tagBDSMMac's Merry Christmas

Mac's Merry Christmas


It has been a while since I have been able to contribute a story to this site, I am happy to be back and I hope that you guys will like this story. It does end with a little man on man action, but it fits the theme of the story. Please remember to vote and let me know what you think. I have never written a story with a man on man scene so let me know what you think. Most of all enjoy.


Mac awoke with a start on Christmas Eve as he realized that someone was in his room and standing over him. Mac's eyes focused on a large man in a red and white furry suit with a long white beard and rosy red nose. Mac started to move and realized that he couldn't. He quickly glanced down at his body and saw by the moonlight that his body had been placed in a box from the waist up and that he had been tied up with very strong ribbon before that. "This is a very sick joke," Mac said to the man standing over his bed.

"Actually, Mac this is no joke at all. This is very serious business, indeed. Each and every year I get list after list after list of Christmas wishes from kids all over the world, then this year I got this letter from Sandy over there," the fat man said indicating Mac's still sleeping girlfriend.

"You mean to tell me that Sandy wrote a letter to Santa," Mac laughed as he struggled with the bonds that held him tight.

"Struggle all you want, I wrap a few million gifts a year, you aren't going anywhere until I say," the man in the Santa suit told Mac. When Mac stopped struggling the man said, "I got this seven page letter from Sandy about you, Mac. You should be ashamed of yourself the way you treat her. She knows she deserves better but she loves you. Sandy's Christmas wish was to be made to feel like a woman instead of your doormat. She wants to feel loved, not just fucked. You see, Mac, I'm going to show you how to make love to Sandy, then you get your Christmas gift, and you will wish it was a lump of coal in your stocking. Just remember, Mac, I know who's been bad or good! Ho ho ho," Santa said as he walked around the bed toward Sandy's sleeping form.

"You touch her fat boy and when I get loose, I'll kill you," Mac snarled as he watched Santa round the corner to Sandy's side of the bed.

"Keep it up, Mac and you will find stockings full of reindeer shit from here on," Santa laughed as he neared Sandy. Santa leaned down closer to Sandy and whispered to her, "Sandy, wake up, sweet thing. It's time for your Christmas wish to come true."

Sandy began to moan sleepily and rolled toward the voice that continued to call her name.

"It's time for you to find out what it feels like to be loved," Santa softly whispered in her ear.

"What is it?" Sandy asked as she became semi awake.

"Your Christmas wish is here," Santa said as he stood over top of her. "You said you wanted to know what it felt like to be loved instead of just fucked," Santa told her.

"Oh my God, you really got that letter," Sandy said groggily as she looked up at Santa.

"Yes, my darling, I got that letter, ho ho ho," Santa said to her.

"I'm serious, dude, you touch my lady and I'm going to take you to school," Mac yelled from his position on the bed as he lay looking over at Santa.

Suddenly, Sandy rolled over and stared at Mac and said, "You need to just shut the fuck up and take notes, Mac."

"Sandy, you can't be serious, you are going to fuck that fat bastard," Mac yelled at her still unable to move due to the box and ribbon that held him tightly bound.

"I'm not fucking Santa, dumbass, I'm making love to Santa and you have to learn how to do that," Sandy said as she looked at Mac with disgust.

"You are serious aren't you?" Mac asked her looking really worried.

"Yes, my love, I'm very serious," Sandy said looking at him very seriously.

"You want me to learn to make love to you like he is going to do?" Mac asked her a different look coming over his face.

"Yes, Mac. Do you think you can do that for me?" Sandy questioned him sweetly.

"I can try," Mac said. "Hell, I'm getting hard just thinking about it."

Sandy and Santa both looked down once Mac said this. "I can see that," Sandy giggled.

"You can take care of that later," Santa said. "I can't stay all night, you know. Rudolph doesn't have an overdrive."

"Oh, yes, I'm terribly sorry," Sandy said looking up at Santa. Then she got up off the bed and stood before him. Sandy gasped as she realized that five inches shorter than she was. Sandy began to laugh, "Somehow, I thought you would be taller."

Santa just laughed at her as she leaned down to kiss him. Santa then slid his tongue into her mouth and Sandy groaned. As the kiss broke, Santa ran his tongue along Sandy's neck really causing her squirm. "Oh, God," Sandy groaned.

