tagNonHumanMidnight Mingling

Midnight Mingling


Robert quietly filed books away. That was what he did and that's what he was good at. In fact, that's all that he was good at; a glorified sorting algorithm in a library no one really cared about. There was little praise and glory to be found hiding in untraveled corridors, witnessed by nothing more than the old dusty manuscripts and hardbound books which contained knowledge that ceased to be important mere days after it was transcribed.

But Robert did not want for adventure. Enough adventure found its way to him through his friend Clair; an accomplished knight in the local regiment assigned to protect the town of Cassrich. They'd known each other since childhood and though they now had separate vocations, they liked to keep in contact with each other. Clair always had stories of tremendous valor to share and when they went to a bar together they were always keen on started a big barroom brawl much to the chagrin of local establishments.

Quite frankly Robert didn't think he had the capacity to start a fight but each time Clair assured him that she would always play the part of the voice of reason. He found the idea laughable but hard to contest since he was so bad with liquor the times he did drink he ended up blacking out the entire evening. That was also a part of why he needed his job. Reportedly he'd caused enough significant damage to the Dancing Pixie to warrant a steep fine which gobbled up most of his money. Clair was always eager to buy him a drink but likely not for entirely altruistic reasons.

It was around this time that he and Clair would find a local bar to crash but his miser of a boss Mr. Grant made him stay late to file more books. Unfortunately, a group of local scholars went on a sort of intellectual crusade, picking out any and every book for god knows what reason. Robert never trusted scholars, men who were paid to think. The sort of work they do cannot be measured so he felt it was likely that all of them were a bunch of louts that couldn't be arsed to do any sort of labor at all.

Merely reflecting on his situation cause enough anger for him to slam a book back into place. Wincing, he gingerly removed the tome to find that he creased its bound leather coverings. No matter, he would blame the damage on the scholars. For intellectual men they certainly had a disdain for the printed word and did enough damage to keep him on the restoration job for weeks to come.

The anger didn't stem from being forced to work late though admittedly it probably played a part, his outburst was the result of his inability to go out drinking. Perhaps, if he was lucky, he would see Clair as well. Especially tonight, he had planned to tell her how he felt. Well, thinking about planning to tell her. No, that's not right; he was considering thinking about planning to tell her.

Oh who am I kidding? He thought. I've been trying to tell her how I feel for years, why would tonight be any different?

Having again managed to depress himself, Robert stacked the books he was carrying on the floor and made his way to a nearby bench. Who was he kidding? There's no way she would go for a guy like him, sure they were good friends but that's all their depressingly platonic relationship amounted to. In the military there were probably a number of rough and tumble guys who could match her rambunctious nature. He didn't have enough faith in his own alleged drunken brawling to challenge anyone who crossed blades with brigands and monsters for a living.

Being friends is enough at least.

No sooner had he thought that than he become aware of a light coughing coming from somewhere in the darker recesses of the library. Robert tensed, there shouldn't be anyone else in here. Even Mr. Grant had gone home by exercising privileges of being the boss, giving unfavorable hours to his employees, namely him.

With a smooth practiced motion he withdrew a small dagger from his pocket. Clair had given the simple yet elegant blade to him as she had a strange notion that everyone, no matter their station in life, should be armed. He'd practiced with it on several occasions, usually with her guidance as a token of thanks for her concern. He never thought he would need in the library but he kept it with him as a token of her concern for him, one of the precious few he had.

Robert elected not to take the lantern sitting on the table, instead creeping along in the dark in order to get the drop on this mystery sound. He'd always had good night vision so the lack of an on hand lightsource wasn't debilitating. Preserving the element of surprise was more important.

Easing his way down the hallway he could only barely make out where the darkness ended and the bookcases began but their shadowy outlines were enough to see where he was going. In an unusually well lit corner hunched a figure wrapped in a dark cloak, the exact color was difficult to make out but the difference was enough to separate the intruder from the shadows. Not giving his uninvited visitor another second to go on with its sinister lurking, Robert tackled it to the ground and readied his knife.

