tagBDSMMaking of a Slave

Making of a Slave


As Jay and his two friends were entertaining his Mistress and her friends, he had a flashback on just how he had gotten here. It had all started innocent enough a little more than three years ago. Jay and his wife Sue where trying to figure out where they should go on their vacation. They had talked about it for almost a month when Sue told Jay she didn't care what they did. She told him to make all the arrangements and that she would be happy. Well that started him thinking, at 32 she still had the body of a 20 year old. He had tried talking her in to going to a nudist colony, but she had always refused.

Now he had his chance. He found a small nude dude ranch about 100 miles their home just out side of Albuquerque. It was a few miles south of White Oak. He didn't tell Sue where they were going, that he wanted to surprise her. All he told her was that where they were going it would be warm, even in May. She packed all the clothing she thought they would need. On the morning they were leaving instead of putting the suitcases in the car he just hid them in the garage. When they drove threw the gates of Bare Back Ranch, Jay told her that the it was a her idea to have him make the plans. So he book them for a week here at a nude dude ranch. Sue had little choice but to go along. It only took her about half a day to get used to being nude and seeing everybody else nude. By the end of the week she was starting to enjoy it. After getting home to their she started running around nude there. Their house was on a fifty acres that her father had left her so she would even spend time out side in the nude. She told Jay that she really enjoy this years vacation and that he should make all the plans for their next one, in August.

Jay started make arrangements the following week. He talked one of his old friends, Bill, into letting them use his cabin up in the mountains of Colorado. Jay had gone with Bill to it on a few fishing trips he told her it was close to Durango with no other cabins with in a few miles. Sue ask him if she should pack anything for this trip. He told her where they were going they might need a couple of warm things since it was up in the mountains. They left around 10 in the morning for their little mountain get-away. After having lunch in Durango, Jay got drove to the dirt road that would take them to the cabin. They stop after about a 1/4 mile to just look at the scenery. It was there Jay told her that the cabin was just another mile up the road. Since it was warm he talked her in to riding the rest of the way up nude. They both threw their clothes into the back seat and started back up to the cabin.

When they arrived at the cabin Jay gave her the key, telling her to unlock the door and he would get their stuff. Sue got a big surprise when she open the door. Inside, drinking beers were, Bill, the owner of the cabin, and Jack, one of Jays black friends. She just stood there speechless till Jay came up behind her, and told her to go in. Once he put their stuff down he grabbed a beer and told her that for the next week she would fulfill all of his fantasies. The first, having her as a slave to do any and everything he desired. That he would watch her with other men, also to watch her suck a big black cock. She knew that she had little choice so all she could do was play along.

When Jays friends got up he told her to take their clothes off for them. She started with Bill, then went to Jack. Before she had his underwear off she could tell that his dick was a large one, she gasp when she seen it. She had always though that Jays 8" was a good size. Here was Bill, his was just about the same length, but almost twice as fat. Then came Jack, it seemed that all she had heard about black cock was true. His was about 11" long, and fatter than Bills. All the guys had her do the rest of the first day was cook for them. Then watched her use one of the dildos, Bill had brought up, till she had 3 orgasms. The only thing she could think about was that Jacks cock was going to split her wide open.

The following morning after she had cook them breakfast, and cleaned up they took her outside to a small table along the side of the cabin. They laid her down on it then took some rope and tied her legs to 2 trees on either side of the table. This not only spread her legs wide open, but it elevated her feet about 1 1/2' above the table. She thought that the 3 would start taking turns ramming their cocks in her. Instead they brought a bucket of water and a razor. While Jack was putting on the shaving cream would stick a finger or two in her pussy. It was Bill who did the actual shaving of her pussy hairs. After he finished the he shoved a vibrating dildo into her. The guys then sat and watch as the vibrator made her climax . They then let her rest awhile before they started on her.

For the rest of the week she had a cock, dildo, or a butt plug in one or all of her openings. All 3 even took turns fucking her in the ass. One day they took her down to a stream about 200 yards form the cabin. About 15' away just on the other side of the stream where some railroad tracks. When they heard a train coming they had her get on her knees and start sucking Jacks cock. Out of the corner of her eye she could see that this was a passenger train. Because of the curve in the tracks the train was going very slow.

