Look But Don't Touch


'Do I look sexy in this dress Ralph?' She cooed knowingly.

'You'd look sexy in a paper bag Miss G.'

She leaned forward as the he drove the car out of the driveway from the house into the street and whispered into his ear.

'You Know Ralphy I was thinking I am a little knew at the practical side of things would you mind if I practiced a little on you.'

She didn't wait for an answer her hand was already touching his pants and feeling the stiffening occupant grow beneath her touch. He kept his eyes fixed on the road fighting the urge to pull over and give her the fucking of her short life. His cock swelled as she caressed it with her fingertips and cooed about how big it was in his ear. She unzipped him and drew his large cock out peeled back the foreskin and began to stroke him as she had been taught. He throbbed and moaned and she whispered sexily in his ear once more.

'I'm going to suck your cock.'

She blew warm air across his tip and he protested feebly then her moist lips met his tip. She wiped her lipstick over it as he shivered with desire she covered him in tiny wet kisses then sucked his cock inside her mouth expertly. This was the first real cock she had had. It swelled and throbbed beneath her lips and the taste of pre-cum sent tingle through her. She engulfed him eagerly and swallowed his cock deep into her throat her hands slid up and down as her head bobbed up and down she tickled his balls stroked his shaft and sucked hard at his thick hard erection. Ralph kept his gaze fixed ahead and trod on the accelerator as they sped down the freeway he was moments away from exploding. She gasped and sucked and between sucking she cried out.

'Mmmmmmmm your soooo big so hard, taste so good cum in my mouth. Mmmmmmm I want your hot cum.'

Ralph satisfied her request within moments and felt he almost whited out when he shot bucket loads of hot sticky cum into her mouth. She swallowed hard and took each shot drinking it down like a thirsty kitten lapping at milk. She felt the surge of energy take her as his cum slid down her throat. She felt unbelievably sexy and desirable. She felt her body glow with the energy of a hundred years of love- making. Reawakening her desire for orgasm, quenching her need for a man's semen inside her. She knew now what she would do with Matt and how he would take her and cum in her. As Ralph overcame his orgasms crippling weakness he fumbled his way off the freeway to the office. Giselle cleaned every droplet of his cum from his cock and then hurriedly left the car to find the elevator to Matt's office.

He was surprised to see her standing in the doorway. She looked radiant. He ached for her and had done so since he had first met her. The brief kisses in the stairwell and the moments when he had touched her sweet firm tits through her clothing and the time he had masturbated her through her panties filled his waking and sleeping fantasies. She closed the door and locked it and walked towards him. He never wanted anything, as much as he wanted her she was so beautiful. He kissed her longingly his hands pressing her to him. She ground against his awakening cock and his hand slid beneath her short skirt to feel her warm silk clad buns. The gusset was noticeably wet. He moved a hand to cup her breasts and tease the nipple through the soft thin fabric of the dress and bra. She cooed appreciatively and rubbed harder against his cock.

'I want you inside me soon!' she panted.

He wanted to be inside her, his cock was swelling rapidly. He resisted the temptation to simply slide her panties aside and slip it into her. Such was the urgency of their desire. Instead he guided her to sit on the edge of his desk and lay her back down.

'Fuck me Matt I want you inside me darling. ' She was almost begging.

Matt knew he wanted to make her so hot she would never forget this day. He broke from her grasp and desperate kisses and parted her legs and began to kiss the soft fabric of her panties. He sucked at the silk that stuck to her moist pussy and elicited a tirade of moans from her arms he sucked and kissed her exquisitely bound pussy. Her first orgasm was violent her second more so then he slid fingers inside her pussy sliding the lacy panties aside and thrusting into her to find her G spot. When he encountered her soft button she exploded and squirted his face with the sweet nectar of her orgasm. Matt felt the taste tingle through him. He felt energised and hornier than he had ever felt. His cock seemed to swell beyond belief, now was the time to enter her.

He unleashed his hugeness and she reached down and guided him to her shivering helplessly as he pressed his thickness against her tight wet lips. He parted her labia stretching her lips with his engorged cock. He felt the tightness give way as the wetness squirted his cock and the soft folds stretched to accommodate him, the hot sensation of her elastic pussy walls caressing every sense. His cock slid inside her, she was impossibly tight and soaked with the incessant squirts of her orgasms. He paused at her entrance and moved inside her gently until she began to squirm and beg him to push deeper she shivered in tiny orgasms that grew more intense with each movement of his now gigantic cock inside her. He felt her hymen and pushed past it popping her cherry knowing the brief moment of pain would bring tears to her he leaned forward and kissed her sweetly. She kissed him with wet wanton lips and lunged her tongue inside him. She reached down and cupped his swollen balls with her hand and caressed them until he moaned.

'Fuck me deep darling.'

Matt plunged his thickness deep inside her and pushed hard until his balls slapped her sweet sexy ass. He cupped her buns in his hand and thrust at her until she shivered and moaned and shouted. She came wildly scratching at him and he thrust at her with deep long hard strokes bucking furiously matching each piston like lunge with a wild bucking and gyrating. She came incessantly showering him in wetness. Each time she came they adjusted the position sideways sitting on his chair straddling him.

Leaning across the desk from behind he fucked her repeatedly amazed at his resistance to ejaculation. Each time she came she would tighten around his cock until she was impossibly tight. For two hours they fucked in every possible position until finally he lay on the desk and she straddled him. By this time they had removed all of their clothing and he had enjoyed her delicate nakedness. She slid his cock inside her and he felt her muscles clamp around him like a slippery velvet vice and she bounced on him until he was shivering on the brink of explosion. He fondled her breasts and held her sweet slender waist as she bounced on him he felt his cock begin to throb.

'Cum in me Matt fill me with cream. Mmmmm pussy wants your cream.' She moaned

Orgasm had become her normality there were only moments between each climax and the next and the intensity seemed to increase. The throbs became a blur of pleasure that flooded his body every sense was gripped in the pulsing wetness that enclosed his cock and sucked him deep inside her sumptuous cunt. When he came a white light shot across his vision. He felt himself convulse in unison with Giselle. She shivered and screamed 'Yes' repeatedly. His cock was sucked into her with an intense force that gripped his cock like a vice and trembled around it so that the sensation of pleasure lasted more than the shots of semen that he blew into her. The orgasm lasted an eternity he had never cum so much and for so long. It was as if she was drinking his cum through her puss. She vibrated sexily and fell forward his cock deep inside her. Her pussy vibrating his cock throbbed sympathetically. Wave after wave after wave of pleasure passed over them and they lay shivering with pleasure for an hour.

'I want you to take me home and fuck me up the ass matt?' She cooed as she dressed.

The memory of her former life came flooding back the cum and the endorphins reawakened her primal instincts. She would need to make love many times before she regained her strength. Giselle knew there would be no shortage of subscribers to her invitation.

If you liked this story maybe I could write the next chapter let me know.

Do you want Matt to fuck her again?

Do you think the old man deserves to be punished?

What do you think happened when she regained strength?

Let me know if you enjoyed it? Love Tiff

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