orgasmed after what felt like ten maybe fifteen minutes. The stranger pulled out and let go of Nick. Nick had to put his hands on the wall just to stand up. His legs were shacking, the water was still running yet his was dripping with sweet. He was too tired to even turn around to see who had use used him. The stranger leaned over and whispered again, "'l'll see you again, boy." and then left the shower stall.

Nick weakly stood on his own without the support of the wall, he felt something sticky and warm run down the backside of his legs. He ran his fingers over it and realized he was leaking cum, without really thinking he brought his fingers to his mouth and tasted it. It oddly tasted good he thought to himself. He thought that over all, the experience wasn't that bad, it hurt a lot, but not in a bad way. "[... I know what men need, even if they don't know it...]" What did that mean? he thought to himself. Nick just wanted to get out of there, he didn't even care if he went to work that day.

Nick no longer had the confidence to come out of the shower naked he didn't even want to walk around in the towel. What if people knew what happened to him, what if the guy was still there, it didn't matter, he needed to get out of there. Nick was trying to find his towel until he realized it was gone, the man most have taken it, so Nick walked with his legs closed together and shuffled his way to his locker with his hands over his crouch and face facing down. He didn't dare look at anyone.

Nick was grateful that he made it to the locker; that is until he realized he needed a key to open the locker; the key that he left inside the locker because he was to pre-occupied about being naked. "Ah, fuck... ". he thought to himself.

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