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Mirror Mirror Ch. 02


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What I write is fiction/fantasy/fairy tales for adults. None of my characters are real, no one was injured during the production of my stories and just like on T.V., they all get up when the scene is over, have a beer, remove the makeup and go home, ready to return in the next chapter, all the boo boos healed.

Some spelling and grammatical errors are mine however some are intentional. Which is witch I leave as an exercise for those anal enough to care.

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Dom Woolf


Mirror Mirror: Part Two

Chapter Four: Adjust, Adapt, Survive

She ran through the deep woods. She ran even though her bare feet hurt and the branches and thorns of the bushes cut and grabbed at her bare skin, Her hooded cloak billowed behind her as she ran, providing little protection to her naked body.

She ran until she dropped, her breath like fire in her chest. She lay on the forest floor a minute, maybe two when the sound of a twig snapping jolted her to her feet and again she ran.

She ran throughout the day, pausing only when she could run no more and then she ran again. Finally late in the afternoon her body gave out and she could run no more. She stumbled into a thicket of bushes, drew her cloak around her, and then knew no more.

. . .

The Huntsman rode into the castle leading the empty saddled horse of the Princess, within moments the word spread of the Princess's loss. The Huntsman answered no questions put to him as he marched through the castle to the chambers of the Queen.

He walked in with out knocking and slammed the door in the startled faces of the guards. The Queen lay naked upon her bed a young chambermaid busy between the queen's spread thighs.

The Huntsman grabbed the half naked maid by her hair, dragged the girl out, and threw her into the arms of the Queens guards before again slamming the door in their faces.

The Queen sat halfway up in her bed her naked body exposed to the Huntsman's gaze as he knelt on one knee beside the bed and presented the box to the Queen.

She smiled and reached for the box, opening it and looking inside. Slowly a haunting laughter began to fill the chamber and outside the doors the guards trembled.


The sun was high in the sky when she awoke. She pushed her way through the bushes and began to walk, going where she did not know or care. She just knew that she must keep going, must keep moving away from the evil.

She kept putting one foot in front of the other, without thought or purpose until she reached a clearing in the woods, next to a hill, at the beginning of the mountains. There built partially into the hill side was a cabin.

It almost gave the appearance of being abandoned, for the wood was old and weathered, the paint long since sun baked and peeled away. The shutters were nailed shut, and though the door seemed solid enough, it gave when she pulled on it at least enough for her to slip inside.

Dark it was inside for no light came through the dirty and covered windows. The girl could make out a dirty rug and a cold fireplace and tables and chairs but of odd sizes, small and ill made.

She pulled shut the door and after awhile her eyes adjusted to the little light that made it into the cottage. She found a barrel of water, rather brackish and strange smelling but it slacked her thirst.

Exhausted she wrapped her torn and filthy body in her likewise torn and filthy cloak and lay on the rug, with in moments she was asleep.

Mining is dirty, dangerous, and tough businesses wither one mines for coal or iron ore or gold and silver. Miners are tough, strong and dirty folk who live rough, work hard and brook nonsense when it comes to what is theirs.

Thus the miners were more than a little peeved upon returning to their cottage to find it had been broken into. That the door hadn't latched tightly when they left that morning or that the trespasser was a naked young girl with barely the strength to open the heavy door impressed them not at all. Someone had broken into their cottage and must be punished.

The miners were of the race of Dwarfs, small in statue, but stronger than most of the other races. Dwarf's kept their true names hidden from the world and adopted names that described some aspect of their work or personality.

Hammer and Axe were brothers and their names reflected their choice of weapons. They entered the cottage first ready to attack the intruder. Dark, named for the blackness of his skin, a skin so dark he could step into shadows and disappear, slipped in next.

Thorn, their leader had the rest pull their swords and enter as a group holding their lanterns high to light up the entire room. They soon discovered the only sign of an intruder was the dirty and semi naked girl passed out on their rug.

