Lodge 4 Ch. 03


"Okay, bye," I replied in anguish, and hung up. My hips bucked against Cassie's chest as my orgasm hit, and hit hard. A jet of cum rocketed from my cock, landing on Cassie's forehead, leaving a long, thin trail up her face.

Cassie was caught off guard, and jumped slightly as the cum shot past her eye, gasping in shock. My hips bucked again and a second wad of cum shot out and landed on her lips and in her open mouth. Cassie licked her lips, as a third rope of semen shot up her neck, leaving a thick white gooey streak.

She dipped her head down to watch the rest of my cumshot, a fourth, weaker shot outlining the top of her breast. The rest of my cum oozed out of the tip, coating the insides of her tits with warm jizz.

Cassie looked up at me, holding my cock between her tits, "Wow, you really came!" The huge splat of cum on her head had trickled down through her hair, and was now drooling down her face, a globule rolling down her forehead and nose. Cassie shivered as she felt it falling, "Mmmmm," Cassie moaned, "I hope there's always this much mess with you,"

"You bet," I replied, my cock remaining hard between her tits, albeit slightly sore and aching in my post-orgasmic state, "You fucking cheated, though! You said you'd be sucking me off, not pulling a tit fuck on me!"

"Well, that 'game' was so I could surprise you with it," Cassie grinned as the tributary of semen meandered its way around her mouth and down her jaw, "So the way I see it, we're both winners," Cassie looked down at the mess on her chest. Jizz was pooling between my cock and her sternum, some beginning to leak out of the bottom and ooze down her stomach, some was lying dormant atop the crest of one boob, a white stripe painted up her neck from her cleavage to her throat, crowned with a thick round splat mark.

In the middle, my still hard cock was poking out from between her tits. "You're still hard?" Cassie looked up at me quizzically, "I've heard men go soft after they've cum, but you're still rock solid!"

"If you could see what I'm seeing and feel what I feel, you'd understand,"

Cassie wriggled her entire body, shuffling her boobs on my pole, sending shivers throughout me. I winced at the feeling of her soft, malleable tits against my cock. "I'm sure I would,"

Cassie let go of my cock with her tits, a web of semen strings linking her cleavage to my penis, breaking only when her fingers rose up through the knobwebs and draped them over her breasts. She let out a moan as she did so.

"Well, I did what I wanted to do," I said, "I think it's your turn now,"

Cassie smiled widely, "So, we're going to have sex?"

"Yup," I replied, "We're going to have proper cock-in-cunt sex,"

"Oh good," Cassie stood up and clambered onto the bed, "I was worried you were gonna hump my ear for a moment there!" she joked as she lay on her back.

I chuckled, "But seriously, I'm gonna fuck you," I slid off the bed and stood up, beckoning Cassie to come closer.

She complied, shuffling towards the edge of the bed, her pussy level with my cock, "I don't want you to cum inside me though. I want you to finish between my tits again. You didn't last very long earlier. Maybe you want a better feel of them?" Cassie pushed her tits together, and squeezed, squashing them against her chest at the same time.

"I can't argue with that," I conceded, "Besides, I doubt I'll cum again before you do. You're still wearing my last load,"

Cassie laughed, "Yup. I'm gonna keep it on til we're done. I love feeling so dirty! Now I want your cock inside me!"

"You sure you don't want me to warm you up with my mouth first?" I asked, cautious with this being the first time she was engaging in vaginal intercourse for the best part of 4 years.

"I warmed it up while I was sucking you off," Cassie revealed, "What, did you think my other hand was conducting an orchestra?"

"Fair enough," I lined up my cock with Cassie's vagina, and slowly pushed into her, taking care not to go too hard or deep, due to her abstinance. Cassie bit her lip and moaned as my head penetrated her pussy lips and slid into her vagina with ease.

After about 2 inches, I felt her begin to taper and tighten, but didn't restrict my movement. It was like guards at a city gate solemnly stepping aside as pall bearers walked through with a casket.

Cassie screwed her face up tightly as I delved further into her depths, my cock touching places that hadn't been touched for years. After about 5 or 6 inches, I finally met some resistance and had to stop.

