tagErotic PoetryLoving My Sister!

Loving My Sister!

byUncle Pervey©

I was hiding inside her closet,
I was watching my "Sis" get undressed.
She didn't know I was hiding there,
I was watching the one I love best!

I got harder when she got naked,
When she sat down she spread her legs wide.
Then she opened her drawer and removed,
An electric dildo from inside!

I watched her put it on her pussy,
I heard it buz when she turned it on.
She moved the dildo on her pussy,
As she used it I heard her gasp "John!"

She was pushing her vibrator in,
And I couldn't stand it anymore!
The name that she called her vibrator,
It was mine so I opened the door!

My sister was startled and cried out,
"Oh Johnny! What are you doing there?"
I walked to her taking my clothes off,
By the time I got there I was bare!

My sister was watching me closely,
She was staring at my swollen cock.
She gasped "Johnny what are you doing?"
I said "Tootsie we're going to rock!"

She moaned as I slid between her legs,
I kissed and licked on her inner thighs.
I nuzzled into her sweet pussy,
And she moaned and she groaned and she sighed!

I licked and I sucked up her wetness,
The heat from her pussy drove me wild!
I licked and I sucked her clitoris,
I ate her like a "Motherless child!"

"Oh Johnny!" she cried out, "Oh Johnny!"
"What we're doing is wrong can't you see?"
I didn't hear what she was saying,
I was too damned busy feeding me!

Then Tootsie's hips began to hump me,
She was fucking my face as she came!
Her sweet juice flowed out of her pussy,
I swallowed every drop without shame!

As Tootsie was lying there gasping,
I slid up and sucked on her breasts then.
I fastened my mouth on her sweet lips,
And laid on her and pushed my cock in!

"Oh Johnny!" She gasped out, "Oh Johnny!"
"Are you really going to fuck me now?"
I murmurred "Hell yes!" as I fucked her,
And I plowed her and plowed her and plowed!

As I fucked her she started to moan,
She was thrusting her hips against mine.
She whispered, "Oh Johnny! I'm cumming!"
I climaxed too while we were entwined!

She lay gasping as I moved inside,
I was filling her hole with my cum!
When I pulled out at last I could see,
My cum leaking out toward her bum!

Tootsie asked, "John what were you doing?"
I told her, "I was spying on you!
If you'll turn over on your stomach,
I'll eat and I'll love your asshole too!"

Tootsie blushed and then she rolled over,
And she gave me her virgin asshole.
I shoved my cock in her tight hot ass,
I filled her with the "cream" of my soul!!

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