Me, My Slutwife & Tim


"Hah!" At first she thought it was a joke, but on second thought, she had promised she might call me. So, with her boyfriend still straddling her, sticking his big erection over her face, she dialed our home number and waited. Her eyes stared past the eight inches of manhood, instead looking higher up to Tim's pretty face.

"Hello?" I didn't recognize the number, but something in me told me it might be Kitty. I held up the remote and put the TV on mute, but keeping the soccer game playing.

"Hey, baby," I heard my wife purr into the phone, but giggling, "sooo -- whatcha doin'?"

I told her, nothing, just watching TV. Indeed I had jerked off before, but I didn't want to go into details. Tonight, I was restless. A change from normal, I was actually trying to keep my mind OFF of thoughts about Kitty fucking Tim. My reaction to this was bad, I didn't like myself for feeling conflicted this way, I was angry that I actually had any misgivings about her going to Tim's. The real me -- the one that loves her and loves her fucking around -- wanted to boot out this new, fake me, which for some stupid reason had wanted her to stay. She would have spent the whole night thinking about Tim; it would have been torture for her, and I would have sensed it, and thus for me too.

I heard Tim ask her, in a low tone, to report what I said; and Kitty's voice quietly whispered to him, "Watching TV." Then they both giggled. I wasn't in on the joke, but Kitty sort of told it to me. "Well, we thought you'd be jerking your dick, David -- know why?"

My cock was now starting to twitch and get hard. "Um, no, why?"

"Because," my horny slutwife revealed, "I'm stroking Tim's huuuge cock, it's soooo big, David -- feels sooo good, it's, like, so long and fat -- I wanna fuck it sooo bad."

Ok, now I was hard. I unzipped my pants, taking out my smallish erection. "So, well, why the fuck are you calling me," I impatiently laughed, "shouldn't you be spreading your legs and letting him shove it into your cunt, baby?"

There was more laughter on her end of the call, they said something to each other, then her voice returned to the phone. "Ooh, you know what, that's a good idea -- you wanna listen in, baby?"

I've listened on the phone to her fucking other men. I've seen videotapes she's made with them. Of course I did.

So, why did I hesitate, why did some part of me want to say no? It was the same part of me trying to put her date out of my mind. I didn't like this.

"Definitely," moaned her kinky, portly husband into the phone, now stroking my dick, "let's here it, make him fuck you hard, you whore."

Suddenly her voice screamed to Tim, as I heard it loud and clear through the phone. "Baby," she commanded him, "David wants you to fuck his little slutty wife, hard -- do it, fuck me baby!"

For the next twenty minutes, I just heard her noises. No play-by-play. Just a few descriptions of what was happening, enough to piece together what they were doing. And, well, a lot of noise too. Very excited, screaming noises, top of her lungs.

"Yes, that's it . . . ohh, yeah . . . oooh fuckkk, yeah . . . ohhh mmm . . . oooh . . . yesss, ohhh, OH! . . . shiiit, yesss . . . mmmm yeah, fuck me, Tim . . . oooh god, sooo good . . . ohhh baby . . . ohhh, deeper, deeper . . . more baby, more, YES . . . ohhh shit! . . . fuuuck, mmmm . . . shit, gawwwd . . . ohhh, yesss, YESSS! . . . uh huh, uh huh, more, more, baby . . . fuckkk! . . . ohhh gawd, yesss! . . . oooh mmm, oooh mmm . . . uhhh, uhhh, yesss, ohhh . . . ohhh YES! ohhh, fuckkk, YESSS! YESSS! YESSSSSS! OHHHH SHIT!!!! I'm cumming!!! . . . ohhhh, ohhhh, gooood, soooo good . . . ohhh fuuuck . . . ohhh yeah . . . oooh baby, baby, yesss . . . shit, shit, fuckkk, fuckkk . . . . ohhh, yeah, my ass, yeah! . . . fuck my ASS with your prick! . . . ohhh yeah fuck your slut baby! mmm fuck me, fuck me, OHHH! . . . shit! fuck!!! ohhh! . . . oooh fuck, owww, OWWWW . . . ohhh it hurts, hurts so good, ohhh yessss . . . fuck, fuck yesss . . . shiiit, fuck, YESSS! . . . ohhh, fuckkk, mmm, more, OHHHH! ohhh, fuck, OHHH YESSSS! OHHH I'M CUMMING!!! . . . owwww, OWWWW . . . yesss, fuck, fuck, yesss . . . SHIIIT! YESSS! YESSSS!"

I don't know why I interrupted, I don't even know if she could hear me, or if she was listening. But I said it into the phone anyway. "That's it, baby, fuck him!" My hand was flying up and down my smallish shaft, making my cock leak precum, as I listened to my wife being boned so beautifully.

