Mary's Day Arrived At Last


She managed to look at the clock; it was now 1:00pm.

'Quick boys,' she squeaked out, 'Mike will be back soon, we mustn't let him find us.'

They all jumped out of her dripping and soaked bed, giggling and laughing, fingers and lips connected all over the place from all three of them, Mary was more than willing now, both lads knew they were in for the long haul, assuming no one found out!

They all had a fast shower, Mary got attacked again, and had an orgasm in it. Finally they left, Mary opened her windows and rapidly re made the bed, all was back in place, she forced herself to settle down, and then realised she had a definite limp. 'Oh Jesus, this is just too much,' she smiled happily to herself, but now she was feeling the effects of being fucked from pillar to post by two extremely virile boys.

She had their numbers, and they could use any of their houses, when ever one was alone for another get together, she would definitely be calling them in the morning. And then she remembered that her useless husband and her beautiful son were going fishing on Saturday morning, and taking the tent, they wouldn't be home until Sunday afternoon!

The trouble was Roger and Tony sometimes went too, and she knew Mike had mentioned it to them. 'Hah,' she thought giddily, 'we'll see who wins that one then!' Mary did, the boys were actually there at the house waiting for them to drive away, and profusely apologising for not being able to join them, but both had extremely pressing obligations to attend to themselves they said, looking at Mary, her pussy fired up immediately.

She had refused to have anything to do with her husband the night before, he had been ready for his weekly attendance to his wife, but Mary had just told him she didn't feel like it. And she didn't, she was already trying not to think too much of the coming weekend with her boys, her body and pussy couldn't withstand the onslaught her thoughts did to her.

As they drove off, Roger said, 'well Mary, we have all weekend to get through on our own, any ideas what we should do about that?' he playfully taunted her.

'I have one or two things in mind Roger,' she replied smiling at them, 'and I am more than sure you two have as well?' All Mary wanted to do right now was kiss them, and feel their cocks in her hands, she was desperate for it.

'Come on Mary,' Tony offered, I need a drink!' He knowingly eyed her, she got the message, he was going to eat her pussy, her knees were already trembling as she led them into her house, locking the door behind them, as soon as she did, they attacked her, she was a rag doll in moments in her kitchen.

They tore her clothes from her, bit, kissed and sucked on her nipples, fingered her pussy, finger her open bum hole, they wrecked her senses in moments. Then she was on her bed somehow, Roger was kneeling over her forcing his black hard cock into her mouth, Mary attended to her loving duty, her hands up on his chest, feeling the contours of his fabulous body.

Suddenly her own body tried to leave the bed, her pussy was under assault, Tony had clamped his mouth on her wet pussy, his tongue speared her, his nose was on her clit, he sucked and lapped her flowing nectar up. Mary had her first orgasm of the weekend, the first of 'millions' she hoped.

Then her legs were being lifted, she couldn't see what he was doing because Roger was making her blow him, all she could see was black heaven as she gazed up at him.

Tony pushed her feet right up, and then, Wham! He drove his prick into her, both boys was controlling her in their own way, both were individually screwing her, but their forces were being combined to send Mary into utter heavenly purgatory. This was complete sexual bliss; 2 days ago she was in hell, now she had truly been shown the other side of life.

Roger leaned forward onto his hands, his thick black cock was pointing straight down into Mary's hot beautiful mouth, 'Jesus,' Roger thought, 'this is utopia, I've got my prick in this beautiful woman's mouth, and she can't get enough!'

He kneeled downwards forcing his cock further in because he was going to blow, he did, Mary gagged, but dutifully took it all, how she lasted without breathing she didn't know, but she did, she did it for him.

Tony was hammering at her pussy, he was on his way, they had waited 3 long days for this, and their staying power was on a short fuse. She felt his cock stiffen, if that was possible for it to stiffen further, he spunked into her, orgasm after orgasm railed through her. Mary was finished, she had nothing to respond with, the cocks still in her, her body hoping that they wouldn't leave it yet.

Grabbing hold of her by her slim shoulders, Roger spun her around and over him, he pulled her up his body, and told her to get on her knees, she obeyed without thought. He thrust his still hard and sleek prick into her pussy, he began to fuck her from underneath. He flicked hand at his friend and indicated for him to plow into her from behind as well, Mary was about to be double teamed, even the two lads hadn't ever done this, but they knew they were going to, Mary didn't.

Tony pointed his cum laden prick at her hole, as Roger pulled downwards and nearly out, he followed him back in. Mary nearly died, she felt her pussy being inwardly pushed outwards, it was suddenly so full she felt as if she was going to split. An orgasm of massive proportions ripped through her, it was a tidal wave of devastation. Both of the boys cocks were fully embedded, Tony looked down and grinned in delight.

Then they used their superior strength, both held her and both fucked her, they gave no thought to her, this was the ultimate, both went headlong into Mary's pussy, and battered her into a floppy stupor, orgasm followed orgasm until they all flowed into one.

Then the inevitable happened, Tony on a pull back went too far and he came out, Mary felt her pussy relax, then Tony rammed it back in, but he missed, his cock disappeared in a nano second up her wet, slippery backside. She screamed, but the grip they had on her kept her in place, Tony wasn't aware yet that he was where he was, but Mary knew! She tried to push back at him to get him out, she couldn't tell him to, her voice was silent, her throat constricted, then he began to fuck her again, in and out, back and forth, he was building up to an ejaculation to end all ejaculations.

Roger underneath her was banging her as hard as he could, and he himself was building to a crisis point in his life. Mary was laying over him, unable to move in any direction, her only way out from this was when they finished, and she could sense her battered and deranged mind that that moment was approaching with the force of a hurricane.

