tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLove At First Sight Ch. 01

Love At First Sight Ch. 01


This story is contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. This is in no way connected with the subject. Don't use this without my permission. Now, on with the story!

I was dining in a restaurant in Sydney. It was a sunny evening outside, just as it normally was. I was just eating my desert, when Kylie Minogue walked in the doors, and was shown to her seat by a waiter. I nearly choked, and quickly swallowed the food.

I couldn't believe it was her. She really had the body I hoped. Nice slim figure, nice breasts, firm stomach and a gorgeous set of legs.

I watched her from that moment on. I could take my eyes off her. She has a short white mini dress on, that showed off her shapely legs beautifully. She had a push up bra on for sure.

She glanced around the restaurant, including at me, and returned to her menu. Then he eyes travelled back up to me. My heart skipped a beat. She ordered her food, and I saw her pointing in the vague direction of my table. I thought 'Oh great, I'm gonna get chucked outta here in about 30 seconds' but something else happened.

The waiter headed away into the kitchen. He went about other tables for a few minutes, then went an collected a meal, which I guessed must have been Kylie's. The waiter then passed her table, and set the meal down on mine.

I said "Erm, I haven't ordered anything else, there must be a mistake." The waited looked at me and simply said, in a polite tone "It was the lady's request." He then turned away and walked off.

I looked back to Kylie, who was sitting at her table with a very sexy look on her face and fingertip in the mouth. I gave a brief smile before thinking what the hell was going on. At that moment, Kylie got up from her seat and walked over to my table. She said "Is this seat taken?" and all I could do was give a stunned shake of my head. She sat down, and started to eat her meal. My heart was pounding and I tried to breathe normally.

She looked up and said "Are you alright, you look like you've seen a ghost." I tried to reply, but couldn't talk. She got up again and this time moved around my side of the table. I wondered whether she was going to leave, but to my utter delight and dis-belief, she sat down again. This time on my lap, put her legs over my own and put her arms around my neck.

I couldn't believe this was happening, here was Kylie Minogue, famous singer and babe sitting on my lap.

She said "You look tense" and rubbed my chest gently with her right hand. Now, Kylie was sitting on my lap with her famous arse. And god it deserved it's reputation. It was shapely and firm, just perfect. I wondered if the things about her having a bum lift were true, but dismissed them for the issue at hand. With her firm bum planted on my groin and Kylie sexily rubbing my chest I started to get a hardon.

I thought 'If she feels this, she's going to freak and run out those doors' but there was nothing I could do. I was hardly gonna tell Kylie to take her amazing body away was I?

The hardon appeared, and I felt it poke into her tight left buttock. She gave a quick look towards my groin, and must have seen the bulge I was sporting in my trousers. She slid slightly to her right, away from my groin and I thought 'Right, that's blown it' when she spoke again.

"This must be a big moment for you" she said in sexy tone. Then she slid her left hand onto my hardon and gripped it through my trousers. "A very big moment" she said softly, looking down with a sensual smile.

I couldn't believe what was happening. Here was Kylie gripping my hardon in the middle of a Sydney restaurant. She gently started to rub my cock through my trousers then leaned close to my ear and whispered to me.

"Did I do this?" I was finally able to speak and whispered "Yes." She smiled and whispered "If I caused it, I think I should get to see it." I almost passed out from the shock at her words.

"Will you show me?" She whispered in a 'I want it' tone. I managed to mumble that she was welcome.

"Do you want to fuck me?" she said in a outright, whispered question.

"Er....er....yes" I whispered back in a shaky voice.

"Do you want to right now?" she whispered. My hardon stood fully hard in her hand as soon as she said it.

"Then it's settled, come with me" she said, and stood up. She took my hand and led me from the restaurant. I willingly followed her, as she led me through the streets to her house. I couldn't fully grasp what was about to happen. We went through the door, which she locked after us.

I looked around then turned to face her. She stepped towards me very seductively, wiggling her hips and arse, sticking her chest out in front of me. All I could do was stare. She came up close the drew me into a long, smooth kiss. He tongue delved into my mouth, and I gladly returned the favour. I reached down her back and put my hands on her arse. She have a small moan. I gripped her famous arse with two hands and lifted her off the ground.