Santa slid his hand down the front of Sandy's thong panties and began to stroke her pussy amazed at how wet she already was. Sandy then reached out and began to work on the big black belt that Santa wore around his large belly. As the belt fell to the floor Santa's large coat fell open revealing a white t-shirt that he wore underneath. Sandy then yanked Santa's pants down around the top of his black boots. She gasped as she reached down and grasped Santa's hard 9 ½ " dick. Sandy began to slide her hand up and down Santa's throbbing cock as he gasped in pleasure.

Mac watching all this thought to himself, "Damn, Santa Claus, is Ron Jeremy's brother."

Sandy stood back for a moment and slipped off her loose fitting t-shirt leaving her completely naked for Santa who looked her up and down as his large cock bounced in front of him, "You are a very beautiful woman, Sandy."

"Thank you, Santa," Sandy said starting to blush. Santa quickly took Sandy in his arms again and placed her on the bed kissing her yet again. "Oh, Santa," Sandy moaned.

Santa then kissed his way slowly down Sandy's smooth, sexy body. As he reached her pussy, he moved to the side and began to kiss her inner thighs completely avoiding her wet pussy. Sandy thrashed against the bed, moaning with passion. When Santa reached Sandy's ankle he lifted it up and ran his tongue around her ankle bone. Sandy moaned and groaned then Santa ran his tongue from Santa's inner right ankle then down to her instep. Mac lay there watching all this with great interest as he continued to become aroused watching as Santa Claus made love to his girlfriend.

Sandy started to giggle when Santa took her big toe into his mouth and began to suck on it. Santa then kissed his way back up to Sandy's pussy and began to lick and suck on her extremely wet pussy. Sandy groaned loudly when Santa's lips closed around her clit and he began to suck as the rest of his beard tickled the rest of her pussy. Mac could tell just by listening to Sandy's cries that she was getting close to orgasm. Suddenly, Sandy cried out, "I'm going to cum!"

"That's it," Santa said to her breaking his hold on her clit for just a second before he locked his lips back around her clit. Sandy then moaned even louder as her pussy juices flooded into Santa's mouth.

While Sandy was still recovering from her orgasm Santa said to her, "I'm sorry, but we don't have time to do this properly."

"That's okay, I'm ready for some of that super sized cock anyway," Sandy said to him before she looked at Mac and said, "Once he's done with me you get yours."

"I'm looking forward to it," Mac said to her.

"I wonder if you will be as excited when it comes time for it," Santa laughed as he sank his large cock into Sandy's hot wet juicy pussy.

"What does that mean?" Mac asked as Sandy cried out in pleasure as Santa's cock drove balls deep into Sandy's pussy.

"All in due time, buddy, all in due time, ho ho ho," Santa said continuing to thrust into Sandy's pussy.

Santa thrust his hard cock into Sandy over and over again, so fast and hard that Mac could hear his balls slapping Sandy's ass cheeks. Sandy moaned and thrashed around on the bed as Santa continued to really fuck her hard. Santa leaned down and took Sandy's very hard right nipple between his lips and sucked on it hard. "Oh, God, yeah Santa fuck me harder," Sandy moaned as Santa plowed deeply into her pussy. Mac had to close his eyes and concentrate to keep from shooting his load as he watched Santa fuck his girlfriend.

Santa then grabbed Sandy's legs and placed them over his shoulders and really started to pound her pussy. "I'm gonna cum again, Santa! Keep fucking my pussy, I'm gonna cum again," Sandy cried as Santa really tore into her pussy. Sandy's body began to shake as she started to orgasm again, then Santa grunted and threw his head back. "Yeah, Santa, shoot your load deep inside my wet pussy!" Santa's body tightened and he drove his hard cock deeper each time his cock contracted and he shot out a squirt of cum. Santa moaned loudly as he continued to empty his cock deep inside Sandy's pussy.

Mac was stunned that he was watching this scene with his own eyes, he was amazed that Sandy had just screwed Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. He was undeniably hornier than he had ever been in his life. Mac was watching as Santa pulled his soaking wet cock from Sandy's sloppy pussy and stood up without cleaning his cock off. Mac was amazed as he watched Santa walk around the bed with his cock still hard as iron bar. Suddenly, Sandy got on her knees beside Mac and stared him in the eye before she took his rock hard cock in her mouth. "Merry Christmas, baby," Sandy said as she took her mouth away from his cock before she started to lick his balls.

