Magic Pills Ch. 04


"Not from my viewpoint!" I replied with feeling.

I was trying to see if Jackie had any curiosity about the changes in Linda's behavior, and maybe about her own remarkable conversion. Evidently she thought it was perfectly natural for Linda to go from prude to nude in just a few weeks by just getting along better with her husband. I was confident that neither she, nor Linda had any idea what was really happening.

Al and I had been sharing stories about our wives, about their new freedom from inhibitions. I told him some of the tales of Jackie shopping and he was looking forward to the weekend expedition. I don't think he really expected Linda to duplicate the wild tales of Jackie, but he was excited about the possibilities.

When Saturday finally arrived we met up at the Mall.

Jackie opted to wear a cute wrap around dress that fastened with a tie on her right hip. The skirt of it flared open with each step she took in her 3 inch heels. She insisted that I wear a pair of loose fitting Dockers. When we spotted Linda and Al, waiting in Bennigan's(,) she was wearing a halter-top dress that just tied with thin straps at the back of her neck. The back of the dress was bare to mid-back, making it obvious that she was without a bra, as if the pointy nipples sticking out in the front hadn't already drawn my attention to that.

"See you took the suggestion," Jackie said in greeting.

Linda blushed just a little and asked, "You think it's ok?' as she took a deep breath.

Al chimed in, "I think it's great!"

We all laughed at that, his Tony the Tiger imitation.

We ordered a quick round of drinks to get us started. The girls seemed to get really good service from the college-aged waiter. Then we started the serious shopping.

Have you ever wandered through a mall and looked at the clothes on display. We try not to be too obvious when we do it, but guys always check out the sexy outfits on display. The tops so thin, the skirts so short, and the dresses so skimpy that the mannequin would blush if she could. Ever wonder who wears these things? Well after our shopping trip my wife and Linda both do. Jackie's total wardrobe doubled that day, but the average amount of fabric per piece was cut in half. Linda's was probably even more drastic a change.

The girls made a game out of teasing Alan and me. They would reach high for something, raising their dresses as they did, or they would squat down to look at something, opening their legs to display their charms. Jackie was her usual bare pussied self, and Linda had on pale blue panties. They made real sure that we each had enough of a look to memorize the landscape.

It continued to amaze me that Jackie seemed to enjoy showing her body off so much, but the perky nipples sticking out the front of her dress and the mischievous grin she kept giving me confirmed her pleasure. Linda was as much into the game as Jackie.

The girls would swoop down on a store, pillaging the racks of clothing until they found some likely pieces to try on, then they were off to the dressing rooms. Al and I waited outside the dressing room area for them, and we could hear them carrying on inside. The giggles and laughter bubbled out of the rooms. Alan and I smiled at each other and I think we were both wondering the same thing, what else was going on in there.

Three episodes really got to us. Jackie was showing me a little skirt, a very little skirt, and asking what I thought of it while holding it up in front of her. Then she said you can't tell anything that way and reached around to her side and untied the single string that held her wrap around dress together letting it fall open, baring her entire front to me. Then she held the cute little skirt up to her hips and asked again what I thought. Needless to say we bought it.

Linda found a little knit vest that I think was meant as a cover up for something like a swim suit. When she came out of the dressing room wearing just that and a skirt her nipples were actually sticking through the material's open knit. She walked out and around us as if she were dressed normally and there was nothing at all unusual about her hard nipples and pink aureoles showing. She stood there talking with Jackie and then they both walked away to find more clothes to try on.

Al was dumbstruck and stood there with his mouth open staring at them. I guess I did too. Neither one of us protested.

The last episode I considered the sexiest, even though we really didn't get to see anything. We had gotten to shop for the dresses for the play that night, each girl wanted a new dress and we were really not ready to argue about it. Linda came out in a striking cocktail dress of a clingy material with only the narrow straps of the halter to cover her breasts. Al was impressed! Then Jackie told Linda that her panty line showed. Linda said that wouldn't do and right there reached under her dress and pulled her panties off. She handed them to Al and asked, now what do you think. He bought the dress!

We suggested a stop at the shoe store, and both girls gave us that look, you know the one I mean. They said that they needed to get home, it was getting late, and get ready for the night out. Besides they insisted, they needed some reason to get us back to the mall next time.

We parted company and I promised to pick them up at their house in a couple of hours. On the drive home Jackie told me that she had told Linda about the panty line in the dressing room, but that Linda asked her to point it out again when they went out to show us the clothes. Oh she is a fast learner!


