tagGroup SexMel's Wedding: More Extended Family Ch. 06

Mel's Wedding: More Extended Family Ch. 06


You will appreciate this Chapter more if you read the earlier chapters first. If you're new to The Extended Family series, you are invited to read the entire series. Oh, and please vote. I love your e-mails and I'll respond to most of them. Thanks for reading.


Jeremy had found a photo shop that would rent him a light kit that consisted of three photoflood lights with white umbrella reflectors, several smaller spotlights, and a reflector. The photo store clerks were reluctant to make the rental until they realized who he was. Several of the clerks knew his work and reputation and were overjoyed to meet him and just shake his hand. I helped him load the kit into the trunk of my car and then helped him set it up in the bedroom when we got home.

We also created several more makeshift reflectors and backdrops from white sheets hanging on clotheslines around the room. We also repositioned the bed so he could shoot against a blank wall with neutral color on it. He used some of the lights we had, cleverly building reflectors for them from some old box cardboard and aluminum foil. He talked as he worked, explaining that when he was just starting out he had no money for any of the 'fancy' equipment, so he devised ways to either make it out of scraps or do without it by using available light and shadows.

He finished and declared the bedroom studio complete after about an hour. The sun was still bright outside and he said he wanted to take some outside shots when the shadows were longer and the sky more inviting. He had bought a suitcase of cameras and strobes into the house; Jeremy started to select cameras and lenses. He carefully explained to me the purpose of each piece of equipment. I was getting a real education.

When the sun got low in the sky, Jeremy asked for some volunteers to be nude models along the seawall. All the women volunteered. Jeremy picked Lynn. He posed her along the seawall in a place where he could go out on the dock and take pictures of her looking back against some foliage. He took about fifty pictures, coaching her into different positions. He repeated the process with each woman.

While he was shooting Rachel and Carl arrived as well as Ray, Sarah and Holly. Soon the women were either nude or just wearing bikini bottoms. I mentioned that we had to be careful of tourists riding in boats near the seawall, however, no one seem particularly concerned whether they were seen by the general public. Oh well, there goes the neighborhood.

Jeremy posed all seven women in several group portraits that were cute and alluring. Then as the sun's shadows lengthened even more he pulled the two chaises together near our yard plants and had the women all lay on their sides, initially spooning into one another. He took some shots looking across their bodies. He pointed out to me how you saw the layers of skin almost like looking across a mountain scene where you see different ranges of hills; only in this case the hills were the hips and breasts of the women depending on how he posed them.

Carl, Ray and I stood around watching Jeremy work. I noted that we each had a hard on.

We took a break for more cocktails and dinner. We cooked up some salmon on the grill. Jeremy worked beside the patio table uploading the photos from his cameras into his computer. When he was through he showed us all the work. I was amazed. I'd watched him take the various shots, but here was beauty, sensuality, lust, sex, and even innocence captured in one photo or another. They were spectacular. I watched him burn a back-up disk almost immediately and carefully store it in his camera bag; I'd had a hard disk fail about a year before and it took me months to reconstruct my lost files, so I appreciated his cautiousness with the technology.

I asked Jeremy if he was ready to use our bedroom studio that we'd constructed that afternoon. He said, "Yes," and led us all into the bedroom. He talked with us all about what the camera sees and how shadows and light as well as alluring poses and even veiled or partial exposed body parts make for better erotic photographs. He took Alex and posed her in a highly pornographic pose exposing her breasts and pussy to the world via the camera with all the lights on full. Then he turned off some of the lights and aimed others across her body, particularly so her breasts cast shadows across her chest. He took her dress and draped it over her legs and one arm. In those simple moves he transformed the scene from blunt pornography to erotic photography. We were all amazed.

Armed with his tutorial he asked us to double or triple up on the bed and to 'do what comes naturally.' Chris was standing next to me; she kissed me deeply and whispered to me "I've been waiting to have your cock in me all day. I had fun last night but I want you tonight -- at least once anyway. I want you to do Alex again too; she likes you -- a lot!" We kissed again and I could feel my temperature rise.