"Yeah, Mac, Merry Christmas. Now clean your girlfriend's cum off my cock," Santa said as he stood next to Mac's head and guided his wet, gleaming cock toward Mac's mouth.

"You have got to be...mmmmf," Mac was cut off as Santa rammed his big cock into Mac's mouth. Mac had to stretch his lips to fit them around Santa's cock. Then without warning Santa thrust forward ramming his cock deeper into Mac's already full and straining mouth. Mac began to gag and Santa started to laugh at him as he pulled his cock out.

"Ho ho fucking ho," Santa said as he plowed his cock back into Mac's mouth. "How's my cock taste basted with Sandy's cum as well as my own, Mac?" Santa asked as he held the back of Mac's head.

Mac amazed himself as well as Sandy when he said, "It tastes wonderful, Santa, give me more."

"Sure thing," Santa said as he shoved his cock back in Mac's mouth this time his large cock drove straight down, Mac's throat.

"Oh wow, he looks so sweet with you cock in his throat," Sandy said looking at Santa as he drove his cock deeper into Mac's mouth until his balls were bouncing off Mac's chin.

Mac was amazed as he lay there and let Santa fuck his mouth like a pussy, and enjoying every minute of it. Meanwhile, he had dueling sensations, trying not to gag while enjoying Sandy's awesome blow job. Mac really believed that he would never suck another man's cock in his life, but yet here the moment was and amazingly the more he thought about it the hornier he became. He really began to wonder how long he could hold out with these two very different sensations going on.

Then Santa stopped and pulled his cock from Mac's mouth saying, "As much as I'd love to make you drink my cum, I need to get going so I need to give you the rest of your gift."You're going to fulfill my fantasy aren't you?" Sandy asked Santa as he stared down at


"Yes, I am, Sandy," Santa said looking at her before he said to Mac, "Roll over and get on your knees."

Mac struggled to comply with Santa's orders as best he could wrapped up in the box. Once Mac finally got turned over with his ass waving in the air Santa moved over behind him. Mac braced himself as he realized what was about to happen. "Santa, please, don't do this," Mac actually begged him.

"I'm afraid that this is something else that Sandy really wanted Mac, she wanted to see you get fucked in the ass by a very large cock and I think that I fit the bill," Santa said as he started to rub the head of his large cock along Mac's virgin asshole. "Of course to make sure that Sandy gets a good view of you while I slam my cock in your ass, I want you to eat my cum out of her pussy while I ass fuck you! Ho ho, motherfucking ho," Santa laughed as Sandy climbed into position.

Suddenly, Santa slammed his large saliva lubricated cock into Mac's virgin asshole with a vengence. Mac yelled out in pain as the large cock penetrated his ass and started driving in hard and repeatedly. "Shut the fuck up, bitch," Santa roared as he pushed Mac closer and closer to Sandy's wet cum filled pussy. As Mac reached Sandy's pussy he slowly opened his mouth and placed it on her clit. "Don't be a pussy, Mac, open your mouth and get down to her pussy hole and drink that cum," Santa said sounding as mean as he had all night.

Mac groaned in disgust as he obeyed Santa's order. Sandy's pussy juices mixed with Santa's cum made a tangy mixture on Mac's tongue as he started to lap up Santa's cum from Sandy's pussy. Santa then plowed even harder into Mac's ass driving so hard Mac was afraid that Santa's cock was might pop out his mouth. Suddenly, Santa smacked Mac's ass and said, "Who's your daddy, now Mac?"

Mac stopped licking Sandy's cunt long enough to say, "You are Santa, you are!"

"Damn right, I am, pussy boy! You're going to treat Sandy right from now on aren't you?" Santa asked as he kept plowing into Mac's sore aching ass.

"Yes, sir, oh yes," Mac said sounding in pain.

"I'm going to reach down and jerk off your hard cock while I fuck your ass, showing your girlfriend how much you like a big hard cock in your ass," Santa said as he grabbed Mac's hips even tighter and slammed his cock into Mac's ass so fast that there balls were slapping against each other."

