tagIncest/TabooMidnight Romp

Midnight Romp


My sister Louise and I were back home for our summer break from college. It was just the second day back and it was around midnight and I couldn't sleep. My sister's room was next to mine and I was listening to her. I was hearing low moaning sounds coming through the walls. I could just imagine what was going on there.

I was horny too. I normally sleep with my briefs on in my parent's house. Tonight I was naked and I had my cock in my hand stroking it. I couldn't take much more of listening to my sister. I got up from the bed and slowly walked to the door of my sister's room. Luckily my parents had their bedroom in another part of the house. I turned the doorknob and I slipped into my sister's room.

A night light was on and I could see Louise with her legs spread and a large vibrator was pushed inside her pussy. My sister looked up at me and her eyes got big.

"What are you doing here Matt, get out!"

I was standing there with my cock as hard as it could be. I could see my sister was looking straight at my crotch.

"You were making so much noise Louise, I couldn't take it anymore." I said to her.

I took some steps toward the bed and I sat down next to my sister. Her breasts were like small mounds on her chest and her brown nipples were hard. My sister's pussy was shaved down and I could see it was damp between her legs. I took my finger and I slid it across Louise's folds. It sent a shiver through her body, that much I could tell.

I then climbed up onto her bed. I got between her legs and lowered my face. My sister had this wild look on her face. I only hoped my parents didn't show up anytime soon. I began to use my tongue and lick up and down Louise's pussy. She wasn't pulling back at all. She put her hands on my head and urged me to lick harder.

My face was covered with my hot sister's juices. I could have done that forever but I wanted more. I pulled back and got up on my knees. I took hold of my dick and pressed it to my sister's opening.

"No Matt, we can't do this!" Louise had this face of horror on.

I know it was wrong but I had to have my sister. There was no time to have a discussion about it. I slowly slid my cock into her damp folds. I am about seven inches in length and my cock is average in thickness. Louise's pussy gave way to my dick. I pushed in until our pubic bones were touching. Louise didn't fight me then. She placed her legs around my back and we started to fuck each other.

I was pumping my cock into my sister slowly at first. As we got more worked up I slammed my cock into her all the way, getting as deep as I could. I was a getting little paranoid as the bed springs were making noise as I buried my cock into my sister. Thankfully no one else heard what was going on. My sister's face said it all. She was in fuck lust now, even if it was her own brother filling her pussy with cock.

I lowered my face and I sucked each nipple into my mouth. This seemed to set my sister off. I felt Louise's juices hitting my midsection. She squirting all over my prick. That really turned me on to the point I couldn't hold back any longer. I know I should have pulled out but I couldn't bring myself to do that. I shot my hot load of seed into my sister's belly.

My sister's face said it all. There was horror and excitement in knowing what had just happened. Louise's pussy muscles went into overdrive milking all my cum from my dick. My sister also knew how wrong this was but she couldn't bring her body to stop. I kept pumping my load into Louise. We must have fucked a good fifteen minutes more until I felt I was finally empty. My cock got limp and I pulled out of my sister.

There wasn't any love talk after what we had done.

"You better go now," Louise said to me.

I went back to my bedroom and I heard my sister using the bathroom down the hallway. I took some tissues I had in my room and I managed to clean my dick up from all that love cream. I can tell you I didn't sleep the rest of the night. I could only imagine what my sister was thinking as she went back to her cum stained bed.

Morning came and my parents both went off to work. I got up and took a leak and then I went looking for my sister. She was still in her bedroom when I opened the door once more. Louise was awake and just staring off into the distance. Then she spoke to me.

"Matt, what we did was so wrong last night."

"You wanted it as much as I did," I told her.

"Yes, I did but we will get caught if we continue to have sex," she replied back.

I wasn't going to accept that scenario from my sister. I came over to the bed once more. I could still see some of my cum dribbling from my sister's pussy.

"You still want me Louise, I know it."

Louise didn't say yes or no to me. I saw her looking at my cock. I was half way hard that morning. I took her hand and rested it on my dick. My sister began to stroke me. Up and down her hand rubbed my growing cock.

"Suck on it Louise, please?"

My sister looked at my cock for a long minute and then she moved over and wrapped her lips around my cockhead. God, did that feel good. Louise was going up and down my rigid pole. She managed to suck right down to the root. She had all seven inches of me down her throat. Needless to say it didn't take long for my cock to grow to its full height. I told Louise to pull off.

"Get on top of me," I told my sister.

I waited to see what would happen. Did she really mean what she said, there was to be no more sex between us. I got my answer very quickly.

"I do need you Matt."

Louise climbed up over my dick and she got into position. My sister lowered her pussy to meet my mushroom. I raised up and I entered my sister's pussy once more. There were no more objections from Louise. I took my hands and grabbed her ass cheeks. I met my sister's motion with my own. I knew right then the rest of the summer was going to be filled with the two of us fucking all the time.

Louise worked her pussy up and down my cock. Her tits were bouncing up and down on her chest as we fucked like two wild animals.

"Oh God Matt, your cock feels so good inside me," my sister told me.

Louise's pussy was tight around my rod. Her muscles felt like they needed to have more of my cum. We must have fucked a good hour that morning. I didn't think I had much left inside me but I was wrong. I squirted a load of my cream into my sister's belly. That must have set my sister off. Her body started to shake and she had her own orgasms. I just kept grinding my cock into my sister. Eventually Louise collapsed onto my chest.

We held each other for the longest time. I think I heard my sister crying softly. Her orgasms had been that intense. Louise started to say everything that was on her mind. Thankfully my sister was on the pill. I had fucked her with my bare cock twice already. Louise said my dick felt so much better than any vibrator could feel. She said we would have to be careful so my parents would never find out.

We got up from the bed and we washed the cum stained sheets from Louise's bed. There were some days when we couldn't have sex together. My parents would be around and having sex at night was risky. Louise and I would often have sex in the shower during the daytime. All the evidence would wash away. It also was so much hotter fucking my sister as the water from the showerhead was hitting our naked bodies.

The summer went too fast that year. Another couple of days and we would be heading back to our colleges. We made a pact we would try and get together as often as we could. I know it is going to be a long year if I can't fuck Louise everyday.

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