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Messages While Travelling


An erotic change in my life happened while I was travelling abroad on one of my frequent business trips. On the first night away on this particular trip I received an SMS from an anonymous number.

It simply read, "While you are away I am going to try to make your fantasy of having your wife fuck another man become a reality. I will keep you informed of progress."

I was stunned and quickly checked to make sure that the sender's number was not available. It was not. Who could this person be and how did they know about my fantasy -- and that I was away travelling at that time?

As I sat at the bar in my hotel I recalled chatting to Steve, a close friend, at a social function a few nights earlier. We had both had quite a bit to drink and, as men tend to do, got onto the subject of sex. I had shared with Steve my fantasy of wanting my wife to have sex with other men -- preferably with me watching.

I had taken Amy's virginity and as far as I knew she had never had any sexual interaction of any sort with another man since we got married. Our sex life was not bad, but I often wondered if more variety for her would stimulate more exciting sex between us as well. Steve admitted to having similar thoughts and hopes about his wife.

Although we spoke openly to each other about our home sex lives, Steve and I had many years ago agreed never to hit on each other's partners, out of respect for our friendship. I was totally confident that Steve would honour this.

Given that I was confident that it was not Steve, who on earth could have sent the message? I also remembered that there were crowds of people at the function, so it was not impossible that somebody had overheard my conversation with Steve. I desperately tried to picture who had been standing around us, or near to us that evening.

What confused me even more, was that it had to be someone that knew something about me or my wife -- otherwise how would he go about meeting her.

As I headed for bed I felt shocked, confused and intrigued -- but deep down I also experienced a little nervous thrill at the prospect of some stranger hitting on my wife. With all this I also felt a strong measure of concern for my wife and her well-being, especially since I had no idea who this stranger was. As I tossed and turned in my bed I started thinking that possibly it was all just a hoax from some person that overheard Steve and me. Possibly this person was just playing a practical joke on me. But why do it while I was away? And how did they get my phone number? Was it possibly somebody that I actually knew?

These thoughts raged through my mind keeping me awake for hours before sheer exhaustion from my travels eventually prevailed and I fell into a fitful sleep.

The next morning at breakfast I started convincing myself that it was just some hoax. As my day progressed I was kept so busy with work issues that I could spare little thought for what sexual escapades could be taking place at home.

I realised through the day, however, that I was in a bit of a predicament. I could not phone my wife to tell her about the SMS, since I would then have to admit to her that I had told Steve about my fantasy. I was sure that she would not be happy about me sharing with Steve sexual fantasies that involved her. This was also a fantasy that I guessed she would never live out for me.

Having had little sleep the night before, I opted for a quick, light supper before retiring early to my room for a good night's rest. As I stepped out of the shower I noticed my mobile phone flashing with a message. With some trepidation I picked it up and opened the message.

"Have met your wife and chatted to her in the gym. Amy looks very shapely in her gym kit. I look forward to seeing her naked."

My cock twitched as I read the last bit. Oh shit, I thought, this guy clearly knows who my wife is - and he says he wants to see her naked. The prospect of a strange man seeing Amy naked did give me a bit of a thrill again -- but I still felt concern and frustration at not knowing who this stranger was. I checked the mobile phone again, but could still not access the number from which the message as sent.

I lay on my bed running through fantasies of my wife wilfully exposing herself to another man. I fondled my cock and was soon masturbating hard as the visions and the fantasy developed in my mind. Despite being exhausted, I climaxed really quickly and shot a huge load of cum all over my chest. In the afterglow of my orgasm, as the fantasy rapidly faded away, I again started doubting the genuineness of the messages. Maybe somebody was really just having me on. I briefly wondered if Steve was just teasing me, but quickly dismissed this as I knew he would not joke about anything related to my wife and sex.

Fortunately I slept well that night. No doubt, the lack of sleep the previous night and the pleasurable relief of the hand job I hand given myself, did the trick.

The next morning work went as planned and I felt more productive having not been deprived of sleep. I found I was not thinking much about the messages from the stranger.

While sitting in a meeting shortly before lunch I felt my phone buzz with another message. I hoped it was work related but could not help wondering if just possibly it was another update relating to my wife. Curiosity got the better of me and I excused myself to go to the bathroom.

"Enjoyed going out for coffee with Amy after the gym. She told me that she felt a bit naughty, but liberated, to be out socialising with another man."

My heart sank and my cock twitched again. This person obviously knew that Amy went to the gym everyday as she did not work. Trying to get my mind back on track I slowly headed back to the meeting room.

The whole afternoon my mind vacillated between my work and what could be happening at home.

I felt a bit helpless, just having to wait for the next message. I could not follow up to find out more than I was being fed by this person. I had considered calling my wife to subtly try to find out if this was just a hoax, but on reflection decided against it at this stage. If it was just a hoax, then I would make a real fool of myself -- and additionally I would make my wife feel that I did not trust her. I did not want this in any way, since if my fantasy was ever to become a reality she would have to believe that I trusted her implicitly. Finally -- if this person was truly "seducing" her, I did not want to kill the chance of it happening, and thereby the chances of increasing Amy's sexual experiences, which would hopefully lead to more eroticism in our married sex lives.

