Maryse's Love Of Fat Ass Ch. 02


As she continued to insult Melina in both French and English Maryse began quickly picking up the pace of the ass fucking until she was pounding Melina's pooper with what had to be every ounce of her strength, the sensitive areas within Melina's bowels feeling as if they were on fire with ecstasy.

It was the type of hard rectum wrecking that had left Melina sleeping on her front for several days after it happened and avoiding sitting down whenever possible as her ass was so horribly sore, and yet it was the same brutal butt fucking that she had been thinking dreamily about all week. It was shameful to admit it, but Melina had never had her ass taken so skilfully before and it left her craving another taste of Maryse's big fake cock.

What was even worse than the fact that she had been secretly wanting another one of these ass fuckings was that Melina had been thinking just as much about the ass fucking as she had thought about the woman who had given it to her. Maryse was snobby, stuck up, clearly didn't give a fuck about anyone but herself, and yet her dominant and selfish personality only made Melina want her all the more.

Melina had no idea if Maryse was serious about her being her bitch or if it was just more trash talk, but as her back passage was stretched obscenely wide and brutally drilled the WWE divas champion found herself hoping Maryse was serious and the French-Canadian would start bending her over every chance she got. Honestly it had been a struggle for Melina not to bend over for her fellow diva much sooner than she did, and as Maryse quickly and easily butt fucked her to orgasm Melina wondered briefly why she had resisted so much.

She remembered the answer was to try and hold onto some dignity, dignity she had now probably all but given up, before she gave out a deafening primal scream as her eyes rolled in the back of her head and her body trembled with a mind numbing climax. To Melina's delight orgasms just kept coming as Maryse continue drilling her ass as if she was trying to strike oil, Melina continuing to let out primal scream after primal scream, one for each incredible climax which raced through her.

Usually Maryse didn't care if her sexual partners came or not, but there was just something strangely sexy about watching another woman cumming from being butt fucked by her. Melina was no exception, in fact Maryse had never seen anything so strangely sexy, Melina shamelessly screaming and moaning for her as she slammed her fat ass back against her, the WWE divas champion acting like a total anal whore for her.

It was pretty clear Melina had become completely lost in a perverted act of butt fucking, her fat ass not only welcoming Maryse's cock but craving it, just as Maryse craved fucking that big fat ass, the French-Canadian becoming just as lost in the anal sex as the skanky ho she was fucking in the ass. As such the two divas frantically fucked for what felt like an eternity, neither one of uncaring if Melina was able to ever sit or shit right again, only that they both came as much as possible.

The stimulator on Maryse's clit and the psychological pleasure the former divas champion was getting from dominating the current champ in such a sick, twisted and perverted way was more than enough to bring Maryse to several hard climaxes, however the number of her orgasms, and the strength of them, paled in comparison to the one's Melina seemed to be having, at least if her screams or anything to go by. This could explain why Melina seemed to run out of energy so quickly, first slumping her head back against the lockers, and then slowly beginning to stop thrusting back against Maryse's thrusts.

Fuming with rage at the idea that the pleasure was coming to an end Maryse violently pulled back on Melina's hair and began screaming abuse in her ear, delivering brutal slaps down on her bubble butt with every other insulting word, making those meaty cheeks jiggle even more than they already were under the still savage anal assault, "Prenez-vous de la crotte, le prendre! Prenez comme la putain vous êtes! Prenez comme la prostituée anal vous! Jusqu'à la crosse! Jusqu'à votre gros, gras, bout à bout dégoûtant! Prends ma grosse bite dans le cul gras grande putain putain vous gros cul! Oh comment tu me dégoûtes! Ton cul gigantesque me donne envie de vomir dans ma bouche! Votre fesses énormes secouent tellement je me sens comme je baise la gelée! Avez-vous encore marcher? Ou est-ce que vous venez assis toute la journée sur le cul gigantesque, le laissant grossir et grossir? Êtes-vous ce paresseux? Est-ce pour cela que ton cul est si gros? Est-ce pour cela que vous avez par exemple une matière grasse, cul dégueulasse? Mmmmmm, bien le garder parce que j'aime ton gros cul! Je me dégoûte à cause de cela, mais je adore votre grand, gros cul! Je ne peux pas obtenir assez de votre gros cul... Gros Cul! Take it you worthless piece of shit, take it! Take it like the whore you are! Take it like the anal whore you are! Up the butt! Up your big, fat, disgusting butt! Take my big fat cock up your big fat ass you fucking fat ass whore! Oh how you disgust me! Your gigantic ass makes me want to throw up in my mouth! Your enormous butt cheeks are jiggling so much I feel like I'm fucking jelly! Do you even work out? Or do you just sit around all day on your gigantic ass, letting it get fatter and fatter? Are you that lazy? Is that why your ass is so fat? Is that why you have such a fat, disgusting ass? Mmmmmm, well keep it up because I love your fat ass! I disgust myself because of it, but I just adore your big, fat ass! I can't get enough of your fat ass... Fat Ass!"

