tagBDSMLove in Chains Ch. 11

Love in Chains Ch. 11


For the next three days Nye lived in a twilight world of half awareness. Adam kept him at the flat, injecting him with regular doses of the drug. He had, of course, lied about the effect of the drug which was psychoactive.

For most of the time he was in a semi conscious, trance like state, reacting automatically to simple commands and reflexes. Adam fed him small meals regularly to prevent him vomiting and used water as a reward to slake his constant thirst when he complied and pleased him.

Hour after hour Adam sat, stroking Nye's hair and fondling his body, talking to him; implanting and reinforcing the belief that Adam loved him, that he loved Adam and that he would do anything for Adam. Adam was the master and Nye was the slave. He was happy to be the slave. He lived to serve and it was his pleasure to obey. Over and over and over.

Nye rarely responded to the constant stream of instruction and command, but then he was not, at this stage, intended or expected to.

In between the instruction sessions Nye slept, except when Adam invaded his body in every way he could think of. All the time he was doing it he told Nye that this was good, that this is what he wanted, that this was the way he could show his love for Adam and Adam could show his love for him.

Sometimes during those first few days he hurt Nye so badly he screamed and Adam found that it excited him and so he made him do it again and again, even when it wasn't necessary. On one particular day he had already fucked Nye twice, once on waking and once when he got back from The Club, where he had told everyone that Nye's experiences with Lian had made him ill and he was recovering at home. No one disbelieved him, or at least no one told him so.

Adam ate his dinner and then took a bowl of the same meal liquidised to Nye. Nye was asleep but he woke when Adam sat down on the bed and slapped his face, looking up at him with empty, half closed eyes.

"And how was your day, my dear? Mine was nice. I had a lot of work to do but it was very successful. I could have fucked my brains out but I saved myself for you. I always save myself for you. Does that make you feel good Nye? Does it? Do you feel good that I save myself for you, that I only want to fuck you?"

Nye did not respond and Adam slapped him again. "Does it make you feel good Nye?"

After the third slap which caused blood to trickle from the corner of his mouth Nye responded, "Yes."

"Are you hungry my darling?"

Again Nye didn't respond and lay passive in Adam's arms as he propped him up against the pillows and spooned food into his mouth. Obediently Nye opened his mouth and swallowed when the food entered it.

As he fed Nye Adam stroked him; his hair, his face, his body, awaking his senses, if not his mind. "You are very beautiful Nye, so very beautiful. You must use that. It is your greatest asset. People will throng to you; will want to be your friend; will do anything for you. And if you fuck them they will die for you. Your body is your power Nye. Your body and your face will get you anything you want, anything. You must use them. You must use your assets in any way you can. Your body is not your temple, it is your tool. You must use it, in any way you can."

Nye lay completely still and passive his eyes staring, but not at Adam, and he had no way of knowing if he was actually hearing him or not but he kept on talking. He had received clear instructions from the men who had sold him the drug and swore to its effectiveness.

When Nye had finished eating Adam laid him down again and took the dirty dishes to the kitchen, leaving them there. Back in the bedroom he drew up one of the three daily doses of the drug and sat down on the bed stroking Nye. Nye watched him impassively, his bright eyes dull and uninterested.

"Time for your medicine, and then we are going to have some fun. You would like that wouldn't you Nye? You would like to please me. You would like to give me pleasure and to have fun with me." There was no response but that didn't put him off... there never was, not consciously. There would be plenty of reaction when he got started.

Nye's arm looked sore where he had already received a number of injections and so he switched to the other one. It had always given him a thrill to administer an intra venous injection. There was something about sliding the needle into the vein that was very phallic and erotic to him, and pressing the plunger knowing that he was flooding the unresisting body with substances that were going to overpower it utterly, was exciting.

Nye moaned softly when the drug entered his arm. He always did that. Adam wondered if it hurt. The thought excited him.

When he had finished he shackled Nye to the bed and began to scour his body with a flail while instructing him over and over again to enjoy it, how much he wanted to please Adam by submitting and telling him how much he enjoyed it. The chore might have been onerous because of all the repetition and constant dialogue but Adam found that it excited him more than he had ever imagined it would have. He had a real lust for power and control that far surmounted his lust for sex and this was giving him such a power trip, the thrill at a deep primal level.

