tagNovels and NovellasMisery Requires No Talent Ch. 01

Misery Requires No Talent Ch. 01

byBill Smith©

"Why so glum Justine?" Ann asks after watching her best friend for several minutes realizing that something was amiss.

"I don't know. I think that there is something in life that I missed. You know being 55 years old you look back a lot and wonder...," replies Justine with an audible sigh.

"I don't understand. I look at you and see a beautiful, intelligent and incredibly talented woman. I know women 20 years younger that would gladly trade places with you, to have what you have and what you have accomplished," Ann tells her friend hoping to cheer her up.

"It is hard for me to see that. It seems that I have always been driven to do things. I mean I have never just let things happen, I always had to be in control even when it looked like I was just following. When you believe that you must always be in control it is difficult to let others introduce new things in your life as you must know everything," said a frustrated Justine.

"Aren't you happy with what you have accomplished? I think that there is something more going on. What is it that you believe you have missed out on in your 55 years of living?" Ann again asks.

"Sex," Justine replies.

"Sex?" Ann asks with a puzzled look on her face. "You have been married twice and have a grown son. Surely you have more then an adequate understanding and experiences with sex."

"You don't understand," said Justine. "I always thought that sex was mostly for the man. I have no problem with sex or with enjoying myself. It is just that I now realize that there are a million different ways to have and enjoy sex, and I have only tried just a few. And now it is simply to late."

"Justine my friend," laughed Ann, "it is never too late to explore sex. Never! Have you talked to George about your feelings, after all he is your husband."

"No," Justine says as she shakes her head. "George is pretty much set in his ways, he has his own interests now and it is not with sex. I almost feel obsessed with sex: what would this feel like or why didn't I try that. I almost want to cry knowing that I may have missed out on the most important thing in life."

"Hmmmmmm, well you will need to tackle this problem just like you have with any other problem in you life," reasoned Ann. "There is a solution to this if you want to find one. Unless of course you want to just feel miserable and that takes no talent but it also gets you nowhere."

"You're absolutely right Ann! I have just been feeling sorry for myself. Now let me see where should I start," Justine responds like her old confident self.

"If I put George out of the picture then that means I must find someone else. I must find a man that realizes that all I'm interested in is learning about sex. I want a mature man, a knowledgeable man, a sensitive man... Hell Ann I might as well be asking for the >6 Million Dollar Man!' Where in the hell am I gonna find all of that?" Justine laments.

"Justine, relax! What you are asking for is not that difficult. There are a million men out there that would die to provide you with what you want, the thing is finding the one man you want to do it with. Think about all of the men you know, I bet there are at least a dozen off the top that could provide you with all the knowledge you desire," Ann responds with enthusiasm. "You can do it girl!"

"Well let me think... Maybe... no, he won't do. Mmmmmmm... no. Mmmmmmm... I think I know a good place to start. What will I do if he laughs at me?" Justine asks.

"Simple, you just walk away and drop the jerk from your list. It is just that simple," answers Ann. "Do I know him?"

"No, I don't think so. His name is Dennis, maybe late 40's or early 50's. Nice man, but there is something about him that makes me tingle when he is near me, sort of electrical... I don't know how to explain it, but it would be nice if he was the man," states Justine.

"So tell me how are you going to approach him," asks Ann.

"I guess I will play it by ear next time that I see him at the office," responded Justine.

* * * * *

"Dennis," Justine breaths the name as she approaches him.

Dennis looks up from his work to see Justine standing in front of him. "Hello, Justine. How are you doing?" he asks.

"I'm doing fine Dennis..." Justine hesitates before continuing. "I was wondering if we could have lunch sometimes this week. I have a problem that I may need your assistance with."

"Well I have nothing planned today, and I would love to help you in any way I could," Dennis tells Justine never suspecting that what Justine had in mind had nothing at all to do with work. "Want to go now?"

"Why yes," Justine says, "Yes I would! Could we go to that little Mexican Restaurant down the street, you know the one that is out of the way."

"Sure, my treat," Dennis replies.