I ended up masturbating again that night as I read the anonymous messages again. The erotic tension had me on edge and aroused. I wished I could be a fly on the wall back home and see what was happening.

At just about the same time the next day the next message came through. "Coffee again today. I bought her flowers and she kissed me. She did not object when I placed my hand on her thigh as we chatted. I kissed her open mouth when we parted. After the initial surprise she quickly got into it."

I had just absorbed the meaning of this message when another message came through. It was a picture of my wife. This just confirmed that the messages were no hoax. I found myself looking critically at the photograph, appreciating just how sexy Amy looked wearing a low cut dress for her outing with this man.

That night I again sat with the feeling of helplessness. I was aroused at the thoughts of what might happen, but somehow it was a hollow feeling knowing I was at this man's mercy in terms of how much he would share with me. I would never know if he was leading me on, or if he would share what he was actually doing with my wife. Again my temptation to call my Amy was overridden by the desire not to kill the erotic fantasy of her indulging with another man. I had also never discussed my fantasy with Amy and would not know how to explain my fantasy to her over the phone.

The next day I started getting on edge as lunch time approached in anticipation of the next update. Nothing came then ... or for the rest of the day. By evening I was quite tense wondering what was really happening far away in my hometown. Fortunately some of the people I had been working with took me out for dinner and drinks. I drowned my frustrations and just passed out on my bed when I got back to my hotel.

The next morning I called Amy - sticking to our normal arrangement of calling each other every few days. I was itching to ask her about the messages I had received but managed to hold back. Amy chatted happily as we always do when I am away. She seemed so normal and relaxed that by the end of the conversation I was again doubtful that anything unusual was happening at home. As a result I had a more relaxed work day and did not experience any anxiety when the lunchtime message did not materialise.

That afternoon I caught another flight to my next destination. As I disembarked I switched on my phone again. Almost immediately a new message popped up. It was a bit longer than the previous ones.

"We had lunch today and quite a bit of wine. That seem to relax her, and she talked about how she felt a naughty excitement going out with another man. She was happy to let me stroke her bare legs under the table. She even put her hand on my leg towards the end. Afterwards in the car park we kissed open mouth and she allowed me to fondle her braless tits through her blouse -- nice and firm! Clearly it excited her as her nipples went quite hard. Hope to get her topless next time so I can see her tits."

Again this was followed by a picture of my wife. Sure enough, there she was sitting at a café with a glass of wine - but rather shockingly for me, she was clearly braless and her nipples were excitingly erect.

My cock went hard as I pictured the scene. I wished I could be there to watch in reality as another man fondled my wife's tits and got her worked up.

As I walked to collect my baggage I hoped that the bulge in my trousers from my rock hard cock was not too obvious. I knew I would have my cock out and masturbating soon after I got to my hotel.

I was still in the taxi on my way to the hotel when another message beeped. As I glanced down I saw the sender's number appear on the screen. I immediately assumed it was from another person. With a mixture of relief and disappointment I opened the message.

"I hope you still want your fantasy to come true .... because it is going ahead anyway. I am hot for your wife, and she is rapidly opening up. If you want more detailed messages, and maybe some pictures, send me your e-mail address to this phone number. PS -- this was not sent from my phone so do not bother trying to call this number."

I was so distracted by this latest message that it took me a while to realise that the taxi had arrived at my hotel. I quickly settled with the driver and went indoors to check in. The process seemed to drag, as I badly wanted to get to my room to be alone to be able to deal with my situation in solitude. Finally I got to the room, dumped my bags on the floor and flopped back into the only chair in the room.

My mind was totally engrossed on how best to reply to this man who was seemingly set on seducing my wife. I desperately wanted to know what was happening. I wanted him to give me updates. I wanted him to tell me that Amy had got naked for him. I wanted him to tell me how he excited her, stimulated her, stripped her naked and penetrated her. I wanted him to tell me how he made her cum.

In a brief rational moment I just hoped that my wife was in control and so would stop any events if she was not comfortable with what was happening.

I wanted to tell this stranger keep me informed, but I was very conscious that by admitting this to him I would implicitly be telling him that he had my approval to go ahead and seduce and fuck my wife. In my fantasies it just happened. It was not like this where I was to some degree being humiliated into telling him that I wanted him to screw Amy.

Furthermore, I would be submitting to him. I was giving him approval to do as he liked, as often as he liked, with my wife. He could choose to tell me everything or only feed me titbits. I would never know. I would have to hope that I got enough feedback to justify the risk of getting my fantasy lived out. I was at his mercy.

I questioned myself over and over. Was I ready to be humiliated and submit to another man's sexual desire for my wife? Despite my long standing fantasy, was I truly ready for my wife to be sexually stimulated and fucked by another man?

As my mind weighed up these aspects, I found myself hoping that he would take pictures of her naked. I had never taken pictures of Amy nude. I had never really thought of it since I guessed she would never allow it.

