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Manchester Mastiff


Erica Dawson or Dee as those close to her always called her was a promising career woman in her late twenties slowly working her way towards the top at a mid-sized law firm in Manchester. She was a pleasant person to be around and well liked by everyone, clients, co-workers as well as her superiors. In many ways she was just like any other up and coming business man or woman. One of the exceptions that separated her was that while most of her equals, focused on their careers and living life in the fast lane had homes inside the city limits. Erica herself owned a small remotely located townhouse an hour outside Manchester. Preferring the drudgery of commuting back and forth to the lack of privacy and cramped quarters the city offered. This Friday afternoon she longed for nothing more than to return home to her house knowing that Taj would have arrived and be there waiting for her. She sighed softly knowing she still had a couple of hours to go until she was done at the office and returned her focus to the document in front of her, a case she had been asked to review earlier during the day. She made a few notes on the side and continued reading.

When six a clock finally arrived she closed the file she was working on and locked it into one of her office drawers, grabbed her coat off the hanger and headed for the elevators. She was so excited and happy that the weekend had finally come. On her way out she met a small group of her co-workers, all of them in the same cheerful spirit. Though for different reasons Erica thought to herself and while they were unaware of her own source of joy she had little doubt about what was on their minds.

"Pints?" George asked the question as if on queue with Erica's thoughts. He was a big round charismatic fellow in his late thirties that always seemed to be able to spin a good story out of anything.

"Thanks but I have to get home. I've got plans this weekend." Erica answered with a smile.

"Again?! Oooh, someone's back on the wagon!" Melissa giggled, she was a petite woman with very short hair and a very cute angular face.

"Something like that!" Erica joined Melissa's mirth and laughed, confirming her friends conclusion and dispelling any mystery regarding the plans for the weekend.

"Good for you Dee." Andrea cheered. The woman was a liaison from one of the firms American partners and while Erica didn't know her all to well the she seemed very friendly and had quickly picked up on using Erica's nickname during casual encounters. "Seems I'm stuck with visiting the watering holes with these drunks!" Andrea rolled her eyes and playfully showed her elbow into George's side.

George grinned ear to ear and entered the elevator with a playful outburst. "Onward mates! To the watering holes!"

The joyful chit chatter continued while the elevator brought them down. At ground level her friends bid her farewell and exited, heading for the pubs while Erica waited for the elevator to bring her further down to the parking garage. Finally there she got into her Mini, a present her late father had grazed her with when she had graduated law school and slowly steered her way out the garage, through the city and finally out on the open roads.

The sun was slowly descending on the horizon when she pulled up on her drive way. A few minutes earlier she had left the major road and traveled on the small but well maintained trail that led up to her home. By the lights inside her windows she knew that it was now at least past 7:30, as summer drew closer she'd have to adjust the timers on the lights but for now it seemed like she had the timing down well enough. She got her purse out of the passenger seat, locked her car and walked around the house and entered through the back door that she'd left open so Taj could get in. The entrance took her into the laundry room where she found the small suitcase he had brought as well as a pile of the clothing he'd been wearing while traveling. Erica quietly discarded her purse and coat, taking care not to make any noise. She listened carefully as she sneaked further into her home, everything seemed like she had left it this morning. When she on silent feet entered the kitchen she found the first sign of that something was different, the bowl of water she had put in a corner was now empty. He had definitely been here. She continued her search and eventually she spotted him stretched out on his side in the bed. She leaned against the door frame for a moment, taking in the sight of Taj. The last of the fading sun rays played over his skin, olive colored from birth mixed with the black decorations that adorned his body. The decorations, as he had referred to them the first time they met each other, swirled up his limbs almost covering his body. His long dark brown hair falling around his neck and shoulders, partially concealing the wolfish features of his face. Up and down her eyes traveled his body, from the shoulders and lean muscular arms, down across the powerful torso and yet further down along his strong looking legs. Her Taj was not model thin nor a pretty boy but he had an aura of capability surrounding him, a powerhouse for his size. She walked over to the bed and snuggled up close behind his naked form and sighed into the back of his neck. She could feel him start to stir from his sleep, he growled softly, surprised at the interruption of his rest.

Erica only smiled and continued to snuggle him. "Grumpy boy.."

Taj seemed to try to turn towards her but she remained close, holding him down. The growl grew deeper until she decided to clamp her hand over his mouth.

"No!" She said firmly and continued holding her hand over his mouth as he fidgeted slightly trying to turn his face. "I said no Taj."

At her command he became quiet, for a second he didn't move. Then she felt his tongue lick her palm, she relented her grip on his face a bit and he grew more affectionate continuing to wet her hand. Now fully awake he was getting more worked up with every lick, nipping at her hand.

"Awww, did you miss me?" She teased and playfully bit his neck. "You must be starving. Come on, lets go into the kitchen and see if we can find something to eat."

With that Erica released Taj from her arms and rolled off the bed, she didn't turn to see whether he was following her or not as she headed towards the kitchen. The gentle bounce as he skipped off the bed and the sound of his hands and knees moving over the bedroom floor was more than enough.

The chopping sound of the knife striking the cutting board filled the kitchen, Erica cooked while Taj watched her from below. Occasionally he would walk over and take a few laps of his refilled water bowl. He was constantly trying to peer up at whatever food Erica was handling for the moment and she enjoyed the little game of keeping all the things far in on the counters, making it impossible for him to see exactly it was from the floor. By the time she dumped all of the ingredients into the frying pan he was literally begging her with his eyes, big blue eyes staring up at her, pleading her for something to eat.

