tagGroup SexMarie's Class Reunion

Marie's Class Reunion


I wrote and submitted this story to Literotica a few years ago. Recently I re-read it and thought there were some problems here and there. This is a revised version of the original.


Marie and I had lived and loved in Key West for a year and really enjoyed the casual lifestyle of the Florida Keys. I had left the Navy and found work as a DJ at a local radio station. Marie had no trouble finding work as a nurse at the only hospital at the southern end of the keys. We often dined on fresh seafood that local fishermen offered in payment for medical services at the hospital when they didn't have cash or insurance. There were long lazy weekends spent on the beach or aboard our 19' Larson cabin cruiser. It was large enough for the two of us and for a few friends to join us from time to time.

Marie had kept in touch with her girlfriends from nursing school over the years. Some had married and had children while others had gone through one or more relationships that had failed. She told me that they were a wild bunch and the stories she told confirmed that. They had shared almost everything from food to dorm rooms, clothing and, on a couple of occasions, even boyfriends!

They swapped photos of themselves and their families like old friends do and shared their life experiences with each other. When they found out that we were living in Key West they usually promised to visit us when they could, but none had done so. Then something happened that would result in a most delightful week for Marie and myself!

One evening, as we lounged in front of the TV after dinner, Marie said, "It looks like we might finally host some of my old friends, Jack."

"Really?" I replied, "It's about time. Ya'll have been swapping letters and phone calls so long that I thought they'd never actually come down for a visit."

"Amy is trying to get a group of the girls together for a Florida vacation," she told me, "and she's asked if we would mind hosting the event."

"I'd love to meet your friends and it would be nice for you to see them again," I said, "how many do you think will come?"

Marie answered, "It looks like four at this point. I don't know about sleeping arrangements though, we've only got two bedrooms and the couch. Perhaps we could reserve hotel rooms for them at the La Concha."

The radio station that I worked for was in the La Concha hotel, both of which were owned by a former Monroe County sheriff and state senator. We reserved rooms there for our parents and other visitors when we couldn't accommodate them in our mobile home on Stock Island. I was able to get a break on the costs as an employee of the radio station.

"Sure, that would be great if there are too many to stay here, but I have a better idea. You work on finding out exactly how many people will be coming and I'll look into something that would be nice for all of us, if I can work it out," I told her.

"I hope your idea isn't expensive," Marie said, "We can't afford a lot right now you know."

"I know," I replied, "If I can work out the deal I have in mind there won't be any cost for rooms."

Marie quickly replied, "That would be great, but keep it legal, OK?"

"Have I ever done anything to get us in trouble with the law?" I asked.

"Well, not that I know of," she said, "But I do remember how you kept your toolbox and tools when you left the Navy. I'm still not sure that was OK."

"Hey! I got permission to keep that, they were just going to tag them as surplus and store them in some warehouse for the next fifty years!" I told her.

"Whatever," was her reply as she returned her attention to the television.

I had heard that the owner of the radio station owned a retreat on a private island up the keys. He rarely used it and most people didn't know it existed. After I finished my shift the next morning I found him in his office and asked if there was any way I could use his retreat for a week. We struck a deal. We could have the place for a week in return for my services as a handyman. The place needed maintenance and I was pretty handy with tools.

I told Marie about the Little Munson Island retreat deal that I had arranged for her reunion and she was ecstatic!

"That's great!" she told me, "I called Amy today and she's gotten commitments from Carol, Debra and Tammy. They've booked flights to Miami for next month and will drive down here together. We can take our car and their rental car."

"Umm, not so fast," I told her, "It's a private island, no bridge or roads. We'll have to take the boat. It's about 25 miles up, just this side of Big Pine Key."

"That's even better!" said Marie, "We'll have total privacy. But, will it be like camping, are there toilets and electricity?"

"No problem there, it's got bathrooms with showers, three bedrooms, a kitchen and a generator. The house is built on top of a large cistern that stores rainwater for cooking, drinking, showers and toilet needs," I told her, "we just need to bring food and drink. Lot's of beer because I'm going to be doing maintenance on the place in return not paying rent."

"Perfect! You work while we play," she grinned, "I'm calling Amy right now with the news."

