Lust in La Jolla Ch. 07


They went inside, Kari carrying the packages in front of her as inconspicuously as possible, trying to hide the dark spot in the crotch of her shorts.

"Hi Jim, we're back" Kari called out, as she came in the door.

"Hi Kari! I'm in the kitchen."

Kari motioned Jake to go to the kitchen, she would follow.

Jim stood and walked over to shake Jake's hand when they came in. Kari stood back, waiting in the doorway.

"We went out to do a little shopping. I really gotta pee, I'll be back in a minute." She said before she turned and practically ran up the stairs.

Jim didn't notice Kari's flustered look, he was focused on Jake.

"Jake, it's really good to see you. It's been a long time – what, 10 years right? I'm really sorry I wasn't here when you arrived, but I'm sure Kari told you about the wildfire. It's part of the job – I've got to go when these things happen. Anyway, it looks like Kari's been taking care of you."

Jim said this innocently, but Jake could not help feeling the blood rush to his face.

"Y-yes" he stammered, "She's been very ... helpful."

Fortunately, Jim was very tired and was looking Jake over head to foot, so he didn't notice Jake's embarrassment.

"Christ, Jake. You certainly have grown up. You look really strong and fit, that job you had must have been very physically demanding," and then he looked at his face, "and no glasses. I remember you always wore glasses. Are you wearing contacts?"

"No, I got the LASIK surgery a few years ago, when I was in college. My eyesight is 20:20 now."

"Well, you look great. Glad to have you here. I know you going to be looking for a place to live down by school and I saw the ads open on the table, but I just want to say there's no rush. We're happy for you to stay with us while you look for the right place."

"Thanks, Uncle Jim. I really appreciate that.

"Hey, it's just Jim now, OK. And Mary. She'll be back tomorrow night, but I imagine Kari told you already. And speaking of the devil ..."

Kari came into the room, now wearing a very similar but different pair of shorts.

"Hey, I heard that, and I'm no devil. Just a minor demon," she giggled. "How are you doing Jim? You look pretty beat."

"Yeah, not much sleep the last few days. But I'm glad I was still awake when you got back. Oh, and I want to really thank you for picking up Jake at the airport and, I guess, generally taking good care of him."

"It was my pleasure." Kari said, and then began to blush when she thought about how much pleasure it had been. She quickly turned away to go to the fridge before Jim could see her reddening face.

She rooted around in the fridge for a few seconds, trying to get over the blush, before finally grabbing a diet coke for herself, "Can I get you anything to drink Jake?"

"No thanks, I'm good." Jake replied.

"Well, kids, I think I'm going to take a nap before I drop. I hope we can talk more when I'm rested."

"OK Jim. Oh, I need to tell you. I invited Jake to Nicky's Labor Day party, you know, we have the barbecue every year on Labor Day."

"Oh right, I remember. Sure, that's nice of you to bring him along," he paused thoughtfully and then continued, "but keep an eye out for him so your friends don't ... ummm... well, you know what I mean."

"Yeah, sure, I get ya. After all, they are major demons, aren't they?"

"And one of you has to be the designated driver."

Jake piped up, "I can do that. I'm not much of a drinker, and I'd like to keep my wits about me anyway."

"Good idea," Jim responded, "So, you'll be out when I get up, then. Well, have fun!"

Jim rose and wearily climbed the stairs.

After they heard his bedroom door close, Kari whispered, "Whew. I'm going to have to be more prepared to be around Jim and my mom, or they're going to know something's going on between us for sure. Especially mom, she's pretty sharp like that."

"Yeah. I think my face turned bright red when Jim asked me if you taken good care of me. I don't think he noticed though."

"No, he was exhausted. Good thing, too. Although I'm not sure he would have a big problem with, you know, us doing it. He's a good guy and treats me like an adult, and he certainly realizes you and I are not related. Well, we have about an hour before we need to leave for the party. I'd like to hear the rest of your story, but we need to go somewhere more private. I know, we can go downstairs to the den and put on your playlist again. Even if Jim gets up, all he'll hear is the music."

Just then, Kari's cell phone rang, and she looked to see the caller, said "Maria again", and answered it.

"Hey chickadee, what's up?"

Maria answered, "Hi Kari. I have a favor to ask – can you give me a ride to the party? And then, maybe, home again? Mom doesn't want me driving if there's going to be any booze there."

"Sure, I understand. Jim made us pick a designated driver too, and Jake volunteered. Can you be ready in an hour? We need to get there early – Nicky asked me to bring the music, since her iPod died."

