tagIncest/TabooMaking Love to My Daughter

Making Love to My Daughter


The room was fairly dark when I opened the door, and the faint illumination of the night light from behind me in the hall helps me get my bearings while my eyes adjust.

I can see her - the object of my affections and the love of my life - laying on her back in bed. She's smiling and I can tell she's waiting for me. Such a sweet smile and such a cute pudgy face, it would be impossible not to love her.

"Hi Annie," I say softly, even though there's nobody else in the house.

"Hi Daddy," comes the answer from the girl in the bed.

"Feel like some company?" I ask, and after Annie giggles she pulls the sheet down for a second.

Even in the semi-darkness, in that brief flash I can see that she's naked, and after I close and lock the door behind me my pajama bottoms are already at my ankles. I crawl under the sheet with my daughter and we hug, our naked bodies coming together in a loving embrace.

If you, dear reader, are already offended, please read no further, because this is not your average love story, even though it is definitely a love story. A story of a very lonely middle-aged man and his very lonely 18 year old daughter, and while they had always adored each other, the love had only become physical over the last month.


My name doesn't really matter. Daddy will do, since that's what I am and what my lover calls me. I'm a 48 year-old man who has a decent job and a nice split-level ranch in a suburb of the state capital.

I also have a wife, supposedly. Tonight she's out doing her thing, and while that's not the way I wanted it to be, that's the way Claire said it would play out. I had become boring to her, and finally a couple of years ago she told me that she wanted a divorce.

"Let's face it," she told me. "This isn't working and hasn't been for a long time. I'm seeing someone. Someone who gives me what I need."

This wasn't news to me exactly, since the bedroom had been the coldest room in the house for quite a while, but what did surprise me was that this man she was seeing wasn't the first. Not by a long shot, and Claire seemed to delight in telling me that fact.

I pleaded for her to change her mind, if not for my sake, then for our daughter Annie. Having grown up in a broken home, I knew what that does to a child, and I didn't want my little girl to go through what I went through.

Since at the time Annie was 16, Claire relented, agreeing to stick around until Annie graduated from high school. Then, after Annie would be headed off to college, Claire was going to be out of here. That was alright with me, and so was Claire's final declaration.

"If you want to, feel free to sleep with whomever you want to," Claire said, and I guess that was because that was what she would be doing.


The two years went by fairly quickly and painlessly, although Claire made that easy by not being around much. I found myself doing a lot of things that a girl's mother should probably be doing, even taking Annie to go shopping for her senior prom dress.

She looked so womanly in that dress, her creamy white skin contrasting with the deep blue satin, that I got emotional at seeing how stunning she was, at least in my eyes. Annie was worried that the dress made her look fat, and even kidded with the saleswoman about that.

"I know everything makes me look fat, because I am," Annie said, shaking her dark brown hair so it fell over her shoulders. "But does this look worse than the other one?"

"You look beautiful," I said in unison with the saleswoman, and while the clerk might have had a commission as a reason to say it, all I had was my honest opinion.

Sure, Annie had a bit of a weight problem most of her life, and being in the same house as her skinny mother didn't help things, but it wasn't like she was morbidly obese or anything.

Annie was about 5'3" and probably near 140 pounds, which meant she was about 30 or so pounds overweight. The dress did show a lot of skin, but while her shoulders and arms were plump, they were solid and shapely.

The dress also seemed to minimize what Annie was most concerned with, which was her rear-end. Annie was a bit pear shaped, and when the saleswoman had taken her measuring tape out I happened to notice that my daughter had a 38 inch bust and measured 44 inches around the hips.

"What do you think, Daddy?" Annie asked, posing both for me and for the mirrors that surrounded her, while the saleswoman waited on someone else.

"It, and you, look beautiful," I said, my eyes taking in the vision of my little baby who was all of a sudden every grown up.

"Don't worry, I'll shave before the prom," Annie said, blushing when she noticed that my eyes had drifted to her underarms while she posed with her hair pulled up.

Annie always thought that she had a hair problem, and when she raised her arms I couldn't help noticing that the entire surface of her fleshy armpits were covered with a dense five o'clock shadow.

"I'm not worried," I mumbled, blushing as I turned my gaze away.