Shopping with the boys was a blast. Both Linda and I set out to tease them mercilessly and we succeed. I think the Dockers Joe wore are permanently stretched from the tent his hard cock made in them. I have no idea how many people saw my pussy or Linda's pretty panties, but I know Al and Joe had almost a continuous show.

In the first dressing room Linda had a talk with me.

"You know Alan has this fantasy that you and me have this thing going," she started out.

"I think Joe is wondering about that too," I replied off handed.

"Well what do you say we play along a little," she asked blushing a bit.

"You're kidding right!" I choked out.

"No, I don't mean do anything, jeez girl I love you, but not like that!" Linda tried to correct the misunderstanding rapidly.

"What I mean," she continued, " is tease them. Let them think were doing something, you know lead them on."

"I don't know Linda," I said thoughtfully, "that could be dangerous, what with the pills we're taking and all. What if they start "suggesting" things, like watching us!"

"You told me we would keep our good sense didn't you?"

"Well yeah, but what if I'm wrong, you could end up muff diving!" I told her.

"No chance, you don't have a muff, it's shaved!" she smarted off.

It sounded like it might be fun, so I agreed. It is amazing what a little fooling around will do when combined with a boy's imagination. When I was in the Philippines it wasn't at all unusual to see girls holding hands as they walked, do it here and all they guys go nuts.

When we got home I rushed upstairs to dress. I tool extra care with the hair and makeup, then slipped on stockings and my new dress.

Basic black, a girl's best friend, and in this case a guy's too. The dress hung from my shoulders and made a deep plunge in front and back, then cinched at the waist with a belt, ending with a wide skirt that hung to mid-thigh. The v was a little bigger in back then front and I thought about wearing it backwards, but the belt was sewn on and I didn't have time to play seamstress before we went out. The way the top rode from my shoulders I knew a slight push on the soft material and I would be topless. The sides were open under my arms to the waist and the right movement revealed the outside curve of my breasts.

When I got to Linda's and she came out in her frock I felt almost overdressed. Hers was a halter gown and the material draped down the front and over her ample breasts, open to below her tits. Then the material wrapped around her back to leave the back exposed to just above her butt. The skirt fell to almost her knees, but a slit on the left side opened with each step to reveal thigh to the top of her stockings, and maybe farther with a little effort. She finished the outfit with black open toed sandals with sharp 4 inch heels.

When we got to the restaurant every eye followed us. We were hot, two gals in knock out gowns strutting on heels and their hard nipples leading the way. Dinner conversation was pretty interesting.

"Al got his new sport Illustrated today," Linda said.

"Oh, you into football now?" I asked her.

"No, but this was the swim suit issue, and you ought to see it!" she came back.

"What a bunch of girls in skimpy suits?"

"No, the body painting, a lot of the girls have the tops painted on!" she said with a little awe in her voice.

"You mean just paint over their bare boobs?" I asked. "I've got to see this!"

"I'll bring it over tomorrow. But can you imagine! On first look they seem to be wearing a top, but look closer and you can see their nipples and tell that it's nothing but paint!" she carried on.

The idea stimulated me, "Where could we get away with wearing that? No place around here that's for sure."

"Oh I know the place!" Linda chuckled, "boy's how would you like to take your girls to Las Vegas for a weekend?"

"You're kidding!" Joe said. "When?" Al chimed in.

"Linda are you serious?" I asked her. "Where could we go even in Vegas wearing nothing but paint?"

"It's Vegas silly, any place you want! I've check it out," she continued, "when I saw Al's reaction to the pictures I went online and found a place in Vegas that did body painting. It takes two or three hours to do it right. I thought we could get all painted up with a blouse, something that would be revealing even if it were actually real, maybe a jersey. Then we could find a little skirt to match it and maybe a cover up for the start of the evening, like at a restaurant. Then the guys could take us clubbing! What do you think?"

"I wonder," I said, "if they can paint on a pair of shorts or hot pants?"

I thought it was a hilarious idea and was all for it, the guys couldn't talk.

The theater hall was marvelous, the lobby filled with hundreds of people dressed to the nines. Even in that crowd we stood out. The lobby has a staircase that leads to a mezzanine. The stairs are open treads with a glass partition from feet to handrail. The glass-paneled handrail continues around the lofted balcony. The guys, being the perfect gentleman that they are, led us up the stairs making sure that we had the security of the railing. Of course that put us next to the open glass. I have played this game before, so I wasn't surprised when Joe decided he needed to stop about half way up to ask Alan a question. The only thing protecting our modesty (yeah, right) was fate deciding if someone would glance up.