Maryse continued the verbal and physical abuse for as long as she could until she had virtually no energy left, at which point she suddenly pulled out of Melina's ass and spread her butt cheeks with both hands, the French-Canadian grinning widely at the massive gaping crater which had once been so small and tiny. It was a revolting sight, but one which turned Maryse on.

"Mmmmmmm, there... now your ass hole is as big and disgusting as your fat ass. The hole you shit from so open... oh how you revolt me." Maryse chuckled, spanking Melina roughly on her sore behind before ordering her, spread it for me. Spread your enormous ass cheeks so I can see just how big your shit hole now is."

There was a moments hesitation and then Melina slowly reached back and spread her ass cheeks.

"Good bitch... that's what I like to see... an ass whore who can follow directions." Maryse murmured mostly to herself as she continues staring at the obscenely stretched shit hole, the French-Canadian briefly wondering just how many fun things would fit up such a flexible little poop shoot, before eventually licking her lips and ordering, "Turn around anal slut."

There was another hesitation but Melina ultimately turned around and to a shame felt her quiver of desire as Maryse looked down on her with disgust.

"In my haste to fuck your fat ass I forgot to put a condom on my dick to protect it from your disease ridden shit hole. Now my dick is covered in your nasty ass juices. Get down on your knees and suck them off." Maryse ordered, roughly slapping the other diva in the face when she hesitated, "Faster you pathetic little whore!"

Melina momentarily glared at Maryse, the urge to kick her ass quickly returning, but then Maryse returned her glare and Melina felt herself returning to the little submissive trip she had been on before and she found herself seemingly against her will dropping to her knees and swallowing the fake cock, despite its size able to take the first half a dozen inches into her mouth until that dick hit the back of it, at which point she wrapped her lips around the shaft and began sucking.

Then slowly beginning to bob her head up and down Melina closed her eyes as she savoured the taste of her own ass, a not at all unfamiliar perverted thrill rushing through her as she thoroughly cleaned the head of that cock. After she had noisily sucked and slurped every drop of ass juice from those first few inches Melina relaxed her throat muscles and began taking the soiled dildo down her gullet, giving each additional inch the same kind of noisy sucking and slurping she had given the head.

When she felt fingers tangle in her hair Melina couldn't help but look up and smirk at Maryse who was staring down at her with a look of pure burning lust. Shortly after this Maryse began pushing Melina further down on the dick, but not at a pace that the divas champion couldn't keep up with. However once every inch of the dildo came to rest either in her mouth or down her throat Melina found herself choking violently, a condition she had to suffer for several seconds as Maryse held her in place.

The sight of Melina choking and gagging on the huge strap on delighted Maryse, but not as much as the fact that when she let go Melina returned to sucking her cock without needing to be asked. Sure there was a brief period were Melina clutched her throat and gasped for breath, looking as if she was about to throw up, but to cause her fellow diva such discomfort only increased Maryse's enjoyment.

Wanting to make this even more enjoyable for herself Maryse began fucking Melina's mouth as if it were a cunt, or Melina's fat ass, slowly at first, but quickly picking up the pace until she was nearly making Melina barf with every throat destroying thrust. Soon she was slapping Melina in the face with the dick in between throat fuckings, Maryse hoping that in addition to her own saliva Melina was becoming covered in the remnants of her ass juices, the thought bringing a grin to her face as she continued abusing the other WWE diva.

