Loving Maid


At eight o'clock in the morning when I pulled up to Mr. Gardner's house. I let myself in the front door as I usually do and called out "Goodmorning!"

The house was quiet. I kicked off my shoes and climbed barefoot up short flight of stairs to the main level. "Hello!" I called -- no answer.

I opened the closet door and pulled out the vacuum cleaner and a basket of cleaning supplies. I brought everything down to the master bedroom where I usually start my day. Mr. Gardner was not there. I made his bed and tidied up his clothes. Afterwards I crossed the room and pulled open the curtains. The morning sun poured in. Leaving the vacuum for a moment I left the room and went back down the hall. I could hear talking coming from the living room.

I followed the sound of the voice and found Mr. Gardner sitting in an arm chair by the window. Mr. Gardner, my employer, is a handsome man in his early forties. He hired me one year ago shortly after his wife passed away to clean his house and prepare some meals. This morning he was sitting by the window wearing a thick white bathrobe and was cradling a phone under his ear. He was scribbling notes on a notepad. Looking up he gave me a wave. I smiled and waved back.

I walked over to him and stood quietly.

"Un-hun," he said into the phone, "that's fine, Bill. No... I'm sure."

Mr. Gardner looked up. Gesturing toward the bedrooms I mouthed the words "Are the kids gone?" He replied by nodding his head 'yes'.

I started to unbutton my blouse.

"That's right, drinks at six, and dinner at seven," Mr. Gardner said. "Why don't you bring that wine we enjoyed so much the last time? Yes, that's the one."

I walked over to the couch and finished unbuttoning my shirt. I pulled it off, folded it and dropped it on the couch. From the corner of my eye I noticed two small plates on the floor. No doubt two little people had breakfast in front of the TV this morning. I turned and picked up the plates. Each plate was filled with toast crumbs and globs of jam. I walked them into the kitchen and set them on the counter. A quick survey of the kitchen revealed the leavings of a short breakfast. There were crumbs on the counter next to an open jar of peanut butter. There was a frying pan on the stove with bit of egg still left in it. I smiled knowing that two kids had had a nice breakfast before they went to school. I turned and left the kitchen.

On my way back to the living room I reached behind my back and unfastened three clasps on my white lace bra. I pulled it off and tossed it on the couch leaving my big 36D-cup breasts free to bounce and jiggle as I walked. Next to my folded shirt was a small pillow. I grabbed it as I passed by.

"Well he always says things like that when he's had too much to drink," Mr. Gardner said chuckling into the phone. I stopped in front of him now topless and wearing only a pair of tight black leggings. I put my hands on my hips and smiled as I waited for him to notice me.

Mr. Gardner glanced up and grinned. His eyes found my big bare tits. He gently bit his lip. His eyes scanned me up and down from my bare feet and long legs and wide hips to my flat tummy. His eyes climbed up over my pale round tits and stopped at my pretty face. Without a word Mr. Gardner shifted in his chair, sinking lower and spreading his legs. Automatically I dropped the pillow on the floor in front of him and knelt down on it. Reaching out I took the belt of his soft robe and unfastened it. I then spread the folds of his robe apart and exposed his naked groin.

"Mmm yumm," I thought to myself as his cock and balls came into view.

I loved looking at Mr. Gardner's cock. I love seeing him all soft and small and then watch his shaft grow long and stiff.

"Linda and her husband will be here too so you can ask her when you get here," Mr. Gardner said.

I remained there in that position, kneeling in front of him with my bare breasts fully exposed. I pushed my chest out, presenting my tits for his pleasure. I stared at his newly exposed cock and balls. This was one of my favorite moments. I loved watching his cock grow without touching it at all, just kneeling there with my big tits exposed. Very soon I would be happily slurping and sucking away on his cock but for now I just stayed still. His cock was beginning to inflate.

Mr. Gardner looked over my soft naked tits. The light from the morning sun lit up my skin showing off every detail. Every freckle, every bump on my wide pink nipples could be easily seen. Some days (most days, really) he would reach up and cup my tits in his hands and play with them while I slid my hands up and down over his thighs. Today he was otherwise occupied.

Mr. Gardner laughed into the phone, "Yeah, that's what you always say, but look how that turned out!"

I tried to imagine how many times I've sucked Mr. Gardner's cock. A hundred times? No, that can't be right. I did some math in my head. "Six months, at five days a week, for fours weeks per month...."