As she wrapped her legs around my waist, her dress retreated up her perfect thighs. As we continued to kiss, I placed my hands on her firm, perky breasts and squeezed. I reached behind her as we kissed and slid the zip on her dress down. She let the fress drop onto her thighs. I saw she was wearing a see through black push up bra, except for some lace on it. My hands once again found her breasts as she tore my shirt open. I wriggled out of it, making sure to keep one hand on her to support her fine body. I kicked my shoes out the way and looked down at Kylie's breasts. They were firm and nicely sized, and her nipples were like bullets.

I rubbed the nipples with my thumbs until she removed her legs from my hips and broke the kiss, dropping to the floor. Before I spoke, she took my hand and led me towards he bedroom. As she did, her dress fell to the floor. I then saw what she was wearing. To go with the see through push up bra, there was a see through black thong, stockings and suspenders. My cock was like a bar in my trousers as she led me to her room.

When we got into her room, we started to kiss again. She reached down and undid my trousers, and I let them drop and kicked them away. She gripped my cock again as we kissed. I lifted her up and fell onto her bed with her. We didn't even break the kiss as we fell. She landed on top of me, and I reached behind her. I unclasped her bra as we kissed, and she let the straps drop down her shoulders. She sat up, away from me and peeled the bra off to reveal her gorgeous breasts. They were as firm as they felt, they stayed pretty high up even without the push up bra. She then started kissing me again. I felt her breasts, the nipples poking into my palms as I gently massaged her tits.

She moaned softly as I rolled her over and lay her up against the pillows of the bed. I stopped kissing her then, and sat up. My cock stood rock hard in my shorts. Kylie eyed it hungrily as I moved my hands to her thighs. She let her head drop back and closed her eyes as I unsnapped the suspenders and rolled the stockings off her lovely legs. I then took the suspenders off her and left her in just her thong. I then laid between her legs and started sucking on her left nipple while feeling her right breast.

"Oh yes" she moaned "That's it, suck my nipples."

I did as she wanted, and continued sucking on her hard nipples.

I couldn't resist it any longer, and moved down her body. I hooked my thumbs in her waistband and slowly slid her thong down her legs. She lifted her ass as I did so to allow me to fully remove them. I kept my eyes on the thong and pulled it past her feet. I threw it aside and then looked at her again. She lay, looking sexily at my hardon, her legs slightly open, playing with her nipples. She obviously hadn't shaved her pussy recently, as she had a thick brown bush. I wasn't arguing. I didn't like shaved pussies and I could give her a trim later. Besides, she was laying willing to fuck me. I was hardly gonna worry about how hairy her pussy was.

She then ran her hand down her stomach and through her bush, kneeling up and taking hold of my hardon once more. I stood up and she slid my shorts down to the floor. She gave a gasp as my hardon came into full view, precum on the tip. I kicked my shorts away as she took hold of my 7" cock, and gently jerked me off.

"Looks like you need some relief" she said with a smile, and with that dropped off the bed to her knees. She jerked my cock slightly then kissed the tip. I let out a groan as she did so, and this merely urged her on. She licked up the precum with her tongue and then licked her lips.

"Tastes good" she said, and started licking the head again. She kissed it a little more then pushed her soft lips over the head and started sucking. I didn't know (or care) how much experience she'd had at this, but she was giving a good blowjob. She started moving her lips up and down my shaft, taking more of my cock each time. When she got to 5," my cock hit her throat. She started going up and down, taking it all with each stroke, till she let my cock hit her throat. Then she pushed firmly and my remaining 2" into her mouth, and her nose was in my pubic hair. She then drew right back up to the tip, sucking hard, and then deepthroated me again. I couldn't hold out much longer. She must have sensed that because she started to suck harder on my cock.

"Oh god Kylie, this is great. Uh...I'm cumming" I said, and she just gave a smile and sucked harder. She took my cock as deep as she possible could, then I let go. I shot rope after rope of cum down her throat. She gave a moan and a grin, before swallowing my load in a series of gulps. After milking my cock for all the cum she could, she took my cock from her mouth and stood up.

"That tasted good" she said, wiping her mouth.

"That was incredible Kylie." I said, breathing rapidly.

"Now you have to do something for me until you get a stiffy again" she said, walking away from her slightly, twisting her body seductively.