Santa reached down and started to stroking Mac's stiff cock as he fucked him harder forcing him deeper into Sandy's pussy. Mac continued to swallow loads of thick cream from Sandy's full pussy. Sandy looked down at Mac as the pain showed on his face, but it was obvious that it was mixed with pleasure. Sandy was smiling as Mac was being humiliated in front of her. Mac knew that there was nothing he could do to stop what was happening to him, but it strangely excited him.

Santa felt Mac's hard cock start to throb in his hand. "Get over and catch his load in your hand and feed it to him," Santa said as he continued to stroke Mac's cock. Sandy was there in an instant with hand cupped at the end of Mac's dick as he started to unload Mac moaned shooting a huge load into Sandy's hand.

Mac felt like he would never stop shooting cum as he filled Sandy's cupped hand so full that she had to put the other hand next to it to keep from spilling it. Mac knew that a big part of the reason he shot so much was that Santa's huge cock was rubbing his prostate. Santa still kept on fucking Mac's tight asshole. When Mac's cock was done shooting Sandy brought her hands to his mouth and said, "Clean your mess up you naughty little boy so Santa can leave you a good gift." Mac thinking it couldn't possibly get any worse than it already was stuck his tongue out and began to lick his own cum from Sandy's cupped hands. Then without warning Santa grabbed his hair and slammed his face forward into Sandy's hands smearing his cum all over his face. Mac looked up at Sandy like he was a hurt little boy. Then Santa said out loud, "I'm going to fill up your virgin hole with hot cum from my North Pole! Ho ho ho!" Santa's body tightened as he contracted and shot another huge load into Mac's ass. Mac screamed out as it felt like hot lava spewing into his ass instead of warm cum. Santa spewed out all of his cum in about six huge shots.

Mac relaxed a little as he felt Santa start to pull his huge cock from his ass. Once Santa's cock was all the way out Mac felt utterly defeated as he felt the hot cum start to run from his ass and down onto his own balls. Santa walked over to where his belt and pants lay and slid them back on while Sandy started to unwrap Mac from the box and ribbons that held him bound on the bed. Then Santa came back to the other side of the bed and looked at Mac and helped him to his feet noticing Mac grimace in disgust as more cum leaked from his ass and started to run down his legs.

"It's alright, Mac, it will stop hurting in about a week," Santa said as he looked at him. "Besides, I know that you always wanted to watch someone else fuck Sandy and Sandy wanted to see you get ass fucked by a man, I just don't think that either of you thought that it would be by the same person. Anyway, that was only one part of your gift. I couldn't just end this night like this, you would have felt fucked, litereally, ho ho ho," Santa laughed at them.

"What are you talking about Santa?" Sandy asked as she sat on the edge of the bed next to her now standing boyfriend.

"Come out in the driveway and I will show you both what I mean," Santa said as he turned and walked away.

Mac and Sandy both slid on robes without bothering to get dressed first. As Mac walked he felt more cum drip from his ass and groaned with disgust. Sandy looked at him and smiled and said, "I know how you feel." Then she reached between her legs and ran her hand along her thigh before putting the cum covered finger in her mouth and licking it clean.

"Merry Christmas," Santa said as Mac and Sandy reached the front door. Santa handed Mac the keys to a brand new Dodge Viper and then handed Sandy the keys to her brand new Ford Mustang.

"Oh, wow," Mac said as he walked over to his Viper and looked inside.

"So was the ass fucking worth it?" Sandy asked her boyfriend as she slid up beside him.

"I'll tell you tommorrow," Mac replied with a grimace.

As they turned to thank Santa they saw that he was gone just before a sleigh pulled eight reindeer shot from their roof and out into the night sky. As the sleigh turned in the air they heard Santa Claus exclaim, "Merry Christmas to all and to all a good fucking night!"

"I hope you're not mad at me," Sandy said to Mac as they headed back toward the house.

"Let's see here, I just watched you get fucked by Santa Claus who bears a strong similarity to Ron Jeremy before this same Santa Claus makes me suck his cock before he fucked me in the ass. Why would I be mad?" Mac laughed at her.

"So you aren't mad?" Sandy asked with a smile at the edge of her lips.

"No, darling, I am not mad. It was an interesting night, but we won't be making it a regular thing," Mac said to her.

"Okay," Sandy said as she put her arms around Mac. As they kissed each other a light snow began to fall around them as Christmas lights blinked off and on across the street.

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