* * * * *

After ordering their selections Dennis looks at Justine and raises one eyebrow in a questioning look.

"Well, I guess the only way I can do this is just to be blunt and see how it all works out," Justine blurts out. "I'm looking for a man to teach me about sex."

Dennis frowns a little and states, "If my information about you is correct you are married and have a grown son. I mean, you know about the birds and the bees, what else would you like to know?"

"I didn't make a good first presentation did I" Justine simply says. "I know about the birds and the bees. I have been married twice, and yes I do have a grown son. But there is more to sex then procreation. I want to explore my sexuality, to try new things that I have never done before because I thought they were dirty or kinky or whatever and things I don't even know about yet. Is that better?"

"Yes," Dennis says as a smile spreads across his face. "You did say you were married. Have you thought about exploring this with your husband?"

"No it won't work with George," Justine simply states. "Take my word for it. Let me explain a little more. I love my husband but he is set in his ways and he is not going to change. I have accepted that about George and that is not a problem. I have no intentions of leaving him, I just want to explore the world of sex before I get too old.

Taking a deep breath she looks at Dennis and states, "Of all the men I thought of you were at the top of the list and if you think I'm crazy then I will just have to cross you off the list and try to find another. But I will learn what I want to learn. There, I said it all."

"Yes I guess you have. I'm honored and very pleased that you have chosen me. I do believe I can full fill your wishes. If I am to do this then I must be in control. You will follow me and do all that I demand. No ifs and/or buts about it. And I say this not because I like being in control of a situation but because you do. I have seen you do battle in the corporate world and you are a formidable adversary. But if you really want to learn all that I know you must follow passively and believe in my capabilities and never argue with me, until we are through with your training. Do you accept?"

"Yes, but..." Justine said but was cut off.

"No buts. Not now nor while we are in your exploring/training mode," Dennis demands. "You said it yourself, time is running out. It is my way or you find another man. Do you understand and do you accept my demands fully?"

After a pause, Justine answers, "Yes. Yes I understand and accept what you demand."

Dennis looks at Justine and says, "Take off your panties and give them to me."

He could see the inner conflict in Justine as she processed the request. Then like a light going on she sees her relax. She scoots her chair back in preparation to get up and he stops her and asks, "Where are you going?"

Justine looks meekly at Dennis and says, "To the restroom. To remove my panties so I can do what you demand."

"No," Dennis simply states. "What I demanded of you were to remove your panties and give them to me. I didn't say go to the restroom and take them off. This is an example of what I mean when I say follow my instructions: FOLLOW MY INSTRUCTIONS! You don't add to them or take away from them, just simply FOLLOW MY INSTRUCTIONS! If I think you need more guidance then I will give it to you. You can always say no, and that will be the end of it. No more training, off to either give up in defeat or find another man. Do you really understand?"

Justine looks into his eyes, then scoots forward on her chair and then with both hands she begins to raise up the bottom of her dress till she able to hook her pantyhose with her thumbs to pull them down. Once her pantyhose are bunched at her feet she slips off her shoes and then removes them. Then looking down she puts her hands on her panties and slides them down her legs until they too are removed from her legs. Then looking up she crumbles the panties into her right hand and hands them to Dennis.

Dennis takes the offered panties and looks at them. Then he brings them up to his nose and smells them. Then he throws them on the table and looks at Justine and says, "That was good. Now I know you are serious. If we are to do what you want we must both be serious. We will need to schedule time to get together. I would prefer to go out of town to get away from distractions, away from knowing eyes and wagging tongues. This is a sex thing, it does not cross over into any other area. You can continue to slay corporate dragons and do what you normally do. When it is time for training you will know."

While finishing their lunch they decided on a date, time and location out of town to meet. To those around them they were simply going to a conference together.

* * * * *

As Justine and Dennis board the plane they are both in good spirits. As they fly to their destination they chat about work, hobbies, friends and a million other little things but mostly they just enjoy each other's company.

Once they check into their hotel, Dennis looks at Justine and says, "When you get settled in your room and feel comfortable come to my room."