"I don't want to scare Tim completely away," Annie snickered.

"Tim is so beyond lucky that it isn't funny," I added, thinking about the burly guy that was going to be my daughter's date to the prom.

The kid seemed okay. having met him once before. He wasn't a football star, but had made the team, and while he might have seemed like a bit of a doofus, at least Annie had a date, and that was something she had been worried about all year.

Annie's senior prom came and went. She seemed to have a good time, and was even out later than her mother that night. The next day Annie said she had a great time, and I never thought much more about it, although she didn't have any more dates with Tim, or anybody else for the rest of the school year.


Annie grew very distant in the months right after the prom, and I was starting to get a little nervous, even though I was getting used to the occasional mood changes of a woman still in her teens.

Then, all of a sudden, Annie went back to being Annie, all bubbly and upbeat. A couple days later, I was heading off to bed when I heard sobbing coming from Annie's room. I knocked on the door and went in after Annie called out to me.

"What's wrong baby?" I asked.

"Nothing," Annie assured me. "Really. I'm actually very happy."

"You didn't sound it," I said.

"My period," Annie said, and then after giving me a strange look, asked if she could talk to me.

"Sure," I said, cuddling up to her and running my hand through her hair.

"I would talk to Mom but she's so like not here, even when she is here," Annie said, and I sensed that she felt uncomfortable in speaking to her father about something that seemed like it might be personal, so she reached over toward the night table. "Here. Maybe this will help."

Annie had reached over and turned out the light, leaving us basking only in the dim light of the moon that came in through the curtains.

"Like a confessional now," Annie giggled. "Well, I got my period a couple of days ago."

"I know that makes women emotional," I said.

"It wasn't the period that made me goofy. It was because I had missed my period last month," Annie said, adding, "I never missed one before. I thought I was - I'm sorry Daddy."

"It's alright, baby," I said, holding Annie as she cried on my shoulder. "It's okay."

"I never did it before," Annie said. "I swear. Just one time."

"The prom night?" I asked, and felt Annie nod.

"I told you you were beautiful in that dress," I said, trying to make light of a tense situation, and through her tears I heard Annie giggle a bit.

"I love you so much Daddy," Annie whimpered, and all of a sudden I felt that I had to get out of that bed.

"I had better go now, kitten," I said, but Annie held on tight to me.

"Stay Daddy," Annie pleaded. "Please."

"Have to go to bed," I said.

"There's nothing for you in there," Annie whispered. "Even if she was here. I know."

"She told you?" I asked.

"She hardly talks to me, at least not like she used to," Annie explained. "It wasn't tough to figure out what has been going on all along, so please don't leave. Hold me. I love you so much, and sometimes I think that we're all each other have."

I started to get choked up, unable to even attempt to speak, and when I felt my daughter's hand slipping through the fly in my pajamas I neither moved or protested, and simply let her fingers wrap themselves around my cock. The first hand that had touched my cock besides my own in so long, and to my shame, I was hard.

"Here, Daddy," Daddy said, her left hand taking my hand under the sheets while she stroked my cock gently with her right.

My hand was brought under Annie's nightie and right to her pussy. Annie had so much hair between her legs that it felt like a forest, but one that was so soft and fluffy that my fingers slipped right through the bush and into her opening, which was wet.

"Annie," I whined, my body tensing as I started to tingle.

"It's okay, Daddy," Annie said. "Cum for me. Cum good for me."

I was already doing just that. My entire groin tingled as my cock erupted in my daughter's hand. I buried my head into Annie's neck as my seed spurted into my pajamas in what felt like an endless staccato, while my body quivered and shook with the force of my orgasm.

Then I groaned as Annie's touch went from gentle to frantic, yanking on me and causing me to start cumming again a little. Annie had been riding my hand while she had been stroking me, and now she was cumming too, both of us quivering and shaking as we rode our orgasms out.

Finally, our bodies relaxed, and Annie was now holding my limp dick in her cum filled hand while we sobbed against each other.

"I love you Daddy," Annie said. "Please stay here with me tonight."

I did, remaining even after Claire staggered in after midnight. I finally left my daughter's arms as the sun came up to go in to take a shower and then head off to work without waking anybody up.


