tagLoving WivesMickey's Revenge

Mickey's Revenge

byJust Plain Bob©

Mickey was the woman that most men spend their life hoping to find. Great looking in a wholesome girl next door sort of way. A fantastic cook and a baker who won prizes at the county fair each year. She was the adoring mother of three wonderful children, she sang in the church choir, and taught Sunday school classes. She volunteered her services to various local charities, was recording secretary of the PTA and even with all the above going on she still found time to spoil me rotten. But as great as she was my lovely wife had a flaw. It probably wouldn't be a flaw to anyone else, but it was to me. Mickey loved sex, but only sex in the missionary position. Any other position than missionary was degrading to woman. Oral sex was disgusting and only whores did it. Anal sex? An abomination and the practitioners of it would surely go to hell. I, however, was a little more cosmopolitan in my tastes. I'd had oral sex before getting married and I loved both getting and giving it. Anal sex with a woman who liked it could be an exciting rush and I could think of any number of positions that could be sexually satisfying. I spent several years trying to get Mickey to come around to my way of thinking, but to no avail. In short - I was feeling sexually deprived.

I travel quite a bit as part of my job and over the years I'd sampled a lady or two, but the fear of taking home a disease made me put a stop to that. Instead I managed to come up with a steady girl friend in several cities - a sailor's girl in every port kind of thing as it were - and it worked out well for me. I did feel somewhat guilty about it at first, but I was able to rationalize the guilt away. I didn't love any of those women the way I loved Mickey and all I was doing with them was what Mickey had denied me. Shirley gave state of the art blow jobs and she loved the taste of cum so much that she swallowed it and then licked my cock clean to make sure she got every last drop. Angela had the tightest little asshole and she loved taking a cock in it. In fact, she preferred ass fucking to regular fucking and I was more that happy to see that she got what she wanted. Jennifer was a married woman who just loved to fuck, but what she loved even more was to have her pussy eaten when it had cum in it. Mine or her husbands, it didn't matter, as long as I was willing to suck it out of her she promised to be my girlfriend forever. Alice was a twenty-five year old who had been a gymnast in high school and college and she loved to contort her taut body into various positions for having sex. So there I was, sitting on top of the world with all that any man could hope to ask for. Great anal sex in Portland, superb head inn Salt Lake City, kinky cream pies in Denver, energetic and athletic sex in Kansas City and the hottest missionary position sex in the world at home.

A couple of years went by and then one day I was in Kansas City enjoying an evening with Alice when she asked me when I was going to get around to asking her to marry me. That of course had never been part of the plan and I told her that the thought had never entered my mind. "I love my wife and I'm very happy with her. I thought that you understood that all we have is friendly, energetic sex. I like you Alice, I like you a lot and I love spending time with you, but I'm afraid marriage is out of the question."

"Then I guess that you had better go because I thought that what we had was more than that, at least to me it was."

I was saddened to have to give up Alice, but at the same time if that was the way she felt to continue on would do neither of us any good. It was strange, but my breakup with Alice put a little tension in my other affairs. Would Shirley stop in the middle of a blow job and ask me when I was going to leave my wife for her? Would Angela ask me when I was going to give her a ring and finally brand her ass as mine? I was constantly on the look out for some telltale sign that the relationship was going to come unglued. I didn't see anything, but I was always on the alert.

About the same time as I was going through my uneasy phase with my lovers Mickey volunteered to work on a committee that was seeking to help inter city youth find jobs. Like most middle class white men who have had limited experience with blacks I was somewhat leery of letting my wife get involved with them. Not a racist you understand, but just a bit uncomfortable with the unknown. Mickey seemed to like the work and she was always bubbling when she came home and recounted her success in helping this or that young black man in achieving his goals. I'd just returned home from Portland and I wasn't surprised to find the house empty. Mickey would be out volunteering and when she did her parents always watched the kids until she got home. I headed for the kitchen to get a beer and then I planned to sit down in front of the TV, but when I got to the kitchen I found a note propped up on the kitchen table and next to it were two envelopes and videotape. I got the beer and sat down to read the note:

"Welcome home my love. I hope your trip was a productive one. While you have been gone I have been a busy little "beaver" (and yes, the quotation marks belong there as you will soon see) getting ready for your homecoming. I've thought long and hard about how to do this and what I have come up with may seem a little disjointed to you, but I was going for effect. Stop reading the note at this point and pick up the envelope marked A."