Justine's smile fades as she remembered why they were there. She was nervous but she had made her choice and she was going to follow through. All she could say was, "Yes."

It seemed like hours but it was only minutes till she was at Dennis' door knocking to be let in. Dennis opens the door and steps aside to allow her entrance. She noticed a bottle of wine and two glasses, one empty and the other full. Dennis walks around her and to the table where the wine is located and then pours her a glass of wine and hands it to her. In two short gulps Justine has downed the drink. Dennis smiles at her, takes her glass refills it but instead of handing it to her he sits it on the table.

Dennis commands, "Take off you clothes."

And Justine starts to take off her clothes as Dennis walks over to the couch to sit down and observe as she removes the dress from her body. After she removes her dress she is still clothed in a silk chemise, panties and shoes. After draping her dress over a chair she removes her shoes and then the chemise and panties. Here she was naked and alone in a hotel room with a man not her husband, she felt excited and intimidated at the same time. She reached for the glass of wine, sipped and turned to face Dennis.

Dennis watches her with fascination. What possess a woman as beautiful and intelligent as Justine to do what she had just done and things yet undone? He did not know but knew he was going to do his best to provide her with the things she yearned for. He gazed at her and enjoys what he sees: A beautiful woman, a little over five feet tall, about 100 or so pounds, small beautiful breasts and a wonderful little ass.

"Turn around slowly," Dennis tells her. And she does.

"Put your wine glass down. Face the wall, bend over and use your hands to pull your ass cheeks apart." Justine did as she was told and felt the blood rushing to her head whether it was because of the position or her embarrassment she did not know. She also felt herself start to get excited.

"Good," Dennis informs her. "Now finish off you wine and we can get started."

"Get started," Justine thought to herself, "What have we been doing for the last 5 minutes?" But she did as she is told.

Getting up Dennis takes Justine's arm and leads her to the bedroom. Once there he has her to sit on the edge of the bed. Reaching over into the nightstand he pulls out a blindfold and places it on her head blocking out all available light to her eyes.

Justine starts to protest but she remembers she must obey, and she does nothing.

He pushes her back onto the bed and then repositions her till she is lying down on the bed correctly. Then there is the sound of him entering the night stand again. He then takes both of her hands and pulls them together and then up over her head where she can feel ropes being tied around them. Then the rope becomes taught and she can no longer move her hands or arms.

"Justine I did this to keep you from tuning in preconceived ideas about what you may see. Now you must depend upon different senses to judge what is happening to you and hopefully come to an understanding that will please you. Being tied up is also called bondage, a fetish that some people must have to reach sexual fulfillment, I think it is a useful tool and a pleasant change from the old in and out," instructs Dennis.

"Did you know that the largest organ you have is your skin? The skin is layered with millions of nerves that feed directly to the largest sexual organ you have, the brain."

Justine felt the bed shake as Dennis lays down beside her. She didn't mind the basic biology that Dennis was spouting as she was getting turned on by her being naked, tied up and alone with a man who is not her husband. She could fell the wetness in her vagina, it was a pleasant feeling that she had not felt in a very long time.

"I see I lost you," states Dennis in a flat tone, "well it is time to just do." With that little bit of introduction Dennis begin to gently stroke Justine largest organ. From the bottom of her feet to the top of her head his hands travel, getting close but never touching her sex or breasts; it was starting to drive her crazy with frustration.

Without Justine knowing it her breathing increases and she starts to moan. Blood had already engorged her nipples and clitoris making all three stand up and out begging for attention. As her body starts to rock and sway trying to get Dennis' hands to touch her nipples and clitoris he pulls his hands away. A sob escapes from her lips but her body continues to dance. The bed shifts and Dennis gets up. Justine can hear him undressing, oh yes she thinks he is going to fuck her now! Then the bed shifts again and she can feel Dennis's presence.