Slowly I ran my hands up my tummy. I pushed my soft white orbs up as far as I could and then one at a time let them fall. Mr. Gardner's cock continued to inflate. It got longer and started to slide up his leg. God I loved that.

I knew every inch of Mr. Gardner's cock intimately. I knew its taste and masculine smell. I knew how the soft hairs on his bag felt against my tongue. I could close my eyes and see every vein and crease.

I lifted my big tits again slowly and then let them fall - first the left, then the right. Flop....flop. They bounced and jiggled as they came to rest.

"No I'm still here," Mr. Gardner said into the phone. I smiled knowing that I had pulled his attention away.

Sweeping up my jugs into my palms I pushed them together. I squeezed and played with them like two big balls of dough. On other days when Mr. Gardner was not on the phone I would slap my big tits together making a loud fleshy "smack". Today I would have to quietly run my hands all over them instead.

Dropping my right breast, I lifted my left tit to my lips and covered my nipple with my mouth. I sucked on it and watched Mr. Gardner's face. His expression changed to silent agony. When I pulled my nipple away it was tall and stiff and glistening with spit.

I looked down at Mr. Gardner's cock again. It was standing at full attention now, completely erect with his wide helmet pointing toward my face. It was time to go to work on it.

I reached out and took his shaft like I was shaking hands with it. It was warm and his skin was soft. I gently pulled toward me letting my hand slide off. Then I took him in my other hand. I repeated this action hand over hand, over and over like I was pulling on a thick fleshy rope.

"Well I'll just make sure they aren't sitting together. It'll be fine," Mr. Gardner said. There was a slight tremor in his voice. I knew that sliding the palm of my hand over the sensitive ridge of his cock-head was sending waves of pleasure through his body.

"Karen is preparing a wonderful meal for all of us," Mr. Gardner said, "She's wonderful." He gave me a wink and I smiled.

I released his swollen cock and reached into my pocket. I pulled out a hair-elastic. Reaching up I swept my blonde shoulder-length hair into a pony tail and fastened it in place with the elastic. Mr. Gardner took the opportunity to reach out and squeeze my right tit. Smiling, I gently pushed his hand aside. I had work to do after all.

I adjusted my position, spreading my legs to lower myself. I took his thick cock in my right hand and sliding my fist down over it I clutched him at the base. I loved to gently squeeze his shaft as low as I could and hold it there and watch as all the sexy details of his cock become more pronounced. His shaft turned a slightly darker colour and his cock head and veins bulged slightly. After a moment I slowly lowered my face to his cock. Playfully I flicked my tongue over the very tip.

Mr. Gardner bit his lip again. I could tell he was holding back a moan.

I continued to apply pressure to the base of his cock. Slowly I dragged my wet tongue from the tip of his cock all the way to the base where my hand held him tight. I then slowly licked all the way back up his cock leaving the tip of my tongue touching his small piss-hole. I held that position for a moment and watched his expression. He was in silent agony.

"No, I'm still here," Mr. Gardner blurted into the phone, "I was just..." His voice trailed off.

Turning my head sideways I pressed my open mouth to the sensitive underside of his shaft. I slid my mouth up and down the side of his cock several times leaving a thick coat of spit behind. I then pulled off and returned to a sitting position still clutching his cock by the base. Using my free hand I began to work the spit into his skin, sliding my fist up and down each time with a little twisting motion. I moved slowly so the sound of my soft, wet hand on his hard cock would not be heard by the man on the other end of the phone.

Giving Mr. Gardner a hand-job is one of my greatest pleasures. I love the feel of power I get from controlling the speed and pressure in my hand. Were he not on the phone this morning I would be pounding my fist up and down right now filling the room with the sound of a sloppy-wet handjob and listening to Mr. Gardner's "happy noises". But for now I wanted only to keep him hard and very stimulated.

Mr. Gardner continued to listen to the caller adding "Mm-hmm" here and there. Temptation overcame me for a moment and when there was a pause in the conversation, I gave Mr. Gardner's long shaft three or four quick jerks right at the end of his cock. His body jumped in reaction.

"Listen, chum I really should go. I have a few more calls to make this morning," Mr. Gardner said.

That was all I needed to hear. I opened my mouth and dropped my face into his lap sending his meaty shaft to the back of my throat. I felt the muscles in his thighs tighten and I felt his cock jerk in my mouth. Immediately I started quietly bobbing up and down on his cock. With my lips around his cock I started to slide my fist up and down in time with my mouth.

