tagNovels and NovellasMike's New Job Ch. 05

Mike's New Job Ch. 05


Tales From Sechs City -- welcome to Sechs City, a wealthy, middle-class costal area of Western America in the state of California. A gorgeous, quiet largely uneventful place, people move to the city to follow their dreams, to live their day-to-day lives. It's almost too perfect to be true...

As Mike walked through the glass entrance doors of "Narina Ltd" the next morning, he felt a mixture of emotions; the one outstanding feeling however was that of stupidity. It seemed that ever since that coin toss the previous afternoon he had just made one stupid mistake after the other. Not only had he not told Heidi everything, he had neglected to inform Kevin of his latest predicament. He didn't know why; the words just hadn't seemed to form in his mouth.

This morning he had told his friend he was going out job hunting, and didn't' know when he would be back. Who knew what he would say if Heidi suddenly decided to call him at all?

He should have just walked out of that door as soon as he'd seen those images on Anglee's television screen. She had to be lying about those women, she just had to be. No way would she have been able to arrange all that she had threatened. But even as he thought this he knew that it was fifty-fifty. Clarke & Bros would not have fired him for nothing; there MUST have been some complaints about him. It was lose-lose all the way for now. He just had to grit his teeth and bear it.

He found Gerald standing by the desk, clipboard in hand, tapping his foot impatiently. 'You took your time, didn't you?' he said as a "hello". 'What did you do, walk here?'

Actually, Gerald was very much correct. As if it could prolong the inevitable, Mike had taken the option that would take the longest to get there, including the longest route and at the slowest possible pace he could manage.

'Sorry,' he shrugged, though he said it emotionlessly.

'Well,' Gerald grunted, 'we're all getting ready for the morning meeting in Anglee's office. It's a daily routine, 9:30 sharp. Remember that for tomorrow, or else she'll have your head on a silver platter!'

Mike wasn't so sure that it wasn't already there. He followed Gerald down through the short maze of anonymous looking corridors. As he passed each door Mike wondered what rooms lay behind them. Were they all exactly the same as the one he had seen Stacey "working" in? Or were they like one of those tacky motels with specific themes? Was there a nature room? An S&M room?

When they got to Anglee's office, Mike found himself surrounded by a group of people he'd never seen before. All employees, obviously. All fairly casually dressed. All not that bad looking at all. It took Mike a while to realise that, apart from Gerald, he was the only male in this crowd.

He spotted Stacey, no longer dressed in her grey dress suit but in loose top and jogging bottoms. She flashed her dazzling pearly whites at Mike as he came over.

'Morning, Mike,' she said cheerfully. 'Ready for your first day of work?'

Mike scratched the back of his neck as he tried to forget his recent conversation with Heidi about what she thought had been his "first day". 'Can I ask you something, Stacey?' he asked.

'Anything; I'm always here to help!'

'Why do you work here? Do what you do? Has she...has Anglee got something on you too?'

Stacey looked slightly puzzled. 'If she has, she's never mentioned it. I mean, I wouldn't put it past her to be keeping video files. She likes to watch back what we've done occasionally. She says its for evaluation, but we don't really buy that.'

'So why work here?' asked Mike, perplexed.

Stacey grinned again. 'It's the best job in the world,' she said honestly.

'All right, everyone; lets have a bit of quiet!' Anglee was standing behind her desk, both hands placed down on the surface, waiting for hush. When she got it she smiled broadly.

'As usual, thank you all for coming in today. The sun is particularly glorious, so I hope you can make use of the courtyard to work on those gorgeous tans on those gorgeous bodies. Again, as usual, I can only apologise if your services are not required today, but rest assured you will still be paid for being here. If you have to leave the building at any point today it can only be in a strict emergency or under my supervision, just in case you are suddenly needed by a last-minute client.'

She stood up straight. 'Right, that's all the legal bullshit out of the way. As you may have noticed we have a new employee joining us today. He's obviously a little different to the rest of you, so I want you to be nice and don't misbehave. This is Mike; everyone say hi!'

Every head turned amid a chorus of, 'Hi, Mike!'

Mike shifted uncomfortably. He could feel them examining him with his eyes, some of them checking him out more thoroughly than others. He swore he heard someone close behind him mutter to her friend, 'I can't wait to get to work with that piece of ass.'

