tagIncest/TabooMaking My Niece Cry Uncle Ch. 02

Making My Niece Cry Uncle Ch. 02


I led my niece down to the bathroom. Everything that had happened so far revolved around this room, so I decided to go on to the next step here, too. I motioned for her to sit on the toilet and turned to face her. I didn't say anything, again not trusting myself to speak. I could almost see up the towel she was wearing, and the thought of that made my cock rise a little.

I pulled my shirt over my head, moving slowly, taking my time. I tossed it into the hamper and watched Kristie's reaction. Her eyes were moving up and down over my chest, my abdomen, and my crotch. I could almost feel her eyes moving over my body, the heat from her gaze was like tantalizing fingers moving over my torso. There is no graceful way to remove shoes and socks, but I did the best I could. I was wearing black boxers under my jeans. I wasn't normally a boxer guy, but I had put them on with the hope that she would see them and I was now glad that I had.

As I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, my niece leaned forward slightly. Her lips were glistening and parted, a look of lust transfusing her face. I slipped the jeans down, allowing her to see the bulge of my cock beneath my boxers. Her eyes were fixed on my boxers. I slipped my thumbs into them and very slowly slipped them down my legs. My cock strained against the fabric, then popped into view. I saw my niece's eyes widen and her mouth moved soundlessly. Her hands were on her towel and she opened and closed them on the cloth. A very low, very guttural sound escaped from her throat as she looked at me and my cock rose in response to her voice.

In a breathless voice, Kristie asked, "Can I touch you?" She took another breath, her breasts heaving and said, "Can I touch it, Uncle Mike?"

Her eyes met mine, full of curiosity, and I nodded.

She slipped forward and gracefully lowered herself to her knees in front of me. I didn't know if she had enough experience to realize what the symbolism of such a move was, but the fact that her mouth was now on a level with my cock wasn't lost on me.

As she knelt, she naturally spread her knees apart. I still couldn't see her pussy, but I could see the tendons that stretched along the insides of her thighs. I was afraid that I was going to shoot my load just from the view she was giving me.

She was looking up at me, watching my face as she put her hands on my knees and slowly moved them up my thighs. She began nervously biting her full bottom lip as she looked back down at my member, which was pointing at her. Her hands slid up to my balls and she gingerly touched them, cupping them carefully. The feeling of her small, cool hands on me was amazing. I drew a shaky breath.

With her left hand still cupping my balls, she tentatively put the fingertips of her right hand on my cock. After testing its rigidity, she used her index finger to trace the thick veins that ran up the underside of my cock then began lightly slipping her finger around the ridge of my cockhead.

I saw her tongue come out of her mouth, and wondered if she would dare to try it when she leaned forward and licked the very tip of my dick. I had to reach down to brace myself on the sink as she continued to let her tongue follow along the path that her finger had just drawn. When her tongue made its way back up to the head, my cock jumped from the sensation and my niece let out a small, "Oh," of surprise.

"It's okay," I told her in a whisper. "It feels wonderful."

"I don't know what I'm doing, though. Uncle Mike." My cock jumped again.

"That's okay. Just do what you're doing. I'll give you tips later, if you want, but just... explore."

Kristie explored. It was clear that she hadn't given a blowjob before, but from the way she played with my balls, I had a feeling that she'd done that much before. Her tongue continued to trace its way along the length of my shaft, moving slowly over me as I tried to remain standing. Her right hand moved down to my balls and her left moved up over my abs to my chest.

Watching her was mesmerizing me. Her face was so beautiful and full of a newfound wonder. She leaned back, taking her hands and mouth off of me and looked up at me until she was sure that she had my undivided attention. Her hands moved to the towel and slipped it open and off of her body. She knelt in front of me completely naked, her breasts proudly pointing up and out and her light pussy hair shimmering slightly with her juices.

I somehow found my voice. "I'm going to rinse off, then let's go to the bedroom."

She nodded. Her hand reached out and gave my penis a gentle squeeze as I moved away from her. I showered in seconds and didn't spend much time toweling off. I took my niece's hand and led her to my bedroom.

I hadn't made the bed that morning. I grabbed the blanket and top sheet with my free hand and pulled them off onto the floor. I layed on the bed, looking back up at my gorgeous niece. I was still holding her hand and I felt her grip tighten on mine. Her blond hair was spread out around her face, framing a look of lust as she watched my naked body. I couldn't believe that this beautiful young woman was looking at me that way.

"I want to touch you again, Uncle Mike," she whispered, shyly looking down as a blush crept up her cheeks.

I didn't say anything; I just guided her hand to my cock. I was still painfully hard from her earlier ministrations. My body was screaming for release, but I refused to rush anything with this stunning creature. As her fingers started to softly fondle my dick, she began to lick her way up from my knees.