"Tell me Nye. Tell me you enjoy this. Tell me you want more. Tell me you want me to whip you some more."

"Yes." The voice was soft and distant, barely recognisable as the Nye he had known.

"Tell me Nye," He ordered.

"I want you to." It was an automatic, conditioned response but it excited him nevertheless, and spurred him on to more and more until Nye was bleeding, trembling and whimpering, and tears were pouring from his eyes.

"Aw darling, don't cry. It's alright now. You liked that didn't you? Tell me you liked it."

"I liked it."

"Good boy. Tell me you love Nye. Tell me that. Tell me you love me."

"I love you."

Even though there was no emotion in the voice Adam grinned at the sound of the words. "Good boy Nye, good boy. You believe that don't you? And you believe that I love you."


Throwing aside the flail Adam contemplated what to do next but was overcome with desire. In his utterly helpless condition Nye was even more alluring, even more beautiful and he just couldn't wait any longer.

"Do you want me to fuck you Nye? Do you? Do you want to feel my cock inside you?"


"I knew you did. Because you love me don't you? You want to please me because you love me."


"Do you want me to fuck you now?"


Straddling Nye, Adam leaned forward and kissed him. Although Nye opened his mouth, allowing Adam entrance he did not respond in any way. For some reason today this bothered Adam.

"Kiss me Nye. You want to kiss me. You need to kiss me. Kiss me now."

Nye opened his mouth wider but made no other move. Angry Adam slapped him hard across the face. There was no reaction other than a small whimper and another trickle of blood.

"I told you to kiss me. You are supposed to follow my instruction remember? Kiss me Nye."

He had his hand raised to strike again when he caught himself and stopped short. Nye couldn't respond. There was no point in getting angry about it. It was his fault after all, not Nye's. Instead he stroked his face, wiping the blood with this thumb, smearing it over his lips. "I'm sorry Nye. That was foolish. You are doing your best. I know you are doing your best."


Adam frowned. There was something about the conditioned responses, the trance like lack of emotion or consciousness that suddenly made him feel... bad.

Angry at himself Adam raised Nye's hips and pressed into him, without bothering with lube. The resistance was instant as Nye's body tensed against the pain.

"Don't resist me Nye. Don't deny me entry. Your body is mine. You cannot and will not and don't want to ever deny me. Your body is mine, your heart is mine, your soul is mine."

Nye tried to comply but his body could not help but respond to the pain and as soon as Adam started to push in again he tensed. Because of his semi comatose state he was not able to deliberately relax and so he had no choice but to do what his body wanted to do even though it intensely irritated Adam, who simply ignored the writhing and harsh cries and thrust into him all the harder.

Once he was inside Nye his control slipped altogether. Forgetting even to keep up his steady stream of indoctrination he began to pump strongly. Nye was still hurting from his original ordeal and all the things that Adam had put him through since. Initially he yelled and then moaned, whimpering and crying out constantly. The cries only excited Adam and made him pump harder, ramming into Nye who writhed and gasped, moaning and crying uncontrollably.

"Be quiet Nye. You are putting me off. You are displeasing me. You don't want to displease me do you?"

"No" he whispered.

"You want to please me don't you? You want to make me happy."

"Yes...yes....ah" Nye was breathing hard and harshly, wriggling under him, trying desperately to escape the pain, hyperventilating. Adam ignored him and pressed on getting more and more oblivious as his own excitement built.

Harder and harder, deeper and deeper, ignoring the cries, the tears, the moans. Nye's writhing body only excited him more and it was not long before the orgasm began to build. "Oh yes... yes... my beautiful boy, my beautiful, beautiful boy. You love me don't you? You love me so much... just as I love you. Tell me... tell me you love me."

Nye didn't respond. He didn't even hear. He was lost in the pain and there was nothing that Adam could have done to him at that point which would have elicited a response. The truth was that Adam didn't care. He was too far gone and there was no stopping him until he was done.