"Yeah, I'll be ready. Truth is, I'm pretty much ready now. I was so antsy I got ready early." She paused, then, "God, Kari, I gotta tell you – I'm climbing the walls, I can't get my mind off Jake. I hope he likes my new bikini. I have to sneak it past Mom – it shows so much skin there's no way she'd let me wear it."

"You're too funny, Maria. Don't worry, you're gonna have a great time. See you in a bit"

Kari hung up the phone, looked at Jake and grinned, "I am gonna have sooo much fun with this! But Maria did remind me of something – I want to quickly wash and dry your new clothes, so they won't look like they came straight from the store."

She dashed upstairs and came back a minute later with his new shirts, his trunks, and his bikini briefs.

"I'm just going to run them through a quick rinse and spin and then to the drier. We have enough time. The washer and drier are downstairs, come on and bring your Zune." She beckoned.

Once the clothes were in the washer, and the music was playing, they sat together on the couch.

"OK, before we get back to your story, I need to tell you about Maria. She's really hot for you. I've seen her like this before, but never to this degree. Which means you can hurt her without intending to, and she's my best friend and I feel kinda responsible since it was our performance in the car that set her off. So, anyway, I want to prep you. You see, she went out and bought a new bikini, very sexy from what she said, just for the party today. Actually, she got it for you, she wouldn't have bought it if I wasn't going to bring you along. So, I want you to say something when you see it, to let her know you like how she looks in it. I'm not asking you to lie or anything – I'm sure she'll look sexy as hell, just say what you think, but here's the key – don't be vulgar ... not that I can imagine that you would be ... but do put some sexual innuendo in it, something to let her know that you want her, without being direct. It'll make her feel really good, and also make her crazy for you, in a good way. Just so you know, she won't be wearing it till she's at the party ... she's afraid to let her mom see it, if that tells you anything."

"OK, I'll do my best. Thanks for telling me – I'm sure I'd mess up if I had to respond in the moment."

"Now, I think you left off when you moved away."

"Right. Well, I was even a bigger misfit in Switzerland than I was in San Diego. My first year there was miserable. It was so bad that Mom took me to a therapist. It was the therapist who suggested that I do martial arts – well, that was a turning point in my life. I got hooked up with a really good master, not only did I get in much better shape physically, but he taught me meditation that helped with my self-confidence issues. And this was when I found that, as long as I had a short period of deep meditation each day, I needed far less sleep than most people. Which reminds me, I need about 20 min to meditate before we go to the party. Don't worry, my story isn't very much longer."

"So, junior year was a little better, I had some friends through the martial arts, but I still wasn't dating or anything. I was still socially awkward, still wore the geeky glasses, and had lost a lot of weight but hadn't put on much muscle. During that next summer, I started weight training and, after driving my parents crazy with asking, got contacts. About this time, a new girl Monique came to the club and I was partnered with her to show her the basics. We hit it off pretty good and started meeting afterwards for coffee and stuff. Then, kissing and a little petting. I was "in love", or at least in lust, I didn't know the difference. One night, she invited me over to her house. Her parents were out, and we started making out on sofa and the light petting turned into heavy petting. Her shirt was open and her bra pushed up, and I had my hand down her pants and seemed to be doing OK with my first time – I had learned from watching Gina to pay attention to her clit, and she was moaning and thrusting against my hand."

"After a while, I think she had decided to go all the way – looking back on it, I don't think she was a virgin – and she unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. When she reached in to touch my dick, she sort of stopped for a moment, and then felt along it, I guess to size it up. She suddenly pulled back with a frightened look and said something like, "Is there something wrong with you? You're too big, you'll hurt me. We gotta stop, I can't do this." I didn't know what to say or do. She had got up from the sofa to put her clothes in order, and was looking at me like I was a freak. Neither of us said anything for what seemed like a long time. She started crying a little, and without looking at me, said, "I'm sorry. I think you should go." So I left, completely devastated."

"Jeezus, Jake. That's messed up." Kari shook her head, "She was the one who had something wrong with her, not you."

"Yeah, well, probably both of us were too young, not so much physically as emotionally. Plus, Monique had a very small build – I think she weighed less than 100 lbs. It's quite likely I would have hurt her if we had tried to have intercourse."

"Hmmm ... I suppose you might be right, but what a hurtful way for her to react."

"Yeah, I guess that's true. Anyway, as you can imagine, that was the end of that relationship, I never saw her again, she stopped coming to the club and I was too ... ashamed, I suppose, to call her or anything. In fact, for quite awhile after that, I basically avoided girls altogether. Well, I wasn't exactly a hermit, but I avoided being alone with a girl, making sure I was in a group, you know. So, fast forward to sophomore year in college – I met Joelle in one of my classes. We started studying together, and then, you know, it progressed from there. She was very different from Monique – tall, about 175 cm ... ummm, that would be about 5'9" ... and she was very direct and open about what she was thinking and feeling. So, in maybe the 4th or 5th make out session, when we had been going at it a while, she asked me if something was wrong, why wasn't I wanting to go any further with her. I didn't know what to say, I must have looked like a deer in the headlights.