I put the note down and picked up envelope A and several photos slid out and onto the table. I picked them up and looked at them and my heart stopped and I had to fight to keep from puking. There were photos of Alice and I enjoying sex in various positions. With trembling fingers I picked up the note:

"Back already? You must have really upset the poor girl for her to decide to send those pictures to me. She said she kept them to masturbate to when you weren't there, but that I was welcome to them since she had no further use for them. You have no idea how upset I was when I saw those pictures. Had you been home I probably would have clawed your eyes out, but you were on a trip to Salt Lake City (Shirley, right?) and I had time to calm down and think about things. When I was done thinking I did a really bad thing. I raided the kid's college fund for money to hire a private detective. You have no idea how expensive that can be what with travel expenses and all, but you are a good provider and with a little hard work and extra effort you can build the fund back up by the time the oldest is ready to go to college. Stop reading the note now and look inside the envelope marked B."

I took a large swallow of my beer and reached for the other envelope like I was moving my hand toward a rattlesnake. It contained the detective's report and in scanning it I noticed that he had missed nothing. The bottom sheet of paper had numbers following headings like Attorney's fees, Shared Assets, Equities, Alimony and Child Support. The amount after the word Total made me wince. I picked the note back up:

"Did he do a good job? I'd hate to think I spent your hard-earned money on a shoddy piece of work. Did you see the last sheet of paper? That's what a divorce is going to cost you, but we aren't at that point yet so let's not rush things. If you followed your usual routine when you got home you went straight to the fridge for a beer. You probably took a sip before you sat down to read the note and I'm guessing that you have been gulping it down since you started reading the note. Stop reading at this point and get yourself another beer (I'm guessing you are going to need it) and then take the videotape into the living room and watch it. Then come back and finish reading the note. No fair reading ahead. I spent a lot of time setting this up so the continuity would flow. Please don't ruin my efforts."

I had a very bad feeling about what I was going to see on the tape and I got two beers out of the icebox. When the picture appeared on the TV screen I was shocked speechless. Never, not even using my wildest imagination, could I have conceived of what I saw. There was Mickey, my thirty-five year old wife, naked on her knees and sucking the cock of a black kid who couldn't have been any more than eighteen or nineteen years old. I sat there stunned as Mickey sucked the boy to completion and I watched as her throat constricted as she swallowed everything that the kid spit out. She turned and faced the camera and smiled. A glob of cum was dripping off her chin as she said:

"Black cock tastes so good."

The scene faded and then a picture came back up on the screen of Mickey on her hands and knees as a different black man, this one around twenty-two or twenty-three, fucked her from behind. She moaned and she cried and she used words that I'd never heard come from her mouth before:

"Fuck me hard honey. Shove it deep. Stuff that hard black cock into my white pussy. Oh yes honey, like that, just like that. Make your white whore cum baby, make me cum."

The scene lasted ten minutes before the black man pulled himself out of Mickey and I saw the cum dripping off the end of his cock. Mickey turned to the camera, smiled and said:

"God, but I do love being stuffed full of black cock."