Jeremy took a few photos of Alex on the bed just the way he'd posed her. I pulled my shorts off and then moved Chris with me over the bed to Alex; we both kissed her naked body. Chris was wearing a loose thin robe that she'd let drift open exposing her nakedness underneath. Both women reached for and fondled my cock bringing me up to 'erect' status. I watched as Carl fingered both Sarah and Holly on one side of the bed while Ray locked lips with Rachel, Lynn and Karen in a tight foursome. I heard the constant sound of the camera shutter clicking

I moved so my legs hung over the side of the bed and positioned Alex so her back was to me; I could fondle her lovely ass. Alex sat on my hips, her wet cunt enveloping my cock. I heard her emit a loud sigh of joy. Chris leaned in and kissed her then kissed me. She pulled the robe partway off her body and lowered her head to where my cock penetrated Alex. I felt her tongue move from my shaft onto Alex's body; I could feel Alex stiffen as Chris tongued and sucked on her clitoris. Alex muttered, "Oh fuck that feels good!"

Alex turned and put the fingers of one hand into Chris' pussy, jerking her upward in a rough move that made Chris moan loudly. Chris was multi-orgasmic and I knew it only took a couple of moves like that in the setting we were in to start her on such a journey. I whispered to Alex, "Don't stop doing Chris. She'll start cuming a lot if you keep that up."

I turned to Chris, "You going to cum for us baby? We want you're cum -- your girl juice. Give it up. We want you. Do you know you're loved? We love you. We love your body. We love your orgasms. We love the way you cum." As I talked Alex kept jerking her fingers in and out of Chris' body. On her seventh thrust, Chris reached down and clutched Alex's hand, holding it with all her might as her body trembled and shook; her first orgasm of the night washed over her. There was a loud moan from her lips and then her frozen stillness as the pleasure overtook her body and transported her to heaven.

Alex turned partway around and looked at me with a pleased look on her face. She bounced up and down on my cock a bit as her husband took a few more photographs.

I looked around and saw that Rachel was atop Ray's hips, his cock buried deep in her cunt. Lynn sat on his face with a look of ecstasy on her face. Jeremy changed the lights slightly and I heard the rapid clicks of the camera shift towards that side of the bed. Karen was kneeling beside them masturbating as she watched the action and kissed Lynn as she rode Ray's mouth.

Beside them Carl was thrusting into a very willing and excited Holly who was letting off little shrieks as his cock hit her G-spot. Sarah lay beside her ready for Carl to enter her as well. I realized that Carl was switching back and forth between each of them, spending five to ten thrusts in one partner before he shifted to the other. They were all worked up quite a bit. I watched as Jeremy shifted to that side of the bed, again adjusting the lights to increase the shadows across the threesome.

Alex pulled off of me. I turned and mounted Chris who emitted a loud moan of satisfaction as I sank into her hot pussy. Alex reached between us and massaged Chris' clit again, this time driving her right into another orgasm. I had to use my willpower to resist cuming. I thrust further into her and this time made a series of very rapid and very deep thrusts into Chris -- she exploded again, this time crying her passion to everyone in the room.

I pulled out of Chris and pulled Alex in front of me so that she was on her hands and knees in doggy fashion. I leaned down and ate her pussy for a minute, listening to her mewing as I apparently hit many of her 'right' places. After a few minutes of enjoying her taste I moved behind her and thrust my cock into her pussy. I repeated the minute of rapid hard thrusting I had just done on Chris; Alex exploded as well -- cuming with a torrent of girl juice that flooded down our legs. "Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Ooooooh fuck," she exclaimed as she came.

We were all sweaty now and we all seemed to need a brief rest. We fell together next to Chris who was still panting from her orgasm of a few moments earlier. We watched the others with interest.

Ray was now deep in Karen, pumping into her for all he was worth. She was urging him on with her crude sex talk, "Fuck me. Drive that cock in me -- all the way to my tits. Do you like how my tits shake when you fuck me? Feel that warm pussy surrounding your hot cock. I like cock. I like your cock. Fuck me harder. Harder. Hit my G-spot. Oooooh right there. Ooooooooh fuck, I'm gonna cum. I'm cummmmmmming!" Lynn and Rachel were beside the two of them gently kissing each other as they rubbed their bodies together. The two of them were whispering little love and lust things to each other but I could barely hear them.

Carl had pulled Holly up over his face as Sarah rode his cock. Holly had had at least a half dozen climaxes that I could count and Sarah appeared well on her way to catch up with that number. Carl was a considerate lover and was using all his skills to make the two girls happy and satisfied.

