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Meet the Family



This is a straight slutwife story as a change of pace. No interracial play or forced feminization.

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Story codes (cuckold, slutwife, light femdom).

More and more our sex life consisted of me performing long detailed sessions of oral on Veronica while she watched a porno, usually playing on the bedroom television. They always had men with very large cocks. I had never realized so many men were blessed. In fact before meeting Veronica I actually thought I was pretty big myself.

"Oh yeah you little pussy licker, that's it." She liked talking dirty during these sessions. It was playful and cute, but with an edge. "Oh baby, see that big cock. MMMMM How much bigger do you think he is than you?" I didn't answer.

A natural born tease in every way, it was her long legs in a short skirt that initially attracted me to her. At the airport for a business trip, I spotted her wiggling her cute bum from a hundred yards. You could tell she loved the attention the short red skirt and fabulous body got her. I was hooked from the start. I followed her into one of those cheesy airport bars and sat a couple of bar stools down. Not really sure why I had followed her, I'm naturally very shy around women. Maybe I just wanted to be close to her. I knew she was way out of my league. After about five minutes nursing a drink I saw her staring at me. I blushed. This was some signal, which she apparently really liked. Soon she was sitting next to me and I was buying her drinks. I learned she was picking someone up for her boss, but the flight got delayed. Her boss was some sort of banking official and she was his personal assistant. I told her my name, Brian, and we seemed to hit it off. I do best with aggressive women who put me at ease and she definitely qualified.

We dated for six months. It was a whirlwind. On our first time getting intimate together she told me she liked passive men who went along with the flow. I was a natural at that. She liked pinching and roughly prodding me when we made love. Always on top, even now after three years, two of them married, I've never been on top in bed. Her satisfaction always came first, and often after cumming inside her exquisite box, she would sit on my face and ride me to another orgasm. I never complained.

She was my best friend and ultimate lover all put together neatly in one package. We laughed constantly and had as much fun as two people can have together. The teasing began almost from day one. Her style of dress was shameless. Always decked out in heels, which showed off her petite feet and long sculptured legs. Short skirts or tight shorts. Midriff revealing tops. I was always a walking boner with her.

She loved keeping me on edge. At the beginning she had told me she thought masturbating was cheating so I was on my honor not to. I was so in love and devoted I tried my best with only occasional lapses, which I of course confessed to her about. She would reprimand me sternly, but still in a cute funny way. She liked me horny and constantly aching for her.

As she came on my mouth I felt the same sense of fulfillment I always did upon giving her pleasure.

"Phew that was good baby. Now bring your little friend up here and I'll take care of him." She enjoyed calling me little. At barely seven inches I had never had any complaints that I knew of, but she had confided in me that she was used to large men, and my little guy didn't do a whole lot for her. She had told me she loved me anyway and we would work through it.

"Ohhh looks like he likes that" she said while stroking my dick with her hand.

"Mmmm yes that's it. Think of me fucking some big hunky guy like in the movie baby. That's it, squirt your little quick shooter" Her pace quickened. Thirty seconds later I erupted in the tissue she was holding in her other hand. I always felt guilty after coming thinking about her fucking someone else. She had told me to, but I still felt bad. The thought of her with someone else was enough to make me have a heart attack.

I was beginning to get worried. I knew that I had trouble taking care of Veronica's needs with my penis but I thought we worked through that with the oral and videos. I thought she liked being in control, but maybe she needed a real man once in a while? God did I just say that? I kept thinking. I'm man enough for any woman I told myself.

As time progressed Misty got bolder and bolder talking about fucking another man and her need for a big dick. Finally I snapped and for the first time in our relationship, yelled at her. I told her I was her husband and her man and that no wife of mine was going to go slutting around like some common whore. I actually felt tough while saying it, but a little voice in the back of my head said "Oh shit" as I waited for her reaction. I didn't get one. Smirking at me she went to the bedroom and quietly closed the door. I went in later and a apologized but she said she was tired and we would talk about it in the morning. We had a family reunion planned the next day and I was worried Veronica would be difficult.

