tagBDSMMasters Bitch

Masters Bitch


Pacing back and forth in front of my building dressed in a pastel blue sun dress and sandals, I was told to be primped and ready. I'm so excited that we are going out; Master has been working hard the last month, and hasn't had much time for me. I guess my pouty ways had made Him feel guilty. A smile crosses my face knowing I know how to get my way.

I heard the squeal of tires and a truck stopped in front of the building right in front of me. The tinted window came down and Master sits there with a grin. I step back and look at the truck. County Dog Pound is written on the side. I give a questionable look like "what the fuck is this?"

Master then looked serious and said, "Listen to my instructions and obey! Get in the back and strip! Put on what is in the pen and only what is in the pen; then get in and shut the door and wait for me; UNDERSTAND pet?"

Looking puzzled, I said "yes Sir" and went to the back of the truck. I opened the door, looked around, and then climbed in as a light came on. I shut the door and it locked. I looked in the big cage and there laid a leash, collar and a T-shirt that looked two sizes to small that said "My Bitch".

At that moment I really regretted the guilt trip I laid on my Master the last few days. I sat next to my cage and I took off my sun dress and folded it nicely and put it on the floor, toppling a little as Master hit a few bumps and sped around corners. I bet He was grinning from ear to ear watching me roll around naked thanks to His reckless driving.

I sat on my knees and fastened the collar around my neck and hooked the leash to it. Then I looked at the t-shirt and wondered how I was going to get my huge tits in there and if it would cover them. My nipples were hard and my breathing fast.

Was I nervous or excited?

I pulled the t-shirt over my head and down around my tits. I was surprised it actually did just barely cover them.

I pulled the leash out from the top of my t-shirt and then found myself looking upfront at the tinted window, then back at the cage as I climbed inside. I sat in the middle of the cage with my legs crossed. My hand slipped between my legs and I sat there and just held myself. I find I have done that since I was a child; if I get excited or scared my hands slip between my legs and I just hold myself. So there I sat on my blanket; holding myself and waiting to see what Master had planned. I looked down at my t-shirt and saw "My Bitch" written across the front. Butterflies were in my tummy now and my nipples grew harder..... you could almost see them through the very thin t-shirt.

After what seemed like twenty minutes or so we came to a stop. I could hear loud music and yelling. Taking a deep breath I cupped my wet pussy one more time before the door swung open. There was Master. I took a deep breath as I saw him dressed in leather pants and just a leather vest; a leather riding crop held in his hand.

I looked him in the eyes and he smiled.

"So my pet, you are bored and lonely and lack attention. Let's see if we can fix the problem."

Your instructions for tonight are as follows; listen carefully-

"No talking. Not at all unless I give permission or if they ask you a Question."

"You will crawl on hands and knees the entire night and when I say heel you will sit up on your heels and your hands will go behind your head. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir", I replied. Then Master opened my cage, picked up my leash and gave it a tug. I jumped from the cage to the ground and went straight to my hands and knees.

"Now take a deep breath and let's go pet". He said.

I felt foolish, with my big ass wiggling as I tried to keep up to Master's fast pace. He opened the door and I stopped just outside the door like a puppy scared to enter a room. I heard all the loud men in there talking. Master gave me a yank on my leash and I hurried in to be at his side.

It got awful quiet when we entered and then someone broke the silence by saying "Jesus Christ, lookie here we have a bitch in the house!"

Master sat at the bar and ordered a drink, then I heard "heel pet".

I sat back on my heels and my arms went up and hands were behind my head. I was thankful for the command, as it was better than having my ass exposed... Then he asked for a bowl and a beer. When it came, he set it on the floor in front of me and poured the beer in the bowl, and told me to drink it.

I leaned forward and bent down, my ass in the air, and I could feel a breeze over my ass and pussy as well as the eyes from all the bikers. I was humiliated to be in this position. So I hurried and lapped up the beer in the bowl. I could hear all the remarks from the bikers. After I finished my bowl of beer Master stood and yanked my leash for me to follow him.

I stayed by his side as he walked into the middle of the room. He said, "Men, this is My Bitch, my pet, she feels she is lacking attention and she says she is lonely. So I thought I'd take her out to give her what she needs. You may feed My Bitch."

One of the bikers yelled, "What do we get to feed the bitch?"