I felt lips around my cock and watched as Alex engulfed my member. I had a sheet entangled around my legs. Jeremy must have liked the picture for he shifted back to his wife as she fellated me. Chris was kissing me as I let a lazy finger drift up and down her wet slit.

"Come fuck me Alex," I finally said. She happily mounted me, lowering her breasts to my mouth. Chris leaned in and sucked on the one nearest to her as I suckled the other. Alex had her eyes closed enjoying our lustful attention to her mounds and nipples. I closed my eyes for a minute as I enjoyed her breasts; I was surprised when I opened them to find she was cloaked in Chris' thin robe. Jeremy was shooting from behind me to capture the threesome.

I heard Carl's voice announce his climax and then felt the entire bed shake, rattle and roll as he and Sarah erupted into each other in fairly violent orgasms. Both of them fell together moaning and groaning in the pleasure of their peaks. Holly had her arms around both of them, kissing both of them.

Ray succumbed only seconds later, blasting his load into Lynn, who was now beneath him with Rachel sitting on her face. Rachel came almost immediately. I watched as she extended a hand to her husband and they both held hands tightly as they floated down from their climaxes. Karen cradled Rachel in her arms in a most un-sisterly manner.

Alex talked to me as she shed the robe; "I want you to see my body. I want you to make wild passionate love to me. I want your cock, your cum, all your juice. I want Chris to watch us cum and then you're going to cum in her. I want to help you fuck her -- to make love to her. Oh God, I think I'm in love with you both. You bring me such happiness and job. Oooooooh fuck me."

As Alex started her cum, her vaginal muscles started to clench and release over and over again in rapid fashion. They were actually milking me for all I was worth. I couldn't hold back. My pleasure circuits fired at full force, taking every drop of semen in my body and surging it through my rock hard penis until it exploded full force deep inside her. We both gasped and grimaced as our orgasms took place. My back was arched and I had forced my cock into her with every ounce of strength I had.

Gradually our muscle spasms relaxed and we folded into one another. Alex lay down across my chest, her eyes open. She took her arm and pulled Chris in so she was tight against us then leaned over and kissed her. She made a huge sigh and lay her head down on my chest again, her breathing still uneven and heavy from our exertion. Chris stroked her in a comforting and loving gesture.

I watched Jeremy moving around the three clusters of lovers on the bed capturing the afterglows and the post-orgasmic looks and actions each of us made in our own way.

I uncoupled from Alex who lay between Chris and me with her legs spread. Jeremy was there to capture a shot of my semen seeping from her vagina. Unlike some of the photos he'd shown us the night before we had multiple players and we seemed to shift into gear for Round 2 about the same time.

Chris moved to Alex's pussy and tenderly nibbled, licked and sucked on her, capturing my cum and Alex's juices. I heard an occasional "Yummy" from her as she moved around down there. Alex was writhing occasionally as Chris started to make something happen for Alex and finally she had a small orgasm, clutching me to her for dear life as the pleasure rode through her body.

As she came down Alex said, "My God, you people are fabulous! I may never leave. I haven't had so many orgasms in such a short period of time. Jeremy," she called to her husband, "you've got to leave me here in 'Climax Heaven'. Oh, and stop taking pictures and come and make love to me. Enough pictures. It's time you got involved with your subjects."

Jeremy sighed and clicked off a few more shots not only of Alex but also of all of us in our various positions. He turned off the photoflood lights and moved some of the reflectors out of the way. He took down some of the backdrops we'd put in place, leaving the ropes we'd strung across the room to be removed later. Finally he removed his own clothing and looked for an open spot on the bed."

Alex extracted herself from Chris and stood a kissed him, their nude bodies pushing tightly against one another. Jeremy's cock was standing straight out from his body before she caught it between her legs. I don't know how he'd manage to make it through the past hour and fifteen minutes of our orgy and remain the consummate photographer. He was clearly through with that role now, however.

Rachel came over and joined Alex and Jeremy. I heard her say, "Come with me. There's more room in the guest bedroom. We can go there." She led the two of them off in that direction.

I heard Ray suggest to Lynn and Karen that they go into the living room to find more spacious surroundings too. The three of them departed, Karen leading Ray while holding on to his very erect prick.

