tagSci-Fi & FantasyLust Thy Enemy

Lust Thy Enemy


It had been hours since Callia slipped into the lodge that was the residence of her clan brother, Amakiir. Bearing no close blood ties, she felt no remorse for what she planned to do. Revenge for the hell he had subjected her through during her youth coursed hotly through her veins.

Recalling the stealth lessons learned from the rogues, she crept into the stronghold unnoticed. Her only hope was being able to make it out in the same manner. Callia stripped off her armor, stashing it in a hiding place she'd used for years during her youth. Without her armor she figured she wouldn't make as much noise. She kept to the shadows, skulking around the backside of lodges, ducking whenever possible to avoid being seen.

Now she sat crouched behind a panel that divided the lodge in half, separating the sleeping area from the rest of the lodge. In the dark, she sat and waited, mulling over in her mind her plan of action. She would wait until he'd entered his sleeping trance before plunging the dagger through his evil black heart.

Part of her fought the knowledge that this was the easy way of eliminating him, but deep down, Callia knew despite her skill in battle, she could not defeat him one on one. The magic he knew was far too advanced and powerful for her to safely combat. She was not one to give into cowardice, but being cautious had its merits. That was another lesson learned. Now she preferred to think of it as not being reckless and thinking it over for once.

Hours passed, slowly creeping by. Callia allowed herself a brief nap. When she awoke, he heard voices outside of the lodge. She listened intently, recognizing the low timbre of her brother Karowyn's voice and also that of Amakiir's. They seemed to be discussing a spy from another clan that had been prowling around the clan hold. She knew that had become a common occurrence ever since Karowyn had spoke out against the clans being ruled by one person instead of the council of all clans. Clan Blackhawk was one of the strongest clans within the Moonwood. She knew they would never back down without a fight.

And neither would she. She would deal with Amakiir once and for all. Patiently she waited for Amakiir to return. She shifted her position as she heard him enter the lodge. She had heard he and Karowyn bid each other good night and could tell he was alone. He seemed preoccupied and mildly unobservant of his surroundings.

She peeked out of her hiding spot and watched as he disrobed. He snuffed out the candle and slipped between the furs that covered his sleeping mat. Yet Callia waited. The timing had to be right. She waited until she heard the change in his breathing, knowing the very moment when his trance had taken hold. Silently creeping from her hiding spot, she stretched her legs and tiptoed her way across the dwelling to his bed.

Dagger in hand, she straddled his body as sheer surprise of his muscular form washed over her. Calming herself, she hadn't expected him to be this way. Mentally scolding herself, she forced herself to concentrate on the task at hand. He's a wizard, a purveyor of the arcane arts. He isn't supposed to be rippled with muscles like one of our warriors. Yet he is.

Kill him, her inner voice screamed. Plunge the dagger through his black heart. Do it. Do it now. Callia held the dagger aloft, poised a few mere feet from his heart. As she readied to plunge it into him, she felt movement beneath her. Her eyes snapped upwards to his face and noticed his eyes were wide open. She felt a swelling beneath her and knew she'd been caught.

"What have we here?" Amakiir chuckled as he seized her wrists.

Flipping her sideways, Amakiir knocked the dagger from her hand and before she knew it, she found herself flat on her back with him perched above him.

"Well, well, dear little Callia," he murmured quite wickedly. "Looks like I have you trapped."

Callia glared at him, as she struggled to be free.

"My, my, my slut of a little sister has found herself into web," he spat, invoking her anger.

"I'm not your sister. Not by blood," she retorted, as she struggled to break free of his hold on her.

"What would Karowyn say? Knowing you sneaked your way in here and planned to kill me? Shall we find out?" Amakiir shook his head. "Won't he be disappointed in you? Then again, when isn't Karowyn disappointed in you? Our naughty little sister."

"He may thank me for disposing of you." Callia snarled.

"That's where you are wrong. He wouldn't. He relies on my magic too much. He needs me around to keep our enemies at bay."

"Let me go!"

"I think not. I like you right where you are."

"I'll scream."

"Be my guest. Scream all you like. My lodge is warded from the inside against noises. It allows me to hear what's going on outside, but no one can hear what's going on in here. I can do whatever I want to you. I could use you however I feel. No one will know. Most of the clan has had you. Perhaps it is my turn." Amakiir grinned, a wicked lust shining in his silver eyes.