Master said "Heel pet."

I sat back on my heels and put my arms in back of my head, the bottoms of my tits poked out the bottom of the t-shirt, and my nipples close behind them. There were some moans in the room and comments like "Look at them huge tits" or "God I'd love to titty fuck them" to "Shit I want that ass."

Master snickered and said, "Well there's only one thing she is allowed, and that's cock. " I began to protest, but Master quickly yanked my leash, so I just sat there. My heart was pounding so hard I could hear it.

Then yells came from the room and Master started to walk me around the bar. My tits were swaying back and forth as they hung down and my ass was wiggling as I crawled. My thighs were wet; we were stopping in front of every man and Master asked them, "Would you like to feed my pet, My Bitch?" Their hands would touch me and fingers would prod me, from rubbing my ass to reaching down and pinching my nipples, making me whine like a puppy.

Their fingers would slip into my wet pussy. I'd hear them suck them off as Master would move to the next man. I think there were 9 or 10 bikers, each man touching and groping me.

Finally Master took me back to the center of the room and said "Let's get this started! My Bitch needs attention." They all gathered around and watched as Master told me to heel, so back on my heels I went, with my arms up and behind my head.

I watched as ten zippers came down. Instantly there were 10 cocks and 10 sets of balls on display. What a sight it was to see them all standing there stroking there cocks and waiting to fuck me. My cunt was wet and swollen, begging to be fucked, needing to be fucked.

There were cocks of all sizes from small to gigantic. I took a deep breath as I noticed a long hard black cock, pre-cum dripping from the head of it. I took a deep breath and a moan escaped my lips. Then with a yank of Master's hand on my leash, I was brought back to reality. I noticed they were all hard and ready for ME!

I loved the variety of cock sizes. I was told to remove my t-shirt, and as I did, more of my body came into view. The cocks got harder and pre-cum began to flow.

A cheer rang out as the first biker stepped forward. He was well hung, and said "I want to fuck her cunt!!!" He walked around in back of me and I could feel his eyes looking at me. He laid on the floor and spread my legs as he slid between them and moved up. Sucking first my cunt, then with his tongue he parted my swollen lips. He bit on my clit. I moaned as he bit a little too hard, my cunt squatting down on him from the pain.

He took it as a sign to fuck me. He slid up so we were face to face, and his huge hands grabbed my ass. He shoved his hard cock in me to the hilt. I gasped at his size and how deep he went. He sucked and bit on my nipples, and I let out a squeal of pain.

I saw a barrel chested biker walking toward me. With a small 5 inch cock, he blurted out "I wanna fuck her ass".

He walked around behind me and straddled the other biker's legs and took a deep breath as he watched my ass wiggle every time the biker shoved his big cock in my pussy. I wiggled to get away only to feel Master's crop on my ass, reminding me not to move. All I did was squat again like a puppy being spanked. It must have excited the man fucking my cunt to feel me squat down more on him.

I felt the man at my ass. I heard and felt him as he spit a few times. It landed in the crack of my ass and slid down. He proceeded to rub his hard cock in the spit; his fingers opened my ass and in went two fingers. Again I tilted my cunt inward trying to get away, but he continued the assault on my ass with his fingers fucking me deep. He positioned his cock at my asshole and shoved hard. In one stroke, he was in to his balls. I could feel them slapping my cunt, and I screamed as he opened me up. I closed my eyes and waited for the pain to stop.

When I looked up I saw a lanky biker with about a 9 inch cock heading straight for me. I didn't look at him. I just watched as his long thin cock looked me in the eyes as he got closer. I could smell his musky odor as he came inches from my face. Grabbing my hair he forced his cock in my mouth. I gagged as he went all the way in. I heard click, click as Master took pictures. There was no easing up on my mouth, he just kept fucking it like it was the last one he'd ever have. I gagged with the intense face fucking I was getting, and he grabbed the hair at the back of my head to keep my head as still as possible.