"Son of a bitch!" The cloak screamed.

He recognized the figure's protests, though he could hardly believe it. "Clair?" he ventured.

"Damnit Robert, get off me!" She shoved the overzealous bookkeeper off her, pulling her hood down in an attempt to affirm her identity. Though her face was too dark to make out any of her features, Robert could recognize that voice and attitude anywhere.

"Clair what are you doing sneaking around in the darkness inside the library? I have thought you'd gone and gotten plastered with the rest of the militia by now. I mean I appreciate you coming to see me but did you even come through the front door?" Robert looked up to find the moon peaking through a small open window. No sane person would think to enter through there but this wasn't terribly out of character for Clair. "Guess that's a no."

"Just felt," she panted. "Like seeing you."

"Well like I said the thought is nice, but how did you even get in?" Robert took her hand and pulled her upright.

"I had some help."

"Anyone I know?"


Leading her out of the darkness so they could have a proper conversation, Robert noticed that below Clair's tattered dark brown cloak she was completely naked. The approaching light of the nearby lantern highlighted the curves of her pale flesh only accentuated by the dark color of the covering. Though nothing especially embarrassing peaked out from the folds of the cloth, he was entirely taken off guard by her exhibitionism.

"Clair. . . why aren't you wearing anything?" He tried his damndest not to look now that he called attention to it but couldn't help sneaking sidelong glances as they walked.

Initially she seemed confused by the question as though this would be perfectly normal for her. While hanging out with Clair had produced some very interesting situations and more than their share of in jokes, she was never one to parade around in her skivvies. Robert only wished he could say the same.

"Oh this?" With a strange, self satisfied grin, she spread her arms, parting the cloak and laid bare everything to him, apparently unconcerned with her own modesty.

Robert thought he would faint from equal parts embarrassment and arousal. Before him stood a vision he'd only seen in his most shameless dreams. He couldn't move, he couldn't think, he was completely enthralled by Clair's naked body. She was tall, especially for a women and she was built, attractively so in the acrobatic way that comes from constant physical exertion of the entire body. Her breasts, though modestly sized, hung bare in the musty librarian air while her surprisingly well kept pubic hair did nothing to hide the darker flesh of her folds.

"Robert." Closing the distance between them, she wrapped her hands around him, embracing him right against her soft, supple skin. "How do you feel about me?" she whispered into his ear, a soft and smooth tone served to calm him down, clear his thoughts in spite of the incredibly awkward position they were both in.

"What's this all of the sudden?" he choked. "You jump in through the window in the buff, surprise me at work and then ask how I feel about you?" Robert couldn't tell her the truth, and this was hardly the ideal situation for a declaration of love.

Wasn't it?

"Answer the question." she pleaded in the most heartrending tone he'd ever heard. Her anguish set off another red flag in Robert's mind. She wasn't acting the way she usually did. Sure she was still very direct and a little overbearing but she never talked about either of their feelings or anything emotional before. They just had a good time together.

"Well I guess I consider you a really good friend," he lied. "You know I've never had many of them at one time. I've never been some hero of the people nor a great thinker. I just am. I suppose I just really value our friendship and..."

"And?" she echoed.

"And I'm really glad that we're together. Friends I mean," he added hurriedly. This wasn't the time for that.

"Friends," whispered Clair, still clinging to Robert as though she was hanging on for dear life. Perhaps it was merely his imagination, but Robert could have sworn she started slightly rubbing her body against him. "Is that all?"

Robert couldn't answer her, he couldn't keep lying like this, but at the same time confessing to her in the darkness only cut by dim candle light when she was completely naked was not the romantic reveal he had envisioned all this time. Why was she so curious though? He wondered with the small part of his mind that managed to remain objective. She couldn't...no...it was impossible. He didn't deserve her.

Oh god the sensations of her smooth skin were nearly irresistible.


Clair pulled back, gazing into his eyes. "I can feel your yearning, your frustration, and your lust." She moaned throatily. "I can feel as though it was my own. You're not suffering alone. I've never acted like this with anyone, but I've always fantasized about doing this. Like a little girl who imagines her own fair knight that she's heard of in fairy tales." A single slender finger played down Robert's cheek. "As well as some of the less... innocent acts they always skip over."