The next morning as we got ready to leave in separate bathrooms, I was still a little angry but felt bad about yelling at her. I was sitting on the couch watching some baseball when she came into the family room and announced she was ready to leave. Looking up my jaw hit the floor. I stammered "You... you... aren't going to wear that?"

"Why yes I am sweetie. Don't' I look cute?" she asked twirling around. "I've decided to take matters into my own hands. I tried to be nice about it but come on, a woman needs what a woman needs and your little tinkler just isn't cutting it, to be honest honey. We both know that, and we both know you'll accept exactly what I tell you to accept. From now on this body is on display for all the hunks in the world to try and get their way with. Now come on. Were going to be late. I want your family to know exactly what kind of man you are. Lets call it penance for last night's little tirade." With that she turned around and walked outside. I had a boner. It was pathetic. She couldn't be serious?

Walking out to the car I looked at my bride and winced, thinking of the reaction of my family, many of who had flown in and I had'nt seen for years. It was going to be a very long day.

Arriving at the park and picnic area, all eyes did a double take on the vision of splendor that was my wife, as she stepped out of our car. Her long blonde hair was parted in the middle, framing her angelic face, with an extra touch of lipstick and eyeliner that made her look like she was going clubbing or worse. Her shorts were a white stretchy material that didn't entirely cover her shapely bubbly butt. The bottoms of her cheeks were visible. Her top was a red bathing suit top that was would have been revealing on a topless beach. Her perfectly shaped pert round 34c tits were barely contained in the two small pieces of fabric. The rest of the top was just strings. She was super tanned and toned all over, and this was most evident in her long legs, that seemed to go on for miles. Her feet were shown off in sexy four-inch red platform sandals.

Approaching the main group of people, all eyes were glued to her as we said our hellos. As the afternoon progressed Veronica was very dismissive of me in front of everyone and ordered me around like her servant boy. I tried to laugh it off but people noticed. On the way to the restroom I over heard a group of what sounded like three guys around the corner talking, and stopped to listen as I heard the subject.

"Oh my god did you see that piece of ass out there. Holy shit would I love to rip off those little shorts and plant my cock up in her cunt" said one of the guys.

"Man I know, that slut is just asking for it, showing up here dressed like that. Brian may be my cousin but obviously he's not able to please her or she wouldn't be looking that hard" said a deeper voice

"Ha haha yeah. Dudes probably got a real little limp dick. We'd be doing him favor probably" said another voice he thought recognized but wasn't sure.

The voices started to get closer as I ducked into the bathroom. Looking into the mirror I saw how red my face was. With out a doubt this was the most embarrassing day of my life. It wasn't bad enough Veronica was dressed that way, but she was being very touchy feely with all the guys too. Bending over to pick up my brothers dropped cell phone from the waist down, giving everyone a perfect view of her ass. Posing her luscious body at every opportunity.

After returning from the bathroom I nearly feinted when I saw Veronica sitting on my other brother Tony's lap. He and I had never gotten along, and being the oldest he had always tried especially hard to show his dominance in every way. His hand was on her leg as she giggled and whispered something in her ear. Seeing me, he laughed and whispered something in return. I noticed his hand moved up her thigh, closer to her shorts, when he saw me. As she got up to get something to drink, he playfully swatted her ass. I was mortified. I went off to play some softball and try and keep my mind off of Veronica's increasingly worrisome antics

I felt like leaving but I knew I couldn't. I still loved her more than anything. Maybe she was just testing me? She wouldn't actually do anything. Would she?

The women were getting very annoyed at the wanton slut act of Veronica. Coming up behind a group of them I heard the not so quiet jibs.

"In all my day's I have never seen a girl asking for it more than that one" I heard my grandmother say, shaking her head in disgust. "Obviously Brian can't handle that one. Always such a sweet boy too."

"Well from the looks of things Tony and Randy will take care of that" laughed my aunt Sarah. "Those two are notorious all over the county for drilling men's wife's and girlfriends and anything else that moves." Randy was my cousin and in out of jail. He had a bad reputation and I was scared of him. Tony was always too smart to get caught, but he had done some really bad things in his day too. He also bragged about having sired an endless amount of children that couldn't be traced to him.

