tagBDSMLove in Chains Ch. 12

Love in Chains Ch. 12


Nye was working behind the bar when he saw Adam weaving his way towards him. It was early and there were few people in. He felt his stomach knot as usual but this time the usual mix of emotions he felt when ever he saw Adam was flavoured with something different – fear.

Adam slid onto a stool and grinned. "Hey babe. You look great. I have a huge surprise for you."

Nye smiled despite the psychotic butterflies that were demolishing his stomach. "A surprise?"

"Yeah. It's downstairs. Come on."

Adam noticed with displeasure the way his face fell and he froze. "Downstairs?"

"Yes, come on. I've gone to a lot of trouble to set this up for you." Nye noted the petulance in his tone as he reached out and brushed the floating wisps from his face. He bit his lip.

"I'm working."

"Hey, don't worry about it. I know the boss, I'm sure I can persuade him to give you the night off.

There was no escape. Swallowing his fear Nye forced a smile and looked for the bar manager. Jon nodded to him, although his face was grim, and he slipped out under the gate.

He was shivering as Adam put his arm around his waist and guided him towards the corridor. What horrors awaited in the dungeon today?

As usual they took separate changing rooms and Nye took a shower before rubbing himself vigorously with the harsh rough towels provided. Today he had not been given any equipment or clothing to wear and so he simply sat, naked and scared, waiting for his fate.

Within a few minutes Adam opened the door. He never knocked, never paused, not at any door in the building. There was nothing going on here that Adam didn't know about, he made sure of it.

Today he was wearing leather chaps which encased his long legs and attached to a wide leather belt but left his genitals and bottom uncovered. For some reason Nye found the sight of his curling black hair and semi erect penis intimidating.

"So what's this surprise? His heart was pounding and his mouth was dry. He didn't really want to know.

"I thought it was about time you found out what it's like to have the shoe on the other foot so to speak."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm going to teach you to be dominant, to take the enforcer's role."

Nye's eyes widened. This was unexpected. "With you?"

Adam grinned and snorted. "Hardly. I don't do sub, you know that. No, I have someone else picked out and primed ready for you. A sweet little virgin, at least to this game."

"You want me to have sex with another man?" he asked incredulously.

"If you want to. My objective is more to introduce you to the techniques and give you practice in fitting and handling the equipment. The sex is strictly optional."

Nye blushed. "I... I don't... I'm not..." Adam laughed.

"Relax babe, you'll enjoy it, for sure. It's a liberating experience."

"But I don't know what to do. I have no idea how."

"Which is exactly why I am going to be training you. No one comes to this with experience, and there is no book knowledge to be had. You just have to learn."

"I'm afraid I'll mess up."

Adam stared at the wide innocent eyes filled with uncertainty and a desire to please and he smiled. Nye was his, wholly and entirely his. Time to start reeling in.

"Don't worry beautiful. There is nothing you can do today that won't please me. Just having you near pleases me and your uncertainty and inexperience is refreshing. Relax and enjoy."

Nye glowed, a pink flush colouring the pale cheeks. Although he still felt unsettled and fearful, sick to his stomach as he always was in this place, the unexpected and exuberant praise sent warmth spreading through him.

Adam raised him to his feet and pressed himself against him. "Everyone needs training my love and you can't achieve your full potential in any position until you have seen it from the other's point of view."

"I'll try Adam. I'll do my best, I really will."

The dungeon was surprisingly deserted, apart from three members of staff who respectfully bowed their heads as they entered.

Adam nodded to one of the attendants who bowed again and departed. The other two hovered attentively close by.

"I think we'll use the prayer table. It will give us the best level of access and control, always a good thing for beginners."

The 'prayer table' was the contraption Nye had been strapped to on his last visit to the dungeon and he shuddered at the sight of it and the equipment that surrounded it.

Adam bent down and checked over the straps on the 'table' legs. "Always begin by checking the equipment carefully It always gets cleaned and checked by the attendants after every session but something could have been missed, Safety is very important and the first thing to check is that there are no sharp edges or anything sticking out that could damage the skin."