Then she got gentle with me, I remember her holding my hand in hers, and asking me what was it? What was I afraid of? She said I was attractive and fun to be with, and she liked my body. I still didn't say anything. Then she said, "it's almost like you're ashamed of something – and I know that you don't have, like, a small penis or anything, I can tell you're plenty big when we're kissing." I was shocked by her openness, but it shook me loose from my silence, so I responded that it wasn't that I was too small, it was that I was too big, maybe I was a freak. She just smiled and said, "oh, you poor silly thing. Let me be the judge of that – I'm not afraid of a big cock, let me see it." She had me stand in front of her, she sat on the dorm bed, but my hands were shaking so much I couldn't undo my jeans, so she did. I was so afraid of what was going to happen, I had gone completely soft. After she saw it, she looked me directly in the eyes and said, "Jake, you have a beautiful cock, I like it very much. I want to touch you, to stroke it – is that OK?" I nodded mutely, and then her hands were on me. She stroked me to hardness and then gave me head for the first time. I came rather quickly, and she didn't blink an eye. She stripped then, and we tried to have sex ...errr, intercourse that is ... but I was too big for her. She told me she didn't care, that she liked oral sex anyway, and asked me to go down on her."

"Well, we were together for a year and a half, and we never did have real intercourse. I mean, we tried a few times, with her on top, and she would get a bit of me inside, but it wasn't good for either of us. We had plenty of oral sex, however. And we had a lot of fun – she was the DJ I mentioned, and we went out dancing a lot. It was my first intense relationship: I remember I told her that I loved her a couple of times, and it seemed to make her sad. Anyway, at the end of our junior year, she told me that she wanted to end it. She said she probably loved me, but she had been realizing she could never, like, marry me, because we couldn't have sex. She kept telling me that it was her, not me – that I was perfect the way I was and she loved my body – but I couldn't really hear that. I guess at some point I accepted what she said was true, we just weren't compatible. So, we said goodbye."

Kari kissed Jake softly, and said, "That was a really sad ending. I can see now how your past has made you so vulnerable. I'll be right back, I just have to attend to your clothes".

"OK, I should go do my meditation now. I'll be back in a bit."

After she had transferred his clothes, Kari went up to get dressed, thinking over Jake's story. Basically, he had been a virgin through college, at least through his junior year. The way he had fucked her last night and especially this morning, though, suggested he had definitely had some experience. And the way he had gone down on her was incredible – she guessed she had Joelle to thank for that! The early experiences with Monique and Joelle had reinforced the idea in Jake's mind, however, that women would reject him because his cock was too big. Kari wondered how many women would be too small for Jake. No question, he filled her up completely, and she imagined that if she wasn't completely relaxed and wet that fucking him could be difficult for her, too. This was clearly an issue she was going to face as his sex coach – there would be women like Joelle who simply couldn't fit Jake into their small pussies. Then, others like Monique who would be too scared to try. But there are plenty others who will be crazy for his dick. Women on the internet are always talking about their big cock fantasies - Jake can be their fantasy come true!

She decided to wear her white one-piece to the party. She was going as Jake's cousin, not as a competitor. It was still a sexy suit – it was cut open in the front and sides, and low cut to show off her boobs nicely. But it was classy sexy, rather than the skanky "fuck-me" bikini that she imagined Maria had picked out. She put on a top and a skirt over the bikini, then a little make-up and she was ready. Looking at the clock, she saw that it had been almost twenty minutes, so she went down to the living room where she had seen Jake sitting quietly in a chair with his eyes closed. After about a minute, his watch beeped a few times and he opened his eyes and flashed a warm sexy smile that made her pussy tingle.

"You look like you're ready to go," he commented, "should I get ready now?"

"Yeah, if your clothes are dry."

The clothes were dry, so Jake took them up to change. Kari followed him up, grabbed some towels, sun screen lotion, and put her small digital videocamera as well as her camera in her purse. She was just retrieving the container of potato salad from the fridge when Jake came down a minute later carrying his Zune, looking very good in his new clothes.

"Very nice!" Kari said, walking up to him, "You're wearing the briefs under, right?"

"Yeah, they feel a little weird but OK."

"Good. I would like to given you another test, if you know what I mean, but we'll just have to hope for the best. Let's go!"

to be continued ...

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