My fantasy, fuelled by the added erotic prospect of another man taking pictures of Amy naked and exposed won the day. I hauled out my phone and replied. I sent only my e-mail address feeling too submissive to offer any further comment or suggestion. Through this simple gesture of sending my e-mail address I had not only given this stranger permission to seduce and screw my wife, but also let him know that I wanted him to do it. I felt really strange but amazingly aroused at having reached this point.

Another self-induced orgasm rippled through me as I relieved the erotic tension before showering and heading out to find something to eat.

That evening I tucked into the room mini-bar as I considered my situation time and time again. Had I done the right thing? Would this prove to be a bad thing in the long term? Would Amy ever find out that I had given this man permission to fuck her? If so what would she think of it? I fervently hoped that my personal erotic pleasure - in addition to the pleasures which I was confident that Amy would experience - would outweigh the potential negatives.

When I awoke the next morning I somehow felt more at ease. Having submitted control to this stranger I felt I could do no more than wait in anticipation of any feedback he would give me. My wife was going to be seduced, stripped and fucked while I was away - and I just had to wait for erotic messages and hopefully pictures to confirm what she was enjoying in my absence.

I received no more messages during the next day and tried to concentrate in the meetings I had scheduled. However, every now and then I found my mind wondering, thinking about my wife and this stranger. I badly wanted more messages to know just what was happening. I felt I was in a state of mental bondage ....... my mind and fantasies were restrained by the limited information being fed to me. I could only anticipate the stimulation of the erotic update messages, but had no control over when I got them.

Only late that evening, while catching up on my e-mails in my hotel room after dinner, did the next update come through. Being an e-mail rather than a SMS the message was a little longer and gave me just that bit more information.

"I met Amy at a cocktail bar this evening. We enjoyed a few drinks before I took her out onto the deck outside where it was dark and I could kiss and fondle her. She did not resist at all and it was clear that she enjoyed it. After a while I got my hand in under her blouse and undid her bra -- with no resistance from her at all. She moaned with pleasure and excitement as my hand caressed the bare skin of her tits. Her nipples respond amazingly .... as I am sure you know. I can't wait to suck them sometime soon.

Later, when we went back inside I asked Amy if she objected to me touching her. She said she did not mind at all .... and in fact really enjoyed it. She then also told me she had never done this with another man since she got married, and that she was surprised at how liberating and exciting it felt. She did add that she felt a measure of guilt but could not resist the temptation of exploring some freedom while you are away."

As my cock swelled and twitched from the image of another man caressing my Amy's tits and hard nipples, I tried to imagine where this cocktail bar could be. As a couple we did not often go to cocktail bars, so I did not know them all, and certainly could not picture one with an outside deck. Frustratingly I could not picture where they had met - and where my Amy had her first experience of another man touching her tits since being married.

The next day my mind was regularly filled with images of my wife being fondled and aroused, with her erect nipples being toyed with by another man. This kept my cock in a semi-hard state for most of the day.

Similar to the previous day I received the next update after dinner.

"Amy readily agreed to meet for drinks again this evening. She clearly enjoyed yesterday!! I think she wants more excitement but is still a little uncertain, since she did not want me to fetch her from your home, but rather wanted to drive in her own car to the cocktail bar. I am sure this will change after our interaction this evening.

After a few drinks she was clearly relaxed and horny. I did not touch her while we were having drinks, letting her desires and needs build up. I could sense that my plan was working as she started touching and stroking my leg. Amy happily agreed when I suggested we go and have a cuddle in my car, in the car park, before we went our separate ways. We kissed deeply as I pulled down her dress. She was wearing a lovely lacy, see through bra underneath. Even in the semi-dark of the car park I could see her erect nipples poking through the lace. Your Amy was clearly hot and turned on. She did not resist at all - and in fact smiled at me - as I unclipped her bra. I think she really wanted me to see her tits and to touch them and fondle them. She loved having her nipples sucked and tugged. It got her moaning and really horny. While playing with her gorgeous tits I took her hand and placed it on my hard cock and she rubbed it through my jeans. After a while either guilt or nervousness hit her, and she pulled back saying that she thought she ought to get going.

Amy got so turned on tonight that I am confident she will go all the way soon. I am sure that as she lies in bed tonight she will be fantasizing about full blown sex. Do you think she could be lying in bed masturbating right now as she fantasizes about cheating on you??"

I re-read the message a few times as my cock got harder and harder. I had to believe what this strange guy was telling me. My Amy had let him see her tits and let him suck on her sensitive nipples. I knew that this would turn her on tremendously. The message also teased about Amy possibly masturbating as she fantasized about sex with another man. The more I thought about it, the more it seemed like it could be a real possibility. It got me completely hard imaging my Amy in this state. I wanted her to fantasize about another man .... and I wanted her to masturbate while she did it. Amy would never admit to me that she ever masturbated, and certainly would never agree to do so in front of me, much as I wished to see her make herself cum.

I stroked my cock furiously as these images and thoughts ran through my mind. Very soon my body shuddered with sexual release and I squirted a huge load of cum all over myself and the desk. Fortunately I managed to miss covering my laptop in my sperm.

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