As Adam began to run through safety checks and the correct way to buckle and fasten the restraints, harnesses, collars etc. Nye found himself drawn in, becoming interested despite himself. Adam watched him out of the corner of his eye and smiled. It was not a nice smile.

Nye shuddered slightly when Adam went on to explain the properties and uses of the range of cock rings, harnesses and butt plugs, having had first hand experience of them all himself.

"There are generally two distinct functions for the plugs," Adam was speaking and he forced himself to look up and smile attentively, "and the one you choose depends on the size of the recipient, his experience and the function you require. If the function is to pleasure the recipient you would choose one of these." He indicated the long and sometimes bizarrely shaped objects. "And if your purpose is to stretch the entrance or keep it open for later penetration by another piece of equipment or a cock then you would use the shorter, wider ones."

Nye nodded, becoming fascinated again despite the vaguely nauseous feeling that still gripped him. He felt... wrong, disjointed, but then he always felt like that these days. He was headachy and vaguely feverish, and it seemed to have been a very long time since he had last felt truly well and clear headed. He didn't seem to have any energy, any will left. He smiled, trying to appear interested and alert, although in truth this was only half true right then.

"The attendants are all very well trained and on hand with advice if you need it but it is always wise to have as much knowledge and expertise as you can yourself. Remember. When using a plug, for whatever purpose and whichever type, always consider the safety and comfort of the recipient first. It is inevitable that there will be discomfort, even pain, especially at first and more so if the person is young or new to this. If the purpose is to stretch then this is an even greater concern because pain and discomfort are inevitable because the plug has to be bigger than the comfortably achievable circumference to do its job at all. However, there are things you can do to minimise the pain and discomfort.

"First and most importantly choose the right size. If you have someone who is new to the game, young or very slender, do not go for one of the big boys or you will split him and may even cause permanent damage. Second make sure that you use plenty of lubricant and that you can get at least two fingers inside him before you even begin to work in the plug. And thirdly when you're inserting the plug do it slowly and carefully. I'll show you how."

Nye was spellbound by Adam's teaching manner, which was methodical and precise. He had had no idea there was so much knowledge and skill involved and he was becoming impressed despite himself, and found to his surprise that he was actually quite excited to be finally getting some real understanding of the mysterious equipment and items which had previously frightened him so much.

Adam had moved on to discuss cock rings when the door opened and the attendant returned accompanying another man. Adam looked up as they paused in the doorway. Nye also looked up and his heart thudded in his chest. Getting interested and absorbed in the theory was one thing but the practice was something else entirely.

"Ah, excellent, excellent. Bring him in. Stand him over here where I can get a look at him."

The room was usually dim and lit with red lights which gave it a sinister but warm atmosphere. Today, it was brightly lit and seemed cold, clinical but less mysterious and frightening. As the attendant led him forwards the man stumbled and almost fell. His ankles were circled by leather cuffs which were joined by a silver chain only allowing him to take small shuffling steps. His wrists bore cuffs too and they were also linked but without the chain, effectively pinning his arms behind his back. He had a collar around his neck and a plain black silk hood with no eye or mouth holes over his head. Apart from this he was naked.

Adam strolled up to the man and circled him looking him over appreciatively. Nye had to agree that he was very beautiful. Tall and slender with honey gold tanned skin tone and a light scattering of curly golden hair over his chest, siphoning down to a nest of gold around a cock which, although limp and flaccid was clearly well shaped and, frankly pretty.

He was a couple of inches taller than Adam which would make him around the same height as Nye who stood almost 6'4'' in bare feet. Although he was slender he had excellent muscle tone with a smooth, clearly defined musculature and very tight abs. Nye shivered as he was swept by an unexpected surge of desire and he wanted to touch, touch, touch. It was impossible, not being able to see his face, to tell accurately how old he was but he looked young.

"Come over here." Adam beckoned to Nye and he complied readily, even eagerly. "Everyone who comes here is nervous at first. They don't know what to expect and they need reassurance. That is why we always start with skin to skin contact in order to heighten awareness and make a physical connection engendering trust."

As he spoke he ran his hands over the boy's chest and belly, pausing to allow his fingers to play with the soft curls at his groin. The boy stiffened but made no other move.