When she returned to the living room after the call, Marie stood facing me, slowly unbuttoned her blouse and opened it to show me her lovely B+ breasts while moving her shoulders, making them to dance for me. She suggested that we adjourn to the bedroom so that she could give me my reward. I quickly accepted her offer!

Once in the bedroom she did a slow strip while keeping an eye on my reaction to her show. My cock had risen to attention and was straining the fabric of my shorts, showing its appreciation.

When she was completely naked she jumped on the bed causing her boobs to bounce and asked, "Don't you want to join me, or would you prefer to watch TV?"

She knew the answer and laughed when I almost fell over while pulling off my shorts and briefs too quickly. I climbed on the bed with her, wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close while kissing her lips passionately. Her hand found my cock and gave it a little squeeze before moving lower and lightly stroking my nut-sack.

"I love you," she breathed into my ear.

"You are my everything and always will be," I replied as I gently pushed her down on the mattress.

We coupled with little foreplay that evening, both of us being so excited about our island vacation with her friends that we couldn't wait. Afterwards we snuggled under the sheets and talked about the upcoming adventure until we both drifted off to sleep.

Two weeks later, on a Saturday, Marie's old friends arrived at our door. She greeted them with squeals and hugs, like women do. I had never met any of them and was pleased to note that all four were in their late 20's and attractive, as Marie introduced me to them.

'This is going to be interesting,' I thought, 'Five women and one guy on an island and I'm the lucky guy!'

Amy was Marie's height with a nice figure that included, what I estimated to be, D-cup breasts and straight brown hair down to her shoulders. Carol was a blonde with a pair of D's and a few extra pounds. She had a great smile with flashing blue eyes. Debra was a petite redhead with green eyes and almost-C-cup boobs. She seemed to be the shy one. Tammy had short blonde hair and B-cup breasts with sharp nipples poking at front of her tank top as though they wanted out to play. My wife, Marie, is slim with brown eyes, dark brown hair and B+ tits. All except Marie were still in their traveling clothes.

I took refreshment orders and Marie suggested that they all change into something comfortable before we drove to the marina and loaded the boat for the cruise up to Little Munson Island. The ladies went back out to their car and selected outfits then returned to the trailer. I handed each her Coke, beer or iced tea and they adjourned to our bedroom to change.

"Well, what do you think of my nursing school crew?" Marie asked.

"They seem like a great bunch of gals, I'm sure we'll all have fun this week. I just wish I could relax and play all day but I've got to work on the place or 'Mr. S' might not be so willing to let us use it again," I told her.

After everyone had changed we climbed into the two cars and drove to the marina. I hauled the bags and groceries to the boat and loaded them while Marie told them all about Key West and the Florida Keys. I was getting a workout and we hadn't even gotten to the island yet.

We cast off and headed northeast at full speed. The women joked and talked all the way, catching up with each other. We had stocked the coolers on the boat with ice, beer and wine coolers the night before and everyone enjoyed them, getting a little tipsy.

Tammy and Amy wanted to get a start on Florida suntans but didn't want to dig through their bags for swimsuits. They asked if anyone objected to them stripping to their underwear and received assurances that it was OK with everyone (especially me). They promptly stripped to their bras and panties and parked themselves in chairs on the after-deck. I glanced back from my position at the helm from time to time to take in the sight, of course. Tammy was wearing matching light green panties and thin bra with her nipples barely hidden from view. Amy looked great in her black bra and panties too, with her large breasts nearly overflowing the cups.

Eventually I sighted the island and shouted, "There's our home for the week." They all moved quickly over to the port side of the boat triggering a list to that side. I shouted for them to get back to the center of the boat before we ended up swimming to the island and they quickly complied. The rest of the run to shore was uneventful with the girls talking about how pretty it was and how excited they were. I must admit that I was a bit excited myself. Sure, it was a special place to vacation but my mind was focused on the adventure of spending a week on a private island with five beautiful women.

We slid up beside the small dock and Marie hopped out to tie the boat up. The women ran up toward the house and I followed with a couple of suitcases in hand. When I walked in the front door (Marie had the key and unlocked it for them) I heard them running around and shouting like little kids at a theme park.

