tagInterracial LoveLynne's Return

Lynne's Return


Well, it's been a little over three years since I've been incarcerated. My wife, Lynne has been living with a 75 year old black man since her freedom from the man I killed, who had taken her down the road to her whoring life, not unwanted on her part though.

Lynne still comes and visits me at least once a week, and informs me how her life is going, including detailed narratives of her life with Johnny and her insatiable desire to swallow cum.

It seems that she and Johnny have been getting along well, although, seem she has been getting cravings for the feeling of new cocks in her mouth, pussy and of course that area she tried for the first time when we started all of this. She definitely found out that she enjoyed being fucked in the ass, as long as the men would cum in her mouth when they were ready.

Last week she came to see me and told me the following story.

Seems that Johnny had to go to Atlanta to a funeral of an old friend, and that Lynne had time to waste. She spent the day he left sitting in the house, drinking and feeling sorry for herself because she was alone. She hadn't gone with him because she doesn't like funerals and didn't want to spend the time sitting at a motel waiting for him.

As the day went on it seems that the wine began to get her sexual feelings to burn more and more. She thought about the cocks she had felt in her mouth and her pussy started to burn. She decided that she would go out to a lounge that evening, so she showered, paying special attention to her pussy, as she stood under the water, her hand spent a little too much time fingering her clit and making sure her asshole was squeaky clean. She cleaned her dental plate, and brushed her teeth and tongue feeling the taste buds come alive. She looked in the mirror, stuck out her tongue and looked at the stud that had made so many men happy. She thought how nice it would be to make someone happy tonight and smiled. She fixed her hair, put on her make up, dressed in a black mini skirt and a sheer black blouse. When she looked in the mirror she could see in the light that her breast shown and her nipples pressed against the blouse. She slipped on a pair of black thong panties and left the house.

When she got in her car, she slid into the seat and her skirt rode even further up her thighs and she got excited. She hadn't been out alone like this since she was a teenager and at 38 she seemed to be reborn. As she rode, she thought of me, and also of Johnny, but she knew that night she would make another man happy and her inner soul opened and she grew giddy.

She decided to stop at the Desoto Hilton, they had a bar, and she could stop and get a drink and if nothing was going on she would find somewhere else to go. When she walked into the hotel, she remembered that this was the first place where she had had sex with someone other than her husband, and the first place she had been fucked in the ass, her panties moistened. She looked around the bar and saw only a few people, a couple, two guys sitting at a table off to the right and two black well dressed men sitting at the bar. She decided to sit at the bar, beside the two black men.

When she sat down, the bartender asked what she wanted and she told him that she would like a shooter, "Sex on the beach", the bartender and the two guys at the bar looked at her and smiled. The man closest to her told her that he would love to have Sex on the beach with her, and Lynne smiled and told him that they didn't have to go to the beach. The bartender brought the shooter and Lynne downed it and turned in her stool so she was facing the man, who introduced himself as Malcom and his friend as Jerry. She told them her name and Malcom asked if she would like to dance, Lynne told him yes, and slid off her stool and they went to the dance floor. It was a slow dance and she made sure she rubbed her tits and ground her cunt against him as they danced, he cupped her ass as they danced and she could feel his cock pressing against her. She looked into his eyes and smiled, she said "You must be happy to meet me from the way that lump in my belly feels." He leaned down and kissed her and their tongues danced between them.

The music ended and Malcom walked Lynne back to the bar. She lifted her ass up to the bar stool, and turned to face Jerry, her legs slightly spread, and she knew he could see her panties. She dropped her hand down between her legs and let it rest on her upper thigh as she looked at him. Jerry looked at and then back at Lynne, not even bothering to hide the fact he was looking at her tits and her slightly spread legs. The music started to play and Jerry asked Lynne to dance and she said "Sure, I'd love to!" and took his hand and they went to the dance floor. He held her close, and took her ass cheeks in his hands and ground his cock into her body as he groaned. She said "Jerry, you must be as happy as Malcom was to see me, both of you have rubbed your hard cocks into my body. Have you got a room here, or do we have to get one? I want to get fucked tonight."

