Mike & Peggy Ch. 02


Mike couldn't help it, he was trying to thrust. He wanted to feel his cock fucking her mouth. He had never experienced anything that felt like this. He knew he would cum in a few more strokes. So did Peggy. Her hands were on the top of his thighs, and she was pushing down on him to minimize his movement. She knew that she couldn't keep it up much longer. Finally she had to stop.

"Nooo!! Oh God, please don't stop, PLEASE!" Mike begged.

"Okay," Peggy giggled, as she slowly and lightly licked his cock from base to tip four more times. His cock throbbed and twitched, but she stopped totally. She turned around so she was lying next to him and gave him a deep kiss. As she did so, she took his ball sack gently in one hand and squeezed ever so lightly.

"Oh my God baby, these are so full. You must need to cum very badly!" she said with a chuckle. "Now can you imagine how good it will feel when I let you cum in my mouth? I will next weekend, I promise . . . if you promise to do two things for me. Will you?"

Mike almost said yes without even knowing what the two things were, but managed to maintain enough sense to ask first.

"Well, first I want you to promise to make it clear to anyone who asks, that you and I aren't having sex together. That goes double for your roommates. They'll see that I've been here all weekend and assume you got laid. I want you to promise that you'll tell them you didn't even get to cum, even if they don't ask. Okay, do you promise to that one?"

"Uh, well, sure" Mike didn't understand exactly, but what the Hell, that wasn't such a big deal and no way did he want to blow this now.

"And the second one might be a little harder for you to agree to, but it's the only way we're going to spend next weekend together." Peggy was quite insistent on this. She paused and squeezed Mike's balls a little harder a couple of times for emphasis.

Mike groaned again and Peggy laughed softly.

"I want you to promise not to cum between now and then, no way! Clear?" she asked.

Mike was surprised at her directness, and embarrassed about the fact she was in essence telling him not to masturbate. Like most guys his age, he preferred to pretend that women didn't know about guys beating off, even though they know better.

Mike was speechless.

"Mike, do you promise?" she prompted.

"Uh, well . . ." Mike knew how hard this would be to keep, and he didn't like to break a promise, but Fuck It! He intended to give himself some relief the minute she was out the door, and she'd never be the wiser. So not meaning it, he said "Yeah sure. I promise."

"Mike, I know how hard that will be for you to keep this promise, but if you don't, we are finished! I mean it. And I guarantee you, I'll be able to tell if you cheat!" she said very emphatically.

Somehow he knew it was true. She wasn't really giving him a choice. He figured he'd be able to think much clearer once he was alone. He simply said, "Okay, I understand."

"Be sure you do. I'll be so disappointed if you let me down," she said with a sort of sadness in her voice that made Mike believe she really would be.

"I won't let you down Peggy, really!" he said meaning it for the moment at least.

"Okay, I really need to go now," she said as she got up, picked up her stuff and got dressed, giving him quite a show as she did.

Mike got up too and pulled on some sweats, which tented quite a bit since his cock had softened not one bit, but rather was throbbing still.

She moved toward him, and gave him a huge kiss! He loved it, and stiffened some more. She stroked his cock through his sweats, and smiled broadly at him.

With that she turned and bounced out the door without looking back.

Mike just stood there for several minutes trying to figure out what in the Hell had happened to him and what to do about it. He was also unconsciously waiting for his hard-on to subside. The ache from the blue balls he had would last a good, long time.

His first taste of this 'new situation' happened shortly after his roommates returned from their camping outing. It was obvious, as she'd said it would be, that Peggy had been around for more than a little while. They teased him about it as college guys would. As he promised, it came out, though in limited detail, that no, Mike hadn't gotten laid, in fact he hadn't even gotten his rocks off!

The teasing was merciless, but this one comment from one roommate summarizes the whole conversation, "Christ Mike, you spend the entire weekend with one of the best looking cheerleaders on campus and get nothing but blue balls out of it? What kinda putz are you? Sure she's one of the biggest cockteasers on Earth, but Hell, she's fucked half the jocks on campus and usually on the first date. What in the world is the matter with you?"

Of course Mike was mortified, and almost got in a fight with his roommate about the fact that the rumors about how loose she was with other guys were just that, rumors. But he pretty much knew that his roommate was right. Further, what the Hell WAS he doing? Or more to the point what was Peggy doing? He knew he really was in love with her, but he was questioning if it was worth what he was going through. DAMN, he was confused.

To be continued...

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