The next scene was Mickey taking a black cock in her asshole. To make sure that I knew the cock was going into her ass the camera moved in for a close up. That scene also lasted almost ten minutes with accompanying sound. When the black guy pulled out of her ass he got out of the way so they camera could zoom in on Mickey's stretched hole and show the cum trickling out of it. It occurred to me that Mickey was reenacting all the things that I did on my business trips, but that idea was shattered when the last scene came up on the screen. Mickey was going nuts, screaming and shaking, while three black men stuffed all three of her holes. When the man in her mouth came he stepped back and another black man took his place. In all, seven black men fucked Mickey during that scene. One of the most startling things to me was that none of the black men repeated - all ten had been different. I was a shaking, sweating wreck when I burned the TV off and went back into the kitchen to finish Mickey's note:

"Pretty good huh? The guys tell me that I would make a great porn star, make a fortune and have a good time fucking 'bloods' while making interracial porn videos. Depending on how things go it could be an option. Of course Jerome thinks I could do better if I let him pimp for me. He says that there are thousands of 'brothers' who would pay good money for a fine white ass like mine. It is nice to have choices.

Getting even with you is why I did this, but I also had to wonder what was so special about oral and anal sex that you were willing to break your marriage vows when you were out of town. Surprise, surprise, I like it. I still think that those who indulge in anal sex are going straight to hell, but hey, there is so much that will send you there that we are all probably going anyway.

On the plus side, at least for me anyway, is the fact that I didn't lie to you. I told you that I was helping black men achieve their goals and that is just what I did. Did you have any idea that the goal of most young black men is to fuck a white woman? I've helped over thirty of them reach that goal so far.

It is decision time my love. You have my cell phone number. Call me if you want me to come home so we can talk. No yelling, no name calling, just talk about where we go from here. If I don't hear from you tonight I'll know what you have decided and I'll see a lawyer in the morning and get the ball rolling. After seeing the tape I'm sure that you have a good idea of where I am and what I am doing so don't be surprised if it takes a few rings for me to untangle myself and get to the phone. Oh and by the way, even though you are a cheating asshole I still love you and want to stay married to you."

I sat there staring at Mickey's note. I was at an absolute loss as to what to do. Thirty blacks reach their goals? Triple penetrations? Gangbangs? At least one on the tape, how many more? Then anger got me. Threaten me with a divorce will she? Going to wave her private detective's report for all to see? Well we would just see about that! Stupid bitch thought she had it all worked out, but she forgot the tape. The tape that would prove to all her family and friends that she was a nigger loving whore. Drag me into court would she? Well I'd be there and waving that tape for all the world to see. I got up and went into the living room to get it. I pushed the 'reject' button on the VCR and waited, but nothing came out. I pushed the button a second time and then I noticed a slip of paper on top of the machine. I picked it up and read:

"Sorry baby, but I don't trust you not to be mean about this. I had someone standing by to retrieve the tape when you finished watching it."

I shook my head in disgust and headed back into the kitchen. I spent an hour considering my options before finally accepting the fact that I didn't have any. Despite that tape I loved Mickey. I'd never see her again the way I knew her before, but I did love her. I loved my kids and I didn't want to lose them either. The only thing I could do was call Mickey and tell her, no - ask her - to please come home and then sit down and talk things out with her. I wasn't happy with what she'd done, especially the triple penetrations and the gangbang, but I wasn't without fault. God only knew where we would go from there, but it had to start with a phone call. I reached for the phone and punched in Mickey's number. It rang nine times before she picked up.


"Hello Mickey."

A pause and then "I wasn't sure that you would call." A voice in the background said something and I heard a faint, "Yes, it's him. No Jerome, no, behave now, this is important to me." Then the phone was to her mouth again and she said, "Are you sure that this is what you want?"

"We need to talk Mickey."

"Damn it no Jerome. I said n...oh god, oh god, oh oh oh oh yes yes there right there oh oh oh god Jerome."

Then there were a couple of grunts and a squeal and then a man's voice said, "She'll be home in a little while, but she's my bitch now and you had better get used to it" and then the phone was disconnected. I hit redial and let it ring fifteen times, but no one answered.

It was two hours before Mickey's car pulled in the driveway and a minute later another one pulled in behind her. Three men got out of the second car and followed Mickey up the walk to the front porch. I didn't know what was going on so I made a quick trip to my den and got a few things. I was sitting on the couch in the living room when Mickey came in followed by three blacks. I sat and said nothing as they all filed into the room and then I said:

"I thought we were going to talk."