Thorn stood over the girl taking in her disheveled appearance, the cuts and bruises, and the fact that her only clothing was a torn and tattered cloak. He listened to the whispers of the others in the group, some wishing to kill the girl and toss her body into the woods, some sure that she was a runaway that would bring trouble down upon them. Some felt compassion towards the pitiful sight lying in their cottage and expressed a desire to help her.

"Get some water and a towel. I wish to speak to this human."

Slag, the strongest of them all snatched up a bucket, filled it from the barrel, and doused the sleeping girl. Sputtering and choking from the deluge of water the girl sat up, the cloak fell away and the dwarf's gazed upon her wet, naked, dirty and mud streaked body. Though covered in cuts, scrapes, and bruises, mud splattered and filthy, still the beauty of the Princess shone through.

The dwarf's began to have other ideas towards the punishment of the intruder. Thorn listened with a smirk of satisfaction. Killing the intruder was no longer on the groups mind and tongue.

"Who are you, girl, and why have you broken into our home?"

Shivering half from the cold and wet and half from the fear of the grim aspect on the faces of the dwarf's that surrounded her, Snow White, began her tale of betrayal, rape and murder most foul. The dwarf's listened to and questioned the frightened girl late into the night.

Thorn ordered his dwarf's to get the girl some food, clean her up and lock her away until he decided what to do with this troublesome human.

Oak the tallest (almost five feet) was also the dumbest of the dwarfs, but he could cook and was sent to fetch food. Dark wet down a towel and washed the trembling girl from head to toe. That he also took the time to feel her tender breasts, squeeze her ripe ass and insert his fingers into her recently ravaged neither regions was also noticed by Thorn.

Smithy came back into the room with a set of wrist and leg irons that he hammered shut around the girl's wrists and ankles. He took her down into the depths of the cottage where it had been dug deep into the hillside and locked her in a bare windowless room.

Snow White sat shivering on the floor, in the dark. A small opening in the door creaked as it was opened and a blanket stuffed inside. Bright eyes watched the girl for just a moment before the window was closed and locked.

Snow White gathered the blanket and retreated to a corner, wrapping it around her. Her fate it seemed was now in the hands of the fiercest race of warriors in the known world.


Early on a bright and shining morning the Queen having feasted the night before on the heart the Huntsman brought approached her magic mirror.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, / who in the land is fairest of all?"

Today the mirror seemed to take twice its normal time to become smoky silver, and then it finally cleared to show the reflection of the Queen.

The voice came from the depths of the mirror.

"I have searched the farthest corners of your realm, my queen, you, are fairest of all."

The Queen smiled.


The King returned as soon as the runners reached him about the disappearance of Snow White and He questioned the Huntsman all one long afternoon.

The Huntsman explained the Princess had been going to join him, to see for herself the high summer hunt. They had made camp and settled in for the night when the camp was best by the giant forest wolves.

The Huntsman wasn't worried for as long as they remained by the fire even the giant wolves would not come near. But the Princess grew afraid at the howling and sounds of the wolves circling the camp. One of the big beasts had appeared in the edge of the fire light and the Princess's nerve had broken. Before the Huntsman could stop her she had run screaming into the wood.

The Huntsman grabbed his bow and sword and gave chase only to see her dragged off by the wolves and vanish into the forest. Her torn and rendered clothes were all that were found.

The king knowing his daughter must surly be dead, still organized a search party and for weeks haunted the forests looking for some sign of his missing child. Twenty seven wolves perished in the weeks that followed but no sign of the Princess was ever found.


Argued they did, long and bitterly, about the fate of the girl locked in the room. Some wished to use her, for women were few and far between for miners in this land so distant from their own.

True, they said, she was no dwarf, they laughed, and it might require ropes and slings to climb onto a woman so tall, but maybe the climb would be worth the effort.

Others still feared that she was being hunted and might bring trouble upon them. They wanted to drop her cold and lifeless body deep into the bottom of the mine and seal away that shaft forever.

Dwarf's and men had fought many times over the centuries and no love was lost between them, especially Hammer and Axe who suffered at the hands of humans in the last great Elfin Wars a mere hundred years ago.

