tagIllustratedLost a Bet but Won The Prize

Lost a Bet but Won The Prize


Surely he was going to win the bet, and it would be him that called the shots in our next meeting. I hadn't planned anything, thinking OU would take the Fiesta Bowl without any problems... That wasn't the case. Midway through the 3rd quarter Boise took an 18 point lead. It appears OU had underestimated Boise's defense line. The rest of the game is nail biting to the quik history. The victory of Boise was bitter sweet, wanting OU to win but eagerly accepting my dominating role in our next rendezvous.

Since we agreed winner takes all, I had every intension in living up to my end of our deal.

I waited patiently for him to call... as usual.

My phone rang.

"Looks like you have me right where you wanted me."

"Yes, I do." Giggling.

"Where and when?"

"I was thinking same place Saturday morning, say 0900?"

"I'll meet you there."

She has waited all Football season for this one day and wanted it to be perfect.

While packing her goody bag Friday night he called.

"What's happening?"

"Nutin, just getting ready for tomorrow, oh I want you to be freshly showered and I want you to be waiting for me in your back office. So leave the door open."

"Ok, I'll see you in the morning."

Friday night seemed like an eternity, neither one slept much. Anticipation filled his mind for what was in store for him. Hers wouldn't stop thinking of all the

New and exciting things she was going to do to him.

She awoke with the sound of her alarm. This morning was different, usually the noise annoyed her but today...It was music to her ears. She quickly jumped in the shower, put her makeup on and dressed and was out the door in no time.

She pulled up to the rear of his office and noticed his car already there.

Good boy she thought to herself...He's learning, coming along quite nicely.

She walked up the stairs to his office, let herself in and locking the door securely behind her.

Making her way down the hall, too the last door on the right. Butterflies filled not only her stomach this time, they consumed her whole body.

Opening the door, he looked up from his desk...their eyes met and enormous smiles flowed over their faces, both excited and relieved all at the same time. He stood and approached her, wrapping his arms around her and giving her a soft tantalizing kiss.

The physical attraction oozed from her body every time she saw him, and today was no exception. She could feel her juices seeping through her panties to her jeans she was wearing.

"I brought breakfast." As she turned and opened the basket, pulling out a bottle of champagne, orange juice and blueberry muffins.

"Open this." She say's handing him the bottle of champagne.

"You're going to need it." As she looked into his eyes and gave him a little smirk.

She began mixing the mimosas and filling each glass to the rim.

They had mimosa after mimosa until all inhibitions dissipated and turned to hunger, but not for the muffins...not the ones in the basket anyway.

She sat on the edge of his desk while he sat in his chair, her legs to each side of him with her feet resting in the seat. Gazing into his now intoxicated eyes she say's

"I want you to get undressed and leave the black socks on. I've become fond of them. I want you on all fours when I reenter the room." She left the room. He didn't say a word. He just followed her command.

Upon entering the room, the first thing he saw were the black leather thigh high boots. He moved his eyes upward scanning the short black skirt and tight fitted leather top. Her hair pulled back into a ponytail. In her hand...a whip.

Her blue eyes sparkled in delight with the compliance of her lover.

She looked up and down his body walking along side of him brushing the leather pieces of the whip up and down his bare flesh. She loved looking at him. He was so sexy, his calves and thighs were wonderfully toned-not too muscular...just perfect. His stomach and chest were in shape as were his arms. He had a gorgeous face, tender lips and deep brown eyes that drew her in if she looked at them too long.

She walks around to the front of him and secures his head between her calves.

"Are you going to be a good boy today?"


"Yes, mistress." he corrects himself quickly.

"That's better, but I think you need to learn a little lesson."

She began whipping him softly until he was almost moaning with pleasure.

"Does my little slave like that?"

You moan in response.

"Ahh, you do, but you'd better answer your mistress when she asks you a question."

She whips you harder.

"Yes mistress", you gasped.

"You know better then to moan unless I tell you too."

"Don't do it again." as she whipped him even harder to see if he would make a noise.

"Your being a good boy now." She said with pleasure in her voice.

"You're learning, soon you will be my perfect love slave."