"Bill, I'm getting another call. I have to let you g-go," Mr. Gardner stammered.

Despite holding his cock tightly in my mouth some spit escaped my lips and rolled down his shaft, over my hand and down his tight ball-sac. It was very difficult to keep the sounds of his fast wet blowjob quiet and little sucking sounds escaped my tight lips. Mr. Gardner grabbed my head with his free hand and gently tried to stop me from moving so he could keep his composure. He wasn't trying very hard.

Suddenly I thought of something. My head shot up and Mr. Gardner's cock left my mouth with a pop.

"Just a second, Bill," Mr. Gardner said. He covered the receiver with his hand and looked at me.

"Isn't he a vegetarian?" I asked quietly.

Mr. Gardner winced. He spoke into the phone again. "Bill, tell me you're not still on that no-meat kick are you?" Mr. Gardner heard the response and rolled his eyes.

"Shit," I said quietly. I sat there for a moment thinking. My hand was still unconsciously stroking Mr. Gardner's cock as I stared out the window. A stream of spit still joined my bottom lip to his prick. In my mind I reviewed the contents of the cupboard, pantry and fridge. I was almost certain I still had some rice in the cupboard and a few portabella mushrooms left.

Mr. Gardner shrugged his shoulders and looked at me.

"Yeah it should be alright," I said quietly. I knew I would have to hustle today to prepare enough meals and an extra vegetarian dish for 7 o'clock. The house was still a mess. I'd probably have to work through lunch.

Mr. Gardner spoke into the phone and said, "Bill, you pain in the ass, we'll feed you." I heard laughing through the phone.

I leaned forward and took his slippery shaft and pushed it to my chest. I carefully pushed my 36D tits together and quietly started to tit-fuck him.

"Listen, I really have to go, Bill," Mr. Gardner said. His voice was almost cracking. I pressed my tits together tighter and rubbed him a little faster. "Ok, Bill, see you at seven."

As soon as Mr. Gardner pressed the off button he let the phone fall from his hand. It hit the floor with a crash sending the battery across the floor.

"Karen you are SUCH a TEASE!" Mr. Gardner gasped.

I worked my tits up and down even faster now. My whole body was bouncing. Mr. Gardner reached behind my head and pulled the hair elastic out letting my blonde hair bounce and toss around.

"Do you feel good?" I asked him with a smile.

"God, yes," he said, "You are amazing. Your blowjobs are absolutely perfect!"

Mr. Gardner reached out and replaced my hands with his own, pushing my fleshy white orbs together around his cock. I put my hands on his thighs to balance myself as I continued to slide up and down against him.

"Do you like to tit-fuck me?" I asked him in a shy quiet voice.

Mr. Gardner grinned but didn't answer. Instead he said, "Tell me how big your tits are."

"Again?" I asked sweetly.

"Tell me the whole thing," he said.

I sighed. "I'm twenty-four years old, and the big pair of tits you have in your hands are a perfect size 36D." I told him.

Mr. Gardner groaned. I could tell he was going to come soon so I kept talking, repeating the words he loved to hear.

"I'm only twenty-four years old," I said slowly, "those big tits you're screwing take a bra size 36D..."

Mr. Gardner was breathing hard now. His pelvis was moving in time with my body. I looked down and I could see the head of his cock peek out between my big tits with each forward thrust.

"Such a big hard cock...You like a big set of tits on a young girl don't you, Mr. Gardner?" I asked in my sexiest voice. "You like to fuck a young girl's big round tits? Did you like it when I sucked your cock while you were one the phone?"

Suddenly Mr. Gardner's body jerked and I could feel something warm between my tits. I looked down and a small river of sticky white come was rolling down my cleavage.

"Oh God," Mr. Gardner panted his eyes squeezed shut. "Yes..."

I felt him squeeze my breasts even tighter. More and more warm come gushed out from between my tits. Mr. Gardner grunted and his body jerked again. I watched his handsome face contort as he pushed out jet after warm jet of come. Finally all at once he relaxed and let out a long breath.

I stopped moving and with my breasts still wrapped tightly around Mr. Gardner's cock I began to around for something to mop up my chest.

"Uh oh," I said.

Mr. Gardner chuckled. I loved it when he laughed and I loved making him happy.

"Let me use your sleeve," I said to him.

"Un-un!" he said, "No way!"

"Look at this mess!" I said to him. I pulled away and let his slippery cock slide out from between my breasts. His pole was shiny and slick. Mr. Gardner's hands slipped off my tits.