Yanking her arms upwards, he pinned them above her head as he grasped hold of adamantine manacles. Wrestling with her, he placed her wrists within the shackles, preventing her escape.

Callia howled, now fully enraged. "You'll pay for this," she threatened as she twisted her body in an attempt to be free of him.

"Relax, my pretty. You may yet enjoy this. The clan men still speak of you in the most carnal of manners. I've often heard you preferred it rough. Perhaps we should explore that." Amakiir purred as he freed her of her furs with a flick of his wrist. "But I promise not to hurt you...very much. I'll try to be gentle. I'd hate to see your lovely flesh marred in any way."

"Bastard!" Callia retorted. "You enjoyed hurting me when I was younger. I'd even bet it made you hard!"

"Why, yes, it did. Pain is such an erotic sexual stimulant. Someone had to teach you how cruel life can be. Someone needed to show you that not everyone would treat you like a pampered princess. Consider it a prelude."

"To what?"

"To this moment. I hurt you. You try to kill me. I'd say we're even."

"Then let me go." Callia growled.

"I think not." Amakiir wickedly grinned. "It's been awhile since such a tempting morsel landed so deliciously into my bed. No, you, my pretty, I intend to enjoy." Amakiir murmured lewdly as he sat back on his haunches and admired her bound body.

"So beautiful you are. So ripe and luscious. I can smell you, my pretty one. Mmm, tangy. Open for me."

Callia glared at him. "Never! Let me go! I have no desire to be bedded by you."

"Too bad. I mean to have you. And in the end, you'll beg for more."

"Not likely. Just get it over with."

"No, my pretty, I plan to take my time with you," he promised as he sniffed the air once more. "Yes, you are very tangy."

Sliding atop her, his hands began to caress her lithe body. Fingers swept lightly over her soft flesh, eliciting shivers that raced through her. Callia hadn't expected such a light gentle touch coming from him. He who had tortured her so with his magic so methodically and evilly before she had come of age. Her mind now raced. Conflicting emotions warred within her. She felt torn between desire of that gentle touch and disgust of whom it belonged to. So few had touched her with that brand of tenderness yet the thought of it being Amakiir made her sick. Caught between pleasure and revulsion, Callia vowed to be numb. She swore to feel nothing.

Amakiir sensed her inner turmoil. With a chuckle, he nibbled at her ear. "You could no sooner be numb than a leopard could change its spots. You are a conduit of pure lust. Why not embrace it?" he whispered, then ran his tongue around the shape of one of her pointy ears. A shivered coursed through her. It seemed he knew her well. It seemed he knew which areas brought the quickening of her pulse, the racing of her blood and the whetting of her desire.

While his tongue flicked, his hands caressed. Cupping her breasts, plucking at the tautened peaks of her nipples.

Callia stifled a moan, barely able to hold back the overwhelming flow of passion. She knew she didn't want this. She didn't want to feel anything but pure hate for him.

"Stop this!" Callia cried, as she twisted beneath him, her legs flailing about. She let out a howl of pain as she felt the manacles bite into her wrists. "Please, let me go!"

But Amakiir ignored her pleadings and continued exploring her soft, supple flesh. He stopped nibbling at her ear, and planted a trail of wet kisses down her neck into the valley of her breasts. Softly he cupped one while his mouth descended on the other. Nipping, suckling and licking, he attacked the hard nipple.

Callia moaned, arching her back. She couldn't give in. She wouldn't give in, but yet the sensations were too good to resist. "Please don't..." she gasped.

She fought a war within herself. She didn't want to feel this way, yet she had to have it. Hot blood coursed through her veins. Every inch of her blossomed as heat pooled deep within her. "Please..."

He sensed the moment of her surrender, and could feel her resistance melting away like ice near a flame. He chuckled, knowing he had her. He pushed the twin mounds of her breasts together, gently squeezing each. He pressed her nipples close to one another. Mmm, Amakiir sighed, ripe for the suckling.

Covering both with his mouth, he flicked his tongue to and fro, slashing it across both taut nubs. That he alternated with teasing nipping bites with his teeth. Callia moaned loudly, squealing as she felt the sharpness of his teeth on her already highly sensitive nipples. Despite the pain she felt, she found herself very turned on. She didn't mind a little pain during sex. With a hearty cry, she allowed her thighs to part.

"Yes," she begged, nearly out of her mind from the pleasure he'd bestowed on upon her while sucking her breasts. If this is how he made her feel by using his mouth, she couldn't imagine what it would be like when he used his cock.