My body was still wet from my shower and I realized that Kristie was using the very tip of her tongue to lick the drops of water off my thighs, working her way higher. Her pink tongue and red lips were increasing the need in my body. My cock was pulsing under her fingertips.

When she had worked her way up to my balls, she delicately licked them with the tip of her tongue. I was breathing in gasps as she worked magic on me -- my cock jumped with each caress of her tongue. I felt her lips begin to touch my skin. Her breath was softly blowing across the most sensitive area of my body as she licked and kissed her way up the shaft of my dick. Her hair fell over her face, tickling my thighs and hips, and she worked her way to the head of my cock.

Kristie paused for a moment and then I felt her lips on me, softly parting around the tip of my dick as she slipped the smallest fraction of me into her mouth. The sensation of warmth was amazing. Her left hand was now on my balls, softly rubbing them as she began to suck on the very end of my cock. I felt her tongue circling around the tip of my penis and I nearly came in her mouth.

I took a deep, ragged breath, trying to think of anything but the sensations that my niece was creating in my body. I knew that I wouldn't be able to last long with her mouth and hands working on me. Her right hand lifted my dick a little from my body and I felt her mouth slip down further -- she had my entire cockhead in her mouth and she began to gently suck on me as her tongue continued to swirl around and around.

"That feels amazing," I muttered, looking down at the creamy skin of her neck and shoulders.

She stopped and said, "I don't really know what I'm doing. I saw a magazine that sort of showed this, but...." She trailed off with a shrug.

"What you're doing is wonderful," I assured her. "You can use one hand to stroke me while your mouth is on me, if you want."

She put her mouth back over the head of my cock and began stroking me with her right hand. It was an awkward angle, since that hand was under her, but the feeling was amazing. Her small hand worked up and down my shaft while she kept her mouth over me and her tongue moving constantly. I had to move my body and my hips began flexing, moving my cock into and out of her mouth. Her body tensed at first, then relaxed as I began to move.

Kristie's actions were tentative and I had to stop myself from wrapping my hands up in her hair and thrusting into her throat. I kept reminding myself to breath.

"Move your mouth up and down in time with your hand," I managed to say between breaths. "Take me in deeper if you can."

She moved her hand to the base of my cock and slipped me further into her mouth without breaking the rhythm she'd been using. Her tongue was still rolling across the underside of my cock. I could feel my balls pulling up into my body and my cock was spasming in her mouth as I began thrusting more aggressively.

I could feel the soft palate at the back of Kristie's mouth. She moved her right hand even further down my cock and suddenly I was thrusting into my niece's throat. The thought of whom I was with and that sensation of being deep throated by this angelic creature was more than I could take.

"I'm about to come," I warned her, not sure if she would let me come in her mouth. She didn't even pause what she was doing. Her mouth continued to move up and down on my cock allowing me to slide all the way into her throat. I looked down and the sight of her red lips stretched over my shaft, her head moving up and down in time with my thrusts, sent me over the edge.

My orgasm was like an animal rampaging through me. I felt every muscle in my body tense as I approached the point of no return, as if my whole body were focusing on the sensations running up and down the shaft of my cock. There was a humming in my brain that blocked out all thought as I felt my balls first tighten then push my seed up and into my niece's waiting mouth.

I kept my eyes on Kristie as I shot my load into her mouth. Her eyes widened as I started to come, but she kept moving her lips up and down my cock as I shot spurt after spurt into her mouth.

I hadn't come like that since I'd gotten laid for the first time. The sensation of my orgasm rolled through my body as wave after wave of my come shot up through my rigid member. Her throat worked as she swallowed everything that I had to offer.

My body trembled as I came back to my senses. My niece was still sucking on me. I tangled my fingers into her blond mane and held her head still to stop her. I couldn't manage to talk at first. Her eyes looked up into my face and I smiled down at her.

"Oh my God," I finally managed to find my voice. "That was incredible."

"Really?" She sounded like a little kid wanting my approval. I'm embarrassed to say that it turned me on all over again.

"You were amazing, Kristina. You've never done that before?"

"No. Not with my mouth. I gave a guy a, you know, a hand job, but not that." She blushed again at that.

"Come up here, you," I said, opening my arms for her.

Kristie smiled as she slid her naked form up my side and folded her small body into my arms. I could feel the warm pressure of her breasts against the side of my chest. She wrapped a leg over mine and kissed the edge of my jaw.

I sighed contentedly, then turned to her and asked, "Have you ever had anyone go down on you?"

She shook her head, a look of curiosity flitting over her features. She still had lust in her eyes as she looked into my smiling face.

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