When the buzz had quieted down again Anglee turned to Gerald who handed her the clipboard he had been clutching to his chest like a new born baby. She scanned down it quickly before looking up again.

'Okay, this morning at ten we've got Jen in room 23; Abi, you'll be in room 4. Then at eleven...Carrie?'

'Yeah?' replied a woman standing near Mike. She was considerably larger than the rest of the ladies, in all sense of the word.

'Good news, darling. You're in the dungeon.'

Mike shook his head. He'd been right about the themed rooms then.

'Now remember you all need to be on call for lunch between 12 and 2, try to eat yours around this. Then later this afternoon is looking fairly clear at the moment, except for...ah, yes. Mike, you'll be needed at two-thirty in room 33.'

Mike felt like he was about to wet himself. 'Okay,' he managed to say.

That slight smirk returned to Anglee's smile as she said, 'Don't worry, Mike. I'm going to be working with you on this one. You're in good hands. That's all for now; thank you, everyone!'

Stacey's eyebrows were raised. 'Wow. Anglee doesn't often take on clients herself these days. Must be one of the "treasurers".'

'Treasurers?' Mike repeated.

'Uh huh. We're very popular with big, wealthy companies -- that's why lunch is usually so busy. They give us more money than we get from other, more regular clients. In return Gerald and Anglee help to cover up any legal problems.'

Mike's heart leapt a little. 'Legal problems? Do you think...do you think there's any possibility that that's why I'm here? To assist them with that?'

Stacey smiled at him, a little sadly. 'I'd love to say yes...'


Heidi wasn't sure if she wanted to see Isabella. She had spent half the night worrying about the previous afternoon's events. When her friend first knocked at the front door that morning she tried to hide herself in the kitchen, but this plot was foiled when Isabella went round through the back way and saw her through the kitchen window.

'Sorry,' Heidi lied as she opened the back screen door for her. 'I had the radio on.'

'Uh huh? Sure,' replied Isabella. 'Look, it doesn't take a genius to figure out you're hiding from me. You said you were all right when we got back yesterday.'

'I am, I am,' said Heidi hurriedly. 'It's just...welll...Izzie, I love Mike and...erm...'

Isabella looked confused for a second then realisation hit her and she began to laugh loudly.

'Oh, honey,' she giggled. 'You don't think I wanted to get serious, did you? Oh fuck! No wonder you were worried!'

Heidi felt more than a little embarrassed. 'It's not all that funny,' she retorted. 'I mean, that's the first time any woman's touched me down...there...'

'And it will probably be the last,' returned Isabella. 'What did I say to you? It was part of my wedding present to you. I wanted you to get a little experience of the wider world, that was all. Believe me, I have NO idea how I would have reacted if you'd wanted more. I'd probably have run for the hills!'

Heidi sighed with relief and began to laugh herself. 'Well, I think I can safely say it was very much appreciated, but maybe just stick to a playful slap on the ass now and again.'

'You got it,' Isabella grinned. 'So: we still on for tomorrow night, or are you too freaked out to have dinner with your best friend?'

'We are on,' replied Heidi. 'Though I doubt with you planning it dinner is all thats on the cards.'

Isabella looked mock innocent. 'As if I would lead a blushing bride so astray!'

They both started laughing again, and felt comfortable enough for a friendly hug.

*** The rest of the morning went by in a bizarre kind of blur for Mike. He tried to explore the building a bit more, but seemed to find either more corridors or areas which had been sealed off for some reason. He spent a lot of time in the courtyard, which was right in the middle of the building. He found himself surrounded by topless beauties smothered in sun oil and basking in the rays of the sun that gradually got hotter and hotter. They were all different shapes, different sizes, different colours. Anglee had a very wide range for different tastes here.

He tried to talk to a few of the girls, but most just seemed to want to relax or read a magazine while they sunbathed. Occasionally Gerald would come out and call one of the girls away from their deck chair and into the cool shade of the building, where they wouldn't return for a good hour.

Stacey had been right; lunch was the busiest time here at "Narina Ltd". Girls were constantly on the move, rushing around in various states of undress in a variety of different outfits. A lot of the time it was a common type of underwear, but occasionally Mike would see a glimpse of something a bit more exotic. The most bizarre looking had been Carrie, the "dungeon" worker; shiny black Perspex corset, knee high boots, studded leash around her throat. She seemed incredibly nonchalant about the whole thing when Mike dared to ask her about it.