"Take over."

Now that it came to it Nye was strangely reluctant to touch the boy but he didn't want to annoy Adam who had been surprisingly mellow so far and so he obediently reached out to touch the soft silky skin on the boy's back. It was warm and smooth and trembled slightly under his hand. Shivering himself he moved closer and ran his hands all over the back, appreciating the curves and then down past the tapering waist and hips to cup the firm buttocks.

"Well done. Keep going."

Pressing himself against the boy and feeling his own pleasure growing as his penis rubbed against the protruding bottom he reached around the boy's waist to stroke the smooth flat belly. The boy sighed and leaned into him, slightly arching his back and letting his head fall onto Nye's shoulder. Encouraged he moved his hands downwards getting even more excited by the musky smell of the warm skin under his hands and near his cheek. On impulse he licked the skin nearest his lips and it was deliciously salty.

"Okay, that's enough."

Did he detect a note of envy in Adam's voice? Oh he hoped so, he really hoped so.

Nye stepped back, dropping his arms and the boy, not expecting the withdrawal of support staggered and would have fallen if the ever hovering attendant hadn't caught and steadied him.

Nye narrowed his eyes. "Is he drugged?"

"Of course. You are very new and inexperienced Nye and you are going to hurt him, no matter how careful you are. Whilst some pain goes with the territory and is expected and even welcomed, you are still learning and it would be too much for anyone if they are fully aware. It's for his own protection and comfort. If he was too tense it could be very dangerous to him."

"Oh... well if you put it like that."

"I put it the way it is Nye. This boy is young and inexperienced too and I am not a cruel man."

"No, no of course not. How much is he aware of what's going on?"

"He's aware. He can hear, he can feel... every touch. That's enough."

Nye thought of his own experience, the confusion, the fear, the overwhelming feeling of being consumed by sensation and being unable to make any sense of what was happening or why. On impulse he asked;

"Can I see his face?" His hand was already reaching for the mask but Adam stopped him.

"You know the rules Nye. All newcomers and slaves must have their faces covered at all times."

"Is he a slave then?"

"Not yet. That depends on you."

"Me?" Nye was surprised and somewhat horrified at the thought.

"He is my gift to you. The best. You can either keep him and train him as your own personal slave for your pleasure alone; or you can free him. That's the rules... find a master or a sponsor... or leave. You can be either or both to him... or you can send him away."

"I... I don't..."

"Don't worry. You don't have to decide right now. Let's see how it goes first."

Numbly Nye nodded, overwhelmed, his mouth suddenly dry. "What's his name?"

"Nye, do you ever listen to me? I have explained the rules to you. Slaves have no name and no identity. Until he is freed he is a slave – no name."

"Oh. Right. Sorry."

Adam smiled indulgently and caressed Nye's cheek. "You'll learn my love."

At a nod from Adam the attendants took the boy by the arm and led him, stumbling, over to the prayer table, pressing him to his knees and then bending him forward at the waist. At first he resisted but the pressure of the hands on his shoulders and back was calm, gentle but relentless and in the end he didn't have the strength to resist.

He resisted again when his legs were positioned and strapped to the legs of the table while, at the same time, his hands were released from behind his back and stretched over his head so that his wrist cuffs could be fastened to hooks on solid posts at the far end of the table. His struggles were frantic for a while but subsided quickly, presumably when either he realised he was securely restrained or his strength ran out.

Adam, ignoring the struggles, accompanied the attendants' actions by a commentary on how to buckle the restraints, how tight to pull the straps, how to position the legs and body and Nye tried his very best to listen but he was distracted by the way the boy was struggling. It was almost as if he really didn't want to be there at all. If that was the case he sympathised. He imagined that it was yet another poor innocent that had been dazzled by Adam and talked into doing something he didn't understand and didn't really want. He almost gasped when the realisation hit him that he had been one of them himself. Was that what he was to Adam? A conquest? New meat to train and pass on?