"A knight. You wanted a knight and you came here?" Robert balked, though his momentary bafflement was smothered by his arousal. "You had your pick. I've seen the way some of the men in your regiment look at you, competing for your attention. If you actually wanted a knight you had plenty of chances."

"Them?" she spat. "They're merely a gaggle of meat heads who want nothing more than a warm body to screw. I wanted someone who liked me for me rather than for useful parts of my body."

"Have you found anyone like that?"

His response didn't have the effect Robert has expected. The heavy lidded sultry Clair retreated to parts unknown and the usual Clair charged forward in all her glory, greeting him with an angry slap in the face. He touched his raw face gingerly and stared at her wide-eyed.

"That's it!" she fumed. "I've had it with this sultry garbage! What do I have to do to make it clear? I. Love. You. You stupid librarian. Now shut up and make love to me."

With an astonishing amount of strength she grabbed the overwhelmed bookkeeper and laid him out on the table taking a moment of care not to dip his head in the still burning candle. She did not wait for an acknowledgement of her confession before attempting to disrobe Robert with shaking hands. With her frantic fingers, she could not properly remove his trousers; like a child on Christmas morning who gnaws and claws with futility at the string on a package.

Clair grunted and Robert's knife appeared in her hands. Without pause she bisected his clothing with a single well measured arc of the blade. Had he been in his right mind, Robert may have feared for his manhood and internal organs. Instead Clair's words swam through his head making sure he couldn't focus on anything at the moment.

"Not here." managed Robert, breathing hard.

"Yes here," Clair continued to fumble with the remains of his trousers. "I want to."

"Why? Why here? Why now?" Robert sat up and lifted her chin, he wanted a straight answer and she had been hiding her face since she started undressing him. He saw why, they shimmered with tears that ran down flushed cheeks, softly glimmering in the candlelight.

"Please, let me do this." she whispered.

Something inside Robert broke down. Years of being close to her yet never daring to take that final step to something more, and the ever-present fear that one day she'll find someone else. He couldn't take her sultry onslaught anymore. It no longer mattered to him how weird the situation was or how forceful Clair was acting. All that mattered was that right now, at this very moment, she wanted him just as much as he wanted her.

Refusing to waste even one moment, Robert forced his lips on Claris' which opened almost immediately in the most passionate kiss of his life. Their tongues swirled around in an erotic dance which filled Robert's mouth with a gentle tingling sensation, unexpected but most welcome as they continued their enthusiastic oral acrobatics.

Their fevered mingling went on for much longer than Robert would have ever thought possible, as Clair acted as though she no longer needed breath, continuing with a constant, fiery enthusiasm. With each moment that passed she drove her tongue deeper and deeper into his mouth, the pressure of her lips would have been painful if not for the effect her saliva seemed to have on him. Her demeanor was as passionate as it was predatory. Robert broke contact first, unable to continue without passing out but Clair didn't want to let go, following him as he drew back with a dreamy look on her face.

"Wow..." choked Robert, panting with equal parts exhaustion and arousal.

Clair didn't respond, denied his mouth she moved back down to the remnants of his pants now tented with the result of their passion. Rivulets of drool rolled down her chin as she peeled back his underwear, allowing his erection to spring to attention.

Robert sighed appreciatively when the pressure was lifted from his manhood only to gasp in shock as Clair engulfed it entirely in one swift motion. Though she gradually withdrew from her initial strike, she didn't let a millimeter pass her lips without lavishing it with her tongue's smooth caresses. She repeated this process each time going infuriatingly slow, never allowing the sensation to build to a climax. Between her lascivious attentions and the familiar tingling sensation Robert could barely think straight.

Eventually the tip of his cock passed free of her lips and much to Robert's frustration she allowed it to hang infuriatingly free in the freezing open air. She stared at him with a sultry gaze that made her earlier expressions appear chaster than even the most devout of holy women and with a single smooth and dainty finger she stroked his glans coaxing traces of precum from him.