Roger and his friend exploded almost simultaneously, her stomach and bowels expanded like an exploding fuel tank, her inners gurgled and rumbled at the intrusion, but slowly died as they emptied their boiling nuts.

They all collapsed in a blubbering mass of incoherent words, and giggles, all of them filled to capacity of their achievements, neither would ever know in the state of lovemaking where they had come on a scale of 1 to 10, but they all believed later that a rock solid 10 had been gained with distinctions!

It was an hour before they stirred, Mary struggled to get of the bed, her body was a wreck, a beautiful wreck, but a wreck never the less. Both boys were laid on their backs, Mary leaned down and kissed them both, then she hobbled painfully into her bathroom, and locking the door behind her. She needed some time to try and recover from her sexual defeat, no, demolition, again, no, sexual murder, she had survived her own sexual death, she felt agonisingly wonderful.

When she returned more than half an hour later they were still where she left them, she took a certain amount of pride in the fact that at least she had risen, they hadn't!

'Come on you beautiful boys, get up, I need to remake the bed, you don't want to be in that all weekend do you?' and she giggled her sexy giggle, reached for their cocks and played with them both, kissing the purple red heads in turn, and in between her ministrations.

Both boys suddenly jumped out kissed her so passionately Mary lost her breath again, her nipples were fried in seconds.

'Pleas boys, please?' she begged them through lovely arched eyebrows. They relented, and headed for the shower, Tony in hers, Roger in the one on the top of the stairs.

She remade the bed, and discarded the dirty linen, then she hurriedly sat before her dresser, she wanted to look as good as she could when they returned, her face lightly made up, her soft hair brushed down past her slim shoulders, she quickly dressed in stockings, and suspender belt, no panty's, no bra, they are a waste of time here she giggled salaciously. Topped off with a flimsy see through top that she hadn't worn in years.

When they returned she was laid propped up on one elbow looking at the as seductively as she could, and seductive she was. She was the most fuckable of women, so sexy, she had no idea of the allure she had for a man, of the desire she could raise from any man. And that's what made her the woman she was, sexy, feline, elegant, feminine, sophisticated when necessary, and graceful.

Both boys got on with her, and loved her the way she had been needed to be loved for long years, they kissed her caressed her, stroked her, and more importantly to Mary, they paid homage in wondrous awe. They loved her, she could feel it, see it in their eyes. It was tangible.

They spent the remaining 24 hours doing just that, in and out of each other. Mary offered herself in every way that she could, nothing was denied. They fucked and loved her into passionate oblivion; they were an endless source of love and affection.

She spent the last 30 minutes before her unthought of husband, and her beautiful son got back, on her knees in her kitchen giving them a last blow job, Roger came again, Tony had none left.

What neither of the boys had mentioned, for fear of spoiling things was. They would be leaving town in 2 weeks to return to college! It almost broke her heart when they did tell her in bed the following week.

'Oh no, what am I going to do without you? I can't make it on my own, I already intend to divorce him, I can't stand him near me now, and he knows it!'

Both boys were laid at her side, they each took and arm and pushed it under their bodies.

'Mary we have something to tell you, we don't want you to get upset, but its near damned the solution you will need to this, if you'll listen okay?' Tony told her.

Roger took up the conversation.

'Mary, Mike wants you, he has wanted you for as long as we have, please believe us, he is our best friend, he needs you too Mary, very much.'

Mary gaped at them, 'you can't be serious, you can't be, he's my son!' she yelled.

'Yes we know he is, but that doesn't, nor can detract from the fact that he is desperate to love you, love you the way we do Mary.'

'My God, oh my god,' Mary stuttered, 'I can't believe this, and now I see, that you have discussed it haven't you, have you told him about this?' she demanded.

'No we haven't Mary, he has no idea about us, and he never will, hopefully.' Tony muttered.

Sadly they kissed their goodbyes with fervent promises of visits, and things to come.

Two weeks later Mary was desperate, she needed to be loved, she had taken note of what her lovers had told her about Mike. He did look at her in a different way, there was something in his eyes that only a woman can see in a man.

The first night of her soon to be gone husband's business trip. Mary took the decision to find out if what Roger and Tony had told her was true. And she did it in the most spectacular way, in Mike's opinion that is!

He had just gone to bed, Mary had been dressed provocatively, given him slightly seductive glances, made sure her skirt was high, her buttons loose on her blouse, she had done her face, her hair was terrific, she noticed his discomfort, he was being pulled in and didn't know it yet.

She followed him silently upstairs, hurried into her room, threw off her clothes and donned the brand new negligee and silky thong she had just bought. Outside his door Mary took a deep breath, opened it without knocking and walked in, Mike was laid on his back, and his cock in hand, he was just starting to have a wank, a wank unknown, but already guessed by her as for her.

Without saying a word, Mary stepped to his bed as he tried vainly to cover himself up, and spluttering.

She smiled her sweet smile and slid in with him.

'Let me take care of this for you darling as her soft hand closed terminally around his gorgeous cock.

'Oh mom, oh, oooh aaaargh, oooh, oh yes mom.'

She made sure he was flat on his back, leaned up on an exquisite elbow, kissed him lightly on the lips and said through long lashes, 'you don't want me to stop do you baby?'

'No mom, please don't, I've want this forever.' He told her truthfully.

'Yes I know baby, I've just been too blind to see it, but I'm here now, your days of need and sadness are over, I promise.'

Mary lifted herself up and over him and dropped her pussy down onto his rampant prick, she was home, she had come full circle, there was no where else for her to go. Even Tony and Roger would be let go, they would understand, she knew that.

Soon Mary would find herself happily pregnant.

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