"Look at this!" I exclaimed as I pulled my huge tits apart. Globs of white come were running fast down my chest. I had to quickly catch the stream of come before it ran onto my black pants. I scraped my left hand up my belly and collected a small handful of come.

"Tsk-tsk," I said. I held my hand out flat to show Mr. Gardner. Strings of white come criss-crossed my fingers.

"Yours I presume?" I teased.

"It's yours now!" he replied laughing.

With nowhere else to put it I wiped my hand off on my bare left tit. Reaching out with my right hand I gave his cock one more tug from base to tip. His shaft gave up its last bit of white goo. Using my thumb I wiped off the last glob of white come from the tip of his cock and added it to the smear on my chest.

"You are indeed a mess," Mr. Gardner said.

I leaned back and looked at him. He was so handsome. Resting there in the afterglow of my tit-fuck he looked very relaxed.

I looked down at his gorgeous thick cock. I watched it slowly deflate. How I wanted to suck it back to life again and crawl into his lap and ride that stiff pole.

"How many people are coming for dinner tonight?" I asked him.

Mr. Gardner didn't answer. Instead he smiled and pointed to a spot on my chest just below my neck. I touched the spot where he was pointing and found another thick stream of Mr. Gardner's come still clinging to me. I wiped it off with my fingers and looked at it. I played with it, rolling the gooey come between my fingers. I brought it to my nose and smelled it. Mr. Gardner watched me with intense interest. I dropped my hand to my chest and slowly began to smear all the fresh come all over my tits.

"God, you're incredible, Karen" Mr. Gardner remarked shaking his head.

I smiled back at him. Using only my left hand I massaged the sperm all over my big chest until it was all gone. My tits were now tacky and just a little shiny. Just for fun I scooped up my tits in my hands. "Let's have a big round of applause for tit-jobs!" I said and started slapping my oversized tits together. My sticky skin made an especially yummy smacking noise with each clap.

Mr. Gardner laughed. "Fuck me..." he exclaimed wiping sweat from his brow.

"All done!" I said. I stood up and walked to the kitchen to clean up. "How many people, Mr. Gardner?" I called over my shoulder. "Including the fucking vegetarians!"

Mr. Gardner called back "Seven couples!"

I entered the kitchen and went straight for the paper towels. I tore off a few and ran them under a bit of warm water.

"I'm going to get dressed and do a bit of work at the office," Mr. Gardner called to me. "I'll be back at 3 o'clock!"

"Okay!" I shouted back from the kitchen. I applied the wet paper towels to my chest and started to wash the coating of come off my tits. I pulled each breast up by the nipple to wash underneath.

My mind drifted and I thought back to when I first started working for Mr. Gardner. It was almost one year ago. I had applied for the job as part-time housekeeper, for four hours a day. My duties were to include cleaning, laundry, and preparing a few meals.

During my early days I watched Mr. Gardner hold himself together after the loss of his wife. Some days were good and other days not so good.

I tried my best to be good at my job, to be kind with his family, and to make life as easy for him as possible. I developed a lot of respect for Mr. Gardner as the weeks and months passed. Eventually respect turned into admiration, and then into fondness. I began to notice how confident he was when speaking to his business clients on the phone and what a good dad he was to his children. I found those qualities very attractive.

One day about six months ago. I arrived a little early for work. I let myself in as usual and started my chores. The children had left for school and the house was silent. I collected my cleaning supplies and marched down the hall. I stopped in front of Mr. Gardner's door, vacuum cleaner in hand and pushed open the door.

Mr. Gardner was standing in the middle of the room facing the mirror. He was completely naked. He had his hard cock in one hand and his balls cupped in the other hand. He stood there furiously pumping himself. His head snapped around to look at me with a look of utter shock and dismay on his face.

I gasped. "Oh my God!" I exclaimed, "Mr. Gardner, I am SO sorry!"

I shut the door and walked briskly down the hall to the kitchen. My face was turning beet red!

Almost ten minutes later a very humble and completely clothed Mr. Gardner walked past the kitchen into the living room.

I followed after him. I wanted to apologize.

"Mr. Gardner," I blurted out, "I am so, so sorry!"

Mr. Gardner couldn't look me in the eye. He mumbled something like "that's fine" and started fumbling with his cell phone. He looked so helpless.

I paused for a moment and then, acting purely on emotion, I took his hand and stood in front of him. Reaching up I touched his cheek.

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