She then laid on the edge of the bed, her legs hanging over the edge. I quickly got what she wanted and knelt between her legs. I saw her wet pussy was begging for action, and slid a finger into her. She let out a gasp, and then a groan of pleasure. I slid another finger into her and then licked gently up her pussy with the tip of my tongue.

"Oh God! I need it now" she practically screamed, and I happily obilged. I slid my tongue into her wet, sticky pussy. I started at her clit, tasting her juices. She tasted heavenly. She was moaning and groaning as I licked hard at her clit. She screamed in pleasure at her orgasm. I held her on the peak of orgasm for about 30 seconds by nibbling her clit. When she finally came down, breathing hard, her body glistened with sweat. I stood and gave her a kiss.

She looked down at my renewed hardon, and smiled.

"Time to get to work" she said with a smile.

She kneeled and I laid down on the bed. She climbed astride my groin and reached down. She took my cock and put it at the entrance to her dripping pussy. I looked her in the face and she gave me a sexy smile, before slowly lowering her pussy down my shaft. Her pussy was tight, and I laid my hands on her hips to hold her movement. Even after years of sex she was still like a vice. After a moment or two, she convulsed and put her hand on my chest. She threw he head back and closed her eyes, lowering her body right down the length of my cock.

"Oh my" she breathed.

She was breathing heavily. She looked at me then starting slowly bouncing on my cock. I started thrusting up to meet her as she started to moan.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god" she groaned as I started to hammer into her. After about 10 minutes of this, I rolled her over onto her back and started thrusting hard between her legs. I took hold of her breasts again, lightly twisting her nipples as she gripped the bedframe in ecstasy. She dropped a hand to her stomach, and pushed it down and into her bush. I continued pounding into her as she started rubbing her clit. She screamed and arched her back, then gave a shudder as an orgasm ripped through her body. I grabbed hold of her shaking ankles and spread her wide open. She was very flexible, and I had full access to her. I pumped for another 10 minutes or so, in which time she had another orgasm. I then pulled my dripping cock from her wet snatch and kneeled up. She gave a little disappointed noise as I did so, which I thought was cute. I then grabbed her small body, and turned her over. I lifted her up onto all fours and spread her thighs once more.

I grabbed my rock hard cock and pushed it against her now soaked, waiting pussy lips. She let out a moan as I pushed the head of my cock into her. I gave a pause then pushed the rest of my cock into her in a smooth stroke. I started pumping her, and gripped her firm arse. As I thrusted, I looked to see if there was any evidence of a butt job. There was none, just a firm, curvy arse. I thrust in and out of her tight wet beaver. She came to orgasm another 3 times before I felt my cum rising.

"I'm gonna cum soon Kylie"

"That's ok, just cum inside me" she said, and I wasn't gonna argue.

After about another 5 minutes, I was gonna cum.

"Here it comes!" I shouted. I thrust myself as deep as I could and came. She arched her back and shuddered with another orgasm. I felt my cum shoot up deep inside her. She groaned through the orgasm. We were both breathing heavily. I collapsed on her back and her arms gave. She lay on her chest, arse in the air, me still inside her.

"Well.....that was....fun" she said through deep breaths.

"Yeah, that really hit the spot" I said, sliding out of her. I lay down on her bed and she lay down next to me, giving me a kiss.

I wrapped my arms around her small body, feeling her legs rubbing against mine. After lying silent for a few minutes, I started to get another hardon. She felt it and dropped a hand to it.

"Need a blowjob?" she asked with a smile.

"No, I was just thinking there's on more place this could go" I said with a wry smile.

"Oh? Oh" she said, putting her hand on her arse. "I've never done anything like that"

"I'm sure you haven't. But there's a first time for everything" I said, patting her butt.

"Ok, sure. You can have me" she said, sitting up. "Where do you want me?"

"All fours. A good doggy style position. Got any KY?" I said, kneeling up.

"Yeah in the draw"

I found it and lubed up, then kneeled behind her.

"Arse up Kylie" I said, and she complied by sinking her back as far as she could. I spread her butt and then slid a finger into her. After she had adapted to this, following a few groans, I added another. When she was good and ready I put my cock at her arsehole.

"Ready?" I said, and she gave a nod.