"Ahhh SHIT! ohhhh, ohhh . . . mmmm, more, more you stud . . . ohhh so goood, soooo fuckin' good, ohhhh . . . yesss, baby, mmm . . . ohhh baby, I love you, I love you, ohhh yesss . . . more, oooh mmmm . . . fuck, fuck your little cunt, fuck my fucking cumloving cunt baby, do it, ohhh shit yesss . . . mmmm more, deeper, ohhh . . . ohhh Tim, ohhh, baby, baby, ohhhh fuck . . . shiiit, yesss . . . mmmm, fuck, fuck, ohhh . . . ohhh YESSSS . . . fuck, fucking god, oh fuck, oh yessss . . . mmm hmmm, uhhh huh, do it, do me, fuck your little bitch baby . . . ohhh Tim, Tim, oh Tim . . . ohh god, ohhh baby, ohhh yeah, I'm your slut, baby, do me, fuck me . . . I'm yours baby, all night, fuck me, I love it, ohhh shit, yeah soooo good . . . ohhhh god, ohhh god, so good, do me more, more you stud, fuck your little slut . . . ohhh SHIT YESSSS! OHHHH SHIT! FUUUCK! FUCKKK! AGGHHH! UNGHHH! YESSSS! FUCK! . . . shit, fuuuck, ohhh god, oooh shit, ohhh . . . FUCK! YESSS! . . . fuck, fuck, fuck . . . ohhh shit, fuuuuck, yessss . . . shit, OHHH! OWWW! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK! OHHHH! OHHHH SHIT!!!"

Seriously, I had not heard my wife having so many cums so rapidly in a long time; certainly, I had never made her wail like this, ever, nor could I ever.

"OHHH FUCK! OWWWW! . . . owww ohhh sooo good . . . ohhh shit, fuck, sooo fucking goood . . . ohhh more, more, baby . . . ohhh fuck, YESSS! . . . fuck! fuck! ohhh! shit, ohhh yes, OHHHH! YESSSS! YESS AGAIN MORE MORE! OHHHHHH! SHIT YESSSSS! OHHHHH! . . . ohhh, fucking good, Tim, sooo good, you're so fucking hot, the best, baby, best fucking ever . . . ohhh baby I'm so wet, I'm so fucking wet . . . more, baby, mmmm . . . mmmhmmm, ohhh, mmm! Grrrr! Mmmmm!"

At that point, I could tell they were making out, mouths together, so her sounds were just moans, mixed with his.

I stared cumming, the sounds of all of that hot sex too much to take. I jerked my bone off, panting, cum splattering on my hand and fat tummy and thighs, then I listened to more of the moaning. Soon the noises started up again, so I figured, they switched positions or at least just stopped kissing.


Another orgasm must have flooded out of Tim's dick, followed by lots more kissing. I was listening, but couldn't make out what was happening. My cock was still hard -- I don't start to get softer until, like, my third orgasm -- and I was trying not to breath, so I could listen to every last sound, trying to picture what was happening.

Finally, the phone rustled, and my wife's tired, sore voice moaned to me. "David, you still there?" She heard me affirm the question, and she panted before a big exhale. "Phewwww . . . oh, shit! Baby, did you hear that? Ohhh fuck, David, Tim fucked me sooo fucking good -- ohhh shit!"

"Yeah, awesome baby." Truly, I was so happy for her; and I was really, really thankful she let me listen. My odd nerves from earlier in the evening were still there, but placated for the moment, at least. "You glad you went, huh? Got it better than you would have here."

Now I heard a moan, and a "tsk" sound. "Stop that," she scolded me, "but, yeah, I mean -- god, you know, Tim's just a fucking awesome lover, yeah, I'm sooo glad I came." She would never deliberately compare anyone else to me; but, I mean, you don't have to state the obvious either. "Shit, baby, I'm gonna hang up now, okay?"

"Sure." I was getting fidgety again, those conflicting emotions. I hated this. "You have a good night, right -- see, you, what, tomorrow night? Don't forget I'm working late."

I don't think she was listening, as there were sexy moans happening again.

Then the phone clicked dead about ten seconds later.

* * * *

The next afternoon, while I was at work, Kitty emailed me for about the tenth time that day. Although, this time, instead of just saying sweet things ("I love you"), she asked the substantive question of when, exactly would I be home?

The bad news was, late, like 10. I sent her the reply, and she said back: "Ok, as soon as you can, but do what you have to do -- love you!"

I was thoroughly exhausted when I got home, but so glad to see her. Having her in my arms, kissing her when I found her in the basement on the PC, I was rejuvenated.

I had no idea what emotions hit me the previous night. I'm human, I guess.

There's no handbook when you love a slut. But the bottom line is, since I knew I was happy ONLY when she was happy, I want the best for her, every day, every moment. I'm fucking lucky to be married to her; I totally married out of species. I worship the ground she walks on. I adore the men who make her feel so good. I am addicted to the amount of love she possessed in her heart. She's sweet and funny and playful.

And I get fucking hard, when she's fucking other men.

I wouldn't change a thing!

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by Anonymous

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by TatankaBill03/27/18

I like slut wife stories.

But I hate preachers and salesmen. They're really the same thing after all, aren't they? Just write the stories and save the sermons about the superiority of cuckolds for your diary. It's a hot fantasymore...

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by networkguru06/30/17

Reply to the Author's Note

Sorry but that tripe is only YOUR definition of what a man is. Get off your soapbox and realize that there are some men who can fully satisfy all of their woman's needs(emotionally and physically) withoutmore...

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