Jerry asked her if she wanted him to get rid of Malcom, and she said "No sir, I want you both" and they walked back to the bar and Lynne excused herself to go to the little girls room.

While she was gone, Jerry and Malcom must have talked about what a horny slut they had met up with that night. She came back from the ladies room, and handed Malcom her panties, and sat on the bar stool. Her skirt road up her thighs, and she turned and faced the guys, and separated her legs a bit. She knew her cunt was exposed for them to see, and she asked if they would like to dance or what? Jerry ran his hand along her thigh until he reached her pussy, then took a finger and ran it against her clit. Lynne moaned and he inserted his finger into her pussy and reached down and kissed her deeply. She squirmed her cunt against his hand as Malcom took hold of her breast and gave a little squeeze, and asked if she would like to go to his room. Lynne groaned and Jerry pulled his hand free and the three of them departed. When they got on the elevator, Malcom grabbed Lynne put his hand under her skirt, and shoved his finger in her cunt, she spread wide for him and he worked it in and out of her as Jerry laughed they heard the squishy sound a finger makes in a dripping pussy. He pulled free as the door opened and a large black man entered and said hello to Jerry and Malcom. Malcom asked him to come to his room for a drink, and the man accepted. He looked at Lynne and smiled. In that light she knew he could see her breasts through her blouse and her nipples were hard as hell straining against the fabric. She was happy that Malcom had asked him to stop by the room, and she knew that she would also be sucking his cock before the evening was done.

The elevator stopped at the 14th floor, and Malcom led her to his room, and opened the door. Jerry and the other man entered behind them, and watched as Malcom took Lynne in his arms and kissed her as he fondled her breasts. Jerry walked over and pulled her skirt up and ran his hands between her legs which she parted slightly. She reached down and pulled her blouse loose and unbuttoned it then her skirt and Jerry let loose as it fell to the floor and she stepped out of it. Finally she pulled her blouse off and kicked her shoes aside and stood naked in front of them. They laughed as they saw the tattoo on her back "I LOVE TO SUCK BLACK COCKS" The man that was with them looked at her and said, "Well, slut, you will love to suck mine then." Malcom told her that his name was Robbin and they worked for him. Robbin was about 6'9" tall and black as coal, weighed about 350 lbs and was shedding his clothes.

Malcom and Jerry were also stripping as she stood there rubbing her tits. Malcom was about 6'0" and weighed about 180 or so and Jerry was about the same. As they became naked, she watched as Robbin dropped his shorts and revealed a cock that looked to be 12 inches and it was still flaccid. Malcom and Jerry both had nice cocks too, both in the 9 inch range hard as hell. She fingered her cunt as they watched and then Malcom told her to do what she loved to do, and she dropped to her knees in front of him. He took his cock and ran it over her lips and face, the precum making her lips and face shine with the wetness. Jerry walked over and began to rub her face with his cock also. Robbin sat on the bed and watched as she parted her lips and began to suck first Malcom and then Jerry, licking the head of their cocks and trying to suck them both at once. She tried hard to get them both in her mouth, and the guys standing there telling her what a good little cocksucker she was, and they loved to see her mouth stretched over there cocks.

She looked at Robbin with both cocks in her mouth, and he looked back at her and said "What a whore you are, you really do love the taste of black cocks don't you?" Lynne tried to smile and nod her head but with that much cock in it she couldn't smile, and was able to only look at him with hungry eyes. She pulled Jerry's cock from her mouth and began to work Malcom's cock wanting to eat his cum. Her eyes stayed open and she looked into Malcom's eyes as she felt him swell in her mouth and she began to piston even faster, her mouth running up and down his cock. He groaned, and started to pump spurt after spurt of sperm into her mouth and she swallowed and swallowed until he pulled back from her and Jerry stood in front of her and offered his cock for her to finish. She looked at Robbin again as she put Jerry's cock back into her mouth and couldn't believe that his cock looked to be 15 inches now that it was fully grown, and his balls were huge and they looked like they were full, and she orgasmed as she went to work on Jerry.

