Louise Goes Down Ch. 01


He was several inches over 6-feet tall and muscular, a hunk if there ever was one. He had dark, short-cropped hair and dark, penetrating eyes that beamed out of a movie-star face. He'd done some modeling in the past, and knew the drill.

Brandon fixed Louise a drink and explained what he had in mind for that night's session.

"I need some 'sex' shots for my portfolio," Brandon said, bracketing his head with his hands when he said sex, to indicate quotation marks.

"S-sex shots?" Louise said hesitantly. "I don't know..."

She knew she should run, walk out now, that things were about to get out of hand. But she seemed rooted to the seat.

"Actually, it would just be couple shots," Brandon said. "There wouldn't really be any sex. You and Jason here just get on the bed naked and go through the motions. It would just be simulated sex."

"I've done this before, and I know how far to go without actually penetrating the woman," Jason said, and his cock stiffened in his tight slacks at the thought of "penetrating" this mature beauty.

Louise's gaze was magnetically drawn to Jason's lap, and her eyes widened slightly and her pussy drooled, because Jason's slacks were doing a poor job of disguising one of, if not the, biggest cocks she'd ever seen.

"Gosh, I don't know," Louise said. "I mean, I'm a married woman and all. I don't want to do anything that'll get me in trouble."

Brandon took the envelope containing $2,000 in cash, pulled the money out and fanned the bills across the coffee table.

"That's two grand, up front," Brandon said softly. "And, like I said, we can just do simulated sex. We won't do anything you don't want to do. All you have to do is say no if you think things are going too far."

The little voice in her head was screaming for her to leave, but her gaze fell on the money that was on the table, then at the large lump in Jason's slacks. Slowly, she reached out and scooped up the bills, folded them into a roll and stuffed them in her purse.

"OK, I'll do it," Louise said. "But if I say no at any point, that's it. Game over."

The trio made their way into the bedroom, and Brandon got the lights fixed then got his camera loaded up. When he was ready, he nodded to Jason and Louise.

Jason took Louise in his arms and they kissed, slowly and sensuously. Louise could feel the fire smoldering in her hard core as she felt Jason's strong hands caressing her body, as she ran her hands over his muscular back and down to his taut butt.

Louise gasped as Jason slowly undid the buttons on her blouse. He pulled it away from her chest as Brandon moved in for a close-up of her heaving bosom, which was encased in a thin blue bra, which matched her outfit.

Then the blouse was discarded and Jason moved to her skirt, unzipping it and letting it fall to the floor. Louise seemed paralyzed until Brandon gently told her to start taking Jason's clothes off. She pulled the sweater over his head, then the T-shirt he had on underneath. She felt a sizzle rush through her as she ran her hands over the washboard chest.

Instinctively, Louise bent down and licked Jason's pebble-like nipples and he groaned in lust at the sensations this caused. He reached around Louise's back and unhooked her bra, letting it hang on her tits momentarily before it fell to the floor.

Brandon was growing ever more excited at what he was getting. Not only was the plan working to perfection, but he was also getting some top-quality shots that he knew would fetch him a pretty penny. This was proving to be a very worthwhile investment in time and money, not to mention the prospect of fucking Louise's hot pussy.

Jason maneuvered Louise to the bed and pushed her gently to the bed. In this position, she was eye level with the rock-hard bulge in his slacks.

Brandon smiled broadly as he snapped a series of close-ups of Louise's face at the rapturous look in her eyes as she gazed at Jason's crotch, then as she looked up into his face. He could see the transmission of lust between the couple, and he knew she wasn't going to say no to anything.

Louise was in another world as she slowly reached up and unhooked then unzipped Jason's slacks. The long fat cock sat like a slug in his jockeys, and she slowly peeled the cotton cloth away. She gasped as his spring-loaded dick flopped out right in front of her.

Jason stepped back slightly and stepped out of his underwear, then stood in front of Louise naked. Louise's eyes widened as she contemplated the well-cut meat dangling before her eyes. It was indeed the biggest and prettiest cock she'd ever seen, and she couldn't stop her hands from reaching out and caressing it.

"Bring it right up to your mouth like you're going to suck it," Brandon said softly, and he snapped away when she did.

Louise seemed to come to herself just about the time the tip of Jason's cock touched her lips, and she slid back on the bed, momentarily escaping temptation. But Jason was right behind her on the bed, and he hovered over her half-prone body.

He took each of her tits in hand, and lavished sucks and kisses on her rock-hard nipples. Louise closed her eyes and let the sensual feelings wash through her body from Jason's skilled lips and tongue on her breasts.