I had a guilt-filled day at work, and for the first time in my life actually dreaded seeing my daughter when I got home. We were a little awkward at first, and dinner with Claire there was uncomfortable as well, but when Claire announced after dinner she would be heading to a business meeting in a while, Annie looked up at me.

"Come to my room tonight, Daddy," Annie whispered in my ear as we cleared the table.

I didn't answer because I wasn't going to, for fear of what might happen, and even after Claire left I fought the urge. In the end, I gave in, and found myself tapping on the door.

"I was worried that you weren't going to come," Annie said after feeling me snuggle behind her, spooning up next to her warm and full body.

"I wasn't going to," I admitted. "I'm scared."

"Me too Daddy," Annie said. "Just keep holding me like you are now."

In seconds my cock was hard and had managed to find the way out of the pajama fly. My hand, which had been softly rubbing Annie's shoulder, had slid down to her hip and worked the nightie up to her waist.

"Ooh, that feels nice, Daddy," Annie gasped when she felt my cock pressing between the cheeks, the underside of my erection laying in the soft valley. "You're so hard."

"Tell me about your prom, kitten," I asked, slowly grinding into Annie's backside. "After the prom, I mean."

"You sure you want to hear this?"

"Yes," I said, my hand sliding slowly and deliberately up from her hip. "Tell me how it happened."

"A bunch of the guys chipped in to rent a room at the Best Value over on Central," Annie explained, and as she spoke my hand slid around to cup her breast through the nightie. "Not very big are they? Wish my boobies were bigger, like my butt."

"They're perfect, baby," I assured her, my hand kneading the grapefruit-sized globe and feeling the thick peg of her nipple burn my palm as it swelled.

"We were third to use the room, and while we were waiting we made out in the car," Annie said. "By the time it was our turn I was really - you know - horny."

"What did you do in the car?" I asked.

"You know. Stuff."

"Did you go down on him?" I asked, and I could tell that my question surprised Annie, and I couldn't believe I was asking her such a thing. "It's okay. You can tell me. I'm not mad or disappointed at all in you. I really was your age once, you know."

"Yes. I did. I took his cock out and went down on him"

"Was that the first time you sucked a boy's cock?"

"Second," Annie confessed, making me curious about who the first one was, not having ever noticed she had been seeing anyone. "Then it was our turn to use the room. I was so scared, and it all happened so fast. The next thing I knew my dress was bunched around my waist and Tim was fingering me. It took him forever to get his condom on, and I kept getting more and more scared."

"Did you bleed?"

"No, I had taken care of that with something last year," Annie said, her hips starting to grind back into me. "Finally, Tim gets the condom on and he's on top of me. It only lasted a minute but he made us stay in the room for fifteen minutes afterward so everybody else didn't know how quick he came."

"Did it hurt?"

"Yes. It hurt. Hurt a lot," Annie said.

"Why? Was he big? Was that why it hurt so much?"

Annie didn't say anything, but I could hear her breathing get heavier and was grinding her breast into my hand while her plump butt did the same.

"He was bigger than I am, right?" I asked. "It's alright. I'm used to hearing that. You already know about how small I am - from last night."

"You don't have a small dick," Annie protested, reaching back and grabbing it, stroking the length of it while I moaned. "Tim's isn't that much longer than yours."

"But Tim's was thicker," I suggested. "Probably a whole lot thicker, which was why he had trouble with the rubber. Right?"

"Yes," Annie admitted, setting my cock back where it had been resting. "Tim's dick is really fat. I could hardly get my mouth around it in the car, which is why I got scared. I didn't know a guy's cock could be that big around. The head of it was like a plum."

"You must have been really tight for him," I wondered aloud.

"I guess that's why he couldn't control himself. When it finally started to feel good for me he came. He got up off of me, and then we saw that his dick had ripped through the condom, all the way down the side, and his cum was inside of me."

"At least you aren't pregnant," I said.

"You aren't mad at me?" Annie asked, and when I said no, she added,

"Of course not," I said, kissing the back of her neck and squeezing her tightly to my body.

"I love you, Daddy."

"And you know how I feel about you, kitten," I said softly in her ear.

