tagErotic CouplingsLotion Leads to Love

Lotion Leads to Love


"Who's Lisa?" I asked my mom.

"Oh, you remember Lisa. She lives down the hall from Beth," my mom replied. "She's that girl from New York City."

The memory came flooding back to me. I had only met Lisa one time, but she made quite an impression on me. I had accompanied my mom when she drove Beth to Pomona College for her sophomore year. As I helped move her stuff from the car to her dorm room, I kept passing an open door, behind which a young lady lay on her bed reading. She glanced up each time I passed, but always returned to her book. After the third or fourth time I walked by, her curiosity must have kicked in, and I found her leaning against the doorframe on my next pass.

"So, are you moving in?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Nope, not me. Just helping out my sister." We talked for a few minutes. That's when I learned her name was Lisa, she was starting her first year, and that she hailed from New York City. I've never been to the Big Apple and I've always been curious about it, so I normally would have asked her about it. But two things prevented me from doing so.

First, I'm a fairly shy guy. Not in any sort of debilitating way. I can hold my end of a conversation, but it doesn't come easily to me and I'm always nervous I'll say something stupid. That's enough to prevent me from speaking comfortably in front of strangers.

Secondly, and far more importantly, Lisa was really hot. She had a lovely smile, long, dark hair with tight curls, and bronze, blemish-free skin. Her large breasts strained behind a white cotton T-shirt – a wonderful contrast to her dark skin -- and I even noticed a hint of nipples out of the corner of my eye. I couldn't quite discern her ethnicity, but I later learned she's bi-racial.

The entire conversation lasted less than 10 minutes, but it was enough to inspire more than a few fantasies that I enjoyed alone in my room.

That was last fall. It's now spring break, and I found out that Beth was bringing Lisa home for a week. I guess Lisa didn't have enough money to fly across the country, so Beth invited her to spend the week at our house, which is only a two-hour drive east from Pomona. Needless to say, the news of Lisa's impending arrival rekindled some of the fantasies involving her. Little did I know!

Beth and Lisa arrived in time for a late dinner last Friday night. Lisa was just as pretty as I remembered, and I did feel a bit nervous around her. I don't have a lot of experience with women, and I certainly don't claim to understand them, so I was fairly quiet in her company. I thought I was talking just enough to hide how I was feeling, but apparently not. On Saturday night, Lisa even pointed out that I seemed shy. I blushed a bit, Beth happily confirmed her suspicion, and I shrugged my shoulders.

"That's so cute!" Lisa exclaimed, smiling. I rolled my eyes and went up to my room.


When I woke up the next morning, I heard the shower running, so I threw on some loose shorts and an old T-shirt and stumbled downstairs. My mom and Beth were on their way out the door to get New York City style bagels (to make Lisa feel at home, no doubt), so I plopped down on the living room sofa and flipped on the TV.

About a minute later, Lisa came downstairs wearing a white cotton robe and a towel wrapped around her head. Man, is she a looker! Again, I noticed (or did I ogle?) her smooth, dark skin and long legs.

Lisa looked around. "Where's Beth?" she wondered.

"My mom and Beth went to get some bagels. They'll be back in about 10 minutes." I explained.

"Oh. Well, what are you doing?"

"Well, now that you're out of the shower, I guess I'll go take one myself." And I started to get up.

"You're not leaving because you're feeling shy, are you?" Her eyes crinkled as she smiled at me.

"No, not at all. Just feeling a bit grungy."

"Well, can you help me first?" She walked over to the sofa, moved the ottoman right in front of me and sat down on it. It was then I noticed she was holding a tube of lotion. "Would you mind helping me put on the lotion?"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Would I like to help put on lotion? I would LOVE to. I would PAY for the privilege. "Uhhh, okay, if you'd like," I said as dead-pan as I could.

"Great!" She handed me the tube, and lifted one leg up, placing her foot on the edge of the sofa right between my legs. She put her hands behind her so she could lean back a little bit. The effect was remarkable. Her robe opened slightly at the top, so that I could see a good deal of her upper chest, including the very top of her breasts. With one leg up on the sofa, the bottom of the robe fell open a bit so that most of her upper thigh was revealed.

I squeezed some lotion on my hands, rubbed them together to warm it up, and started applying it to her leg. She was clearly in great physical condition. Her leg and calf muscles were well developed and tight, and I loved their firmness as I massaged the lotion into her skin. I moved my hands around from her knees to the top of her feet, rubbing and squeezing, making sure not to miss a spot with the lotion.