Amakiir then left her breasts, kissing his way down her body. He planted kisses and nips over her tightly muscled abs, snaked his tongue in and out of her navel and spread her thighs ever wider as he settled between them. He snaked his fingers over her hairless crotch, tenderly dipping in to seek out the hidden bud of pleasure.

Callia squealed as he located her clit nestled between her nether lips. Slowly stroking his fingers over it, he felt her quiver and moisten.

"Mmm, so tangy, so pungently sweet," he whispered as he nuzzled her thigh. "My pretty one, how delicious you are. Tell me what you want."

"Please..." Callia moaned.

" Shall I lick your delicious pussy? Tease your sensitive clit?"

"Yes, please...," she groaned, completely unable to resist. All reason had escaped her. She had been reduced to nothing but a quivering, complaint receptacle of pleasure.

Amakiir smiled to himself as he knew he had her exactly where he wanted her. Lowering herself, he slid between her thighs and parted her nether lips with her fingers. Taking in a deep breath, he inhaled her heady scent.

"So good," he murmured before plunging in tongue first. He attacked her clit with a passionate fervor.





He brought his hand into play as he slid two fingers into her dripping wet slit.

Callia moaned and bucked her hips, crying out for more. She hadn't expected to feel such bliss from him, such incredible pleasure. The sensual workings of his tongue and fingers threatened to overwhelm her. She let out a howl of pleasure as her female juices gushed out to coat his face and fingers.

Lowering his mouth from her clit, he dived into her wetness, lapping furiously at her juices. He licked her with a frenzy, lapping up all she had to give. He teased her, his teeth grazing her clit. Nipping and nibbling, he thrust his fingers deep inside her until he found her pleasure spots nestled within her pussy. Amakiir relentlessly focused on those, bringing her from one climactic crest to the next. She screamed and howled her passion as one orgasm became another in an endless string of nonstop cumming. She gasped for air as her whole body exploded. "Yes, yes, yes, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!"

Callia moaned as another washed over her. Nearly exhausted from cumming, she groaned. She wanted more than just his fingers or tongue deep inside her. She wanted cock. Gasping for breath, she writhed beneath him.

"Please...," she whispered hoarsely. With her nipples swollen from his vigorous attention and her skin flushed from the pleasure he'd bestowed upon her, she looked every bit the sex goddess she was meant to be. Her eyes looked glassy, hazy with ecstasy. "Please..."

"Tell me what you want, my pretty one."

"Please...I want more. Please..."

"More what?"

"Please fuck me. Give me cock. Please..."

Amakiir chuckled then slapped her hard on the thigh. "Little slut! Listen to you! I told you I'd have you begging for more," he hissed. "You want cock? You'll get all the cock you'll ever be able to handle once you've done something for me."

"Anything!" she pleaded, panting heavily.

Amakiir crawled up the length of her body and straddled her chest. His engorged cock jutted proudly from his groin.

"I want you to suck my cock, little slut. I've often heard how talented you are with your mouth. All the men brag about being sucked off by you. They say you can take it all down your throat and suck them dry. Suck me, little slut. Suck me dry and then you'll get cock in your pussy," he growled, a sinister look flashing in his silver eyes.

Reaching up, he removed the shackles that kept her bound and switched places. He reclined against a mound of furs and gestured for her to take her place before him. Still under the effects of her sheer bliss, Callia complied readily. She crawled between his legs and began to stroke his hardened cock. Though not nearly as long as many she had had in the past, it did have a surprising thickness she found to her liking. Its girth would feel good as he thrust it into her wet pussy.

"Yes, yes, my pretty slut, suck me," he encouraged as she watched her lick her lips. "Put your hot mouth on me."

Callia quickly obliged. She grabbed his hardened cock with her right hand and his balls with her left. "Mmm, feels good and ready," Callia purred. Then she licked up his cock from his balls to the head. Her tongue circled his cock's tip slowly before she took it into her mouth. She stroked the base with her hand, dropping in teasing nips and licks here and there. She swirled her tongue around the head, the sensitive underside and back down to his balls. Then she slid her mouth over the head, taking the entire length into her mouth. She varied her assault from taking it all in her mouth to putting a few inches in her mouth and bobbing up and down on it. Amakiir watched her intently as her strawberry blond head devoured his cock. It was an unbelievable sight and an unforgettable feeling. Sucking him from tip to base, she focused on hitting the sensitive spot on the underside. Suddenly she stopped with just the head in her mouth. Callia looked up at him with her big blue eyes to watch his expression as she slowly moved up and down on his cock head with her teeth.