She knew she should say no, that she was losing control, but it just felt so good, all the more so when he slashed his tongue down her stomach. Jason rimmed her navel, and as he did, he reached between her legs and massaged her steaming pussy, which was still encased in her soaking-wet panties.

Louise groaned heavily as the sizzle of lust crackled from her crotch to her overheated brain. Then she cried out in surprise and delight as Jason slid his hands under her butt and pulled her panties off. Her cunt glistened with the dew of her arousal and he tossed the sodden underpants to the side.

Brandon clutched his throbbing hard-on through his jeans at the spectacle unfolding in front of him, then he sighed and resumed shooting.

Jason slid two fingers into Louise's pussy and began to rhythmically fuck her, while at the same time he blew softly over her angry red flesh.

Louise was writhing on the bed as a monster orgasm began to gather steam, and it picked up in intensity when Jason abruptly pulled his fingers out and gave her pussy a huge lick. He followed by sucking her labia with his lips and boring into her hole with his tongue. He tongue-fucked her for several seconds then curled his tongue up over her pulsing clit.

Ahh, ahh, ahh GOD!" Louise exclaimed as the climax build to a white-hot fire. Her hand clutched at Jason's dark curls as she thrust her hips outward to keep her pussy tightly clamped around his mouth.

She was close, so close, to her orgasm, when Jason pulled his face away. He pulled up onto his knees, his huge cock inches from her dripping, throbbing pussy.

"What do you want, Louise?" Jason said seductively, as Brandon continued to shoot.

"Umm, God, please, make me come!" Louise cried.

She didn't care any more. She wanted it, needed it, husband and family be damned. But Jason wanted to make sure she wanted what he wanted, so he pressed her.

"Is this what you want?" he said, holding his cock in his fist and waving it practically in her face.

"YES!" she cried. "Fuck me! Just put it in and fuuuuuuck me!"

Even as she said it, Louise knew she'd regret it, but at that point she didn't care. All the months of less-than-adequate sex, all the turmoil from her financial situation, all the seduction and excitement of posing as a nude model had finally burst forth in a mad lusty rush. All she wanted right then was Jason's big, beautiful cock fucking her into oblivion.

And that's just what she got.

Jason slithered the head of his cock between her dripping lips several times to get it wet, then he pushed the head past her gates and slowly, but relentlessly, slid his cock into her married cunt. He hadn't gotten more than three or four strokes in, when Louise shuddered and her climax burst through her like the bursting of a dam.

Louise surrendered herself to utter pleasure as her orgasm wracked her body, and she wrapped her legs around Jason's waist and began to fuck him back with every bit of passion she could muster. And Jason's cock was like a jackhammer as he fucked her with a controlled fury.

In some dim corner of her lust-drenched brain, Louise could hear the motor drive of Brandon's camera as he recorded her adultery for posterity, but she was way too far gone at that moment to care.

Brandon was walking all around the bed, getting Louise from every angle as she worked her body around his studly friend.

Jason was fighting his control, as he worked his cock back and forth in the mature beauty. She may have been 43, but he was impressed with just how good this older woman was as a sex partner. He bent down and gathered her in his arm and they kissed wildly, wantonly.

But he knew how he was going to end this, as he and Brandon had agreed on what they wanted at the end, and as Louise crashed over the top with another orgasm, he could feel the tingle that told him the time was quickly approaching.

They were both gasping and grunting as they neared the peak of their coupling. Brandon knew what was coming, and trained his lens on Louise's face. Her eyes were closed in rapture as the climax flowed through her.

Jason was panting and grunting hard as he reached the nut strokes. Just as he felt the first quicksilver rush of cum burst from his balls, he wrenched his cock out of Louise's spastic pussy, stood up on his knees and cut loose with an unbelievable explosion of semen right on her face.

Louise squealed in shock as hot ropes of cum splattered on her cheeks, over her nose, her lips, her eyes, then she felt Jason smear the last few oozing drops of cum all over her tits. Brandon snapped a dozen or more shots of Louise taking Jason's cum on her face, including the shocked look in her eyes.

"Jesus! What the fuck?" Louise stammered.

"Beautiful!" Brandon exclaimed. "Just what I wanted."

"Wh-what?" Louise said stupidly. She was dazed from two of the most powerful orgasms she'd had in years and from the sudden shock of getting a load of cum in her face. She was lying back on the bed trying to recompose herself, trying to gather her wits.