'Oh, yeah, I love this stuff. My husband got me into it really and I've never really looked back. And Anglee usually orders some good stuff that I can bring home for him to try out too.'

'Wait, wait,' said Mike, trying to get all the facts. 'Your husband knows you work here?'

'Hah, hah! Honey, this ain't the first whorehouse I've worked for. Though don't go about calling this place that kind of name. Anglee likes it to sound all sophisticated; it's the French in her, I guess.'

A number of the girls Mike talked to had been involved in different brothels before; some had been topless dancers. And then there were the small minority of bored suburban housewives who were living out their own fantasies without their husbands ever catching wind of the situation.

Finally, as time ticked on, the moment Mike had been dreading arrived. Gerald came out and, shielding his eyes from the sun with his clipboard, called out to the general area, 'Mike, you're up!'

Shakily, Mike followed him back through the building and down a corridor that Mike couldn't remember walking through or not.

'This is the "Reserved" area of the building,' Gerald said matter of factly before Mike had even had a chance to ask him. 'This is where our highest paying clients are entertained. We also occasionally open it up for special events.'

They reached room 39, which was next to a door that, instead of a number, had a gold plaque on it with the words: OBSERVATION ROOM. Anglee was waiting for them. She had changed out of her normal business suit into a very long beige trench coat that was buttoned up tightly. Her black frizzy hair had been let loose from its bow, and Mike could see that at full length it would reach just below her chest.

'Well, Mike; are you ready?' she asked him now, her voice a lot less harsher than usual.

Mike took a few deep breaths. 'Is there any other way we could sort this out? Come to some kind of arrangement?' he half-pleaded.

Anglee lifted her hand and gently stroked his cheek. Her brown eyes searched his own. 'Don't worry,' she soothed. 'I know it's your first time; I'll be gentle.'

She opened the door to room 39 and gestured for him to go in. It was a fairly average size, and its interior looked very much like a normal motel room. There was a double bed with a thick, white duvet and pillow set, a make-up table and chair, and a rail of hangers for clothes to be hung on. Large purple candles were dotted around the place, already lit; the fragrance they set off was a strange one. Mike wasn't sure if he'd ever smelt it before. It certainly reminded him of something.

There was one thing that seemed out of place in this room, though. Facing the bed on the wall opposite the entrance was a small wooden seat with no arm rests. It stuck out of the wall like a sore thumb. On either side of it were two thick metal semi-circles.

'Take off your clothes and give them to Gerald,' Anglee said quickly. The gentleness had gone from her voice; this was now business.

Mike kicked off his shoes and stripped off everything except his boxer shorts.

'Those too,' ordered Anglee, her eyes glinting. Mike complied a little reluctantly. Then he picked up the pile of clothes and handed them to Gerald, who had been busy checking out Mike's body.

'Someone works out,' he declared before disappearing down the corridor.

Anglee pointed to the wooden seat. 'Go and sit over there,' she told Mike. As he went over to it she in turn crossed to the make up table, where she opened one of the drawers.

The wood was surprisingly cold on Mike's bare ass, and not all that comfortable to sit on. He began to point this out to Anglee, but he was silenced by her suddenly attaching a metal cuff around his wrist. It had a very short link of chain that Anglee then snapped around the nearby metal semi-circle. She did the same with the other hand. They now hovered at chest height and would go no further.

'This client,' Anglee explained, 'recently expressed an interest at having someone watching in the room, and he specifically asked for it to be a man. Perfect timing, really, that we found you.'

'Uh huh?' replied Mike shortly. 'And what are the chains for?'

'Oh, they're for my personal benefit,' she said, smiling wickedly, her eyes glinting. 'I don't want you enjoying yourself too much.'

There was a knock at the door and Anglee stood up straight and turned to face it. 'Come in,' she called.

The door opened and in strode a well built looking man in his early forties. He was dressed in a rather casual business suit, and had short, spiky black hair. When he saw the naked figure of Mike chained to the wall he smiled broadly.

'How nice to see you again, Tom,' said Anglee, raising her left hand which he took and kissed lightly. 'As you can see, we have an intruder in our happy holiday getaway. What shall we call him?'

Tom shook his head. 'I don't mind, Miss Anglee,' he said. 'Perhaps "slave"?'

'That,' replied Anglee, looking slyly at Mike, 'is a wonderful name. "Slave".'