"That feels nice," she sighed, leaning back a little bit more. "Don't forget my thigh."

I gulped, squeezed more lotion on my hands, and resumed the treatment above her knee, squeezing and massaging, slowly – very slowly – making my way up her leg. I wasn't sure how high up she wanted me to go, so I looked at her for a reaction. She was looking right back into my eyes, not saying a word, gently purring. I continued rubbing up her leg, and even slipped my hands beneath the robe flap, about 6 inches from her pussy, still rubbing and kneading. She just watched me.

I was just about to cover the final few inches when she cleared her throat. "I think we're about done with that leg, don't you?" Her wide smile made it clear that she knew how uncomfortable I was.

I withdrew my hands, Lisa put her leg down and raised the other one up to take its place. I squirted more lotion on my hand and repeated the treatment on her other leg. By this time, I sported a huge hard-on, which I tried to hide as best I could in spite of the loose shorts. It didn't help that she kept quietly watching me, smiling a little more broadly every time I swallowed.

I finished her lower leg and moved my hands up to her thigh. She sighed again, and leaned back even further. "That feels soooooo nice." At the same time, she pushed her foot forward on the sofa until it came into light contact with my shorts. I jumped when I felt her toes against me, and stopped rubbing her thigh.

"Are you feeling shy now?" she asked, as she applied more pressure against my covered dick and wiggled her toes.

I tried to answer, but managed only a grunt.

"Why did you stop?" she asked innocently.

I kept rubbing and squeezing her thigh, and Lisa resumed working me with her foot. I was just about to make another attempt to touch her pussy when I heard the car door slam. My mom and sister must have returned with the bagels.

I pushed Lisa's leg away, and quickly stood. The tent in my shorts was so pronounced it almost hit Lisa in the face as I turned to leave the room. I could feel her eyes follow me as I bounded up the stairs.


My mom had gone to bed, and once again I found myself on the sofa watching TV, still wearing shorts and a T-shirt, but not quite as grungy.

Beth and Lisa, also wearing comfortable shorts and T-shirts, came into the room and asked what I was watching.

"Some stupid horror movie. Feel free to join me, if you want."

The girls looked at each other, shrugged, and moved towards the sofa. They both joined me on the sofa, Beth on the far end and Lisa between us. Both girls lifted their legs up on the ottoman. Boy, does the sight of sexy legs turn me on! I shifted my position to hide my dick in anticipation that it might come proudly to life, inspired by Lisa's closeness and the sight of her legs and feet.

We watched the movie in relative silence, occasionally commenting on the absurdity of the plot and the characters' behavior. As we sat there, Lisa leaned into me slightly, her shoulders gently pressing against my upper arm. I slowly moved my right knee so that it pressed against her left leg, and she subtlely returned the pressure. It was very awkward with Beth sitting there too, but she didn't seem to notice.

"Brrrrr. Are you guys cold?" Lisa asked, shivering and rubbing her arms dramatically.

Beth reached behind the sofa and lifted up a large throw that we keep there. She passed it over to Lisa, who thanked her. Lisa spread out the throw so that it covered all three of us, from our waists down, and then she settled back down on the sofa, a little closer to me than she had started. "There, that's much better!"

We continued watching the movie. Lisa continued pressing her body against me. After a few minutes, her hand landed lightly on my upper thigh, and just sat there. I tried my best to register no reaction whatsoever, and Lisa just left it there in that spot, with no further movement.

After another few minutes, her hand began to move. She spread out her fingers and gently kneaded my thigh, skin against skin. I pulled the throw more snugly around me, and my heart leapt at the possibilities. Lisa did not disappoint me.

Over the next 10 minutes, her hand gradually made its way higher up my thigh, her fingers finally slipping beneath the leg of my shorts. My breathing grew more rapid and I started to twitch as she continued her ministrations. I glanced over at the girls, both of whom continued to watch the movie.

She was so close to touching my dick that time seemed to stand still. All of my concentration was focused on the warmth and touch of her hand, inches from my manhood. Her fingers advanced, and it took all my energy to suppress a groan when she finally made contact. She ran her fingers up and down the length of my dick, curling around. Squeezing. Caressing. All trapped within the confines of my shorts. This treatment continued for several minutes.