"Look at the view from out here!" I heard one shout from the deck over the front porch.

"Hey everybody, there's a hot tub out back, but it's pretty nasty looking!" another said.

"No pool but there's a sandy beach out back!" came another shout.

I put the bags down and took a tour myself. The kitchen was in decent shape and well equipped, just a little dirty. There were three bedrooms upstairs, one master with a full bath and two smaller bedrooms with two queen size beds each and a shared bathroom. The first floor featured a large common room with couches and armchairs, the kitchen, dining room and another bathroom with shower.

Outside I checked out a shed beside the house where I found the generator and an electric water pump. After getting acquainted with the controls I flipped a switch to the "Run" position and pressed the button marked "Start." After a few seconds of cranking the engine started and settled down to a steady speed. I pushed a large arm on a switchbox up and the generator engine slowed when it suddenly had a load then revved up to its operating speed again.

I heard a shout from the house, "Hey, Jack must have found the generator, we've got lights!" I verified that the fuel tank was full and returned to the house.

Inside I found all five women lounging on couches and chairs in the main room, chatting happily. When they saw me they broke out in cheers and applause, thanking me for getting the power on. I bowed deeply and made my way to the bathroom. All of the drinking we did on the boat had resulted in a strong urge to pee and I hadn't been able to use the head on the boat. Every time I could get away from the helm for a minute I found someone else using it. When I closed the door behind me I was relieved in two ways. One, the obvious and the other when I flushed the toilet and there was water pressure to re-fill it.

I left the women to their conversations and did the manly duty of hauling the rest of the baggage and supplies up to the house. I moved the food from a cooler to the refrigerator, now that it was working.

Once that chore was completed I sat in an armchair in the common room to relax a bit. Marie came over and sat in my lap, giving me a kiss and a hug then telling me, "The girls all love this place. You're a hero for getting it for us."

"Good to hear, I'm sure we'll all enjoy the week here," I told her, "I'm relieved that the generator and water pump work, I'm going to need a shower before bed tonight. I worked up quite a sweat hauling all of the stuff you girls brought with you!"

A chorus of "Awww, you poor boy", "Is little Jackie tired?" and, "Pew, I thought I smelled something!" comments came from around the room. The one comment that got my attention the most came from Amy who said, "You'd better get your rest when you can because, with five women and only one man, you are going to have your work cut out for you!"

Marie smiled at that and whispered to me, "Looks like you might have more work to do here than just fixing stuff."

I looked at her and whispered back, "Do you mean what I think you mean?"

"We'll see, just make sure you save enough energy for me," she replied, and pulled my lips to hers for a long kiss.

"Ohhhh! Look at that girls," I heard Tammy say, "Marie and Jack sitting in a tree, K, I, S, S, I, N, G!"

Everyone broke out laughing and Marie said to me, "You need to do something about that nasty hot tub on the back deck while we explore the island, right girls?"

There was a chorus of agreement and they all got up and left through the front door, leaving me with their bags to haul upstairs. I put Marie's and my bags in the master bedroom and left the others in the hallway for the other four women to sort out.

Out on the deck I saw why they had referred to the hot tub as "nasty." It was half-full of water that was thick and green. It had obviously not been cared for in a long time. I found the plug and opened it up to drain while I poked around, gathering cleaning supplies, a garden hose and chemicals. After an hour I had the tub and filter cleaned and was filling it with fresh water from the hose.

It was a small island and I heard occasional shrieks and bursts of laughter from various directions as the girls explored our home for the week.

Once I had the tub full I pressed the power button and the pump obediently started with a satisfying hum. I treated the water with the appropriate chemicals to keep it from growing nasty green stuff again and turned the heat on.

While it was warming the water and circulating the chemicals I went up to the master bedroom, stripped and got into the shower. I was relieved to find that the water heater was working, one less thing for me to worry about. After my shower I felt relatively fresh and put my swimsuit on with testing the hot tub in mind. I grabbed a beer from a cooler and walked out on the deck. The water was warm and inviting. Even though it was well over 80 degrees outside I wanted to relax in the tub and soothe my aching muscles after carrying the bags and supplies.