Hammering into Nye's twisting body one last time Adam ejaculated and threw back his head, howling. Thrusting a few more times to milk his load Adam collapsed across Nye, shuddering in the aftershock. Nye was still writhing under him, his chest heaving.

Finally it got through to Adam that Nye was in extreme distress. He climbed off him and suddenly it hit him. Nye was his lover. He had come to mean more to him than anyone ever had and how was he being rewarded... with pain. Carefully he released the shackled but Nye didn't move.

As he stared down at him Nye's whole body convulsed and the turned on his side and vomited the contents of his stomach violently onto the floor. Adam was horrified. He knew that he had done this... either with the drugs or the pain. Nye had taken so much, and had done so willingly but it hadn't been enough, none of it had been enough.

"Shit!" Adam began to shake as the enormity of what he had done hit him. He had begun to get addicted to the power and the pain... he had always had a strong desire for them which he had slaked with others but not with Nye... Nye was different, Nye was his lover, his friend. He had to stop before it went any further.

Carefully he raised Nye into a sitting position leaning against him and fed him sips of water. He was shivering and moaning softly. Adam stroked his head and rocked him like a child.

"I'm sorry Nye. I'm so sorry. I'm a fuckwit. I always go too far, always. I had to take a good thing and push it and push it until I went too far. It's alright baby, it's alright. Everything is going to be alright now. I love you baby. I love you so much and I am going to take care of you. I swear it. I am going to take care of you now."

Nye did not respond and when he eventually laid him back on the pillows his eyes were closed and there was no colour in his face anywhere.


Adam never gave Nye anymore of that drug... but he didn't stop drugging him altogether. He had purchased a two stage programme and the next day, more than four days early, he moved on to the second stage.

The new drugs made Nye regularly sick for the first day and a half and Adam seriously considered stopping them altogether. After everything he had been through Nye really had very little reserves left and the sickness left him gaunt and ill. However, by the end of the second day he had settled down and emerged from his semi coma. Although he was far from being his old self he was able to get up and walk around, feed himself and hold simple conversations.

Adam was pleased to see the old Nye beginning to emerge and he treated him with nothing but gentleness and kindness. He told him that he had been ill and Nye accepted everything unquestioningly. He was far more compliant and subservient, following instructions without question. He was quiet and withdrawn but Adam didn't care about that. All he cared about was that he was obedient.

On the third day, being the Wednesday of the party week Nye went back to work. Everyone noticed the difference but accepted that it was down to the fact that he had been ill and was recovering. And he did recover. The easy banter at The Club, the focus of working the bar, the friendship and the careful attention of Jon gradually teased out the old Nye more and more until by the end of the day he was getting back to normal.

If he were entirely honest Adam was relieved to see Nye returning, his personality and energy coming back. If he were entirely honest he would admit that he had scared himself with the lengths to which he had been prepared to go, the things he had done to Nye and how ill he had made him. But, being Adam, he was never entirely honest with himself and he was annoyed that the programme had not worked as he had expected.

Oh Nye was more obedient and pliable than he had been. He never refused sex. He never complained about pain. He never refused anything but... one thing that really annoyed him, that stuck in his craw and would not budge no matter what he did, what arguments he raised, what punishments he threatened... was Nye's determination to attend the party that Friday. Although he tried every way he could think of for the whole week, it seemed that, in a strange paradox, one of the things that had been implanted irrevocably in Nye's brain was an unshakable desire to attend the party and there was nothing he could do about it.

The problem was that he could not let Nye go to the party, no matter what. He just couldn't. Not only was it a matter of principle but it was also a threat to his whole design. Nye's friends would be able to tell immediately that something had happened and his sister was bound to interfere. If they took it into their heads, they could entice him away from him, especially that American arsehole Kane, whose name Nye sometimes moaned in the midst of fever dreams. No, there was no way he was going to that party...but if he didn't let him go and Nye fought against him then it would set everything back again.

When nothing had been able to budge Nye by Thursday evening Adam decided that it was a 'back against the wall situation'. Either he drugged Nye again; which he was frankly afraid to do, both because he didn't trust himself not to take things too far again and because Nye was still reacting badly physiologically and physically to the drugs he had already been given and was still being given; or he take matters into his own hands.


