tagIncest/TabooMade in Thailand

Made in Thailand


Mary and her son, David was vacationing in Thailand. They had gone on tours a few times and really enjoyed each other's company. The last time they had visited India and found the East interesting.

The trip to Bangkok was David's idea. He had heard from his mates that there are really kinky things that one can see in Thailand.

When he suggested to Mary and told her what his mates had informed him, Mary was not really impressed.

"What do you mean, kinky things," she said.

"Come on mom, don't be a prude, you'll see." He said.

On arrival in Bangkok, they joined the tour and took in the sights. The elephant rides, the trip to the floating market and Mary was enjoying herself.

That night, David told Mary that he was going to see a show, but it was an adult live show.

"Is this the kinky show you were telling me about?" Mary asked. "Well, let's see what they have to offer," she said.

"Don't say I didn't warn you," David replied.

It was the famous Thailand Tiger show. Mary sat through it and saw all the explicit sex performed live.

She looked and David and saw that he was engrossed at the act. She was a bit embarrassed but saw that there were a number of foreign couples watching the act.

They walked silently back into their hotel. They shared a room with Mary sleeping on the main bed and David on the extra bed. David closed the door as Mary stepped forwards to switch on the light.

Before Mary could reach the light switch, David was behind her and he embraced his mother, his arms around her and his head pressed against her hair.

"Oh Mom," David said against her head.

"David", Mary exclaimed, "What is it?"

David did not answer. He held her tight against him and she felt his stiffness as he pressed against the mounds of her soft buttocks.

"Don't be naughty, just because of the show," she admonished him.

Mary gasped in shock when David put his hands under her blouse and bra and held her breasts. Lost for words and disorientated, Mary tried to free herself. She cried out incoherently but when David held her nipples between his thumb and finger, she felt a bolt of sensation as he tweaked her hardening nipples.

"Oh god," she felt limp as she fell backwards against him.

"Oh mom," David moaned as he caressed his mother's breasts, kneading them tenderly and felt her shuddered against him.

Slowly, still embracing her, David led his mother to her bed.

"No, David, don't do this," she cried in vain.

They stood beside her bed and David unbuttoned her blouse as Mary head lay limp against his shoulder. He slipped off her blouse and unclasped her bra, which fell to the floor.

David turned his mother around to face him. He was secretly incensed with the need to make love with Mary ever since adolescence. It was a boy's thing but he never grew out of it. There were days when he spied through her bathroom keyhole when she took her shower, even here, at the hotel. His eyes clouded in desire as he looked at her bare breasts. It was more than what he had imagined all those time when he had masturbated thinking about them. They were full and drooped slightly, and her nipples, large and they stood out.

He groaned and his lips were on them. Touching them the first time as an adult, he kissed them softly but he could not restrain his urge. His mouth enclosed on each nipple as he sucked them alternately, his tongue rasping the firm nubs.

Mary could only hold on to her son's back and raised herself involuntarily on her toes. She sucked in her breath at the intimate homage David rendered to her twin mounds. She was lost in a moment of exquisite sensation as David touched her in ways that no man except her husband had done.

At the age of 48, Mary's body was still firm and supple. David's father was killed in an auto accident eight years ago and from that day, Mary was not involved with any man.

David stopped kissing her breasts and stood up. He held her hands and looked into her eyes. She tried to avoid his stare.

The palms of his hands cradled her face, so that Mary had to look at him. His mouth descended onto hers. He kissed his mother's lips, gently at first and then opened her lips with his tongue and entered her, seeking the warmth of her mouth.

It was the sweetest mouth he had ever kissed.

With her last defiance act, she tried to push him off, but it was a lost cause. She clutched at him and kissed him back in total submission.

When their lips parted, she took in deep breaths and almost collapsed if David had not held her up.

He gently made her sit on the edge of the bed. Standing in front of her, he removed his shirt and trousers. He slipped off his underware.

Mary looked at her naked son. His penis was firm and throbbing, just an arm's length from her face. She just stared at the pulsating shaft, and the tuft of pubic hair covering his scrotum. She felt faint.

All that he had dreamt about was about to happen. It had gone this far and there was no turning back. His need to make love to the woman sitting in front of him was unbearable.

David took his mother's hand and placed it on his penis. She looked up at him and her fingers closed around his shaft.

Mary felt him jerked and saw his mouth opened. When her fingers closed around the smooth head, she felt the sticky fluid emitting from him. David's precum started to seep out.

Her sixth sense clicked in and she pulled her hand away. Mary turned and dropped her body onto the bed, sobbing. She clutched at the bed sheet and buried her face. She could not allow him to take her as a woman.

She felt him.

His hands unzipped her skirt and he pulled it down. Her panties were slipped off.

Mary realized that she was completely naked.

She crawled to the middle of her bed and lay on her stomach, unable to face her son.

Her body was shaking and wracked with tears. A premonition that an incestuous act was about to happen whether she consented or not.

David's lips were kissing her shoulders, her back and traced down to the flesh of her buttocks.

"No, David, no, please don't do this to me," she pleaded. "I am your mother," she cried.

Her head lifted when David parted her butt cheeks and she felt his mouth on her opening.

His tongue licked her clitoris and she spasmed in shock.

David tasted his mother's wetness as he held her buttocks apart, and licked the flow into his mouth.

"God, oh god," Mary cried.

He sucked her. His tongue entered the place where he had come from.

Mary grasped at the bed sheet. She could hardly breathe from the sensation that her son was giving her.

David's face was wet with his mother's sticky secretion.

He mounted her from behind.

Mary felt the head of his penis against her vagina.

She tried to say "NO" but it did not register as she felt him entered her. The wide girth of his phallus followed and David was fucking her.

He fucked her slowly, allowing her to take him without hurting. It was a feeling of utter despair and sublimed ecstasy for Mary to endure.

David felt his mother move as Mary lifted her buttocks upwards to allow him more access. He pulled her up slowly so that she was crouched on her knees for him. He kissed her back and fucked her deeply.

He knew he could not last much longer but he wanted to take her the way he had always dreamt of.

He placed his hands on her shoulder and pulled her up to rest her back against his chest. His hands held her breasts, kneading them as he pressed his throbbing stiffness as deep as he could inside her.

Mary called out haltingly, "No, no, don't cum inside me," she tried to tell him as he buffered against her buttocks.

It was too late.

David sucked on her neck as gobs of his sperm splattered deep inside his mother's vagina. The tip of his penis was at her cervices as he came. He had never cum so much. Gradually, his semen seeped out of Mary's vagina to wet her inner thighs. Even when he had stopped spurting, he turned Mary's head towards his and kissed her deeply, still fucking her until she dropped limp onto the mattress. He fell beside her, still joined, his penis inside her vagina.

Mary shuddered and shivered in aftermath of the fuck her son had given her. Her hands moved weakly to grasp the pillow and covered her face.

Her mouth felt dry and her thoughts of her son's sperm inside her made her gasp.

"What if I get pregnant," she sobbed quietly.

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