Jerry looked down at her and said, "Suck that black cock you fucking slut. You are a great cocksucker, damn I'll bet my balls will be filling your mouth with liquid very soon." He grabbed her head and began to fuck her in the mouth, she enjoyed the feeling as his balls hit her chin, and she longed for another mouth full of cum from this beautiful man, he rammed his cock deep into her throat and held her as he unloaded his balls into her belly. He held her there for about 90 seconds and then let her loose and she pulled back from him and his cum left strings from his cock to her mouth.

Malcom said, "Well, cunt, now that you've had your appetizer, Robbin is going to give you the evening meal. Remember he's our boss so treat his right."

Lynne said, "My pleasure Malcom, I will do my best for him."

Lynne stood for a moment, walked over to the dresser, looked into the mirror and removed her plate, the went over to Robbin and knelt between his knees. She took his cock in her hand and kissed the head and smiled. Her tongue came out and she licked his balls for the next 5 minutes. He moaned as she took first his right ball into her mouth and suckled it as she looked at Jerry, then she took the left ball into her mouth and sucked. When she released him, she let her tongue lick the 15 inches until it reached to head of his cock. She slowly licked around the head, which had grown to about he size of an orange. She looked directly into Robbin's eyes, and put her lips to the head of his cock and began to push forward. Her lips parted and began to stretch over the head until they covered and returned to his cock, her tongue all the time swirling and tasting the precum he was producing for her.

Robbin looked into her eyes, and said "That's it little white slut, suck that big black cock, it looks so good in your mouth you whore." Lynne began to work his cock, making slurping sounds as she sucked him. She reached down, put one hand on his balls and massaged and the other on the shaft of his cock which she pumped ever so gently. She was on her knees and because she had become so aroused, her butt was up, her back was arched so her pussy and asshole were wide open to the world. She moaned as the third orgasm of the evening went through her body, and her cunt opened wide. Malcom saw this and his cock began to harden again. He went over, got behind her, and put his cock against the opening to her pussy. He pushed forward and slid deep into her cunt. Lynne moaned and took more of Robbin's cock into her mouth. She had only managed to take about 11 inches of it by now, but she relaxed her throat, and tried to take more in. Malcom started to pound her pussy now, and he helped as he shoved her further down Robbin's shaft, and she felt her nose bury in his pubic hair. She loved the feeling when she was able to take a man's cock all the way into her, especially her mouth, her eyes teared as she looked at Robbin, with his cock buried balls deep in her mouth. H

e said "Damn, this bitch can suck a cock, grab her tits, I'll bet you feel my cock." Lynne began to work him, making him happy, but her mouth was becoming a little aching from having it stretched around his cock, but she could ignore it because he was so pleased with her. Malcom was fucking her pussy hard, and she was having what seemed to be one continuous orgasm. Robbin announced, "I'm gonna cum you slut, you had better get ready." Lynne pulled back so only the head was in her mouth and continued to massage his big black balls, when she felt them pull up a bit and her mouth was flooded by what seemed like a gallon of cum she swallowed what she could, but it escaped her mouth and dripped down her chin onto her hand and his balls.

At the same time, she felt Malcom push deep into her pussy and felt the cum from his cock empty into her. As she continued to tend to Robbin she felt him pull from her and the cum began to drip from her cunt onto the floor. She licked Robbin's cock and licked her hand clean, then licked the cum from his balls, when she felt someone begin to finger her ass, looked over her shoulder and saw that Jerry was behind her, she looked at him and said, "Fuck me in the ass, Jerry, please" Jerry positioned his cock against her ass and pushed forward. She felt the head slip past the sphincter and begged him "Yes, baby, fuck me in the ass with your beautiful black cock. It feels so good."

That was all the prompting he needed, as he began to piston in and out of her ass, as she licked Robbin's balls, and even licked a little at his anus. Jerry fucked her ass for the next 15 minutes when he finally told her, I'm going to cum, and he pulled out of her ass, stood, and told her to open her mouth. She opened her mouth and he missed the first blast as it hit her face, they her mouth and then into her hair. When he was finished, she took his cock and lovingly cleaned the cum from it. At 4 AM they wished her goodnight and she went home after they had all fucked her and had meetings to go to in the morning. She wondered if she would tell Johnny. She smiled.

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