She heard the whistle blow on the train so she knew that anyone looking out could she her sucking a black cock. On the following day they went back to the same spot about the same time as they had the day before. This she was told to get down on all four so Bill could fuck her in the ass as the train went by. As the train was passing she was told to blow the engineer a kiss as the engine went by. By the end of the week her mouth, pussy, and ass-hole where all sore. She never told Jay that she really didn't care for this vacation, and that she was going to get even.

The following year when it came time to make their vacation plans it was Sue who said they should try to get away for 2 weeks in June. She told him that she would like to make the plans for this one. Not knowing that she wanted to get back at him he agreed. With the help of one of her close friend, Melissa, she had already made all the plans. Sue knew that Melissa dominated her husband Dale. She had told Melissa all about the trip to Bills cabin last year, and that she was going find a way to make Jay and his 2 friends pay for it. Melissa said the first thing to do was to make Jay, her slave, just like Dale was hers. A good place to start Jays training as a slave was at, her friend Beths ranch by Tucumcari. Dale had gotten most of his training there. At Melissa's suggestion, a few weeks before their vacation Sue talked Jay in to some light bondage. At first she would let him tie her down on their bed. Then she got him to let her tie him up. On the night before they where to leave on their vacation Sue talk Jay into playing their bondage game. The only thing was she refused to untie him to go to bed. She had gotten good at tieing him up so he couldn't free himself. Just to be sure she added a pair of handcuffs to his wrist. He fell asleep after Sue made him take some pills.

Jay woke up the next day to the feel of two sets of hands putting something around the base of his cock. He tried to see who and what they were doing, but while he was out he had been blindfolded. Sensing that he was awake Sue told him good-morning, and welcome to his first day as her slave. She also told him that Melissa was there help her get him ready for his training. About that time Melissa finished putting on a cock and ball harness. They then helped him get out of bed, then as he was standing there he felt a tug on the harness.

Sue told him that she just put a leash on the harness so that he would have to follow her lead. He was then lead down the stairs and out the door to Melissa's van, and placed in the back seat next to someone else. He later found out that it was Dale. He was speechless sitting there naked, not knowing who he was sitting next to. He felt the van start to move, then ask just where in the hell they were taking him. It was then that Melissa finally spoke. She told him that if he open is mouth again, without being ask to that she would find a way to shut him up. At that time he didn't know if he should push it or not. He didn't know why they had stop, but he hadn't been aloud to go to the bathroom before. they left the house. Hoping that they were in a rest stop and they would let him get dressed to go pee.

As Sue got out of the van to use the rest room Melissa told him that if he had to go she would take him as he was to the women's room with her. Before he could open his mouth she told him that there were only 2 other cars here so maybe no one else would see him. Not wanting to be seen nude, cuffed, blindfolded, and wearing the cock and ball harness, he shook his head no. Melissa went as soon as Sue got back. Thinking that Sue could be reasoned with easier than Melissa he tried talking her into releasing him and letting him put some clothes on to use the rest room.

Sue told him that he had been told to keep his mouth shut, and that Melissa and her would make sure that he did form now on. Once Melissa got back Sue, told her of Jays request. With that they removed his blindfold. As his eyes adjusted he seen them taking something out of Dales mouth, who was sitting next to him. Dale was also naked and blindfolded, but he had the gag in his mouth all this time. It was what Melissa called a cock gag. It looked just like a small cock, balls and everything. About 3' long from tip to the start of the balls, and about an inch & a half across. Dale also had nipple clamps on and the cock harness had a strap pulling his cock towards his ass. What jay couldn't see at this time was the 8 inch dildo up Dales ass. Melissa put the gag up to Jays lips then told to open his mouth he just sat there with it shut. Melissa told him not to play that game 'cause he would lose. Just as she finished she grabbed him by the ball and squeezed till he open up to take in the gag.

