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Maid to Order


Angie arrived at the her new place of work, a tall, gleaming white mansion in the hills. The building was beautiful, with large windows and massive oak double doors. There was a reflecting pool in front with a sidewalk on either side and trees lining the walk. She walked to the front door with her suitcase, eager to take her new position as the live in maid. The ad mentioned a swimming pool. She couldn't wait.

She rang the doorbell and waited. It seemed that, after several minutes, no one would answer and she started to turn to leave.

The door opened. There was a nice looking man wearing a business suit. He was tall, at least tall enough for her liking, maybe six foot. He had black hair and looked a bit like an athlete, not like a bodybuilder, but lean and muscular. He looked at her with his blue eyes. His beautiful blue eyes. She felt as if he was sizing her up. What she liked most was his tan. Until he smiled. Perfect white teeth.

"I'm John. I guess you are Angie. My wife talked to you on the phone."

Angie was a little shy and around men she liked, even more so. She simply said, "Yes."

He directed her inside and said, "Here, let me take that from you."

He took her suitcase and started walking towards the stairs, which stood directly behind him. The stairs were amazing to her eyes, twenty feet wide and carpeted. They reminded her of Gone With the Wind. The steps seemed to be some sort of mahogany. John rapidly made his way up them carrying her heavy suitcase and showed her a room in the back of the house. It looked down on the pool.

She was amazed by the pool. Greek statuary and marble columns lined the place she hoped she would be spending most of her time.

John put her suitcase on the queen sized bed, a poster bed, with four beautifully crafted posts of some kind of dark wood. John, pointed, as he noticed she was admiring the bed, "This was made in France." She didn't say anything. She was in a bit of shock at the place. The furniture in this room must have cost more than her parents house.

John looked at his watch and began to walk out when he stopped and turned back, "I've got to leave for the office, but make yourself at home. My wife will be back in about an hour, she'll tell you what needs to be done around here. Goodbye, I'm sure we'll be seeing more of each other."

John bounded down the steps and out the front doors. A minute later, she heard a loud sports car speeding away from the house. She ran to one of the front windows to watch as a red Lamborghini flew away from the house like a rocket.

She opened her suitcase and started to get her clothes out, but Angie was too excited to bother finishing that, she wanted to look around the huge palatial house.She walked up and down the hallways, surveying the various rooms. There were many bedrooms, all with their own unique furniture. The house had its own private theatre room, just like a movie house, but with less chairs. In another room there was a grand piano. She played a few notes and then moved on to the kitchen.

When she reached the kitchen, that is when she encountered her first sign of trouble. There were stainless steel appliances, large counters, and an amazing view of a garden. Then she heard it. Heels. Someone walking on the tiled floor from a connecting room. They were walking her way.

A woman appeared in the doorway of the kitchen. She was beautiful. As beautiful as the man was handsome. She had blonde hair and an amazing figure that impressed even the 19 year old Angie. Her waist must have been 24 inches and her breasts were nice little c-cups. With her shapely hips and the rest, she made a nice hourglass figure. The women's lips were full and she had large attractive eyes, blue, like John's eyes. Her beauty was offset by something else though, a sternness. Her hair was in a tight bun in back and she wore an outfit that seemed made for business. There was a coat buttoned all the way up to her neck and the skirt came just below her knees, though it tapered nicely on her body. She also had a pair of glasses, that reminded her a bit of a mean old teacher she had back in the 4th grade. Her heels were high, very high. They made her seem even more imposing to the 19 year old Angie. The woman towered over her like a giant or, at least, Angie felt that way.

"I'm Mrs.Prescott.Have you unpacked your bag? I would like you to get to work right away."

"I'm ready when you are, Mrs. Prescott."

"Then follow me."

Mrs. Prescott turned and walked back down through the room she had emerged from as Angie followed. It was impressive like all of the rooms in the house. Beautifully crafted tiles made the floor and there were paintings, not anything modern, like ugly splashes of paint, but really old time stuff, like she saw in her art history class-maybe Rembrandt or Reubens. Then they came to a room that was not impressive.

There was a door that looked very utilitarian, metal, and a bit ugly. Mrs. Prescott opened the door. It was a regular, gray cinder block room with brooms, dust mops, metal buckets, and hanging from a hook on the wall, a bag, for holding a suit. Mrs. Prescott pulled the bag down from the hook and handed it to Angie.

