tagErotic Poetrylucky bastard

lucky bastard


lucky bastard
that's what your friends call you
they're jealous that you get to fuck me
and do the nasty things we do
you tell them all the stories
about the wild things we do
they wish they could trade places
and for one night be you
we have threesomes and foursomes
and sometimes we swing
we're open minded and adventurous
and will try anything
we're sexual thrill seekers
and we set the bar high
if we believe it will bring pleasure
then we'll give it a try
i like to watch
as you masturbate
then you cum in my mouth
and your sperm tastes great
you like to see me
in revealing clothes
that's why i shop at the stripper store
so i can dress like the pros
i've been with women
and you've watched the whole scene
i've sucked two dicks at once
and been called the blow job queen
the meaning of taboo
neither of us know
you are a lucky bastard
even i think so

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