tagLoving WivesMarie Loved to Go on a Hike Ch. 02

Marie Loved to Go on a Hike Ch. 02


It has been two months since my wife, Marie, and I experienced a sexual encounter with three hunters on a hike in a local state forest. Our life has returned to normal with no apparent effect. Our intimacy, or should I say sex, has not suffered. I could say it has gotten better, but I want to give it time. What I have seen is a slight change in Marie's dressing habits. She stated wearing more skirt. Many of them were recent purchases. She has also initiated our sexual events more often. I should say, she started to initiate a few of our sexual events. Before, she never did. What can I say, I like the subtle change.

This was a normal November Saturday for us. We had gotten the leaves off the grass on Friday. We planned a walk on one of the many rail trails in our area for later in the afternoon. Our morning was free, so we decided to run a few errands. A few months ago, Marie would have been wearing shorts and a polo shirt, or even jeans, due to the autumn chill in the air. Today she came out of the bedroom in an oxford blouse, covered with a pull over sweeter vest, and one of her new skirts that was cut just above the knee. She looked very appropriate for our age, but a little flirty. I looked a little out of place out of place in jeans and a sweat shirt, but I had no one to empress.

We stopped and shared a grinder at Subway, and returned home a little after lunch. I went to the computer knowing that Marie would change clothes for our walk. I was ready to go. The door bell rang, and Marie went to answer it, while I stayed at the computer. I expected it to be the Boy Scouts or something, selling something or asking for a donation. She could handle it.

But after a moment, I was called out of the computer room, and found Marie standing with the three hunters that used Marie as a sex toy two months ago. I was certainly surprised. They looked very different this time. Their dress reminded me of the "business causal" standard from my working years. Oxford shirts, nice slacks, polished loafers. My mouth dropped, but before I could speak, Frank, the apparent leader, did.

"We noticed that our party never made the news or was even filed in a police report."

"That's right. Marie didn't want to tell anyone."

"We were hoping that is what happened. We had a blast. You two must have enjoyed the party too. Right?" I looked to Marie, who as looking back. She had a shy smile on her lips.

"I was ready to call the police, but Marie said no. I have to admit that I did enjoy the show. Marie, what are you thinking?"

Marie is usually quite when these type of subjects are discussed, so I felt I had to ask the direct question.

"Well. I had to get over the fear I felt in the beginning. I was not hurt, and they were gentle. So, yes, I did enjoy it. I got turned on, actually."

"We were hoping you felt that way. We have beer, vodka, and some food in the car. Are you up for another party? We don't plan to use the ball gags this time."

Marie and I looked at each other and shook our heads, yes.

"I was hoping for more of a verbal affirmation."

We looked back at Frank, and said "yes" at almost the same time. That is when I heard the tape recorder click off. George had been holding it behind his back.

Marie walked around the three as if she was looking for something. "No, pictures or films. I don't want to end up on the internet."

"You got it, Sweet Onion. Our memories can get better with time, but pictures just stay the same."

Teddy and George went to get the stuff from the car. Soon, we all had a drink in our hands. With the sexual tension in the room, beer went down quickly. We were sitting in the TV/family room. Our sofa, recliner, and other chair formed a semi-circle giving everyone a good view of the TV. The open space in front of the TV was about 10 by 10 ft. The UCONN football game was scheduled on national TV, and would start in about an hour and a half. We talked about the game, their hunting season, and stuff, but not about their backgrounds. Dressed as they were, they appeared to be white collar professionals who hunted as a hobby. After Marie finished her second beer, Frank turned to me.

"You still want to participate?" He assumes the answer was yes. "I want you to have your wife join you in front of the TV, and strip her for us. I want you to 'sell it' so we get turned on. Think you can do that?"

I got up and walked to where Marie was sitting and held out my hand. "Strip her, I can. Sell it? Probably, no need."

Marie took a long drink from he third beer and got up. With me standing in the middle of the circle, I had her walk slowly around the parameter, close enough for the eager hands to reach out and touch her bare legs or clothes. Then I reversed directions. The hands slowed her progress more this time. She was still wearing the outfit from this morning.