As it was shoved in Sue put a small belt around his head and the out side of the balls. Once the belt was clinched there was no way of him pushing the gag out. When they left the rest stop his blindfold was left off. Now he could see all the trucks and cars that either pass them or that they passed. With the gag in his mouth there was no way Jay could tried to tell or ask the girls anything. It was about a hour out of the last rest stop that he really had to relieve himself. He moan a little to get either Sue's or Melissa's attention. When Melissa looked back he just looked down at his dick. Melissa knew what he wanted and told him he would have to hold it till Sue or herself needed to go. If he couldn't hold it that long that she would let him pee in a glass and then he would have to drink it. She told Dale to shake his head if he had ever been forced to drink his own piss. Seeing Dales head go up and down Jay knew she meant what she said. About that time he saw a sign for the next rest area in 1 mile. He then heard Sue tell Melissa that she didn't have to go yet, that maybe the one after this one, she would have to go. The next sign he saw said that the next rest area was 55 miles away. He just hoped he could hold it in that long.

By the time they reached the rest area Jay thought he was going to burst. There where 5 other cars in the stop when they pulled in. When his door was open and his leash was pulled his eyes open wide. Melissa and Sue wouldn't really make him get out naked, would they. Sure enough they did. As Melissa took him to the pet area he kept looking around hope that no one would see him being lead around nude. Since his hand where still cuffed behind his back there wasn't any way to cover himself. At the pet area she told him to get down on his knees and relieve himself. As he was a couple of guys walked by and laugh at him. After he had finished Melissa took him back to the van. Dale was then ask if he needed to go, he answered with a "no Mistress."

The rest of the trip to Beth's ranch was uneventful. It was as they got to the gate leading to the main house that the girls once again started toying with him and Dale. Jay was ordered to get out and open the gate. Even with his hand behind him he had no problems with that. When the van pasted through he closed the gate. It was here that the girls made Dale get out. The dildo that was up his ass was taken out and he was told to relieve himself. It was Sue who came out of the van carrying a box. Both Jay and Dale were told to go to the fence and lean over it. Jay felt Sue put something on his ass-hole. Then he seen her holding a large butt plug, she told him that this was the same plug that him and his 2 friends shoved up her. The only thing was that a pad lock and chain had been added.

He wondered why she had it, because Bill had brought all the toys they used on her at the cabin. He then felt it being shoved slowly into his ass. Melissa came over and told Sue that she was being to gentle. To just shove it in fast, his ass-hole will get use to it soon enough. With that Sue pulled out the little she had got in. She then played with the tip on his hole, telling that it would only hurt a little. If he wouldn't have had the gag still in his mouth, his scream would have been heard for miles. The other end of the chain was attached to another plug like the one Jay had up his ass. It was shoved into Dales already sore ass-hole. The chain was only 3 feet long so now Jay and Dale had to stay close to each other. Sue took Dales blindfold off then had the two stand next to each other. The harnesses were then removed. Jays balls felt good finally being free again. This was only to be short lived. Out of the box Sue pulled 2 ball stretchers. One was put on him and the other on Dale. Another short chain of about 18" was put between these. On both Sue hung a 5 lb. weight. Melissa told Dale that he knew the way to the house from here and to get started. She gave him 1/2 an hour to get there.

Off he went on a path going through a wooded area, with Jay right next to him. Once they got on the path Dale finally started to talk. He told Jay that he must have done something really bad to get this kind of treatment on his first visit here. Jay couldn't even ask him what he meant. As they were walking up the path they came to several small clearings. In the first one Jay couldn't believe his eyes. There was a black man with a hood over his head and his hands cuffed behind him. He was on his knees and another black man was shoving his big cock in the only opening Jay could see in the hood. Dale told Jay they didn't have time to stop and watch.

