Love Notes


She sat in silence, looking about the restaurant to see if she had attracted any attention, quietly thrilled by situation in which her love had put her. Her table was situated so she could just see far enough into the bar to look upon the side of his face where he sat with his friends, drinking what appeared to be a gin and tonic on the rocks – his usual. He still did not acknowledge her or look her way.

Her salad arrived, followed by the entrée of perfectly prepared scallops he had apparently ordered for her. She took her time, savoring the shellfish and the wine, frequently turning her attention to her love and watching for any sign of recognition. Once or twice she was sure she'd caught him glancing her way, only to find him look away as soon as she noticed.

She finished her meal in silence, enjoying every bite. As she finished her second large glass of wine, she could feel her arousal building again, her comfort with her sexuality being so garishly displayed in public began to grow, and she began to appreciate what he was up to, and wonder what else he had in store for her tonight.

In relievo.

After her dishes were cleared, her young waiter returned to her table, holding what appeared to be the check. She began to panic. She'd not brought her purse! She could not pay for the meal she'd just eaten. Was that his cruel plan? Fear and anger began to well up as her waiter extended the paper toward her. But as he got closer, she saw that it was another envelope like the one she received from her driver.

"Your check and gratuity has been taken care of already by a gentleman who asked that he remain anonymous. He asked me to give you this, however."

She took the envelope and thanked him, smiling as the tension drained out of her. Her hand was still shaking slightly as she took the paper though, which her waiter seemed to notice.

This envelope was thicker than just a piece of paper. She creased it in her hands, running her fingers over its concealed contents. She felt something soft but thin as well as something a little heavier that felt like a credit card. She tore the flap open and looked inside. There was a black silk blindfold that tied in the back, an electronic room key with the hotel's crest on it, and another note:

Room 3612.

Go now. When you arrive, put this on and tie it securely in place. Stand at the balcony door with the blinds open and face out toward the city with your back to the door.


She could no longer contain her need or her excitement. She rose quickly and strolled across the restaurant, not caring who looked at her or what they thought of her. She stepped onto the elevator with six other people leaving the restaurant and looked toward their faces, almost daring them to look at her.

Her heart raced as she pressed "36." She could feel the wetness between her legs. Once again she was acutely aware of the feel of the fabric and her exposed state, but the fear had been replaced with desire and excitement and need.

She stepped out on her floor and nearly ran to her room. It opened with a swipe of the key card. Entering, she found an elegantly decorated, but understated suite. The foyer light was on and she set the enveloped and the key down on the desk in the front parlor, being sure to grab the blindfold.

She immediately noticed a large sliding glass door out to a small balcony by the bed down at the other end of the suite - opposite the door through which she had entered. She walked to the end of the room, drew back the blinds from across the glass door and looked out on the lights glinting up as cars raced through the cool city night from far below – like rivers of light flowing around the buildings.

Her hands trembled with excitement as she tied the blindfold tightly over her eyes. It was thick enough that once it was securely in place, there were no edges where light could get in, or through which she could peek. She was alone, dressed like a slut in a fancy hotel room, blindfolded and listening to the distant sound of the night . . . waiting in need for her lover to come to her. And minute she would finally know sweet relief from his night of torturous anticipation.

She waited standing at the window in the dark, her hands clasped behind her back. Becoming acutely aware of every little sound, she strained to hear any sign of her lover's arrival. And she waited . . . and waited . . .

Her legs were beginning to tire from standing still so long in the heels. How long had it been? She couldn't tell. She tried to count her heartbeats to get a sense of time. She heard voices in the hall through the door coming toward her room. Voices! She couldn't tell if one of them was her lover. What if he brought someone with him? He hadn't said what she was waiting for. As her thoughts drifted to how vulnerable she now was, that feeling of thrilling fear began to return. She was horrified at the thought that someone would see her like this, but she could feel the warmth building from between her legs at the very same thought.

The voices grew louder as they approached her door. One of them was definitely female. Her heart raced even more. What had she gotten herself into? Her mind was screaming for her to take the blinder off and cover herself.

But then the voices began to soften and die down as their unknown source continued on down the hall past her room. And still she waited.

After what seemed like an hour, but that she would later discover was closer to fifteen minutes, she finally heard activity at the door and sound of a plastic card sliding through the lock and the click of it opening. She could hear the door open and soft steps on the carpet. She remained silent, her thighs beginning to tremble, both from exhaustion and from excitement.

Whoever had entered, said nothing. She heard the sound of items, including what sounded like keys, being dropped onto the desk. She continued to listen to the rustling of fabric behind her. She heard the soft steps moving toward her and jumped slightly when she felt large, warm hands grasp her hands from behind her. She recognized his smell immediately. . . and the feel of his chest against her back as he brought her arms around and crossed them over her chest, his fingers entwined in hers, and drawing her into the warmth of his chest. She felt his hardness pulse slightly through the wool of her skirt and she rotated her hips slightly, grinding her buttocks against him as he pulled her into his complete embrace.

She felt his soft breath on the side of her neck and he leaned in and planted a trail of soft, wet kisses up the side of her neck from her shoulder to her earlobe. Her ear tickled and shot of excitement went down her body, making her go limp in his embrace as she finally heard his voice whisper in her ear.

"It's so good to be home, my love. Thank you for waiting so patiently for me."

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