I pulled her to the center of the circle. With her facing the men, I got on my knees from behind. I put both hands around her right leg just above the knee. I moved both hands down to her foot, removing her right shoe. I moved my hand back up her leg to well above the hem of the skirt. Hidden from view, I moved my hands to the left leg. I slowly repeated the process, removing the left shoe.

I put my hands on the outside of her legs, and started moving them up. I rubbed front to back as in moved up, I avoided raising the skirt in the front as much as possible. When I got to the panties, I started to pull them down. It should have been obvious what I was doing, but not until the panties appeared below the skirt, did the three eager watchers react with applause and whistles. When I got the panties completely out of the way, I put hands on the inside of the legs, and moved up the thighs. My thumbs just briefly brushed her lips. I then got up, grabbed her hand, and had her walk the parameter again. There was an unavoidable pause as each pair of hand probed higher up the skirt than before.

When I got her back to the center, I again turned her toward the eager eyes. Standing behind her, I reached down to her waist and pulled the sweater over her head. I took her hands and placed then on the back of her head. She looked like she had surrendered. I then pulled the shirt tails out, and slipped my hands under the shirt from the bottom. Only she and I knew the bra she was wearing clipped in the front. After opening the clip, I pulled my hands out and went to the buttons. I alternated between the top and the bottom, pulling the shirt back each time. For the last button I used both hands and pulled the shirt and bra together, back and down her arms. It was like tying her hands behind her, pushing her tits out. More applause and whistles.

It was time for another parade around the parameter, but blocking the view, I unbuttoned the top of her skirt. Only the zipper was holding up the last piece of clothing she had on. On the first pass the zipper was facing away for the groping hands. Marie had a forced pause in front of each one. When I turned her around for the second pass, George groped as before not seeing the zipper being presented. Frank in the middle went for the legs up the skirt, and saw the zipper as the parade moved to Teddy. He reached too late. Teddy saw his opportunity and pulled down the zipper and the skirt with it. Marie wiggled her behind as a tease as we moved back to the center.

"Sold" was all Frank said as all three jumped to their feet and crowded around Marie. Hands were all over her, much like the pattern of the last encounter, but her hands weren't suspended from above. Marie was quick to move her arms out of the way, resting them on her head. George and Teddy went for the tits, and Frank grabbed the bush.

George and Teddy were standing at her side. Teddy was following George's lead as he did two months ago. With one hand, George seemly consumed one tit. While he worked that hand in a gentle groping, he used the other to grope one cheek of her ass. George watched Marie to gauge her response. Teddy watched George.

I then saw George open the hand on the tit and with the flat of his palm, rub the tip of her nipple. Her chest was heaving with slow deep breaths. He started alternation between twisting and pulling with his forefinger and thumb and rubbing with his palm. The mirror image continued.

Suddenly, Fran had stepped back and was enjoying the stimulating show with me. George pulled the nipple out firmly and held it briefly. He relaxed the tension and started a circular motion. He followed this pattern three or four time. While looking at Frank, he continued the pattern.

"Frank, the tit is inviting you. Run your finger over this nipple."

With hesitation, Frank placed his finger tips on the top of 'George's tit'. Every time George stopped the circular motion with the nipple under tension, Frank slid a finger down to nipple exposed between George's manipulating fingers. I got into the action on 'Teddy's tit'. Marie was breathing heavy, but her moans where the telling signs. She was ready.

Frank reached down and grabbed as much of the bush as he could get in his hand. As he pulled, gently but forceful, he looked at me.


Frank let the straining hair slowly slide through is fingers. He picked Marie up to carry her. I lead the way to guest bedroom equipped with twin beds without either head or foot boards and lots of free space surrounding them. George and Teddy were shedding clothes as they went. Frank laid her down across the one of the beds, easily reached from both sides.

Frank looked around at room and three eager faces. "Four dicks, we need two ends working."

With that, he turned Marie over to a crawling position. He went after her raised pussy and George filled her mouth. Teddy and I had only the tits to work and wait our turn. After about an hour, the dicks stayed limp.

"Sweet Onion, take a shower and clean up. The game is about to start. We'll get our beer, but you bring the food after you dry off. And no clothes needed."

What could be better? A nude waitress bring food and drink during a football game, with more plays after the fourth quarter.

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