"You want to cum don't you." It wasn't a question; it was a statement, spoken in a voice like oiled silk. A voice that was completely detached from her usual coarse, uneven tone.


She laughed melodiously and rose upright, allowing the cloak she wore to fall to the ground. Modesty was no longer something either of them wanted to cling to. With the sort of flexibility that came naturally to a warrior of her ability she lifted her leg onto the table. Legs spread, Robert could see the moisten folds of her pussy shining in the candlelight. She was quite literally dripping with desire and she wanted to make damn sure he knew it.

"Letting you cum outside would be such a waste don't you think?" She climbed onto the table, swaying from side to side as she crept forward on her hands and knees, allowing Robert's painfully stiff member to slide against her stomach.

"Yes!" shouted Robert. Though the ordeal felt amazing, it wasn't enough to send him over the edge but instead left him teetering agonizingly on the precipice. The small, insignificant part of his brain that still clung to things like rational thought was shocked she was able to bring him to torturous preclimax so easily but the overwhelming power of his base instincts annihilated any sense of shame he may have had in the past.

"Well let's fix that." She grasped his manhood with one hand and guided it into her drooling cleft.

Penetration, though shallow, made both of them gasp in shock, neither of them properly prepared for the sensorial overload. Clair's face twisted in a mix of pain and overwhelming pleasure and her mouth hung open as she fruitlessly gasped for breath.

However, Robert's mind was far too clouded to notice, all he could feel was moist, plush flesh at the very tip of his cock. It twitched with anticipation, slightly constricting him as though the muscles within were grasping and pulling him inside. He couldn't stand it any longer, with one mighty thrust he buried himself to the root within her.

Clair released a primal shriek, throwing her arms around Robert and pressing her suddenly ample chest to his with the full force of her military-trained body. Robert found it difficult to take in air, no so much from the crushing embrace but from the way her insides coiled around him and voraciously gulped and suckled. It was too much. The pressure of her breasts, the constrictions of her vagina, her fevered panting, Robert could no longer hold back.

With a strained groan and an undercurrent of shame, he released inside her. The full force of his premature ejaculation sent him to a level of pleasure he didn't think possible. He came and he came and he came more than he ever had in his life. The inexplicably forceful tide of hot cum baffled just as much as pacified.

Clair moaned appreciatively as the ejaculate painted her insides white. She released the pressure of her embrace only to redirect it into another forceful kiss. Between the shocking orgasm and Clair's continued passion, Robert almost blacked out, his vision going fuzzy as stars exploded behind his eyes.

Again she reluctantly withdrew, a string of saliva connecting them for a moment longer. She leaned down again making Robert afraid she was going to kiss him again before he could catch his breath. Instead she whispered in his ear with a voice steeped in regret.

"I'm sorry for this, sorry it had to happen this way."

She screamed. It wasn't another scream of pleasure but that of unbearable pain. She reared off him and fell to the floor, clutching and scratching at her back leaving red lines tinged with dark crimson. The sound of cracking bones and snapping tendons filled the air which was punctuated by more anguished screaming. She clawed at the stone tiles, tore book out of the aisles and splintered the shelves themselves with a flurry of animalistic strikes.

Seeing Clair in pain did more to clear Robert's mind than anything else. He all but fell onto the floor, discarding what little fragments of clothing remained him that constricted his movements. He tried to pick her up off the ground but hesitated when he saw twin bulges straining against the inside of her back. They were long and boney, like spidery fingers that flexed and writhed within her. Robert was horrified, he'd never seen anything like this.

"Don't look!" shouted Clair just before she violently retched on the ground.

Robert could only watch in disgust as the bulges exploded bloodlessly from her back into thin white bat wings that glistened wetly in the low light followed by a pair of ridged rams horns jutted from her skull in twisting arcs. Finally A short spade-tipped tail extended from her tailbone as a tiny layer of fine hairs rose from her extremities. In the wake of this transformation Clair lay sputtering against the ground as her newfound limbs twitched slightly.

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