"Oh fuck, you're so deep inside me. It feels sooooo good!" Cassie moaned, her hands roaming down to her pussy, and managing to grasp the remainder of my cock, "Oh my god, it's not even all the way in!" Cassie sat up to have a look, and immediately fell back on the bed, "Oh fuck that's hot!"

I slowly began to withdraw from her, and I felt her pussy walls close in as I retreated, inch by inch. Cassie gripped the bedsheets tightly as she felt the muscles retract back to their original shape.

"Oooooooh shit!" Cassie moaned, and I pushed back into her with a bit more force, causing her to squeal at the sudden motion, the rapid filling of her cunt again, her vaginal walls stretching again to accommodate its new tenant.

I started to build up a pace as I thrust in and out of Cassie's moist vagina, each stroke seemingly coaxing more lubricant out of her, and each thrust causing her breasts to rock back and forth on her chest, my drying cum glistening on her face and cleavage.

"Oh my god!" Cassie moaned, "Let me tell you how great this feels right now," her hands reached under her knees and pulled them back, giving me more room to punch my hips forward into her juicy hole, "Oooh my god, you're filling me up!" Cassie moaned as I continued to thrust forwards, her cunt swallowing almost my entire cock now, her moans getting louder and her breaths deeper and more desperate.

She was on the verge of orgasm. I picked up the pace and beat my hips harder into her, trying to completely fill her vagina with my cock, to make her cum. I began to feel the pleasure building as well, though it wasn't as swift as hers, and since I'd already cum, it would take longer for it to arrive.

"Don't stop!" Cassie cried, "I'm almost there...I'm almost...almost...aaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAH fuck!" I took my opportunity and plunged my cock as deep into Cassie as it would go, my hips making contact with hers, triggering her orgasm as I slammed into her clit. Cassie shook and spasmed as her orgasm crested and washed over her like a wave at the beach, every nerve ending shivering as her pussy clenched around my cock.

As the orgasmic contractions subsided, I held my cock in her sobbing pussy, waiting for her to calm down. Her pants slowed as she took deeper breaths, her face and chest glowing red from her orgasm.

"Woooow!" Cassie sighed, "That was...so good! You were so deep in me it was like you were fucking my stomach!" She sat up, and looked down at our interlocked genitals, "Holy shit you were all the way inside me?!"

"Yup," I replied, slowly withdrawing from her pussy, my reawakened cock shuddering with pleasure as it dragged itself along Cassies' insides before bouncing out. "You must've really enjoyed it. You didn't last long!"

"Hey, you try not having sex for four years and see if you last longer than that!" Cassie fell back on the bed, cupping her tits, "You ready to cum again?"

"Doesn't seem fair I get to cum twice and you only once,"

"I love the mess, and I love feeling so dirty and naughty," Cassie bit her lip, and rubbed the remnants of my last ejaculation into her tits like sun tan lotion in order to lubricate them a bit, "And this way I can thank you for making me feel special these last few days,"

I couldn't help but grin, "Well, it's been great for me too,"

"I can tell, the amount of cum you've dumped on me!" Cassie licked her fingers clean, seeming to have collected more than she'd smeared, "Oops. Looks like I'm out of cum to make my tits nice and slippery with. Be a babe and get the baby oil out from the bedside table,"

I pulled out the bedside table drawer and took out the bottle of baby oil Cassie had shown me yesterday, "You know, you might have more if you didn't like eating it as much!" I handed her the bottle, and she snapped the lid open.

"True, but it tastes so good!" Cassie dribbled some of the baby oil across her tits, squeezing a generous amount on each. "You wanna help me rub this in?"

I happily obliged, climbing up on the bed beside her, and placed a hand flat on each tit, Cassie's nipples greeting me with a friendly poke. I began to rub the oil into her tits and cleavage, trying to cover every last spot of her chest with oil. I pushed her tits together, pressed them against her chest, enjoying the feel of them, my cock pulsating with desire as I became mesmerised by the shape of them changing as I kneaded them in my hands.

"Mmmmm...that's nice," Cassie purred as I massaged her tits. As I began to run out of lube, I swirled the remainder along the undersides of her tits, and my eyes locked onto her rigid nipples, standing proud amonst the vast expanse of tit flesh, crowning each breast magnificently.