"We are."

I waved at the three blacks, "You figure that you have to be afraid of me? You need body guards?" One of them sneered at me and I said, "If that's what they are here for you didn't bring enough."

The one who sneered at me laughed, "Shit honky, any one of us is all it would take."

I looked over at Mickey, "Tell them to get out."

"Why don't you throw us out if you are so fucking bad."

"You going to tell them to leave?"

"No. They are here for a reason and when we are done they will leave."

"Then I guess we aren't going to talk after all. Take them and go."


"Then what are you going to tell the cops when they get here and find three dead niggers on the floor?"

The sneering one took one step forward and I reached behind the couch and brought up the Model 870 pump and pointed it at him. "There's me, three in the mag and one in the chamber. That means I outnumber you five to three - you lose."

Sneering man took a quick step backwards as Mickey said, "Both of you stop this macho bullshit right now."

"No macho bullshit here Mickey. You said call you if I wanted to talk. I called and here you are, but there isn't going to be any talking as long as they are here. Now either get rid of them or leave."

"Okay then, you guys wait in the car until I call you."

The three of them gave me dirty looks and left.

"Was that necessary?"

"No more necessary than your rubbing my nose in it. You made your point with that tape. Did you have to subject me to that phone call and then bring those three assholes here into my house?"

"As a matter of fact yes, I did need to rub your nose in it. I needed to make a point; that point being that things have changed around here. You aren't going to like the changes so I felt the sooner you got a wake up call the better. The sooner you find out the sooner you can make up your mind. I'm not going into how I came to be fucking black men except to say that it would never have happened if I hadn't received those photos from Alice and then followed up with a private detective. That said, you need to know that I've developed a taste for black meat and that while you are on your business trips I'm going to be fucking black men. You can still keep your away ladies, but whether you keep them or give them up I will still be getting fucked by black cocks when you are gone. When you are home you will be the only one fucking me and you will get to enjoy the oral and anal that I used to deny you. This, by the way, is non-negotiable. There is one other thing that is non-negotiable - I'm not through rubbing your nose in it! There is one more thing that has to happen to clear the decks so that we can attempt to put the marriage back together and that is why I brought Jerome, Derek and Bobby home with me. So far I've duplicated everything that you have done while on the road. I've given blow jobs like Shirley, I've taken it up the ass like Angela, and I've been fucked in dozens of positions like you did with Alice. The one thing I haven't been able to duplicate is having cum sucked out of my pussy like you do for Jennifer. I don't know why, but my big, bold black he-men won't go down on a cum filled pussy. That's the last of getting even. The three are going to fuck me while you watch and then you are going to go down on me and clean me out. Once that's done we are square."

"That's it? That's your idea of sitting down and talking? You talk and I sit and listen?"

"No, that's not it at all. Once you have done what I've said we will sit down and talk all night about where we go from here, but first you get to decide whether you want to go from here or not."

"I don't seem to have much of a choice do I?"

"Of course you do. I have no idea about how you feel about me now. That video was pretty stark and it may have destroyed any feelings that you might have had for me. I don't know, only you do. I was hurt by what I found out about you and I struck out to get even. I learned a few things, both good and bad, along the way, but I still love you. I still want to be with you, but it will have to be on my terms. You know what they are and now you get to decide what you want to do. If you decide that you want us to stay together then we will get the painful part out of the way and get on with life. It won't be the life we had in the past, but it still will be life together. Now do I call the guys in or not?"

"Does that one that keeps sneering at me have to be here?"

"Yes he does, but don't pay any attention to him. Jerome has his heart set on my being his bitch, his white whore, and he's pissed that it isn't going to happen. He has this rich pimp image of himself and he thought he was going to make his fortune selling my white pussy to his black friends. I just might let him, at least until I get back the money from the children's college fund, but it is killing him to know that I'll always be your bitch if you want me. He's out there in that car hoping that you will either throw me out or go storming out yourself."

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