Lisa slipped her hand out of my shorts to work on my button and zipper. I wasted no time helping her remove my shorts, moving as little as possible so as not to arouse Beth's suspicion.

"My hands are so dry," announced Lisa. "Beth, would you please pass that lotion on the side table?" Beth looked to her right, found the same tube that Lisa had earlier, and passed it to her.

Lisa removed the cap, squirted a generous amount on her hands, and rubbed them together. She managed to steal a glance over at me, gave me a big smile and a wink, and then turned her attention back to her hands. She squeezed a little more on her palm, without rubbing it in, and looked over again to make sure I saw it. Then she handed the tube back to Beth and settled back to continue watching the movie. In the meantime, I had successfully pulled my shorts to my knees, beneath the cover of the throw.

Moments later, Lisa's hand returned to my thigh, dancing and feeling its way higher until it found my unencumbered hard-on. She wrapped her newly lubricated hand around me and slowly pumped up and down. The sensation was absolutely incredible, and my twitching and shuddering increased drastically. Thankfully, Beth could not tell because Lisa was sitting between us, and the sound was drowned out by the movie soundtrack.

Lisa continued pumping me, occasionally cupping and tickling my balls, squeezing and twisting, her soft hand sliding around freely. I could feel the orgasm approaching, and she must have sensed it too. She tightened her grip and pumped with a fast rhythm, up and down, up and down. Sliding over me quicker and quicker, tighter and tighter.

I tensed my thigh muscles and curled my toes, trying to hold back as long as I could. But Lisa increased her pace. I didn't have a chance. I held my breath and tensed completely as I finally let loose, spurting shot after shot on to my stomach. Lisa continue pumping until I was totally spent. My breathing returned to normal, and Lisa withdrew her hand and stole another glance at me, her smile revealing that she enjoyed herself almost as much as I did.

Shortly thereafter, the movie came to end. I didn't dare move, and waited for the girls to retire before getting up and cleaning myself off.


Lisa and Beth were out of the house most of the next day (Monday), shopping and running errands. I had plans with friends that night, and didn't get home until very late. By the time I finally returned to the house, everyone seemed to be asleep. So I stripped out of my clothes, climbed into bed and drifted off to sleep.

Sometime in the middle of the night, Lisa quietly came into my room and slipped into bed with me. I didn't wake up right away, but I became conscious of her presence before long because she started kissing my neck, shoulders, and chest. I moaned, and realized what was happening just as she flicked her tongue over my sensitive nipple and lifted her leg up and resting it across my thighs.

"Oh, Lisa. That feels incredible!" I groaned. She just purred in response and continued to lick me. She bent her leg so that her knee came in contact with my dick, which by this time had grown to its full length. She rubbed me with her knee for a few minutes, making sure I was ready for her, and then she shifted her position.

Lisa kept her mouth clamped over one of my nipples and she pinched the other one while she straddled me. I felt the warmth of her pussy pressing down on my erection. She reached her hand down between us, guided it to my throbbing cock, and positioned me at her opening.

"Are you still feeling shy" she asked as she pushed down against me. I sank inside her. The feeling was absolutely amazing. She was so tight and warm! "Hmmm? Still shy, little boy?"

I just groaned again in response. Lisa shifted and rotated her hips, forcing me further inside her until I was buried completely. Then she placed her hands on my chest and pumped up and down, milking me with her tight pussy.

"Oh my God! That's amazing," I gasped as Lisa picked up the pace. Before long, she was pounding me, up and down, up and down, my cock buried inside her. I grabbed her thighs and pushed my hips up, meeting her motion.

"Ah ah ah ah" she moaned, still bouncing on top of me and pinching my nipples.

"I can't hold it! Slow down or I'm going to come to soon!" But that just egged her on more. She continued to bounce on top of me, squeezing my nipples with her fingers and clamping her feet to the top of my thighs. "No, no no!" I sputtered in rhythm to her movement. But she was too intent, jack-hammering me relentlessly.

"Oh my God, oh my God!" I groaned, clenching my teeth and squeezing her thighs. My balls tensed, I held it for a moment on the brink, and then I exploded inside her. She continued rocking me, milking every drop, before collapsing on top of me.

I just lay there recovering and panting. After a few minutes, she kissed me deeply on the lips, climbed off me, and stood up. "Good night," she said with a little wave, and quietly slipped out of my room.

Beth and Lisa will be at the house for another four days. I wonder what's in store!

The End

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