I leant down and took one of Cassie's nipples in my mouth, and began to gentle suckle upon it. Cassie gasped at the new sensation, and began to breath deeply. Her nipple felt wonderful in my mouth. I sucked at it, urging it to expand further and pull more of her breast into my mouth, my tongue constantly busy, flicking, tasting her nipple, tracing the areola.

Cassie moaned, "Oooh, yes, I like that!" prompting me to begin to gently knead her breast in time with my suckling. "Mmmmmm, now rub that oil in with your big dick!"

I took one last deep suck of her tit, causing her to moan loudly, and gasp when I let it fall from my mouth. I straddled Cassie's chest and examined her, "Hmmmm, everywhere seems to be covered,"

"No, I don't think so," Cassie looked down at my cock and her boobs, "You missed a spot riiiiight..." Cassie squished her tits around my cock, and locked it in by interlocking her fingers above my shaft, "...here!" Cassie grinned and chuckled to herself.

My cock had all but vanished between her oily breasts, the head poking out slightly from the top of her cleavage. I took a moment to take all of this in, the feelings, the smells, the heat, the desire, the sight of Cassie's face with drying cum all over it. It was overwhelming.

I was so zoned out, I was caught off guard by Cassie's tongue flicking the head of my cock. I winced, and pulled my cock back involuntarily.

"You gonna get going? I wish we did, but we don't have all day!" Cassie instructed. I complied, and began to fuck her tits, slowly picking up speed and momentum, and after a few seconds I'd picked up to full speed, "That's it," Cassie urged, her tits jiggling slightly under her hands as my pelvis smacked into their undersides.

Cassie's tits felt amazing, especially lubed, as I could thrust harder and faster between Cassie's big, soft, moist tits. I kept pounding on her chest, both of us intently watching, each enjoying the tit fuck as much as the other.

I slowed down, unable to maintain the high pace. Cassie seemed to sense this, and began moving her tits up and down my cock automatically, each hand grabbing an individual tit now rather than interlocking her fingers over the top. All that was holding my cock between her boobs now was her boobs.

Cassie jiggled her tits quickly and loosely around my cock, providing lighter but swifter stimulation, biting her lip as she fucked me with her tits.

Suddenly, she swapped to longer, deeper, harder strokes, causing me to buck my hips and moan at the abrupt change of pace, and let out a long, low moan as I felt my cum begin to pool at the base of my cock.

"You gonna cum?" Cassie asked, pumping her tits a bit faster, and squeezing them tighter, causing me to scrunch my face up as I came closer to orgasm.

"Yes," I managed to moan, beginning to thrust with Cassie, willing my orgasm to arrive.

"Good, cum on me!" Cassie moaned, her head lolling back as she held her tits together as tightly as she could as I thrust between them, completing the final sprint to the finish line. I let out a satisfied grunt as I crossed the line, and my cock erupted, a large shot of cum leaping from the tip and landing on the bridge of Cassie's nose.

A second shot barely missed her chin, and pooled with my earlier shot on her throat, a stream overflowing the small pool and dribbling down the side of her neck. A third short barely reached that, and the rest was deposited in her cleavage.

"Mmmmmmmm," Cassie moaned as she felt cum dribbling down her neck and face, "Well, I think we should get cleaned up before the others get back, don't you?"

I agreed, and dismounted Cassie's chest, and we set about cleaning up. Cassie went for a quick shower, while I tidied up all the stray clothes around the room.


Half an hour later, James and the girls got back at about the same time. Cassie had gotten back into bed and pretended to be asleep, being woken up when the girls entered the bedroom to see how she was, and James fell onto the couch to watch Match of the Day with me.

After lunch, everyone packed up and were ready to go. I was still feigning my injury, but managed to hobble back inside to go to the toilet, but was ambushed by Cassie.

"Thank you for the wonderful weekend," Cassie smiled, wearing the same black outfit she'd worn on the first day, complete with shawl.

"Not at all. My pleasure," I replied.

"I'll bet!" Cassie giggled gingerly, "If you want to do it again, here's my number and Facebook. Don't forget to call!"

She handed me a folded piece of paper, kissed me on the lips, then left with the girls.

This weekend was one I'd never forget with a girl I'll never forget. I did call her, and we still speak regularly on Skype. We even meet in person every month or two, alternating destinations between our home towns.

You'll never guess what we do...!

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