Thorn sat in his great chair in the true hall, well below ground, before the great fireplace where he reigned. He listened to them bitch and shout and battle one another, waiting for a consensus, for he was a wise and prudent dwarf, before rendering his verdict.

At long last, Thorn banged his great and heavy hammer down on the huge oak table. "The girl is not to be killed. She shall remain in chains. We shall keep her here to cook and clean, to sew and mend and wash our clothes. To do all the things a woman of the house should do."

The dwarf's sat and thought and finally Dark asked. "Will she do everything a woman of the house should do?"

Thorn gave a wicked grin. "Everything, each night to a different room. Each night to a different dwarf to render unto him that which pleases most. Only this I say to each and every one of you. Use her, abuse her, but if you damage her beyond use of the next dwarf's night, you shall owe that dwarf a months share in the mine and shall lose use for an equal amount of time."

When each and everyone had agreed, it was decided that she would go from oldest to youngest and start again.

"Bring me the girl."

Four days had she been locked in the dark, seeing light but once a day as they brought her food and water and emptied her chamber pot. None spoke to her and none offered the least bit of comfort.

She had already been fed that day so when she heard the locks being thrown, Snow White knew something had changed.

Dark and Slag came into the cell and Slag threw her over his shoulder and carried her out and down a series of long sloping corridors and finally into a great open hall.

Here she was tossed onto the floor at the feet of a throne and being wise to the ways of court life Snow White immediately prostrated her self before it.

"If you will keep house for us, and cook, make beds, wash, sew, and knit, and keep everything clean and orderly, then you can stay with us. You will be given each night to one of us for his use. If you choose not to do what we demand you will be returned to the forest and driven back towards your castle."

Snow White remained on the floor feeling the cold seep into her skin. If she were driven out and herded back to her stepmother she would die, slowly and painfully. Here at least, among the dwarfs, she would have a life. The life of a servant girl was better than the death of a Princess.

"Oh, great and noble king, I agree to your demands. Command me for I am yours."

"Crawl over here girl and we shall see."

Snow White crawled, her breasts swaying beneath her chest, over and between the legs of the dwarf. Thorn unfastened his pants and exposed his thick cock.

Snow White had never seen a dwarf's cock before. She had seen and watched as human men had taken human woman at the parties of the great castle of her fathers. She had giggled and traded whispers as she and her friends watched servant girls taken from behind or spread on floors, tables, and beds. She had even watched as some of the stable girls sucked off the local boys.

Yet except for the one time the Huntsman had taken her in the forest, she had never done the things which were to be demanded of her now and she had certainly never seen such a thick cock with ridges like that of the Dwarf King.

"Lick my Sword of Pleasure." Thorn ordered (for that was what dwarf's considered their cocks.)

Snow White naked and in chains began her new life of servitude by learning to suck the cock of the King of Dwarf's in front of all his men.

Thorn took her to his bed chamber that night and the next morning the tired and sore young girl was shown around the many deep and buried chambers of the dwarf's kingdom.

The cottage was just for appearances for the actual hall was dug deep into the hills, many were the bedchambers and pantries and kitchens.

There were many storerooms and the great hall where the dwarf's wiled away their nights drinking and playing music and telling tales.

And buried deepest of all was the vault. Here the weapons and armor were kept and polished. The gold and silver and gems were stored. The vault doors were so huge and massive it took two dwarfs' to open each one and four to remove the large oak beam that sealed those doors.

There were other rooms, like the armory and the blacksmith shop where Smithy made weapons. The craft rooms where Dark wove his magic and turned lumps of ore and pieces of crystal into rings and crowns and ornate jewelry.

Hammer and Axe had a woodcraft hall and Thorn his library of books.

Each dwarf had his own hobby and each wanted something different from his night with the girl.

After Thorn came Smithy who liked to chain the girl on various pieces of torture gear he had invented and stretch and twist her onto different positions before her rammed his long hard cock into her and banged away for hours.