"You will wear this at all times, Mrs...?"

"Johnson. My name is Angie Johnson."

"I'm busy and this house is large, so get to work!"

Mrs. Prescott walked back down the hallway to the kitchen, heels clicking until Angie couldn't hear them anymore. Angie opened the bag and was surprised by what she would be wearing. It was a French maid's outfit. It had a little apron and everything. On the hanger there was a little feather duster. She felt a little awkward about it, but she put it on. Then she started cleaning.

She mopped, swept, cleaned the curtains, put the dishes in the dishwasher, cleaned the bathroom, including the toilets, and then finally dusted. Occasionally Mrs. Prescott would walk through the room she was in and point out something she missed and say something like, "If you are going to work for this family, you had better be thorough, Mrs. Johnson!"

When she was finally done for the day, she retired to her room and not even looking at the pool, fell asleep.

2. Exploration

Angie followed this same pattern everyday for a week. Mr. John Prescott would appear from the private master bedroom, immaculately dressed, even with gold or pearl cufflinks and a suit that must have cost thousands of dollars. He would always seem to be in a hurry, but he would stop to say something to Angie.

"Hello, Angie. How are you today? You are doing good work. I'm very happy with it. I'll see you tomorrow. Goodbye."

Angie never noticed him coming back. It was almost like he would enter through a secret door or someplace like the Batcave. Angie always peaked out the window by the garage whenever she would get near it, looking for John, but was always disappointed.

Then as she worked Mrs. Prescott would supervise her and make critical comments, hounding her throughout the day and berating her for sloppy work. She always wore a smart business dress suit with her hair tightly bound, but never seemed to go to work. Angie suspected the glasses were just for show too. Not to make her look smart, but to make her look mean.

One day she didn't see John or Mrs. Prescott at all, but there was a note:

Mrs. Johnson, clean the master bedroom. It is filthy in there. When you are done, lock the door. We value our privacy. Until tomorrow.

Angie had never been in the master bedroom before, it was always locked and she had been forbidden by Mrs. Prescott to ever enter there, until today that is. Angie thought to herself that if she knew they wouldn't be here today, she would have worn jeans and a t-shirt. She didn't change though. The French maid outfit made her look sexy and she sort of liked that.It even had thigh high black stockings She had never worn anything that sexy before. Besides, if Mrs. Prescott came home, she would be fired on the spot.

She went to the master bedroom. There was a little entrance way, almost like a foyer a house might have. Then it opened up to the right and there was a large King size bed with posts like the one in her room, but fancier. She could see a large bathroom with a hot tub and other nice things on the right side of the room, through a white door. The furniture included a small couch and there was a desk. The room already looked clean to her. Even the bed was made. Then she noticed the closet.

It was simply two sliding doors. Angie was expecting a large walk in at a house like this. One of the doors was open slightly. She was curious, so she opened it a bit further. Her mouth gaped open. There was a stash of porn. Magazines, DVDs, Videotapes, and even a large dildo. Angie laughed at the idea of Mrs.Prescott using this thing. It must have been 12 inches.

She looked at the porno magazines. Beautiful women, some around her age, were spreading their pussies. In another magazine, women were fingering themselves and even eating each other out. Then there were others with men and women having an orgy. Several pictures featured a woman covered, head to toe in cum, like she had been in a cum shower. The woman, her mouth open like she was in ecstasy. Looking at all this made Angie very hot.

She started to touch her pussy, at first through her panties. She noticed she was breathing hard and she could feel her heart in her chest, going like crazy. She eventually got tired of stroking herself through her panties and took them off. They dropped to the floor. She massaged her pussy and probed her fingers inside, covering them in her wetness. She would pull them out again and not thinking, lick them and suck them. She wondered if John would like her pussy. Would he like her to suck on him.

she examined her body, comparing it to Mrs. Prescott's. Angie's breasts were b-cups and her waist wasn't quite as thin, but she was young and she thought an older man would like that. She wondered if John would enjoy her 19 year old pussy. She rubbed her clit at the thought and then licked her fingers. She took off the maid's outfit except the thigh high stockings. She had to touch her nipples, they would get so sensitive. She stroked her long dark hair and talked to herself out loud.

"Do you like Brunettes, John?! Do you like Brunette pussy, John?!" as she did this, she rammed her fingers into her pussy.