Justine can feel his breath against her cheek. Then she feels the tip of his tongue between her parted lips and she tries to suck it in, but he pulls away. Back and forth Dennis plays with Justine. A lick of her lips and pull away. A lick of her chin and pull away. A lick of her ear and pull away. It goes on and on but she has no control to stop it and all it does is feed the fire of her passion.

Then Dennis' lips make contact with hers. Then his tongue is probing and she is sucking on it. It is incredible the feeling of his tongue and lips but that is all she feels. It is like his lips and tongue are divorced from the rest of his body. She doesn't really care as his lips and tongue are taking her higher and higher into a sexual frenzy but it is not enough to take her higher to that orgasmic plateau she so desperately craves.

"OH GOD, FUCK ME DENNIS! I need you so bad," Justine screams and moans while thrashing about the bed.

"No, too soon Justine. Take my word for it, it will get better," Dennis promises.

Then the bed shifts and Justine feels Dennis' tongue as it travels to her right arm pit. At first it is ticklish then as Dennis starts to take gentle nips with his teeth it turns to delight.

"OH GOD," is all Justine can manage to say as this new experience is driving her insane. It seems like it goes on forever. Then Dennis withdraws and the bed shifts again and then again. Then she understands that all he did was move to her other side to attack her other arm pit. She twists and turns, crosses and uncrosses her legs trying to find release from this sexual torment but there is no release.

The bed shifts again, and then she senses that he is gone. She moans in sexual frustration unable to find release she rocks her body to and fro. Then she feels liquid fire strike her left nipple and run down her breast. Was it heat or was it cold? She didn't know and then another drop hits and slides down her breast and then down her side. It is cold water and it makes her harden nipples even harder. She tries to reposition herself so her nipple won't be struck again but it is in vain as another drop finds its' mark. Justine is now whimpering and moaning, she is so confused then a jolt hits her body as Dennis touches her nipple with a piece of ice. Then he circles the helpless nipple with the ice, and as it melts it sends cold torrents of icy water over her body. Then it is gone. There is almost silence, other then the heavy breathing of Justine and the light squeak of the bed as Justine's body continues to rock. Then liquid fire hits her other nipple and the process is started over again.

"Oh God, I can't take much more of this," Justine screams to no one in particular, she just has to scream!

Then she feels his lips and tongue on her left nipple. Dennis is sucking her nipple into her mouth like he is trying to suck it off. And then he starts a wicked dance on the top of her nipple with his tongue as he starts to rotate his head in circles. Then he uses his head as a weight to push down her breast. It is just too much, Justine can't catch her breath. Her head twists left and then right and then back again as she is trying to clear her head and to understand what is happening to her. And then she cums and it is never ending, it just goes on and on. She can hear herself scream but she can't stop it as Dennis continues to attack her nipple. She is almost unconscious when Dennis releases her nipple from his assault. As she sucks air into her lungs he attacks her right nipple in the same manner as her left one and in no time she is cumming again just like before. Her brain goes into sexual overload and she almost passes out.

Dennis sensing Justine's state of mind backs away from her and gets up from the bed. He looks down on this incredibly beautiful woman and smiles to himself knowing that she has not tasted anything yet. He bends at the waste and starts to stroke Justine's body from head to toe helping her recover from her sex induced altered state of consciousness. And it works.

Justine can feel the hands as they travel up and down her body, and it gives her mind something to focus on as she comes back to reality. "God I can't believe it," Justine mumbles, "I just came from someone sucking on my breasts. MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." If she was a cat she would be purring but this was as close as she could get.

Then she feels a finger sliding down from the top of her thighs to make gentle contact with her clitoris. Slowly she is starting to wind up for another climax. This was impossible as she was never multi-orgasmic in her entire life, but then again she had never climaxed when someone was just sucking her breasts either. What was happening to her? HMMMMMmmmmmmmmm, it didn't really matter it just felt incredible. She starts to rock her hips upwards and downwards in her attempt to assist Dennis in helping her to cum again.

Knock, knock, knock. "What is that noise," she wonders to herself? Then Dennis removes his finger and she can no longer feel his presence. As she bites her lips from frustration she hears two men talking and they are getting closer.

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