I looked for Veronica and wouldn't you know it, she was playing washers with Randy and Tony, and one other family member I didn't know. Maybe some distant relation I hadn't been introduced to. Veronica was playing the dumb blonde act and giggling a lot, acting like she had no idea how to play washers. I watched with seething anger as Randy stood behind her, grinding his crotch on her skimpily covered ass, showing her how to throw. He took his time, his mouth at her ear moving her hand in the correct motion, his other hand around her waist. She shot a glance at me and smiled. Veronica missed badly and Tony announced he would teach her the right way. Taking Randy's position he reached around and actually grabbed her right breast in his big hand, before pulling it away and apologizing for slipping. She didn't seem upset.

After about a half hour of watching the three men paw and molest my beautiful wife, I heard some people say they were going for a swim. Veronica said that was a wonderful idea and of course Tony, Randy, and the guy I didn't know agreed whole heartedly. I ran over to my wife who was by herself for the first time all afternoon and asked her to please not go swimming. "You didn't even bring your suit baby," I implored.

Of course I did sweetie," she said with an evil grin as she pulled down her bun hugging shorts in front of everyone, revealing the smallest, most revealing bikini bottom I have ever seen. I remembered she had bought it to wear in the bedroom. No way did I ever think I would be seeing it on her in public. It was red and matched her micro top. In the front of the bottom was a tiny triangle of fabric, that if she wasn't waxed bare, would have shown any hair she had. With her legs crossed you could barely see the material. It had a thong back that would get her arrested in most places. Probably here if any cop wandered by and wanted to have some fun. It would have been revealing for an exotic dancer, who at least had to have something to remove. I was stunned. "Relax, I'm just having some fun" she admonished me as she turned back to the guys.

They all went to the nearby lake and I meekly followed in utter shame. The smirks on everyone's faces were all the evidence I needed to know what they thought of me. I heard a couple of old timers nearly choke to death as she passed and one looked at the other and ask in dead seriousness "did someone hire a stripper?"

At the lake, things only got worse. Veronica and her three admirers were off away from the rest of the people swimming, playing keep away with a beach ball. One after another the guy's would dive in her general direction going for a ball and fall all over her, hands roaming all over her luscious body. During one of these fondlings Randy and Veronica disappeared underwater and when they emerged Veronica's top was gone. Her ripe pert tits were on display for the guys.

"Hey nice rack veronica, and they even look real," Tony said loud enough for me to hear. They threw her top back and forth as she splashed around in the water going for it. She wasn't trying that hard. Finally, Tony didn't throw it away as she went for him, but held it over her head.

"Want it back baby?"

"Yes please" she said with a mischievous smile.

"Well, tell you what, let me have a nice kiss on the lips and I'll think about it" he told her. She considered for a moment looking around. I didn't think she saw me, but either way soon after her lips were plastered all over Tony's. It started as a peck and soon became a tongue swapping mess as Tony obviously was trying to stick his tongue down as far down her throat as possible. Her arms were wrapped around his big beefy shoulders and I saw his arm end at the water line, his hands clearly feeling up Veronica's perfectly shaped thong-covered ass. I had reached far past the point of outrage and I actually felt maybe the hardest erection of my life. I was a mess.

Dejected and full of strange ambivalent feelings, I went back to the main group of my relatives at the center of the park. I could tell my lovely wife and I were a topic of discussion as I approached. Someone whispered a little too loudly "shhh here he comes" and everyone got silent. I tried to ignore the stares and laughs but it was too much. When one of my young nieces asked me where Veronica was good naturedly, someone piped in "last I saw she was sitting on Randy's lap by the fire pit" in a very condescending tone. I got up and wandered aimlessly.

Not even realizing it, I ended up in some woods a good hundred yards from the fire pit, before I looked up and got my bearings. Nearly turning around, my curiosity got the better of me and I snuck up quietly, moving from tree to tree.

I finally got close enough to see. Sticking my head around a tree about thirty yards away I saw the foursome. If before was a heart attack, this was a gunshot to the head. I had a side view of my unfaithful bride standing up with Tony pressed closely behind her. Her top was pulled up and he was roughly kneading her breast with one hand while the other was buried underneath the front of her thong, playing with her pussy. Looking closer, I could see his dick was out and was actually wedged in the crack of Veronica's ass moving up and down. His prick, which was much larger than mine I realized with a pang, was underneath her thong and humping the tight flesh. Randy and the anonymous family member were sitting directly in front of the two, on some pick knick tables with their dicks out watching!