Mike resisted the urge to scowl at her. He tried to keep a cool, calm expression, to not look at the client directly in the face. This was a problem when Anglee pushed him onto the bed however; he was now at face height with the "slave".

Slowly undoing one button after the other, Anglee removed the lkarge trench coat and let it flop onto the floor. Both Tom and Mike's eyes bulged. She was dressed in a bright pink bikini; the top was tight, strapless, the brief with long, flimsy looking ties on either side. She looked gorgeous in it.

Anglee got down on her knees and began to undo Tom's trousers, whilst he lay back onto the bed and smiled contently up at the ceiling. They were quickly removed along with the rather generic looking boxer shorts underneath. Tom's member lazily sprang to attention. It looked to be about three inches at the moment, but the presence of Anglee in that bikini was beginning to wake it up.

Mike could tell that his own cock was taking notice too. He tried to look away without her noticing, but at the same time he felt a strange desire to watch her as she began to lightly stroke Tom's dick with her long, thin fingers. He was starting to feel a little groggy. What was that in the air? The candles? He hadn't realised that their fragrance was so strong, quite so overpowering.

Anglee's mouth circled the ever growing cock, and she started to suck and lick away at it. Tom started to breath through gritted teeth of pleasure as he felt her tongue playing with his member. Mike started to feel a twinge of jealousy. His own cock was nearly at full attention. As he watched Anglee's slowly bobbing head, he began to wish that it was him she was satisfying. Heidi never seemed to give him blowjobs these days...

Heidi -- who was that? The name was familiar, but he couldn't place it. He tried to shake himself out of this funk. He was becoming more and more light-headed. He tried to focus his attention on the scene unfolding in front of him, but it was making him angrier, more jealous.

Tom had now taken the initiative and unbuttoned his jacket and shirt. With a final lick, Anglee removed her mouth from his throbbing member and got up onto the bed next to him, where they kissed each other hungrily. He reached round her back and removed the single clasp that held together her punk bikini top. He flung it to one side, revealing her small 30C breasts, which he eagerly began to lick and suck at with his rough tongue. Anglee in turn held the back of his head with one hand ruffling his short spiky hair, whilst the other teasingly played with the hood of his cock.

As he watched, Mike started to lick his lips. His mouth was dry; his palms felt sweaty. The outside world was now lost to him. The only thing that mattered was right here in front of him. His erection was considerably larger than it usually had been. In vain he attempted to stroke it, but the chains restricted him from even the slightest flick of the head of it. He swore with frustration under his breath.

Now Anglee had pushed Tom back onto the bed, and turned him round 45 degrees, so that his feet were facing Mike. Tom's large, pulsating dick was now in full view in all its glory. In his state of mind, Mike silently laughed at this pathetic example of manhood. He knew that his would pleasure Anglee so much more; if only she would come and try it out.

But Anglee was fine where she was. She quickly pulled the strings of her pink bikini brief, allowing it to simply fall off onto the duvet. Her black pussy was beautifully shaven, as Miek saw when she crouched over Tom and slowly sat down on top of his cock facing Mike.

For a second, Anglee and Mike's eyes met. They held a steady gaze, of longing and passion, before Anglee began to move slowly up and down on the cock inside of her.

Mike couldn't see Tom's face, but he could hear the sounds of obvious pleasure that were coming from his mouth. Anglee too, despite Mike's earlier misgivings, was clearly enjoying herself, though she was a lot quieter about it. Her face occasionally screwed up with bliss as she rode that cock. Now and again she would look at Mike again; that smirk would appear as she watched his obvious aggravation. She started to play with her clit as she became faster and faster in her action.

Two large, muscular hands appeared around her chest and began to fondle her breasts, playing with the nipples. Now Agnlee began to make a noise; like her laugh, it was a throaty sound, medium pitched. She clasped her hands to his as they rested on her petite breasts, leaning back as she grew closer and closer to orgasm.

Then Mike saw Tom's cock move in a very sudden way, and Anglee stiffened as she felt her lover's juices flow through her pussy. She had obviously not been expecting him to cum so soon. Fool, thought Mike.

But ever the professional, Anglee quickly brought herself to orgasm by playing once again with her now very visible clit. It looked so inviting; it was the only thing Mike wanted to feel, to touch, to kiss, to taste in the world. Anglee gave out one last short cry before collapsing onto Tom, panting slightly.

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