Then came Dark, who besides making pretty things, also made whips, straps, and floggers and liked to use those with many sorts of leather ties and outfits.

Slag was almost a relief, for he just wanted plain sex even if he could pump himself into her for half the night.

Axe and Hammer shared her. They truly despised humans and so for two nights in a row they shared the girl and worked at ways to hurt and humiliate the one human in their reach. Their favorite position involved fastening her to a wooden bench, her head hung backwards and one fucking her mouth as the other fucked either her pussy or her ass. They always slapped and beat her until she was more Ruby Red than Snow White. Sometimes they mounted her on a large wooden dildo shoved into her ass or pussy and whipped her till she bled.

Oak alone wasn't interested in sex or torture. The nights spent with him, they slept, and for that one night a week Snow White rested. So grateful was she for the respite that when she found out Oak couldn't read, she asked the dwarf King for permission to take simple books from his great library and would read to Oak for hours.

Her days were filled with chores. There were always clothes to be washed and mended, items to be sewed. Meals to be cooked and floors mopped. Snow White worked from just before sunup when the dwarves left for the days mining, till just before one of them dragged her off to bed.

Her evenings were spent serving food and drink to the gathered dwarf's in the great hall and it wasn't unusual to be forced to dance for their pleasure. Sometimes they wanted her to sing or play the lute and always one or another would fondle her or force her between their hairy legs to suck at their hard and smelly cocks.

All that fall and winter she toiled far underground and it began to take its toll on her health. Thorn noticed and cut down her bed duties to every other night. He also informed Axe and Hammer that their two on one was to be considered both their turns. So now she only had them one night out of every two weeks.

Thorn gave her the above ground portion of the cottage for the nights when she wasn't sharing a bed. She in turn asked that the shutters be opened so she could get some sunlight.

Thorn agreed he wasn't worried she would run off. After all where would she go?

The lighter schedule and the days she had off in the sun began to bring Snow White back to health. She even made a shift of sorts from scraps. She wore it around her rooms and outside. Underground she still went naked and the ankle and wrist chains remained because the dwarf's liked that it reminded her, she was their slave.

Spring saw the dwarf's load their wagons with the riches of the last seasons mining and lists of goods needed for the coming season, before heading off to market in the city some three weeks distant.

Dark alone stayed behind to guard their properties and remain with their slave.

The first night he took Snow White down to the blacksmith shop and struck off her irons. He replaced them with chains of intertwined gold and silver.

He then brought the girl to his chamber and fastened her on a large wooden cross.

"I have been making some pretty things for you to wear all winter but I could not place them upon you until my fellows left for market."

Snow White looked around and tried to move even a little for she knew Dark liked her to squirm and scream as he flogged her breasts or belly.

"How so, my Lord Dark?"

"Why because of the prohibition laid on us all at your capture. If we were to harm you in such a manner that the next ones turn be forfeit, we would lose an entire months share and the use of you."

Dark approached her with a wicked pliers type tool in his hand and several things of ring and chain.

"I am afraid it will take several days for you to recover."

Thus began the longest night of Snow Whites life as Dark used his tools and trinkets to pierce her nipples. He grasped the delicat nubs in the grip of the cold iron tool and pulled her breasts away from her body. Next he took a large silver needle and slowly, enjoying her screams of pain, drove the needle through her breasts and hung her breasts with rings and chains.

Next he pierced her nether lips, and the skin above her clit, fastening more rings and chains to places she had never dreamed could be so decorated or so painful.

He pierced her tongue and added a ring and her nose and another ring was placed. Finally he took the semi conscious girl and placed her over yet another bench tying her down so she couldn't move a muscle. She barely noticed as the pain in her tits, her mouth and her virgina were such that she was beyond caring what more Dark did to her.

The white hot branding iron brought her screaming out of her fog as he laid patterned piece after patterned piece against the flesh of her thighs burning and scaring an intricate design on the outside of both.

Dark was right to be concerned for it was twelve days before the girl was able to resume her duties.

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