The guys stood us next to the railing on the balcony and went to get our drinks. We were a better show than the play so far. They brought us a white wine and then hovered over us, touching and generally letting everyone there know we were theirs. As the four of us stood there waiting to the curtain call Linda told us about a conversation she had with Al.

"Alan told me," she began, "that any time a pretty woman walks into a room every man is instantly aware of it. He claims that they go on a peek alert, hoping to catch a glimpse of some hidden treasure. According to Al, even a quick peek at the plainest cotton panties will make their whole day. If they should get lucky enough to see something really special, like garters and stockings, or even the rare bare pussy it makes an image like a photograph that they can recall and enjoy for the rest of their lives."

I made a vaudeville pantomime of looking over the railing, looking down at my dress and then looking over the rail again. "I must be making a lot of lasting impressions tonight! How about you?"

"Oh, I think they will remember me for a long time!" she giggled.

When the play started we took our seats, Linda, Al, me, and Joe, boy girl seating. The play wasn't five minutes old when I noticed Al's hand slip under Linda's skirt. From that point on I knew that all of Linda's oh's and ah's weren't about the great play.

The intermission was a repeat of the beginning, the guys again placed us strategically on display and mooned over us.

After the start of the second act, after Al's hand once again disappeared, I grabbed Joe's hand and moved it to my wet sex. The play got a lot better after that. I guess I'll never know how it ended.

The valet brought Joe's Lexus around and was rewarded with a great thigh show, and maybe a little more, for his effort. Linda and Al took the back seat, Joe drove. They went right to it, necking like a couple of teenagers. Soon he had his hand under her top, feeling her nipples. I couldn't help but watch. As I turned to Joe, to lay a hand on his shoulder, I managed to turn sideways in my seat.

Another mile and his hand was under her skirt, pushing it up and revealing that she wore no panties. She had one leg over his lap and the other on the floor, opening herself up for his play. It was so erotic, watching him. Linda laid her head back in the seat, closing her eyes. Her hands went to her dress and pulled the bodice open, exposing her naked breasts to the night. Her hands began to play with her firm breasts, cupping them and pinching and flicking the nipples.

I caught Joe's attention and signal for him to take a look. He adjusted the mirror and began driving with one eye. I quit trying to be discreet and just turned to watch. Hell they didn't care! Joe's hand was in my lap, rubbing my thigh right up to my pussy.

Al glanced over at me and smiled. He was enjoying the show they were giving and wanted us to watch.

Linda leaned over and opened Al's pants, releasing his hard cock. Then she looked at me as she pulled her skirt up and moved over Alan facing front. I watched in wonder as she lowered herself onto him. With her legs spread outside his I could clearly see her pussy spread open to receive him and his cock slip into her.

I couldn't believe it, here was my best friend fucking her husband in the back seat of our car driving down the road where anyone could see. Even when we pulled up to lights or stop signs they didn't stop or try to cover up. It was absolutely the most erotic thing I had ever seen. I was so hot that I moved my skirt up and began to play with my own wet pussy. Poor Joe, he didn't know whether to watch them or me. I was watching them!

When they came I moaned with them. Joe was going to have to have his car detailed tomorrow.

In less than two months my girlfriend of 20 years had gone from a sexless shrew to this blatant exhibitionist with the happiest hubby in the world. The magic pill therapy was an unqualified success!

The next morning during our phone talk Linda asked a question I wasn't prepared for.

"You know my brothers wife, Judith? I was talking to her on the phone a couple of days ago and she is absolutely miserable. Like an idiot I was bubbling over about how great things were with me and Al and she just burst out crying."

"Poor baby," I replied, suspicious about where this was headed, "but it sure makes me appreciate how good Joe is to me."

"Yeah it does me too." She allowed, "anyway I tried to talk to her and help her, but nothing was helping. Jackie I know that I shouldn't have, but...well I told her about the pills."

"You did what!" I bellowed. "Jeez girl what if she tells Mike?" I caught my breath and went on, "ok, just how much did you tell her?"

"Everything," she said sheepishly.

"What do you mean by everything?" I asked.

"Just that, all of it, you, me, the pills, how happy our guys are, everything."

"Everything huh," I snipped, "did you tell her about fucking Al in the back seat of our car, on a public road while me and Joe watched?"

"Yes," she said meekly.

Oh shit!

"She wants to come over and talk to us Jackie, I told her you would help her," Linda continued. "She said that she would do anything to have a happy marriage again."

I sighed, "Ok, bring her over, and I guess Joe and I will have to have another dinner party pretty soon."

"Here I go," I thought, "Super Jackie, saving the world one unhappy marriage at a time!"

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