tagGroup SexMiss Lane the Strict Teacher

Miss Lane the Strict Teacher


The young girl is bending over with her jeans and yellow panties below her butt and her elbows on the desk while she's looking down at the wooden grain. A loud smack filled the room as she shut her eyes tight from feeling the bare hand slap her bare behind in front of the whole class. The smacks alternated from each cheek and she felt each stinging hit against her behind. It didn't help any she's thin either and her butt didn't have a lot of meat in her cheeks. The class watched on as an example of what will happen if they should break the class rules, get out of line, or anything that is not apart of Miss Lane's class rules. It is a turn on for some, but the fear of the teacher catching on to their arousal they did not want. Her hand being a blur each time she slapped Geri's butt. Couple the girls in the class feeling sorry for her because they have either been spanked by her or could just hear the painful slap following her whimpers and pleas. Despite the spanking being a turn on. Sometimes Miss Lane spanked hard and it wasn't as arousing then.

"Are you going to loiter out in the hall and be late for class again?" They heard her ask Geri. Miss Lane's back turned toward the class, standing sideways, and her hand still on her bright red ass as she asked her student a question.

"No. I will not loiter out in the hall after first bell, Miss Lane." Lifting her head up and answering loud for the teacher, and the rest of the class, to hear.

"I hope not." She rubbed each warm red cheek and helped her stand up straight. "Pull your panties and jeans back up and take your seat so we can start class. You held us up long enough as is."

Miss Lane is a strict teacher who keeps her students in line with methods that either use to be used or some she improvised on by incorporating humiliation to ensure they would not run around with unruly attitudes again. She is not afraid to spank with pants on, pants pulled down over their underwear or just plain bare bottom spanking in front of everyone. She teaches a senior class of which the discipline they think left the door back in grade school. But she knew this is the last year before they went off to college and she was sending them to college with knowledge of how to sit down and pay attention to their studies.

Miss Jill Lane, thirty-five, over twelve years teaching, and has her students orderly and respectful to not only her but themselves and everyone they come by. It goes back to her days as a student and how the teachers were teachers and were not afraid to discipline. The fact her students were either eighteen or nineteen (sometimes older) and thought they were above getting spanked or any other kind of disciplinary actions. . . they have another thing coming. It has been in the first two months of the new school year and she has already spanked a few students already. Some even have had the ruler to their behinds and others had the bare bottom spanking in front of everyone while over her knee or bent over her desk in front of the class.

She isn't afraid of the students running to the principle or their parents. She might be tough and strict, but she is also kind and gentle; very friendly. No acting up, missing work, or anything else that doesn't involve sitting in your desk, paying attention and doing the work. Speak when spoken to, have a question raise your hand, need to use the restroom raise your hand ask permission, take hall pass, and hurry back. Her senior class has always graduated in the top three out of all the other classes since she started working here. By the time the year is up all the students are ready to enter the real world and know how to take criticism, punishment, and humiliation and still compose themselves as professional adults. Lets see if any other school can provide such lessons that I do in preparing students for the real world, she thought to herself during graduation ceremonies. Sitting now at her desk working on a pop quiz for her students while they're reading over the chapter in history class.

The new class of hers made up of eighteen students are good in the long run but needs some help in keeping their mouths shut and learning patience. Only been a couple of months now and come June when they graduate they will be ready and fit to leave what they thought was tough into an even tougher world. Jill took her thin-frame glasses off, rubbed her eyes, and looked up to see how the students were doing with their reading. Some of them, she suspects, would get in trouble just to be spanked for some had found her attractive. Those are the ones she usually tries to put humiliation on instead of spanking to get her point across. It seems each year the students are less and less diligent.

She never really knew why they found her attractive. Maybe it is the dominating and motherly attitude she has. But even some of the girls seem to be taking a liking to it a little bit it seems. She admits to herself, sometimes, she gets turned on and wet while spanking. Especially bare bottom and seeing their underwear down below their butts or around their knees. Couple of the girls have big, plump butts and when she spanks them she can see them jiggle. She especially enjoys feeling the softness of their behinds when she smacks her hand down. The guys, however, are either skinny or toned and she enjoys spanking them as much as the girls, though, what she found happening this year as a couple here and there in the past years is the guys getting hard on her lap when she spanked them. With the guys she started out having them only pull the backs of their pants and underwear below their butts, but recently in past few years she been having them pull down all way down to their knees or to ankles even.

Despite her strict classroom rules and order. She is still human and gets turned on by not only guys but girls as well. She is currently single and she can get wet like crazy when spanking them. From this she can orgasm many times later that night in bed thinking of whosever butt she spanked that day. She knows she shouldn't get turned on doing this and they do not know she does for they only think of it as punishment. Last night was a different story though. She was fingering herself like a madwoman and came at least six times. Safe to say she slept soundly all night long with a smile.