It wasn't long before Maryse added verbal abuse to the equation, "Oh oui, oh oui, sucer mon putain bite! Suce ma bite baise bite à sucer vous putain! Prendre chaque pouce dans la gorge! Choke chienne, je veux vous voir s'étouffer! Je veux que vous bâillonner dur pour ma bite putain! Allez, montre-moi combien vous l'aimez! Montrez-moi combien vous aimez avoir la gorge défoncée par moi! Montrez-moi combien tu m'aimes l'aide de votre visage comme une chatte ... ou ton gros cul! Mmmmmm, ce robinet a été au coeur de votre gros cul et vous ne vous souciez-vous faire? No. .. vous l'aimez! Vous aimez que ce goût bite comme ton cul propre graisse skanky! Vous aimez le goût de ton cul propre graisse ne vous dégoûtant petite pute anale? Dieu vous putain vous me dégoûtait révoltante petite pute bite à sucer! Suck my cock whore! Suck my fucking cock you cock sucking whore! Take every inch of it down your throat! Choke bitch, I want to see you choke on it! I want you gagging hard for my fucking cock! Come on, show me how much you love it! Show me how much you love getting throat fucked by me! Show me how much you love me using your face like a pussy... or your fat ass! Mmmmmm, this cock has been deep in your fat ass and you don't care do you? No... you love it! You love that this cock tastes like your own skanky fat ass! You love the taste of your own fat ass don't you you disgusting little anal whore? God you fucking disgust me you revolting little cock sucking whore!"

Thanks to the stimulator on her clit and the psychological pleasure she was receiving from this act Maryse felt as if she could cum if she continued this long enough, but there are much more pleasurable acts she could be enjoying... and now that she thought about it she should really check the time.

Pulling out of Melina's throat one final time Maryse left the WWE divas champion gasping for oxygen and went to check on her expensive watch inside her locker. Then she frowned, took off the dildo and returned it to her bag before looking back at Melina. She should really go, but she was horny and could not resist getting off one more time. Of course if she let that little dyke's tongue touch her pussy she would probably be here for hours, and while that wasn't at all an unappealing idea she had places to be.

Smiling as an idea came to her head Maryse slowly walked over to Melina until she was standing in front of her, at which point she looked down at her and smiled again.

"As it turns out I've used almost all our time together fucking your fat ass, and while I really should be going I can't resist giving you the privilege of returning the favour, especially not after the way you acted like such a little anal whore for me. So..." Maryse said, turning around, "Here, a reward for you... my beautiful, perfect ass. I know you've wanted to kiss it from the first moment you saw me, so go ahead, do what so many wish they could do and kiss my beautiful, perfect ass."

For a few moments Melina stare dumbfounded at Maryse's ass, not sure whether to kiss it or kick it. She should really, really do the latter and get back some of her dignity, but as her body ached with lustful submission Melina just couldn't help herself from doing the former.

Maryse grinned widely as she felt a pair of soft lips against her ass cheeks, "Oh oui, kiss it. Kiss my beautiful, perfect ass you lucky little whore. Mmmmmm, have you ever seen anything as beautiful and perfect? Of course not. My ass is perfect. Pure perfection. And this, this is the greatest moment of your pathetic little existence, because now you get to worship perfection."

Ignoring Maryse's words Melina concentrated on sliding her lips all over the magnificent ass in front of her, loving the sweaty taste, especially as it was a result of the skilful butt fucking Maryse had just given her.

Maryse may have been a total bitch but she was one masterful pooper pounder who's beautiful body made it hard to hate her, especially her ass. Melina had lusted after it before she had the pleasure of seeing its naked form so up close and now that she was kissing it Melina had to reluctantly agree with Maryse, her ass was perfect. Melina felt honoured to be just kissing it, which only increased her feelings of submission and turned her on all the more.

Seeking more Melina used her hands to spread Maryse's ass cheeks so she could get her face as deep as possible in between the other diva's butt crack, lustfully licking it before concentrating on the French-Canadian's ass hole.

Now constantly moaning and groaning in pleasure Maryse bent over, reached back and grabbed onto Melina's hair, pushing her face deeper into her ass as she felt her fellow RAW diva licking her ass hole, the pleasure only increasing as that soft little tongue penetrated her pooper.

Maryse might have been violently against the idea of taking a cock in her ass but she loved the feeling of a tongue inside her back passage, almost as much as she enjoyed the feeling of someone kissing her ass cheeks. This was a definite power trip for her, tempered only by the fact that she herself occasionally enjoyed eating out fat asses, but whenever she did that she was indulging in her sick and perverted desires and she negated any feelings of submission by fucking that fat ass afterwards. Melina certainly wasn't going to retrieve any of her dignity from fucking Maryse's ass with a strap on, but Maryse had completely destroyed Melina's ass hole and left it a gaping mess and was now making Melina literally kiss her ass, so there could be no doubt who was in control here.

