Maggie gagged but continued to stroke his cock moaning with the pleasure his mouth was giving her. She began to fuck his cock with her mouth as her hands stroked his wet shaft to give him maximum pleasure. She felt his licks at her pussy slow and then stop as he began giving little thrusts into her mouth and she knew he was close.

Maggie began to suck harder and to use her tongue around the head and upper shaft of his cock with every stroke. She gently twisted her hands in a spiral motion on his cock and as she felt the first throbbing spurt of cum hitting the back of her mouth she felt his mouth clamp tightly over her clit.

As his orgasm stormed to the surface Robert had buried his face in the thick hair of her pussy and found his mouth around her clit which he began sucking and tonguing hard as he thrust himself into Maggie's hot mouth. He moaned and groaned and then cried out loudly as he felt her pussy shudder and heard Maggie cry out around his cock. His cock shot ropes of thick cum into her mouth and he felt as if she were trying to suck more out of him as he came harder than he had in many years.

Maggie felt her own orgasm begin the second Robert's did and when he began sucking her clit she thought she would pass out from the pure pleasure of it. She eagerly drank his cum and knew he was doing the same with her thick juices. They shuddered and thrust together until both were totally drained. They lay there with their mouths still pressed against the other until finally she turned and slid up alongside Robert and gently and deeply kissed him.

Robert tasted his own cum and hers mixed and felt his deflating cock twitch and jump at the exciting tastes. Finally they just lay there with their lips touching and sharing their breaths as they relaxed after the intense release they had shared. Each played with the others lips with their tongues and they tenderly kissed often.

After a while their breathing slowed and they lay there enjoying the sunset. Robert reached for a water bottle and they took turns drinking deeply as if trying to quickly replenish their lost bodily fluids. Robert then reached into his pack and took out a cell phone. He explained that he had to call the nature preserve's office to explain the two cars left in the parking lot. He knew they would recognize his little SUV but might search for her.

Robert explained that he had come across a hiker who was running behind schedule and would escort her out of the area after dark. The ranger, a semi-retired forestry employee, thanked him.

Robert and Maggie lay there in each others arms until the beautiful sunset was over. He looked down and saw tears in her eyes in the fading light of dusk. He caught one with his fingertip and asked her what was wrong.

"Nothing is wrong, for the first time in years I feel very right. I am happy." she said holding him close. Robert realized he felt the same way and held her naked body against his own and pulled the blanket up around them. As the light faded further he took their packs and the blanket and led Maggie farther over the hill to a sheltered area under a rock bluff.

He took stacked firewood from a large pile and using smaller sticks and grass and a match from his pack soon had a cheerful fire going in a small stone fire-pit. Maggie saw him take a large heavy hunting knife which was strapped to the outside of his pack and he quickly cut some small limbs from a juniper tree growing close by and filled a depression in the rock with them.

Within minutes he had his waterproof groundsheet out of his pack and they were comfortably snuggling under his blanket and warmed by the cheerful fire. "I didn't realize I was with Daniel Boone, " she said as she snuggled her still naked body comfortably into his.

"I love being out here, and I just know how to be comfortable. I volunteer out here and the rangers all know me. I helped to stock this firewood for times like this."

Maggie and Robert sat in the darkening woods and held each other until dusk had faded to darkness. The light from the fire reflecting from the curved rock bluff above and around them made their little camp cheerful. They began to talk again and this time they shared their pain. Robert told her of losing his wife and the two long years of fighting her cancer before she finally passed away. He told her he had loved his wife dearly and missed her every day and she knew he spoke the truth.

Maggie began to tell Robert about her unhappy marriage and her unfaithful husband. As she talked she sat up and pulled mostly away from him without realizing it, breaking contact with him as she thought of her husband's treachery. When she finished talking she lit a cigarette and sat smoking it as he lay back and watched her against the firelight.

Robert admired her well kept body and ran his eye over the outline of her breasts and body. They sat quietly for a time with her smoking and him holding her hand and gently rubbing her fingers. "I am sorry I brought the mood so far down, " she said, "but it did feel good to get it all out."

"I felt the same way when I told you about my troubles, it felt so good to tell someone about it," he said, meaning every word. "I trust you and I thank you for trusting me enough to tell me."

Maggie took a last long deep drag from her cigarette and reached to drop it in the fire. He watched as she exhaled the white smoke slowly into the air and then drank from her water bottle. From her backpack she took out gum and placed a stick in her mouth. He found he even loved watching her chew the gum as she stared into the fire.