I could feel the cock in my cunt throbbing and the biker yelling "I'm gonna cum bitch!" He was grabbing my tits and roughly toying with them as he came. I screamed, feeling I was gonna cum too. As I screamed the cock in my mouth went deeper. His hands in my hair held me tight to his cock, his balls slapping my chin, I could feel his cock oozing cum, and I knew it wouldn't be long before he came too. The biker fucking my ass picked up his pace too. It was bang... bang... bang... we all came at once; I gagged as the cock in my mouth went deep as he blew his load, making me gag trying to swallow it all without losing a drop. The men rolled away one at a time and I could feel cum dripping from my lips, as it landed on my chin and then on my tits. My thighs were wet as cum was dripping from my cunt and ass. My ass stung from the hard fucking the short cock gave me. But my cunt ached for more, and my mouth wanted more cock.

I heard voices, then I felt several pairs of hands exploring my exposed body; someone was standing in front of me. A strong pair of hands pulled the back of my head forward to his thick hard cock. I took him into my mouth and tried to take his huge cock into my throat but the angle was too high. He pushed my head down onto his cock the head pressing against the back of my throat; I began to gag and struggle for a breath.

At the same time I was being rolled onto my back, my legs were being spread wide. I felt like I was being split in two. All the while the cock stayed in my mouth but at least now the angle was better as it slammed my throat. My cunt was being entered by another hard cock as hands explored my body; I had a cock in each hand.

I tried to count the number of hands exploring my body, but my head was spinning with sounds, smells and sensations. I could hear the bikers talking about how to properly share me so that everyone who wanted to participate was able to fully enjoy me. They began taking up rotating positions, starting with their cocks in my hands and then moving to my cunt, then the assault on my ass, before they finished in my mouth.

The fucking from the bikers seemed like it lasted for hours. I could hear myself moan and whimper as I was being fucked over and over. I had at least five explosive orgasms and counted nine ejaculations in my mouth. My legs ached and my cunt and ass hurt from the bikers intense fucking. They were having no mercy on me. When they were done I laid in the middle of the floor in a puddle of cum; mine and the 10 bikers that used me. I heard Master yell out "Anyone else wanna feed My Bitch?"

I started to protest when I felt the crop hit my ass a few times and heard Master telling me, "Shut up bitch, remember, you wanted the attention!" I moaned as he hit me.

Then I heard a man's voice yell, "I want to feed the bitch!"

I looked up and there was a man at the end of the room. I looked at his big boots and his leather pants. I followed his long legs up, and I stopped when I saw his huge hard cock, straining to get out of his pants. Taking a deep breath, I moaned out loud. My cunt was twitching and I wanted him; I had gotten my second wind.

I heard Master Say "Heel, Bitch." Without hesitation, I sat back on my heels feeling every aching bone in my body. My tits and nipples were red from the other biker's assault on them. My cunt was swollen and throbbing from it all. My ass would pucker trying to get back to normal size, yet all I could do was moan when I looked at him.

He was huge, and best of all he was a huge black man. His stride was confident as he walked toward me. He was in almost a swagger as he joined me in the middle of the room. I tilted my head up and looked him in the eyes.....something I didn't do with the other bikers. He told me to undress him; His cock was straining against his jeans.

With a flick of my wrist I unzipped his zipper. I leaned back on my heels as I looked at his enormous cock that had sprung out of his jeans fully erect. The black muscle stood out in front of him like a 12 inch flag pole. It visibly twitched in my small white hands as I gripped and stroked him.

My tits swung as I continued stroking his hard cock. I watched as his eyes followed my tits as they swung back and forth; his fingers finally grasped my hardened nipples, and they tightened as the skin immediately turned a deep crimson. My head went back and my lips opened to let out a low grunting moan. After hearing me moan, the biker smiled and pinched harder.

Then 'crack'. He slapped my tits; I could see the ripple and my tit was turning a bright red from his slap. He pushed my hand off his cock and stepped closer to me. I must have looked small next to him. My lily white skin contrasted with his dark flesh, and I watched as his huge black cock swayed in front of my face. He gripped the back of my head as if it were a football then forced his huge black cock in my mouth. I gagged at its massive size.

In and out, his hands on my head were pushing and pulling to get a deeper penetration. I sat still and tried not to panic as he fucked my mouth. All I could do was simply gurgle as he fucked my face non-stop. I could feel the tears run down my face from gagging and sheer panic. I looked at his dark body standing before me; His stomach was hard and tightening as he pumped his cock in and out of my mouth.