She did notice a couple of the students been peeking slyly at her today. Mainly when she leans in a little and her top lowers and show straight down and between her breasts. It's a nice top, a red light-sweater with a low V-cut. She should have thought of the students though and figure they would be trying to peek down her shirt when they can. She has a nice black dress skirt to go with it as well that she thought she looks great in it contrasting well with her light skin. Maybe I wanted this though, she thought watching the students do their work quietly. It started out pretty nice already when Geri came in late and she started off after first break of the day bare butt spanking. It got her a little excited and she loves the way some of the behinds get bright red and a rhythm starts with her spanking.

The day isn't over yet, she thought. She has on a skirt with her legs bare instead of being in hosiery. She wanted to feel one of her students across her lap while she spanks them rough and hard. She went to look up again to see how the students were doing and noticed a couple were looking at her again but quickly looked down to their books. One of the boys in the class raised their hand. "Yes, Patrick?"

"May I go to the restroom?" He looked in her eyes, her long black hair done up in a ponytail twisted into a bun being held in place by a red hair ribbon, bangs hanging delicately on the sides of her petite, round face. She rarely ever wears make-up. Her natural white skin went well with her black hair and the use of make-up would probably never match up as well.

"Didn't you just have a break?" Eyeing him suspiciously.

"I didn't have to go then." He thought up quickly. Truth be told: Patrick wanted to go out and come back out of a restroom break limit to get spanked. Miss Lane caught onto it given she watched him enter the restroom down the hall with a couple of the others and came back out with his hands wet rubbing them on his trousers.

"No." She responded sharp. Hoping he might defy her with backtalk and she get more discipline action. She knows she does it to get the students in better respect and courteous mannerisms, but at the same time she almost welcomes it just so she can spank them. Duality, she supposes.

"But I really need to go now." He did the wiggle in his seat as if he really did. By now some the students are looking up at him and Miss Lane waiting to see what happens next.

"You are disturbing the classroom, Patrick." She took quick notice of the other students no longer reading from interest of the restroom debate. "Fine, you may go."

"Thank you, Miss Lane." He got up and headed for the door.

"Wait." Miss Lane stopped him before he opened it. "You are going in here, over there. . . in the trash can. If you really have to go I will take more belief in you next time. Well go pee." Standing up from her desk and watching him walk over to the trash can in the corner of the class. Regular bin with the plastic trash bag in it.

The class watched him shuffle over there along with Miss Lane's following eyes. Patrick is one of the school's basketball players and is tall and athletically fit. Mainly lean than muscular from the running and jumping he does during games. He stopped and ran his hand through his sandy blonde hair and down his face, taking a deep breath, everyone heard him unzip his pants and saw him move his arms while they stared at him from behind.

"Hurry up, Patrick. You are wasting not only your time but everyone else's time as well." He jumped from hearing her stern voice just as he pulled his cock out of his jeans. Not being hard, he held it by two fingers and pointed it down towards the trash can. Hoping he still has some left in him from earlier. "Go on and pee!"

Feeling himself almost leaning all of his weight into his bladder internally to try and get some out but he couldn't. Until he felt the tingling feeling and it zip straight down his cock and out came - fuck, he thought - just a little droplets.

"Patrick, you lied to me. Come to my desk and don't even think about zipping up." She ordered him. The class all glued on Patrick now waiting for him to turn around they'll all see his bare cock hanging out of his jeans.

Slowly, embarrassingly he turns around and puts his hands in front of his cock, but quickly put them to his side when he saw the teacher's look as he tried to cover himself up. He heard some faint giggling and a couple of guys looking away back to their books. Others withholding their laughter and trying to keep themselves composed.

"Enough!" She scolded the class. "Patrick! Hurry up and get up here."

Walking faster to her desk, stepping in front of her sideways towards the class he knew she had the guys pull their pants and underwear down all the way so figured she would keep him open for it. Until things took a turn for the worse and his plan backfired on him.

"Go stand next to my desk and face the class keeping it out. You will stay like that until you really do need to pee and you will go back to the trash can and do it there." She walked away from him to his desk and getting his book bringing it to him to read while standing with his dick out.

While walking away she heard Tina muffle a giggle and she turned towards her seeing Tina swallow hard. "You find Patrick's punishment funny?"

"No." Her blue eyes staring at her.

"Get up here." She sighed, then scolded, "Can we not have one week where someone in this class is not getting punished? Is that so much to ask for? What is this, kindergarten?"

Tina felt excited but afraid at the same time. It's mixed emotions of wanting it but not because she didn't know if she would get spanked now or not. This isn't the first time she has been spanked either. The last time was from chewing gum and she had to spit it out and then go up to Miss Lane and pull only her shorts down to get spanked. She thought she was going to die at first when she exposed her flower-printed underwear to the whole class. But she instead felt exhilarated and turned on. Especially how her butt felt, though, the underwear absorbed a lot of the slaps but she could still feel the burn on her rear end.