Just then she heard the door to the master room opening. She was so into her fantasy that she didn't hear anyone coming!

She grabbed her maid's outfit and jumped into the closet and slid the door shut.

3. Discovery

Angie stood in the closet, peaking out a small crack where the door didn't close all the way. She could hear voices, but what she heard surprised her. It was John and Mrs. Prescott, but she had never heard them talk like this before!

" Take off your clothes, Bitch!" Angie heard a smacking sound, but they weren't in front of the door just yet.

" Yes, Master," it was Mrs. Prescott, but her voice was soft and timid.

She heard some more sounds, but couldn't see what they were doing. What Angie heard most was the sound of her own breathing. She was sure it would give her away. She was breathing fast. She didn't know if it was from her touching herself and the porno magazines or what she was hearing now. Her heart was racing.

"Get in that bed, Bitch! Do what you're told!"

Angie could see them both now. Mrs. Prescott was naked, climbing into the bed and John was smacking her ass. At first Angie thought this was abuse, but when John smacked her butt, she saw Mrs. Prescott's face. She looked turned on and not just a little turned on, each smack seemed to give her an intense thrill. She would breathe in suddenly and get the most intense look on her face.

Angie was shocked at their bodies too. Mrs. Prescott didn't have any fat on her body, she was lean and sculpted, but in a soft feminine way. Her tits looked so nice and shapely that Angie thought they must be fake. They were round with pink puffy nipples. There wasn't a sign of any sagging. She drooled over John's body even more. He was muscular with those perfect abs. He didn't have a beer gut or any belly. He was an Adonis. She marveled at his penis. It was thick and long!

Subconsciously, Angie began to stroke her pussy without even noticing.

Mrs. Prescott's hair bun was gone. Her hair was long and flowing and John took advantage of that. He grabber her hair and yanked it hard. Mrs. Prescott bit her upper lip and moaned.

He shouted," Do you like that, Bitch?!"

She would answer," Yes, Master!"

Then he got up on the bed behind her and crammed his dick into her. She moaned her appreciation," Thank you, Master!"

John yanked Mrs. Prescott's hair violently and she responded even more," Oh, Master, thank you, Master! Oh! Oh! Fuck me, Master!"

Angie was really breathing hard now and her fingers speared inside of her 19 year old pussy over and over and then, occasionally she would lift her fingers to her mouth and suck on them. She wanted John's long, hard dick so bad.

Then they switched positions and he got on his back and she was on top. He would smack her face, lightly, and point, like she had done something wrong and she always seemed to follow with a savage orgasm. He would smack her nipples, like he was spanking them and she would squeal and he would twist them, roughly. The more it hurt, the more she seemed to like it. Angie was so turned on by watching this that she was having an orgasm herself. It convulsed and spasmed her entire body. She had never cum so hard, even with her ex-boyfriend. Then it happened.

The stack of magazines she was next to, fell off their perch on top of some shoe boxes and caused about 20 DVDs to fall with a loud clatter. As she looked to the sound, her fingers clenched on her pussy and just then the closet slid open.

4. Domination

Mrs. Prescott was standing there with the door open and shouted," What the hell do you think you are doing, Mrs. Johnson!"

She grabbed Angie by the arm and yanked her out. Even without Mrs. Prescott's high heels, Angie felt small.

Angie was clutching her pussy with her left hand, covering herself and Mrs. Prescott had a hold of her other arm. Angie was in shock. She didn't know if she should cover her pussy or her tits with her one hand and moved her hand to her tits and then back to her pussy. With her eyes, she didn't know where to look, at the angry Mrs. Prescott or John's huge dick. John was just lying there, with his rock hard dick still in the air, watching his Bitch and her captured doe eyed girl.

Mrs.Prescott shouted, "You are in big trouble, Mrs. Johnson!"

She started to pull her farther along and then John said, "Look at that tiny little pussy! Bring her here, Bitch!"

The change in Mrs. Prescott was immediate, she wasn't Mrs. Prescott anymore, she was John's Bitch. She answered John with a glazed look of lust in her eyes.

"Yes, Master!"

The Bitch pulled Angie towards the bed and grabber her long hair roughly, the way John had grabbed his Bitch's hair. She looked at Angie's eyes, how they were staring at John's stiff dick and The Bitch shoved Angie forward, just inches from John's massive erection. It still glistened with Mrs. Prescott's pussy juice.