Once I was in and settled I heard the women approaching the house, still giggling like little girls and talking non-stop. As they approached the deck, Debra shouted, "Look, Jack got the hot tub working! Last one in gets to fix dinner!"

I briefly had an image in my mind of all five of them quickly stripping to the skin and jumping in the tub with me but Marie stopped them by saying, "No, he's done all of the work around here while we've been having fun. Let Jack relax while we fix the meal."

There was some half-hearted protesting but they all dutifully went into the kitchen and left me alone on the deck. I fell asleep after a few minutes and was awakened when Marie shouted through the kitchen window, "dinner's ready honey."

I don't know how long I had been out but the sun had set and the lights were on in the house. I climbed out of the tub, turned the jets off and slipped a t-shirt over my head before walking into the dining room. Two women were seated and the other three were bringing the meal from the kitchen. I sat in a chair at the large round table and soon found myself between Marie and Carol. We enjoyed the meal and conversation. At one point Carol spoke up, saying, "I propose a toast to Jack. If it weren't for him we might be in one of those convention hotels eating cardboard turkey and sharing rooms on different floors with little refrigerators and pay-as-you-go mini-bars. To Jack!" she said as she raised her glass and the others joined her, "TO JACK!" they all repeated.

Marie leaned over and kissed my cheek. To my surprise, Carol leaned over and kissed my other cheek.

"You are all very welcome," I said, "the pleasure is mine."

"Maybe it is now," quipped Carol as she laid a hand on my thigh and massaged it, "but I expect some pleasure too and I know we all do."

"Don't worry," said Marie to the group, "Pleasure is what this reunion is about and I'm sure Jack won't mind helping us all out, right Jack?" as she caressed my other thigh beneath the table.

"Umm, sure, anything you say darling," I stammered. I sensed that there was a conspiracy afoot and that I may be a beneficiary! If she was hinting that I might get some action from one or more of her girlfriends I was going to be one worn out son of a bitch by the end of the week. It would be taxing but one hell of a good time.

"I'm really beat," I told Marie and her friends, "All of that carrying bags and supplies has taken a toll. I'm going to hit the sack. I'll see ya'll in the morning. Are you going to join me, Marie?"

"Not just yet," she answered, "we have to plan the week now that we've seen the island. You get some sleep, you'll probably need it."

That did it, either I was in trouble or in for the treat of my life. I headed up the stairs, brushed my teeth and stripped my swimsuit and t-shirt off before climbing between the sheets. I was almost asleep when I sensed movement in the room. I felt my wife slipping under the sheet with me. I could tell that she was naked when she snuggled behind me and began running a hand over my body. I was sleepy but am not one to turn a woman in need away.

I turned over and began to kiss her and fondle her boobs. I was startled when I felt someone else lay down on the bed behind me. I was surprised at first, then realized that they had to have come up with their plan together. I wasn't about to complain. My cock sprang to attention.

The woman behind me rolled me over on my back and both began kissing, licking and stroking their fingers up and down my naked body. I was dying to have my cock sucked but they only teased me by giving it an occasional kiss and squeeze. This was excruciating and I begged them to give me relief.

It was dark in the room and I still didn't know which of Marie's girlfriends was in bed with us. I didn't really care as long as they continued their sex-play. Then, one of them took my cock in her hand and the other started sucking it. I was being jerked off and sucked at the same time by two women and it was truly fantastic! I highly recommend it.

I had one of them on my left and the other on my right, each on her knees with her bottom facing my head. I reached out with both hands and stroked their pussies. After a few minutes they switched places so that I had a different hand and mouth pleasuring my cock. It was the most incredible sensation having two women administer to my rod; I had a very hard time holding back my orgasm.

After ten minutes of this, Marie straddled my face and lowered her pussy to my mouth. She sat upright as I ate her and her friend continued to suck and stroke my cock. Her friend then straddled my hips and slid her hot pussy along my cock as it laid against my stomach. Marie was facing my lower body and her friend was facing the other way. The moon had finally begun to softly light the room, which enabled me to catch a brief glance at the other woman who turned out to be Amy. They each leaned forward and kissed. This was a huge turn on for me, as if I wasn't turned all the way on already! Amy continued to grind her pussy on my cock as they kissed and played with each other's boobs.

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