Maid to Order Ch. 03


She realized dimly that Don was squeezing as well as sucking her big, swollen breasts and that it must be someone else behind her. She looked over her shoulder to see Ben behind her, now roughly squeezing the plump, firm pillows of her buttocks. Even as she watched, open mouthed and gasping softly, he pulled her asscheeks apart, and then he was pushing his forefinger against her tight little anal bud.

Mary gasped and groaned at the feel of his finger, thick with some type of goo, teasing her virgin rectum. She could not stop the sick urge to continue grinding her hips against Don's, and he left off sucking her big breasts, and using them pulled her open gasping mouth down to his.

They kissed, mouths open and tongues mingling for Mary knew not how long. Her body shuddered with the waves of preorgasmic delight, and when Ben's teasing finger finally seemed to sink into her asshole of its own accord she cried out loudly into Don's mouth and shuddered into another orgasm.

She came out of this one to find Don now holding her down by the hips; she felt Ben=s hands gripping her shoulders, and then she felt his hard, bulbous cock head pushing at her tight little ass hole, the head of his cock was also covered in the slippery gel.

She was still buried to the hilt on Don's fat tool, and shook her head as she felt Ben moving what also felt like a very large cock, pushing gently at her little anus. "Ohnnnn, noo, I think that's going to be to big, Ben, why don't you wait and fuck my tight little pussy instead?" she gasped. Don had moved his arms from her shoulders and was once again playing with her pliant breasts.

"Cause I wanna fuck your ass, you little whore," Ben grunted from behind her, and slapped one of her ass cheeks. Mary sobbed, and her body pulsed at the man's rough words and the single spank to her shuddering ass cheek.

Mary could not stop the sick urge to grind herself into him, working her clit harder into his pelvis. Small flashes were once again pulsing through her body, and they intensified when Ben was finally able to work the flanged head of his dick finally past the tight ring of her bung hole.

Mary groaned and gasped loudly as she felt the man's cock head almost pop into her ass, and then she felt someone grasping her long black hair. Her head was tilted back slightly, and she was not sure who shoved the cock into her mouth, and then easily into her throat.

Mary could only imagine the sight she presented; the man forcing his thick cock into her throat had forced her backwards onto Ben's throbbing organ slowly invading her ass; at the same time she was riding Don's big cock in her juicing, twitching pussy.

Things got hazy for a few moments as she slipped into a longer, more intense orgasm, and she came out of it to find herself grasping the thighs of the man in front of her - she thought it was Mark again - as she rocked her body back and forth between Don and Ben's thrusts, helping the men to impale themselves into her defenseless, trembling body. She could feel both of their cocks at once, and she got off again.

It was Mark - he pulled back after cumming in her mouth; she had licked every bit of his cock clean, and he went and sat on one of the stools. Don dumped his load into her, and then it was just Ben, arranging her on all fours, and then he increased the speed and power of his strokes into her tight little asshole.

The beautiful woman's face was twisted in lust, and she actively egged him on as he rode her throbbing, rippling ass, telling him to fuck her ass harder, telling him she wanted him to come on her tits.

Finally Ben roared out, he pulled out of her, flipped her on her back and sprayed all over her swollen, heaving breasts. She cleaned herself off at the counter, and as she was wiping off her face, fixing herself a drink and then rubbing the cum off of her tits, Troy came up behind her, bent her over the counter a bit more, and slotted his cock, once again rock hard, into her sopping, still tight pussy.

Mary glanced behind her with a smile on her face; she finished cleaning herself, and then motioned to Don, who was also stroking his once again hard cock. He stepped over, jump up on the counter, and smoothed the maids hair as she wrapped her luscious, juicy lips around his cock.

Mark grinned as she stood bent over between the two men; they high fived and stroked into the panting, writhing woman's body, giving her their strength, holding her up when she would have collapsed from another orgasm, and then giving her their seed.

The other men left Ben behind, who was this time fucking her in the missionary, her knees at her shoulders and their mouths and tongues entwined as they fucked one last, lazy time.

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