To further proof this Maryse continued a string of insults while using one hand to fuck her own pussy while holding Melina's hair with her other hand and continuing to force the divas champion deeper into her ass, "C'est ça, là, putain putain sans valeur! Rim mon trou de merde! Obtenez votre langue profondément dans mon rabat-joie parfaite, il vous ingrat skank peu! Avez-vous une idée de comment vous êtes chanceux d'être nettoyer mon postérieur parfait? Des millions et des millions donnerais n'importe quoi pour être où tu es, ton visage enfoui dans mes fesses délectable. Tout le monde a à foutre tes fesses graisse grande, mais seulement peu de gens ont déjà bloqué leur langue jusqu'à ma belle, cul parfait. Mmmmmm, il est tellement ironique ... vous et moi ici ensemble ... la plus belle, cul parfait de la WWE n'a jamais vu ... et peut-être plus le cul le plus gras, et les plus dégoûtante d'appartenir à une diva. Mmmmmm, ton gros cul est une honte, ooooooooohhhhhhhhh, mais au moins vous mangez trou du cul bien! Mmmmmm, que c'est, demandez à votre langue profondément entre mes fesses parfaitement tonique et adorer le trou que je merde de vous petite garce! Ohhhhhhh, je sais que vous souhaitez, vous pouvez baiser avec une sangle sur, mais contrairement à vous, j'ai une certaine estime de soi. Je ne m'abaisserai jamais que beaucoup ... même si je suis prêt à me inférieure au point de laisser votre langue dans mon trou de merde belle. Mmmmmm, mais c'est seulement parce qu'elle me sens tellement putain de bon! That's it, right there you worthless fucking whore! Rim my shit hole! Get your tongue deep into my perfect pooper you ungrateful little skank! Do you have any idea how lucky you are to be cleaning out my perfect posterior? Millions upon millions would give anything to be where you are, your face buried in my delectable derriere. Everyone gets to fuck your big blubber butt, but only precious few have ever stuck their tongues up my beautiful, perfect ass. Mmmmmm, it is so ironic... you and I here together... the most beautiful, perfect ass the WWE has ever seen... and maybe the biggest, fattest and most disgusting ass ever to belong to a diva. Mmmmmm, your fat ass is a disgrace, ooooooooohhhhhhhhh, but at least you eat good ass hole! Mmmmmm, that's it, get your tongue deep in between my perfectly toned butt cheeks and worship the hole I shit from you little bitch! Ohhhhhhh, I know you wish you could fuck it with a strap on, but unlike you I have some self-respect. I wouldn't ever lower myself that much... even if I am willing to lower myself to the point of letting your tongue in my beautiful shit hole. Mmmmmm, but that's only because it feels so fucking goooooodddddd!"

Eventually all the trash talk, her fingers slamming her cunt, Melina's lips and tongue all over her ass and perverted pleasure she got from dominating the WWE divas champion all caught up to Maryse and she came hard, shoving Melina's face so hard into her ass she almost suffocated her in the process.

Meanwhile Melina had been using one of her own hands to finger fuck her own pussy so she came around the same time, in a very twisted way the fact that she was smothered in between Maryse's perfect ass cheeks only heightening her enjoyment.

Once her orgasm subsided Maryse pushed Melina's face out of her ass so hard the divas champion fell backwards onto her own ass, which was still sore and aching from the earlier pooper pounding so putting all of her weight on her butt caused Melina to yelp and quickly get back up onto her knees. As she did so Maryse nonchalantly picked up her clothes and returned to her locker before slowly dressing herself, Melina watching in stunned silence as she wasn't sure what to say.

After reapplying her makeup and ensuring she was presentable Maryse turned to the kneeling champion and said, "Like I said, next time I tell you to bend over for me, I don't expect you to bitch and complain. I expect you to just bend over like the bitch you are."

With that the blonde turned up her nose at the brunette and left, leaving Melina still kneeling there in confusion.

Was... was she Maryse's bitch now?

That's what Maryse had said earlier, in fact she had told Melina she was going to be her fat ass bitch, but it could have been just trash talk. It wasn't like the French-Canadian hadn't been doing it the whole way through the two perverted sessions of anal sex... but as she continued kneeling there, Melina couldn't help hope that it wasn't just trash talk.

As she knelt there panting, her ass hole still gaping widely from the brutal butt fucking and her makeup smeared all over her face from being smothered in Maryse's ass Melina wasn't thinking about how to get her own back... she was wondering whether she was Maryse's fat ass bitch or not... and if she wasn't... what could she do to become Maryse's fat ass bitch.

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