The Bitch shouted at Angie, "Is this what you want?! Is this it?!" Mrs. Prescott pulled Angie's hair hard, yanking her head back.

"Yes" Angie said timidly.

Mrs. Prescott looked back to her master," Can she have it, Master?"

Before he could answer, Angie lurched her head forward and started sucking John's dick. She couldn't help herself. John grabbed her hair roughly and pulled her mouth away. He smacked her lightly on the face. The smack wasn't like Angie expected. It hurt a little, but it turned her on alot.

"You don't suck my dick unless I tell you to, Angie! If you want my dick, then you will obey my rules!"

"Yes, Master!" Angie replied, but John smacked her again and pointed.

He said," You don't call me Master yet, you haven't earned the right to be my bitch!"

"Yes, John, ...Sir!" Angie wasn't totally sure what to say.

John said," You can suck me now, Angie! Suck me while my Bitch eats your pussy!"

Angie complied immediately and while she was sucking, suddenly, as she was on her knees, she felt Mrs. Prescott's warm, wet tongue on her pussy lips. Angie had never been eaten by a woman and Mrs. Prescott new exactly what to do. She would stick her tongue inside, too, like she was fucking her with it and then lick up and down her lips on the outside of Angie's wet 19 year old slit. Then she would focus on her clit, caressing it with her tongue. This wasn't the sort of tongue lashing that Angie expected from Mrs. Prescott!

While Mrs. Prescott was eating her pussy, John was grabbing Angie's hair and guiding her head up and down. When her mouth totally came off, he would yank her hair hard and she would feel herself almost cuming. After a few minutes of this pattern, Angie came hard, squealing, "Oh, Master! I'm cummmiiiing!"

John pulled her up and smacked her face lightly again," What did I say, Angie?!"

Angie Replied," Yes, Sir! I'll be good!"

John ordered his Bitch, Mrs. Prescott to lay down on the bed. He pointed to the exact spot he wanted his Bitch to be.

She answered as always," Yes, Master!"

She laid back, revealing her soft blonde pussy. The hair was light and wispy. Her pussy was beautiful. Wet and pink. Angie expected this was her turn to return the favor. John ordered her up to his side and he got between Mrs. Prescott's legs. He began to fuck Mrs. Prescott as he made out with Angie. He would suck on Angie's tits and chew and nibble them, those little brown nipples, were standing up, like pencil erasers. Then he would say,"Bitch, Do you like seeing your master suck on these 19 year old tits?"

"Yes, Master! Suck on them, please for me! Please, Master!" Then John would spank Angie's ass and make out with her some more.

After fucking Mrs. Prescott for about twenty minutes, he began to fuck her harder and then he grabbed Angie's hair and put her face down right next to Mrs. Prescott's little blonde pussy. John then pulled his dick out of Mrs. Prescott and stuffed his dick right into Angie's mouth.

"Do you like that, Angie? Do you like my Bitch's pussy juice in your mouth?" Then he pulled out of her mouth.

Angie was very turned on by now, after being spanked and kissed for all this time, she was eager to get that dick in her mouth.

She answered, "Yes, John! Yes, Sir! Fuck my mouth! Please fuck my mouth!"

John began to fuck her mouth hard and then he would put it back in Mrs. Prescott's pussy and fuck her for awhile. After about ten minutes of this, John began to get an intense look on his face, his eyes closed and he fucked Mrs. Prescott's pussy really hard.

Mrs. Prescott's began to squeal and then her pussy began to squirt, the juices rushed out, all over John's balls and dick. Angie had never seen this up close and she was just inches away from Mrs. Prescott's gushing pussy fountain. Angie wanted to drink it all down.

The Bitch shouted,"Fuck me, Master, Fuck me! You are making me cum! Oh! Master!"

John began to groan and shouted," Who wants it! Who wants my cum!"

Angie and the Bitch both shouted," Me Master, please, please, cum on my face!" and then the Bitch shouted," Cum on your Bitch's face, Master!"

Then John pulled out and holding Angie, by the hair, yanked her head back and shot load after load of hot white cum on her 19 year old face. It went on in streaks and some even went into her hair and eyes. Angie thought of the picture in the closet, the one of the woman drenched in cum, and came from her fingers in her pussy and the dirtiness of it all.

John wasn't through yet. He said," Bitch! clean my new bitch's face!"

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