For some reason the realisation shook him. Adam was his world, he was everything. All he wanted, all he had ever wanted, was to please him, to be accepted by him, to be loved. The thought that he might be something less than that to Adam was shocking. But no, if that was true he would not have given him everything he had. There had never been anyone else he had given so much to. And he treated him so well, mostly.

The very fact that he was thinking these strangely negative things scared him, made his stomach churn. He had the uneasy feeling that Adam knew, that he could see into his mind where all the doubts flashed their treachery. Adam would be so mad at him and he really, really didn't want Adam to be mad. It was of the utmost importance that he pleased Adam, that he didn't displease him. He didn't quite know why it was so important, not that important, but it was and he didn't have the clarity or the energy to either question or fight it.

"Are you paying attention?"

"Of course I am Adam."

"Carry on then. Continue with the settling in process." He guided Nye to stand between the spread legs of the now quiescent boy. Nye looked at him, uncertain how to proceed. "I mean carry on touching him."

Trying to remember how he had felt when he had been in this position – without feeling too nauseous at the idea and the images it was evoking in his memory – he leaned forwards, shuddering slightly when this brought his own equipment into contact with the boy's buttocks, he began to stroke the taut shoulders with firm, smooth strokes. The boy jerked at the touch and Nye drew back slightly as the movement caused his bum to rub against him.

Bending forwards again to caress the boy's shoulders, Nye could see curling strands of golden hair flicking out from under the hood and, for some reason it made him think of Kane. He was momentarily distracted, surprised by the stab of pain and guilt this provoked. He was still raw and hurting about Kane's rejection but still ridiculously guilty. Why should he feel that he was somehow letting down not only his friend but himself in doing this? It wasn't even as if Kane was interested in being his friend anymore...he had rejected him hadn't he; cast him off without a moment's thought.

When the boy started to struggle again he was taken completely by surprise and jumped back. He looked up at Adam fearing disapproval. Surprisingly Adam simply smiled indulgently.

"Why don't you take a break? Go and get a drink of water and I'll finish up the preparation myself. Come back in ten minutes."

"But... What's wrong with him? If he doesn't want to be here..."

"Don't worry about that Nye. They are often like this to begin with. He is confused and disoriented by the preparation he has already undergone."

"Like being drugged?"

"You seem to have an issue with that Nye."

"No, not really. I understand why... it's just... it doesn't feel right to be doing this to him when he doesn't really want it."

"What makes you think he doesn't want it?"

"He... he doesn't seem to be... compliant."

"You've been in that position yourself Nye... and that was with someone you knew and trusted, with a very different kind of preparation. You were not new to the scene, you knew everyone involved, and if I recall you were still... reluctant, until you got into it." Nye squirmed at the memory but struggled to keep his face carefully neutral.

"Trust me... this is not unusual. If you stop now you will deprive him of his chance of ever being accepted here. Is that what you want?"

Nye shook his head, startled and ashamed. Adam laughed and took him into a full embrace, kissing him in a way that stole his breath and his reservations.

"I am very pleased with you Nye. Most people are drawn naturally to one role or the other, there are not that many who are completely comfortable with both and even fewer who are really good at both. You are showing great promise and all you need is confidence. This is a very useful skill to acquire and you have an excellent teacher. Just relax and stop being so worried and uptight and you will find it a very liberating experience."

"I'm sorry Adam."

Adam kissed him again and pressed against him grinding their hips together. "I forgive you," he whispered into his ear, and then slapped him soundly on the bottom and sent him skittering for the door.

Sipping from a bottle of cold water from the fridge in one of the changing rooms Nye pondered his position and concluded that it wasn't so bad. Being on this side of the whip was definitely better than the other side... but just as disturbing. Would he ever get used to this, be as easy with it as Adam?

He told himself that Adam had been doing it a lot longer than he had and, as owner of The Club and instigator of the dungeon he was completely in control. Maybe one day he would have the respect and control that Adam did and it would be different then... wouldn't it?

Unbidden his mind turned again to Kane. He hadn't thought about him for such a long time and he felt guilty about that. But... He had thought Kane was his best friend, the one person, outside of his family, who would stand by him no matter what. So why had he just dumped him, with no explanation, no reason, no consideration... when he knew how important friends were to him right now?

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