Chris moved over me and slipped my cock into her mouth, cleaning the last vestiges of my union with Alex from my unit. Her actions of course made me harder than titanium steel. I was ready again. She moved up and sank her pussy down on my cock delivering in one smooth move a shot of pleasure for the two of us. She started a slow roll with her hips. I reached up and fondled her taut breasts.

Next to us, Holly mounted Carl and duplicated Chris' hip action. I heard some whispering from the trio and felt the bed shift as they disengaged.

The next I knew Chris' eyes shot open as Carl rubbed his lubricated cock at Chris' back door. She bent forward over me and I could feel Carl surge forward and enter her ass. Sarah and Holly watched as they held and rubbed each other.

Carl and I alternated our strokes into Chris, driving her higher and higher towards what turned out to be a colossal orgasm that racked her body and turned her into a blithering mass of satisfied flesh. Carl pulled out as Chris laid panting and gasping on my chest going "Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God" over and over again.

He leaned in and kissed her tenderly. Chris said in a dreamy voice, "Oh thank you so much you guys. Carl. Jim. You guys are wonderful. Give me a chance to rest. Go deliver pleasure elsewhere. Pleeeease!" She smiled dreamily and rolled to the side. I picked her up and put her head up on one of the pillows; we kissed tenderly.

Carl was about to mount Sarah when I turned around. Holly and I looked at each other and smiled. I said, "Come to me, Lover!" She scooted across the bed so she was partially next to Chris who continued to watch us with her eyes at half-mast. Holly raised her legs in a welcoming gesture and I slid my cock into her. We both moaned at the pleasure that move gave each other.

I started to pump into her slowly, pulling almost all the way out and then thrusting into her. On each inward thrust Holly would squeal or squeak her pleasure. This was where I wanted to cum next. Holly wanted me. Chris was satisfied beyond description. Sarah was get a royal fuck right next to us by Carl and was fully enjoying the coupling.

"I'm all yours Lover," I whispered to Holly. We leaned in and kissed passionately as I lay buried to the hilt in her tight pussy. "Are you my virgin all over again? I still remember that night and every move we made together." I thrust hard into her and she squeaked. She pulled one of her breasts up to her mouth and licked her own nipple -- very erotic.

"Oh, Jim," she cooed, "I'll never forget it either. You were so loving. Everyone was. I can't believe I ended up losing my virginity and being held and loved by you, Robbie, Mel, Chris and Sarah all at the same time. I'll just remember it always. When I masturbate I think of that night and you cuming deep inside me ... making me cum vaginally for the first time. Wow." I thrust into her and she squeaked. Her magnificent breasts shook.

"I'm going to cum in you tonight. Very soon in fact. Do you want me?" She squealed.

"Oh yes, cum in me. I want every drop you have to deliver. Squirt off in me. If you get me just right I'll squirt off on you. I think I've developed a new skill." She smiled up at me as I drove into her again. She squeaked.

"Let's see what I can do." I intensified my thrusts into her, clearly driving towards the goal of orgasm in the not too distant future. I watched Holly's breasts sway and gyrate beneath me as I surged into her -- stroke after stroke.

"Oh Jim. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuuuuuuuck me.

Squeak. Squeak. Squeak. Squeak. Holly's little sounds were getting more intense and closer together. Chris continued to watch us with that dreamy smile on her face.

Finally I said, "I'm very near. Where are you?"

"I'm ready. Cum!" Holly responded.

I slammed into her about ten more times, feeling my body move past the point of no return. My orgasm had started deep within me. I could feel muscles and glands start to flex and eject. The fluid in me raced through my body and up and out my cock and deep into Holly's welcoming pussy. I was pushed to the maximum I could be into her body. Her back was arched pushing back at me.

Our breathing stopped. Mouths opened in that last breath before the height of pleasure hit us like a speeding locomotive. We were on heaven's doorstep and the angels sang. Then the moment started to subside. I had to breath -- my body crying out for oxygen. I took a huge breath, gasping for air. Holly duplicated my gesture.

I held myself above her on my arms for a minute more then I had to unlock my arms and lower myself onto her. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and held me tightly. I remained embedded in her cunt, my cock still feeling the after shocks as they rippled through her body. My God she was a wonderful lover.

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