Tony and Veronica seemed to be having a debate. She was shaking her head as he worked his hand and dick on her, whispering in her ear. A little late for second thoughts I thought. If I were any sort of man at all, I would have rushed over there, and died fighting to protect my wife's honor. Instead I unzipped my fly and took my dick out. Finally, she stopped shaking her head and Tony gently turned her around and pushed her to her knees. Without even hesitating Veronica engulfed Tony's dick with her mouth. I had no idea she could do that. One time she had giving me a blowjob but after coming in record time, the service had never been offered again. Grabbing the back of her head he started fucking into her mouth. With the other hand he motioned the two sitting over. Soon there were two more cocks on either side of Veronica's face. Lifting up her head by the back of her hair Tony guided her mouth over to Randy's dick and than to the other guys. They were laughing. She seemed hesitant at first but gave in and soon was alternating between the three cocks. It looked like her hand was busy playing with herself, as she blew my brother and two other relatives.

When the boys had had enough, Tony reached down and taking her by her hand, led her over to the pick nick table. No coaxing or seduction now. They had her. It was animalistic the way they were looking at and treating her. Thrown on the table Tony wasted no time in ripping off her dainty thong and getting on top of her. He impaled himself in Veronica and I could clearly hear her moan a deep guttural cry that I had never heard her make. Her head hanging off the pick nick table was the perfect position for Randy to stick his dick back in her mouth. Getting it from both ends, the moans and grunts were very loud and I was worried someone would hear. Like everyone didn't know anyway, right? I didn't see anyone put on a condom. I moved closer for a better view, dick in hand.

The other guy, who I had found out, was some distant cousin was giving a running commentary while he played with Veronica's tits, pinching and feeling them all over while he jerked his prick. "Oh yeah fuck that slut. Yeah baby you need these dicks don't you. Little tramp. Been asking for this all day haven't you baby. Yeah, too bad that little cousin of mine isn't here to see some real men take care of his hot whore of a wife."

After about ten minutes Tony grunted loudly and deposited his load deep into my wife's womb. My cousin got his chance and took it, jumping on for a ride. Not liking the position, he flipped her over and started fucking her doggy style on the table. Randy's dick was still embedded in her mouth. He was in to his pubic hair now, my wife having deep throated his big stick.

I felt like I was stoned or something watching the surrealist sight before me, furiously yanking my dick. It didn't seem real. The love of my life being gangbanged by my family while I masturbated. I shot a huge load all over the tree in front of me. Amazingly I was still horny and started working it again.

While still fucking her doggy style, my cousin started slapping her ass, leaving bright red marks as he rode her from the rear. "Goddamn I wanna fuck this slut's ass," he grunted at one point, looking at Tony, who seemed to be the ringleader.

"What's stopping you?" he asked, sipping on a beer and watching the live sex show.

Hold on a minute Randy interjected before the guy could switch holes." Always wanted to try something, but its hard finding a whore that will do it. Looks like I got my chance with this slut."

Sitting on the bench he pulled Veronica over to him and placed her so she was straddling his dick. Thrusting upward, he told her to ride him as my cousin, after looking confused for a moment, got the general idea. Quickly moving behind her thrusting bum, he started fingering her little brown hole with his middle finger, as he squirted some sun tan lotion all over her asshole. Veronica grunted and than moaned. My god, she was actually letting a stranger stick his finger in her ass! I had never even imagined she would be into this kind of sex. I knew she had never been before, at least with me. Soon, two fingers replaced the one, and than three. Shortly after, my wife was being sandwiched between the two men as they fucked in and out of her. All I heard from her was one continuous moan. My cousin had her by the hair and was riding her ass hard, thrusting very hard. He would pop his dick out and than ram it back in, over and over. Randy was sucking on and biting her nipples and tits from below. Both men climaxed around the same time. With satisfied looks, they deposited my beautiful Veronica on the ground, leaking from all holes.

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