A little further up the path was another small clearing. In this one a hooded white man was bent over a log. He was being fucked in the ass by a black man who had a bigger cock than the one he made Sue suck at the cabin. In the third one were 3 men hung upside down with their legs spread wide open. Two women where in the clearing with them, they had a straight razor and were shaving all the hair off of the helpless men. There was no hair left from head to toe on 2 of the men. They had just started on the third one, telling him to hold still so that he didn't get cut. Dale and Jay stood there watching as the hair around him cock, balls and asshole was shaved off. Knowing that he didn't want to be late getting to the house Dale started up the path again. The weight hanging from his ball was starting to pull hard now. Jay knew that there was no way either of then could take the weights off.

When they got to the house Jay thought his balls were being pulled off. Dale had told him that when they got to the house that they would have to get down on their knees. This would take some of the weight off their balls. Well here they were on their knees outside the house. A few minutes past before the women come out of the house. With Sue and Melissa 3 other women. Each was introduced as Mistress. There was Beth the owner. Mary who Jay knew was married to Bill. Then a black women, Tina, who Jay was told was married to Jack.

Now he was starting to put things together. If Mary and Tina were here then, Jack must have been the black man sucking a cock. Bill was the one being fucked in the ass. His eyes widened as he then saw both Bill, and Jack being lead up the path. Once they were next to him their blindfolds were taken off. Sue then walked in front of them. She paced back and forth several times before she spoke. When she did she started to laugh a little. She looked straight into Jays eyes and told him that pay-back was going to be "sooooo" sweet. She went on to tell him and his 2 friends that everything they had done to her they were going to take turns doing to each other. Melissa then came down and released Dale. The 3 were then lead to the clearing that Jay had seen the other 3 being shaved. Here they were suspended by their feet, with their feet about 3" apart. Sue walked up to Jack and ask if he had, had fun sticking his fingers in her as he was putting on the shaving cream.

Because he and Bill had already been there a week he new he had better answer. After he said yes Mistress she started put cream around his cock and balls. When she got to his ass-hole she picked up a dildo that was bigger then his own cock. She held it in front of him and told him that this wasn't going to hurt too much. She then shoved it as far as she could into his ass. Watching him hold back any scream she pumped it, in and out for a few minutes. Then she pulled it out and placed it in front of his mouth. Jack knew that if he didn't open his mouth he would pay for it. So as he opened up she push it in to the back of his throat. He was told to hold it in his mouth while Cindy and Kim, the 2 girls Jay had seen before, slaved every last hair off his body. Sue then went to where Bill was hanging. She smiled at him and asked him how he would liked being fucked in the ass.

Before he could answer she shoved a dildo the same size as the one Jack had in his mouth all the way in his ass. She pumped it in and out till the girls had finished shaving Jack. Then out of his ass and into his mouth it went. Jay thought she was going to do the same to him, but she just watched as all of Bills hair was shaved. Kim and Cindy then came over to him and pulled the plug out of his ass then started to shave him but didn't use any shaving cream. He watched as his 2 friends were released. Both were told to stand in front of him. Sue ask him to choose one of his friends. Not knowing why he ask what for. As he was closing his mouth he felt something hitting his ass hard. The sting from the blow made him yell, so he didn't hear when he was ask again to choose. Another blow landed on his ass. This time he heard the question. He quickly said Jack, though he didn't know what for. Jays hand were cuffed behind him and was let down once the girls removed all the hair from him body.

The 3 of them were a strange sight. The only hair any of them had was their eye lashes. They were then taken to the clearing that Jay had seen Bill bent over a log. Here Jay was bent over the same log, his feet spread apart and tied to stakes in the ground. His hands were uncuffed then also tied to stakes. Jack was told to get in position behind Jay, and Bill to get in front of him. Sue came up to him and rubbed his shaved ass-hole telling him she was glad he had picked Jack. Jack then started to push his cock into Jays behind. Just as the cock was penetrating his ass, Bill shoved his into Jays mouth. Both were told to fuck him this way for 5 minutes then to change places and not to come till told to. This went on for about a half an hour, with Jack and Bill changing every five minutes. It was Jack who was in his mouth when he was told that he could come. Bill had been told to pull out, that he would be next to come in Jays mouth. Melissa went behind Jay to grab him by the balls.

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