Idly, she wiped the dripping cum from her face, so she didn't see Brandon high-five Jason, didn't see him put his camera down, didn't see him slip his jeans off.

But she felt it when he climbed on the bed. She looked up to see his naked body getting in position between her legs.

"What are you doing?" Louise said. "You can't... Please, don't."

This wasn't part of the deal. Of course, neither had letting Jason fuck her, but there wasn't anything she could do about that now. But letting two strange men fuck her back-to-back wasn't what she had in mind. She slid up the bed and sat up, trying to escape.

"Brandon, please don't," she whimpered. "I've already gone further than I should have. Please, let me go home. I have a lot to think about right now."

"You see this?" Brandon said, holding his throbbing hard cock in his hands. "You did this. I've spent the last half-hour watching you fuck Jason like a slut, and now it's my turn."

"No, don't," Louise begged. "I got carried away with Jason. But I... You got the pictures you wanted. Please, let me go. I've already done too much."

"Yeah, I got the pictures all right," Brandon said. "I've got a whole disk of pictures of you cheating on your husband. You sure weren't thinking about old hubby when you had your legs wrapped around Jason's waist, now, were you?"

Louise just looked away. Her lower lip was trembling as she fought the urge to burst into tears. She could sense that her life was about to change in a radical way.

"Come on, Louise," Brandon said in a more soothing tone of voice. "You've already done it with Jason; one more isn't going to make a difference. And I do want you very badly."

Brandon slid up close to Louise and took her in his arms. He kissed her softly, but persistently, and slowly she began to respond. His hand closed over one of her tits and he caressed it seductively. In spite of her inner turmoil, she slowly, tentatively wrapped her arms around Brandon's shoulders and drew him to her, and she fell back on the bed, Brandon on top of her.

Brandon's hands began to roam over Louise's sweat-covered body and her hands began to explore his. Instinctively, one hand found his bursting-hard cock, at just about the same instant that his fingers brushed over her still-swollen clit.

"Mmmmmm, ahh," Louise murmured as her arousal began to climb again. She could feel herself in total surrender to her lust, and right about then she really didn't care.

Brandon's tongue swept down her neck, down to her tits, which throbbed in need. He sucked each of her nipples, one after the other, while his fingers delved into her creamy slit.

There was no dramatic beginning, no begging on the part of either of them. Louise simply gripped Brandon's nice-sized cock and eased it into her pussy. She sighed loudly as she again felt the girth of a strange man entering her.

As his cock began to churn in Louise's hot box, Brandon groaned in satisfaction. Bob was right; this woman had a prime pussy, hot and hungry, and he knew this wasn't going to be the last time he sampled it.

Louise was lost in her passion, the climax bubbling to a boil. Her hips were working harder and faster, keeping time with Brandon's rhythmic thrusts.

In and out, back and forth, Brandon smoothly pumped his cock deep in Louise's practiced pussy. He could feel her body trembling, the pitch of her cries of passion swelling, as she climbed toward another climax.

Louise pulled Brandon to her and their mouths met, hot and frantic. Her body was telling her that she was going to enjoy this adulterous act, and let her mind sort out her guilty conscience later.

"Ahhhh, God! God! Fuck me!" Louise wailed as she broke the connection between her and Brandon's lips.

Her body was sizzling, and she could feel that Brandon was getting closer from the jerky movements of his body and the way he was slamming his cock back and forth in her twitching cunt.

Closer, closer, closer, she came right to that peak, then, like a sledgehammer, it hit her, a tumultuous orgasm that rivaled the ones she'd had earlier with Jason. Her body shivered and shook, and Brandon was right behind her.

With a roar and a sharp gasp, he lurched forward hard, and surrendered his cum. He shot a succession of hard, steaming-hot cumshots, basting Louise's depths with his cream. For long seconds, he seemed to teeter on the edge of consciousness, his body tight as a wire. Then he slumped forward, his balls drained.

Louise held Brandon as they clutched at each other. Her eyes were brimming as she returned to reality, and the finality of what she'd done began to hit her.

Finally, Brandon rolled to the side, half-asleep, and Louise stiffly climbed out of the bed. Her body had been put through a real workout, and she was ready to get cleaned up, go home and sort out what had happened.

As she drove home in silence, one word kept blasting through her mind. Whore. She had taken $2,000 in cash, and let two men fuck her.

And yet, she couldn't help the warm feeling in her groin. She'd been fucked well that night, better than her husband had fucked her in a long time.

(To be continued)

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