"Yes, I know," Annie said. "That's why I want you to make love to me."


Annie's hand was still wrapped around my cock, but wasn't stroking it, just holding it firmly as I breathed on her neck. I couldn't do what she wanted me to do, and not because of the guilt, because they way my cock was throbbing left no doubt my conscience was not bothering me all that much.

It was more a case of my insecurity about what Annie was holding. My penis. It had been something I had fretted and worried about my entire life, or at least since I was made aware of my inadequacy by my first steady girlfriend.

After we broke up she - Jill Traynor was her name - had told me that I was crap in bed, and had always faked cumming. She was probably lying just to hurt me, but since she was my first I took it really hard, especially her parting words.

"Fucking needle dick," Jill spat out. "Screwing you was like getting fucked with a straw."

That was the first time I had ever thought about the size of my cock, but if Jill was trying to hurt me, that comment had managed to do it, causing me to spend much of the rest of my life worrying about it.

I read books on the subject, and measured myself to try and determine how right Jill had been. Right way I knew that the length wasn't the problem, because when I was erect my cock was just short of 7" long, and I learned that not only was that considered a decent length, in fact it was a bit longer than the average.

The problem, as Jill had so crudely pointed out, was the thickness, or lack thereof in my case. My cock wasn't even close to having the 4 to 5" circumference that the medical books indicated was the norm, and in fact was closer to half of that. When I saw guys in porn movies, none of them were built like me at all. None of them had cocks that resembled a hot dog in thickness.

Claire had been a virgin when I had met her, and things were just great for most of our marriage. It wasn't until she fell out of love with me that my old insecurities came back in full force. I was convinced that the reason she didn't want me was due to my cock, even though she had never come right out and said it.

So know here I was, breathing down my daughter's neck with a raging hard-on, and all I could think about was Annie in that motel room with that doofus with a big fat cock tearing up my baby's virgin pussy, while my skinny penis was laying between Annie's plump buttocks.


It was something I had always wanted to do, but Claire would never let me have her that way. I had found myself looking at my daughter in her tight jeans on more than one occasion at what Annie had always considered extra baggage and had been self-conscious about.

"I want to make love to you too, Annie," I said. "More than anything."

I kissed my way down Annie's neck while rolling her onto her stomach. My daughter seemed confused but made no effort to stop me as I worked her nightie up while my mouth went down her back.

Annie's ass was right in front of my face now, her chubby cheeks full, round and inviting. While I licked around her tailbone my hands were spreading those buttocks, releasing the feral aroma of her wet pussy.

My eyes had adjusted to the semi-darkness well enough to let me see her clearly as I worked her legs apart as far as I could. Her thick bush grew down past her pussy and up between her legs, and her anus was surrounded by a ring of dark brown hair.

I found my face moving on auto-pilot, working in between her ass cheeks until my mouth was right there. My tongue licked the hairy orifice, and I was pleased when my especially hygienic daughter proved to be immaculate down there as well.

"Daddy!" Annie hissed, and for a second I feared she was going to make me stop, having been revolted by my behavior, but the way she was grinding her pussy into the bedding dispelled that notion, as did her exclamation, "Omigod!"

Hanging onto to Annie's fleshy hips, I got bolder still, letting my tongue dart inside her puckered ring, and that made Annie squeal, causing her to reach back and help me spread her ass ever further apart.

If I had ever seen another father doing this to their daughter, I would have been disgusted, which made my behavior all the more puzzling to me. My guilt was overwhelmed by my throbbing cock and pent-up emotions, however, which explained why my finger replaced my tongue, and then had me mounting Annie with my long, slender prong in hand.

I should have used some kind of lubricant, but there was no time to go hunting around. I had to have Annie's ass, and hoped that my tongue would provide enough to let me inside of her anus.

Annie cried out when the acorn head of my dick pushed inside of her balloon knot, and she let out a wail when I pushed more of my cock into her ass.

"So tight," I groaned as my dick squeezed into Annie's virgin rectum, never having felt anything like this before.

Annie's cavity seemed as hot as an oven, and was so inviting that I found myself pushing further and further until I had fully impaled her. Annie was clawing at the sheets and pillows, either from pain or pleasure, or maybe from both.

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