She put the whip down and moved behind him and tenderly ran her fingertips over his tight red ass. I could feel the heat coming from your raw skin.

Without warning she smacked your butt cheeks. Your body rocked forward under the impact. You moaned out loud ...I hit harder.

I trace my fingers lightly over my perfect hand prints on your ass soothing them and give each one a tender kiss.

I crawl up behind you and pressing my Mons firmly to your butt, wrapping my arms around you and nuzzling and nibbling on the back of your neck, while I press harder and harder as if I'm making love to you. Your cock is so hard, but I haven't touched it...

I brush your nipples with the tips of my fingers, your head leans back and you let out a moan as I pinch them simultaneously. You're butt pushing harder into me, begging for more.

Slowly I make my way lightly and lovingly kiss the length of your spine, stopping at your lower back and kissing from one side to the other. Sweeping my fingers down your sides too your thighs, using my fingernails trailing up to your cheeks, parting them and squeezing each one in my hands.

You feel my fingers softly circling your hole. Without warning I grip some of the hair around your anus and quickly rip it out and sooth your pain with my wet tongue.

It took your breath away, as sensations of pleasure and pain swept through you're body...I did it again, this time placing my tongue flat against your hole moving it slightly up and down applying the smallest amount of pressure every once in awhile.

"You like that don't you?"

"I want you to get up and lie down on your back on your desk."

He complies immediately.

She quickly secures his wrists with furry restraints and ties the ends to the bottom of his desk. She secures his ankles as well, spreading his legs far apart.

He begins tugging at the restraints and realizes...she means business this time.

"Let me go, let me loose now!" She leans down close to his face.

"Or what?" With an accomplished look in her eyes and tone in her voice.

"You can't move, you definitely can't get away; you love it and you know it. Don't be afraid to admit the truth. I won't hurt you...too bad."

"Really, let me go!" with more sternness in his voice.

She bends down and takes her panties off and stuffs them in his mouth.

"You won't be talking much now...will you?"

"You're always avoiding me, if you think I'm letting you go now...you're crazy."

"I have you right where I want you."

"Do you remember our conversation of me wanting to mold your cock?"

"Yes." He mumbles through her panties that fill his mouth.

"Well, that's exactly what I'm going to do now."

She begins to pour the mold filling into the tube.

His cock already erect, she begins stroking it with her tongue to get it as big as it can get.

She places a condom over it and places the tube over his member for a couple minutes. Pulling it off and filling it with the quick dry latex to mold a replica of his perfect cock.

As the mold dries, she unties him from the desk legs, keeping the furry handcuffs on.

"I want you to get on your knees in front of me."

He complies quickly.

She, sitting in his chair, legs spread with only her boots on.

'I want you to lick my pussy with that skillful tongue of yours until I cum."

"Do you under stand?" I remove my panties from your mouth and uncuff your wrists, since I like you to use your fingers as well.

"I understand quite well."

As you begin to tease me by licking the inner part of my thighs as your fingers spread my lips open. I feel your tongue licking each side of my clit, slowly you lick taking your time making my insides ache for you once again. I feel you find my clit as you simultaneously dip a finger into my slit and gliding it down to my anus circling your finger with my juices. You begin flicking and sucking on my clit.As my body begins to loose control, you plunge one of your fingers deep inside of me. Taking me over the edge, into an amazing orgasm.

"That was very nice; you're so skilful. I love when you do that to me."

"Now, it's your turn."

I lean down and give you a deep passionate kiss; I can still taste me in your mouth.

"I want you to stay on your knees."

She gets up and pulls the firm latex replica of his cock out, and sits back down in front of him.

Holding it in front of him, showing him what a beautiful cock he has.

"Isn't that the most beautiful cock you've ever seen?"

"It looks just like mine."


"It is yours, and I want you to lick it."

"I want you to lick and suck on it just like you'd like to be licked and sucked."

"I'm not doing that!"

"If you don't I'm gonna fuck you with it."

You look up at me and know I will do... exactly what I said if you didn't.

"I'll make it a little easier on you."

She spreads her legs farther apart and begins to run his latex cock up and down her wet slit.