Finally, as if shaking off a burden, Maggie shivered and sank back into Robert's arms. "Please make love to me Robert."

Robert kissed her deeply, tasting the spearmint and tobacco smoke and the slight taste of her pussy and his cock as he tongued her mouth. She pulled him over until hie was lying almost on top of her and he raised up to kneel between her wide open legs. Maggie lay back with her arms above her head as if giving herself to him completely.

Robert paused as he looked down and took in her beautiful body lit by the dancing flames of the fire. He loved her large areolas and nipples and the stark contrast of her dark pubic and underarm hair against her light skin. Robert eased forward until the bulbous head of his cock was pressed against the wet lips of her pussy. He felt her shudder at the contact.

He hesitated for a moment wanting the moments to last and then very slowly eased the head of his cock past her opening into the wet heat inside her. She shuddered again and he saw that her nipples were rock hard and she had goosebumps on her breasts. He pressed further and his cock slowly slid into her canal as if they were made to be a perfect fit together. He stopped his slow push only when their pubic bones were tightly sealed together.

Robert then lowered down to kiss her deeply and felt her tongue anxiously meet his as she whimpered with pleasure. He began a very slow withdrawal from her and felt her spread her legs even wider. When just the head of his cock was still inside her impossibly hot pussy he slid it back in, a little faster this time.

Robert was again rewarded with a whimper from her and her hips rose to meet him. He began a slow thrusting always withdrawing almost completely and then sliding back to the hilt. Soon he could hear the sloppy wet sounds of his cock as he stroked it in and out of her.

Maggie was whimpering and thrusting with each stroke. Robert continued thrusting his slow deep strokes for five minutes and then ten and finally they had been fucking for over fifteen minutes and the entire time Maggie had whimpered and shuddered beneath him. She had been having orgasms every few minutes and each one was feeling deeper and more intense.

Robert looked down and saw that even in the cool night air she was sweating. Her breasts were damp and mottle in red as was her neck. He knew it was the red "blush" of orgasm since he had seen it in his wife many times in the past. Robert leaned down to suck one of her impossibly hard nipples into his mouth. He was rewarded with a deep loud groan as he tongued it and felt it's bumps with the tip of his tongue. Maggie thrust harder onto his cock with each stroke now.

Liking the salty taste of the breast he licked over to the other one and was again rewarded with her low deep moan of pleasure. On impulse he ran his tongue to the hollow under her arm and slicked down the long silky hair there. He liked the feel of it but raised again above her and began to thrust harder and faster, knowing she was close to a big orgasm.

Maggie began to thrust back and was groaning loudly with each thrust. "Oh baby, please fuck me harder, harder, HARDER ..." came from her mouth in a near scream.

Robert began to slam into her as fast as he could. At the end of each stroke was a loud slapping noise and Maggie now began crying out loudly as she humped her body into his always wanting more. Robert felt his own orgasm approaching and when Maggie went into overdrive and was convulsing against his genitals and crying the loudest he began to shoot ropes of his hot cum deep into her open pussy.

Maggie felt Robert cum and thrust even harder as she met each of his thrusts with her own. Finally they sank into each others arms breathing hard and holding each others sweating bodies tightly. Pulling the blanket close around them they fell into a deep sleep in each others arms.

They awoke hours later. The full moon was high and even though their fire had burned out there was a soft light in their camp. They kissed and cuddled for a while and then pulled on their clothing and shoes. Taking their packs they walked hand in hand back to the moonlit trail. Maggie was amazed at how sure Robert was of everything he did and with little wasted effort.

They walked without talking. Maggie had things she wanted to say but sensed that Robert wanted to listen to the forest sounds as they moved along. They paused often to listen. When they finally reached the parking lot Robert's car was closer and they went there first.

"Robert, am I going to see you again?" she asked nervously. After the experience of her marriage she didn't know what to expect and was afraid this was going to be a one time thing.

"Well, " he said shyly, "I was kind of hoping not to end this 'date' of ours so soon."

"Date? Is that what this is? What do you have in mind?" she asked,

"Would you like to come home with me, spend the rest of the night and then let me cook breakfast for you in the morning?" he said. "An then maybe spend the day with me and keep getting to know each other again. I .... I ..... uh.."

"I would like that very much Robert, I don't want this night to ever end." she said looking up into his suddenly blushing face.

Robert wrote a note explaining her car for the rangers and they drove away with his arm around Maggie and both of them happy for the first time in years.

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by Anonymous03/23/18

A well written story by someone who has a love of nature and appreciates and respects women. Dont listen to the negativity!

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