Amakiir moaned. "Oooh yes, that's my girl...yessssss..."

He moaned deeply and looked down at her. Her eyes twinkled as she gazed up at him, giving a teasing lick to the head. Callia closed her eyes and attacked his cock with greater fervor.

Then suddenly he clamped a hand onto the back of her head. Holding her down while he thrust his cock deep into her mouth. "Suck it, slut, suck it!" he demanded cruelly.

Callia balked and tried to pull back. She nearly gagged until she relaxed and adjusted to his size battering her throat.

"Does the little camp whore want some cock?" he growled, tightening his grip on her. "Does she?"

She nodded as best she could, desperately wanting to feel him pull his cock from her mouth and slam it into her pussy.

Easing up on her neck, he pulled his cock from her mouth. "Do you want to be fucked, bitch?" he snarled, thumping her cheek with the head of his rock hard cock.

"Yes, please, yes...," she cried.

"Are you ready for it?" Amakiir asked as he made a few hand gestures above her head. It was then that Callia realized he was casting some sort of a magical spell.

"What are you doing?" Callia screamed, as she felt something grab her from behind. Craning her head to look behind her, she caught sight of a large mountain orc. She let out a horrified scream. "NO!"

Howling in the guttural orcish language, she screamed. "DON'T TOUCH ME, YOU FILTHY ORC!"

The orc ignored her taunt and grabbed her, wrenching her in position on her hands and knees before him.

"No matter how much you command him in his own language, he won't obey you. He obeys me." Amakiir smugly retorted. "Only me."

"No!" She screamed again. "Don't do this to me. Please don't. Why, Amakiir, why?"

Callia let out a pain wracked sob.

"Why shouldn't I? You are merely a slut," he laughed in a hollow yet sinister manner.

Pain exploded through her nether core as the orc slammed into her. She screamed pitifully as she felt her pussy become stretched as it had never been stretched before. "WHY?" she cried, fighting to adjust to the feeling of being ripped in two.

"Do you really think I would lower myself to your level? Do you really think I would put my cock in a lowly slut like you? Do you really think I'd consider bedding the village mattress backed whore? No, dear Callia, I prefer demure women. You make me sick. Perhaps this will teach you a lesson. Of course, I doubt you'll live long enough to benefit from what you've learned,"

Amakiir taunted her. Grabbing her by her hair once more, he wagged his engorged cock in her face. "Now finish it, bitch!"

Clamping his hand down on her neck, he forced his cock back into her mouth as while the big orc ravaged her, driving his meaty orc cock into her relentlessly. Amakiir thrust deeply down her throat, keeping in time with orc.

"Suck it, slut, suck it!"

As much as Callia resented doing what he wanted, she knew she had little choice. She chastised herself for giving in, He'd tricked her into lowering her guard. He'd tricked into feeling pleasure. If only...if only she had remained numb. Rage coursed through her veins. She vowed she would survive. She vowed she would not despair and she vowed to get even with him. And despite the pains wracking her lower half, Callia relaxed her body. She hoped it would help some of the pain subside.

Steeling herself, she began to move with the orc, meeting him thrust for thrust. It helped to alleviate some of the pain. She took control of giving Amakiir the sucking he'd demanded. She sucked him hard and fast while pumping the base of his cock with her hands. Amakiir threw his head back and unleashed a mighty moan. He eased his hold on her, allowing her to work her magic tongue on him. Pulling back to the head, she focused on the nerves centered on the ever so sensitive underside, flicking to and fro.

Easing the cock out of her mouth momentarily, she glances back over her shoulder at the orc. He was still fucking her as fiercely as he could. The little imp in Callia flared as she taunted him.

"Is that the best you can do, Orc?" Callia sneered at him in his language. "You fuck like a sissy elf. DO IT HARDER! HARDER!"

Enraged at being called a sissy elf, he bellowed at her insult, slamming into her as hard as he could with all the force and strength he could muster. Both Callia and the Orc screamed from the onslaught. Pain exploded inside her and she dug her nails into Amakiir's thighs, eliciting a yelp from him. She knew the orc couldn't last much longer as his feral growls and moans got louder with every thrust.

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