Her other hand soon finds her clit; she slowly penetrates herself with her new found toy.

"Lick on my nipples while I play with my pussy."

Eagerly, he summits to her request. You flicking my nipples and occasionally gently biting them while I'm stoking my clit and thrusting your cock in and out of my pussy. You press harder between my legs and begin grinding against me with each thrust of my hand, giving me the sensation of you inside of me. You sense I'm getting ready to climax again, and kiss me deep and hard...spiraling me over the edge into yet, another amazing orgasm.

He kept kissing her, hoping she would forget about what she wanted. She knew his intent, but was really enjoying kissing him...she loved to kiss him.

I placed a hand on each side of your face, gently pulling you from my mouth and looking deep into those beautiful brown eyes of yours and see the uncertainty of what lies in your very near future. I pull my new toy from my wetness and hold it near to me.

"Now, lick and suck every bit of me off of it."

You close your eyes and start to lick my juices off, from base to tip in long strokes...

You take the head into your mouth swirling your tongue around the rim, applying more pressure on the frenulum. You start to take it into your mouth deeper and deeper. I can tell your liking it as you begin to moan as you suck it and your cock dripping with pre cum. I run my fingers through your curls, lightly pushing your head deeper onto the cock.

"You like that don't you?"

"Suck it deeper into your mouth and do it like you like it!"

You take it out of your mouth and look at it and again start to lick it from base to tip in long slow strokes.

"I like watching you make love to your own cock with your mouth. It turns me on."

I lean over and begin to lick on it with you. Both of us, licking on you together. Our tongues find each other and start kissing each other so deep and hard, running our hands over each others body.

I lie you on your back and lay myself on top of you. I love the way our bodies feel together. I love running my fingers through your curls. I kiss my way down your body licking and gently biting your nipples. A moan escapes your lips. As I play with your nipples with my mouth my hands explore the rest of your body. I touch just the tip of your cock and glide your pre cum down the underside of your cock.

"I want you to stand up and lean over your desk."

"What are you going to do?"

"I'm gonna play."

"Now do it!"

You lean over your desk in front of me. I sit back in your chair admiring the view of your perfect ass. I run my finger nails up the back of your legs from your ankles to your butt cheeks... slow and sensual. I start to nibble at the back of your thighs .You really like this, your moans don't lie. I nibble up the cleft of your cheeks and spread them apart. I blow my hot breath on your stretched hole. As I pull them farther apart, I begin to lick and probe at your hole, advancing my tongue deeper and deeper inside of you with each probe. Your body pushing against me, urging me deeper inside of you.

I pick up your cock and begin to rub it up and down the crack of your ass.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

"I told you, I'm playing. Just relax and enjoy it."

"You know, it's a wonderful thing don't you? To have your mistress take you places you may have never gone before. To have her push her wet tongue inside your tight ass and to have your own cock slowly being pushed into you."

As she begins to slowly penetrate you with it.

"It's to big...stop!"

I don't listen; I slide the head in and out of you until it starts to relax those tight muscles. You let out a sigh as you start to ride it. I hold it in place letting you take control of how fast and deep you want it. I begin sucking on the area between your anus and your balls. Your moans become more frequent and louder with each thrust. I take your balls into my mouth loving on them as you fuck yourself with your cock...

I sense your about to cum, I take your cock deep into my wet warm mouth and suck it without taking it out of my mouth, giving it a feeling of a hot tight wet pussy. Your body couldn't take anymore. You let out an unmistakable moan as you filled my mouth with your cum, mouth full after mouth full. I had to open my throat and just let it pour down.

I held you in my mouth as I gently pulled your cock from your ass.

You ran your fingers through my hair as you recovered from the most intense orgasm you have yet to have. I rise up kissing your tummy to your mouth and kiss you tenderly.

We kissed and held each other for awhile before parting.

Until next time my secret lover...

Until you, I hadn't realized how much I have been missing. You have ignited a spark deep within me. The urge to be touched, teased, fulfilled. You have stirred the urge to explore my sexuality, too experience things I never dreamed of. I thank you for that, but now...I want the real thing.

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