All of a sudden he let out a bellow as he emptied his balls in my throat. I gagged and tried to swallow what he gave me. When he was done he stepped back and his hard cock slipped from my mouth. Leaving his cum on my lips and chin, his black cock was still hard and he wanted more. I watched as he walked behind me, with my heart pounding and my cunt throbbing.

He knelt beside me and whispered in my ear "I've heard you been wanting to fuck a BIG black cock...... to feel it inside you. Is it true, bitch?"

I took a deep breath and I must have taken too long to answer because he slapped my ass. I heard it crack before I felt the sting, then one after another until tears began rolling down my face.

"Yes, yes" I screamed "I want to feel a big black cock in me."

"Well then let's feed the bitch" he whispered. I felt him behind me, his hands stroking my ass. Reaching around, he cupped my cunt and in one movement two fingers slipped in my pussy. I gasped at the force and the size. He took them out and then began to toy with my clit, rubbing and lightly tapping it; I spread my legs wider and arched my ass to him as if to say, "FUCK ME".

With one hand he grabbed his hard cock and rubbed it between my legs; not going in me, just stroking it between them. I moaned as he hit my clit with every stroke. His one hand was on my tit, stretching and tugging my nipple. Then in one movement he flipped me over I was on my back on the floor. His huge hands wrapped around my ankles as he spread my legs wide.

I couldn't believe how dark he was, and the sweat was running off his chest as he threw my legs over his shoulders and grabbed my hips. Hauling me in, his cock was driving hard and deep into me. I let out a scream as he pounded his enormous black cock in me. Every time he shoved it in me he'd yell, "How does it feel cunt? How does a black cock feel in this tight cunt of yours?" I screamed "Oh God, it hurts but it hurts so good!"

It felt like he was gonna rip me in two. My knees were banging on my shoulders as he fucked me, my eyes were closed and then he yelled "No bitch, you wanted a black cock so you look at me when I fuck you." My eyes opened and I saw the look on his face. He looked like he was in pain, but I knew better. He was getting close to cumming. I watched as his black lips came down on my pink hard nipple; he sucked with such force I thought it would explode. Then he shifted to the other. I screamed as he bit it, then his big black hand cracked against my tit; I screamed and he fucked me harder.

I let out a scream. I was gonna cum and he started to fuck me harder, shoving me further across the floor every time his black cock plunged into me. I heard him yell "Oh yes, I'm gonna feed you bitch ohhhh yess I'm gonna feed you good!" as he let out a yell and exploded in me. My back arched as I reached up to get every inch of him. His eyes were closed and the sweat ran from his chest. I didn't think he'd ever stop cumming. I could feel my insides tremble as I felt his cock empty deep in me. He collapsed and I felt him roll off me. He laid there a few minutes; I couldn't move my inside ached and I didn't want to lose the feeling.

Then I heard Master yelled "heel Bitch!" and then he cracked me with the crop across my tits. I screamed and got to my knees and put my hands behind my head, still shaking and trembling from the hard fucking I had just received.

Master put the crop under my chin and tilted my head up so I was looking him in the eyes; then he asked me a question "Did you cum Bitch? Did you cum with that black cock inside your tight cunt?"

I lowered my head and said "No Sir"

"Stand up" he said. I tried to stand but was unsteady on my feet. Master sat a stool in front of me and I thought, 'yes I can sit now'. It was red and padded which I thought 'good' because my ass hurt yet from the bikers.

Master told me to lean ever the stool and grab the legs, and not to let go. As I leaned over the stool my huge tits hung from the sides. I was on my tippy toes so I could reach the legs of the stool. I felt Master's hand on my ass and he slowly rubbed it up and down, it felt so good, his hand came down and cracked on my ass. I let out a scream and there was crack again and again. His fingers went between my legs.

I heard him say "Do you need to cum Bitch?" His finger shoved deep in me. Moaning, I said "yes Sir, your Bitch needs to cum."

His fingers toyed with my clit, rubbing and tapping it lightly. I could feel the wetness on my thighs now from the black biker and from my own needs. Master stepped up behind me and I heard his zipper go down. I closed my eyes as I felt his cock at my pussy, teasing my clit. His fingers were exploring my asshole, and then without warning he shoved his cock deep in my cunt so hard I thought I was gonna topple over the stool.

Master continued fingering my asshole as he fucked me. His other hand came down hard across my ass. Asking me "do you need to cum Bitch, do you need to cum?"

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