"You're adorable, do you know that?" She laughed, crouched down and cuddled him close.

In return Taj started licking her face and they met in the first kiss since last weekend, a rush of pleasant warmth soared through Erica's body. She sat down with him and they continued kissing and getting reacquainted while the food simmered.

They ate, Erica perched on the couch with the bowl of chicken stew in her lap. Taj was on all fours eating from the bowl she had put down for him. She mused over the marvelous view of his ass in the air, the round cheeks and the muscular back of his thighs. By the time he was licking his lips, satiated from dinner, Erica had barely touched hers having spent most of the time watching him. He sat in silence watching the television as she finished her own food. When she had finished her stew Erica picked up Taj's bowl and took the dishes into the kitchen, returning minutes later with a bowl of ice cream. Already before she entered the living room he was staring against the doorway. His eyes followed the bowls journey in her hand from the moment she walked in. He whined softly.

"No Taj.." she said absentmindedly and took her first spoon of ice cream.

Suddenly he barked, now facing her he had completely left the TV episode behind and was solely focused on the ice cream. For a moment they matched stares, Erica narrowed her eyes suspiciously at his persistence but he held his ground. His clear blue eyes did not look away until she finally took a spoon of ice cream and smeared it over her foot. It was cold, slowly melting as her body heat overcame the coldness of the ice. She stretched her foot out towards Taj and he immediately took her queue. His tongue lapped up the ice cream and she quickly replaced it with some more. Within minutes she was shuddering from the cold, now dripping the ice cream down her inner thighs. When she started pulling her panties down her legs Taj was no longer interested in the ice cream melting in it's bowl close by, he just intently stared in between her legs as her sleek wet sex came into his view.

Erica moaned and squirmed on the couch, her eyes closed and her legs propped up to give Taj as much access as he desired and he seemed to desire it a great deal. His first slow licks along her slit had been exhilarating and she had tried remain composed as long as she could. Eventually it had become to much and she urged him on, sending him into a frenzy, feeding on the juices that was streaming from her pussy. Even behind her closed eye lids Erica could see flashing stars as her body started to convulse. Taj kept driving his tongue deep into her and she screamed out as the orgasm shook her body. He kept licking relentlessly until the point where it was becoming painful and Erica pushed him away, her feet on his shoulders. Taj still eagerly pushed on but as strong as he was Erica had little problem keeping away with her legs. He kept staring intently on her while she recovered from her climax. Looking back into his eyes she slowly felt herself getting aroused again, there was something feral about him when he was acting like this and it just spoke to Erica a most sexual way. She spun around on the couch, leaning against the back rest, arching her back and thrusting her ass towards him. Taj quickly approached again and she moaned softly as she could feel his nose slide between the wet folds of her pussy, up between her ass cheeks and seconds later his tongue came out of his mouth. This time rolling and teasing her other opening. Erica groaned and bit into the couch, oh how she loved that tongue. She fingered herself slowly as Taj kept lapping at her ass. Minutes went by and Taj delighted in burying his tongue deep into her ass, enthralled by Erica's sounds of pleasure.

When Erica beckoned Taj to mount her he didn't hesitate. He gave her asshole one last lick and rose to his feet behind her. For a moment he marveled over the sight of the woman he was quickly coming to consider as his owner. She was absolutely gorgeous where she looked back over her shoulder smiling, cooing to him about what a good boy he was. The tip of his cock nudged her entrance, her juices spilling over it's swollen head. With a cry of lust Erica launched herself back against him, her ass slammed against his hips and she took him deep within her. There was little tenderness between them once they got started, feeding off each others lust and energy. Erica urged him on even more and he kept pushing into her with more vigor with every stroke. When Taj started whining softly Erica tried to slow the pace but he kept fucking her, his strong hands had a firm grip of her hips and she had little control over their position.

"Don't you dare! Not yet!" She hissed.

She was too late, with an outdrawn cry Taj struck true inside her one last time and she felt his load erupt within her. He ground his hips against her ass and she growled in disappointment as he filled her with his seed.

Taj slumped backwards and came to rest sitting on the floor. He closed his eyes for a moment trying to catch his breath, as he opened them again he saw Erica towering over him with a determined look on her face.

"Who gave you permission to cum?" She inquired.

Taj blushed deeply, he'd been far past the point of no return when she had spoken yet he knew that this was a not an argument he'd win.

"Lay on your back." She demanded.

He knew what she intended to do, she'd often spoken of it when they had just started seeing each other but had never acted on it. He whimpered, shaking his head slightly, moving backwards across the floor.

Erica watched him for a second, despite the fact that he was disobeying she enjoyed watching him fidget and squirm. She stalked him and when she eventually felt like she had enough of his reluctance she wrestled him to the ground, straddling his face. He offered little resistance, if he truly desired he could have overpowered her but he would never do it. She knew it and more importantly she knew that he knew it. As she thrust her pussy down against his mouth their eyes met for a moment. His blue eyes gazing up at her and her own brown eyes staring back down at him, subduing any last resistance that was left in him. He closed his eyes and started lapping, tasting his own juices mixed with hers as he once again drove his tongue deeper and deeper into her. Erica rode his face to two more orgasm before she collapsed on top of him.

After their shower they laid together on the couch. Taj with his head in her lap when he suddenly looked up at her.

"Hmmm?" Erica raised a questioning eyebrow.

He looked at her for another moment before he spoke. "I'll always be by your side."

Now Erica's quizzical look turned to a warm smile instead. "And I'll always protect and care for you my pet."

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