I gently pushed my cock into her, feeling her tight sphincter contract around my hardon. She let out a sharp gasp as I pushed deeper, gripping her firm buttocks. I gave her a moment of two to adjust to my cock then started slowly thrusting in and out. Her sphincter contracted as I withdrew and then released as I pushed back into her. Her arse was even tighter than her pussy, gripping me so tightly I could only move slowly to start with. After a few minutes she got into it and started thrusting back to meet me. Soon I was fucking her arse hard and fast, thrusting my full 7" in and out of her arse at a good pace. She was moaning and groaning, twisting and wriggling on my cock as I fucked her arse. She slid a hand down to her pussy and pushed two fingers inside. She started rubbing her clit vigorously, and let out a gasp. Within a few moments, she shuddered to orgasm with a squeal. I started thrusting as fast as I could and kept her at orgasm for around 30 seconds before I started feeling my own climax approaching.

I removed my hands from massaging her butt and slid them up her sides to her breasts. I started massaging them as I leant down her back and spoke into her ear.

"Alright if I cum up your arse Kylie?"

"Feel free!" she said in a moan, rocking back and forth against my cock. I kneeled back up and slid my hand back to her incredibly tight arse. I started thrusting really fast as I felt the cum rise. I then buried myself as deep as I could in Kylie's arsehole with a hard thrust. She gave a scream of pure pleasure as I bottomed out and let my load go. My body spasmed with each spurt. He arsehole clamped down on my cock as I climaxed. She shuddered as my cum spurted into her, bringing her off in another orgasm. After we both came down, we collapsed in the same position as before. I continued feeling her arse.

"You really have a lovely arse Kylie. So tight and shapely."

She gave a grin and said "Thanks, it's 100% natural." I kneeled up and pulled out of her with a pop, then gave her butt a kiss on each cheek.

"If I didn't know better, I'd say you liked being fucked up the arse"

"Well I certainly enjoyed it" she said with a smile, still breathing slightly rapidly, rolling over. Her nipples were still hard.

I laid down on my side and put my arm around her shoulders. I then ran my fingertips gently over her stomach. I pushed them into her now soaked pubic hair.

"I think you could do with a trim Kylie"

She gave a laugh. "You worried about me having a thick bush?"

"Not at all, I don't like shaved pussies"

"Good. I've never shaved this pussy. Fully original you might say."

"I think you could just have a trim. Give it a style so it looks nice and is practical for when you have a good shag"

"Like I did today you mean?" she said, sucking a fingertip.

"Did you enjoy it that much?" I said, in a curious tone.

"I've been on tour for ages. I haven't had any sex for 4 months. I mean you really did it for me. I've had like 10 orgasms. I've given a blowjob, got eaten out, fucked in several positions, including a good, hardcore doggy style. And you fucked my arse good"

"You have the greatest arse, how could I not wanna fuck it?"

"I don't know" she said, and closed her eyes. I also closed my eyes and fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning, wondering if it had all been a mere dream. Then I looked over and saw Kylie saying with her arms across my chest. It had been an unbelievable evening that was for sure.

She opened her eyes and gave me a smile when she saw me.

"How are you?" she asked humourously.

"I'm great. How couldn't I be? I got to spend the night with Kylie Minogue"

She gave a laugh. "Well I certainly had a good time." she said, rolling on top of me. We started kissing and resultantly I got a hardon. She gripped it and started jerking me off.

"Does my baby need a blowjob?" she said with a pout.

"That'd be good" I said, and she slid down, still gripping my shaft. She licked the head a few times before plunging it down her throat...

"I'd like it doggy style after this" she mumbled through her mouthful of cock.

"No problem Kylie" I said. I wasn't exactly gonna argue.

Around 2 hours later, after I'd enjoyed fucking Kylie's brains out, she had to leave.

I helped her put her lingerie back on after we showered together, which resultantly led to me fucking Kylie against the wall one last time.

I slid her tight, see through thong back up her legs. I knelt in front on her and gave her lovely beaver a kiss before sliding the thong right up, pulling the waistband high up over her hips so the back pulled tightly up her fine arse. Her nipples hardened at this. I pulled her suspenders up and clipped them to the stockings. I started sucking one of her nipples as I found her bra and slid her into it before clipping the clasp shut.

"It's a shame you have to go" I said with a saddish look.

"I don't wanna leave either. I'd love to stay here and fuck but I can't. Here's my phone number, give me a ring sometime soon and we'll arrange another meeting" she said with a stunning smile.

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