Kane was singing in the shower. He always did. Pushing the soap heavy hair out of his face he lifted it to the warm water and sighed with pleasure. He was excited about the party the following day and even more so about seeing Nye again. The last meeting had shaken him more than he would care to admit.

Talking to Mir about it afterwards he had to acknowledge that she had been right about Adam's hold over Nye and how unhealthy it was. Nye was not himself... not at all. He was sick, lost and frightened and Kane wanted to kill Adam. What puzzled him was how Nye had ever got himself into that situation in the first place.

Shaking his head, sending water flying all around Kane thought about the Nye he used to know, the one who had still come through in flashes during the conversation. Nye who was so vivid and bright, so strong and full of energy, who was quick to speak his mind and never backed away from injustice or challenge. Sure Nye had been shy and introvert when he first knew him, still was to an extent with others but with Kane he had been... exuberant, energetic, blazing like a white star. And now...

Stepping out of the shower Kane was angry. He had not lied when he told Nye he still loved him. He had kicked himself a hundred times over that he had neglected him so badly and created the situation that led him to Adam. He had tried so hard to backpedal but it was too late. Until that day in The Club he had never managed to see or speak to Nye without Adam being around and there was no way he could speak candidly in front of that man. He hated him so much...

The front door bell sounded when he was drying off and he ignored it. His mother should be around somewhere. Pulling on his jeans he left the bathroom towelling his hair. The doorbell sounded again.

"Mom! Door!"

There was no answer and no sign of his mother. Going into his bedroom he picked up his mobile phone and slipped it into his pocket and dropped the towel onto the floor in the corner, running his hands though his hair.

The doorbell sounded again. "Mom! The DOOR! Ah crap, never mind. I'll get it."

Walking down the stairs he noticed that his mother's coat was gone and when he reached the hall he could see that her keys were not in the bowl on the coat stand. Well, now he knew why she hadn't answered the door.

Still running his hands through his damp hair he opened the door and froze. It was the last person he had expected.

"What the fuck do you want?"

"Now, now Kane. No need to be rude. Just a little social visit. Can't a man come visit his boyfriend's best friend without being abused on the doorstep?"

"You think that was abuse, stick around and I'll show you different."

Adam smiled, his eyes running appreciatively over Kane's naked chest.

"Fuck off Adam."

"If you insist. I thought you would want to know what's been happening to Nye. I thought you cared. Clearly I was wrong. Goodbye."

Kane's eyes widened as Adam turned away. "Wait. What do you mean? What's been happening to Nye? Is he alright?"

Adam turned and looked him in the eye, his face serious, all the mocking arrogance gone. "No."

"What's happened?"

"I am not going to discuss it on the doorstep."

Kane was torn. The last thing he wanted was this man in his home... but he was desperate to know what had happened to Nye. It must have been something bad to have brought Adam here. What if he was...? What if...?

Finally he stepped aside and motioned Adam into the house, closing the door behind him. Showing him into the living room he rounded on him before he had a chance to sit... which he did anyway.

"So what the fuck is going on? What's happened to Nye? Is he... Is he... alright?"

"I'd be lying if I said he was. He's been very ill... after that day you came to see him at The Club. For a few days I thought... I was afraid..." Running his hands through his hair Adam looked more vulnerable and, he had to admit, more human that Kane had ever seen him. It confused him. Did this mean he really did care about Nye after all?

"What's wrong with him?"

"I don't know. You know Nye... he's stubborn. He wouldn't go to a doctor. I've been taking care of him the best I can and he is getting better but... He insisted on going back to work at The Club, said he was going mad cooped up at home. It was a bad move and he's going downhill again. He's constantly exhausted and sick. I'm at my wits end."

Kane's heart contracted. It was unbearable to think of Nye ill like that. "Do you want me to come and speak to him?"

Adam shook his head. "No, I don't think that would be a good idea. It really upset him when he saw you the other day. He... he's been... having dreams." Adam looked up at Kane, his face stricken, his eyes shadowed. "Dreams about you."

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