Pulling a chair to the front of her desk she motioned for Tina to come over and get over her knee. Tina went to bend over but was stopped. "Pull everything down, young lady."

The class watching her pull her plaid skirt down along with her pink cotton underwear. Some of the guys that looked away earlier perked up again. It is round and firm looking. Soft looking skin with some sweet tight cheeks. Miss Lane pulled her down over her lap and positioning her ass over her legs. Patrick watching pretending to be reading, feeling himself become aroused by the sight only couple feet away from him.

"The rest of you all get back to work!" She ordered them and they all went down back to their books. She wouldn't mind if they wanted to watch or not but can't let them see her get lenient. Tina looking in front of her, staring at Patrick's cock sticking out of jeans, hanging there limp and small. Noticing pubic hair above his shaft while she's looking it up and down.

Without warning she felt a hand slap one side of her bare butt and she let out a loud yelp, then another as she felt the second stinging slap on the other side. She wriggled a little and Miss Lane noticed it and took delight in that. Patrick felt his cock twitch and slowly fill with blood when he heard Tina's yelps and her movement from her getting spanked. Tina notice his cock twitching and slowly growing, figuring he must be getting hard from her. She felt herself blush from that and felt another stinging slap and she let out another yelp, this time being little louder. Couple the students at their desk looked up and watched casually. They'd turn the pages or pretend to do something involving looking up.

"Miss Lane. . . Please! It hurts." She put a show on to see if Patrick would get fully hard over the show. She felt more stinging slaps on her bare behind. It hurt like hell but at the same time felt great and she needed more to keep the heat on her ass up.

Miss Lane looked over at Patrick and noticed his cock getting hard and stopped the spanking, resting her hand on Tina's bare ass, feeling the heat from it on her hand.

"Patrick!" He jumped and looked at her with guilty eyes of getting caught. "W-what is this? This turning you on?!" She felt herself grow warm with hope inside hoping it leads somewhere, also shocked about Patrick's hardness, and taking in Tina's soft, warm behind on her hand slightly rubbing it. The other students looking up and seeing Patrick now completely hard. Him getting caught made him harder than ever and now that everyone is looking at it, he didn't know what to do. He wanted it to go down but didn't at the same time.

"U-uh," At a lost for words staring in Miss Lane's eyes, then Tina's, and back to Miss Lane.

Patrick noticing her hand reach out and grab him by the cock and pulled him to the other side of the desk behind Tina. His breath taken away by the touch of her warm hand and feeling his cock in her hand on top of it. He saw Tina's bare butt in all of its glory up close, following her crack to her legs hanging over the teacher's lap. Her skirt and underwear bunched up around her knees and her tan skin looking delicate against Miss Lane's body. Unable to move from being on the spot and seeing all of this at once, trying to take it all in.

"You want to get all turned on by this and be a heathen in class, fine!" Staring at him and turned her attention back to Tina. "And you, young lady! You want to laugh at his soft cock!" The class gasped and stared at her from hearing her say such a word. "Well I will have you both be punished with humility. Patrick is going to relieve himself all over your rear end."

Tina's heart skipped a beat as she heard that and Patrick didn't know what to do. Jerking off and shooting his load all over her butt? his mind racing. Looking at Miss Lane and seeing she's serious about this and knew he had to start now. She started spanking her again after he started to stroke his cock.

"I will continue to spank you until he relieves himself and you both can get back to your desks and finish the reading assignment."

The class watched on from Patrick masturbating to Miss Lane spanking. Tina and Miss Lane going on as if nothing is really out of the norm. The girls really focused on Patrick stroking his hard cock, taking in the length and remembering it for later that night in their respective beds. The guys were taking in Miss Lane spanking a girl's bare butt again this morning this time being over her lap.

Patrick stroked faster and faster as he heard each slap and yelp come from Tina. Watching the way her cheeks jiggle a little and the way her legs were slightly spread open from the spanks. Trying to get a glimpse of her pussy but she didn't open them up that far up her legs for him to see. Miss Lane looked up at Patrick staring at Tina's ass and when she spanked her this time, her hand lingered and she spread her left cheek open some giving Patrick a look at her tight, dark ass hole before lifting back up for another slap. Patrick immediately felt his cum build up and he really pounded his cock now. Miss Lane kept looking at Tina's ass and his swollen, red cock. Next thing he knew, time froze, and he felt his cum shoot out and watched it land all over Tina's bare rump.

Tina gasped, feeling her ass get hit with a warm wet load of cum all over her ass and before Miss Lane could stop, she was already in mid-swing of letting Tina get another slap and felt her hand get hit with a large strand of warm cum. Another second load came out and Patrick watched as not only Tina's ass get splashed with it, but also, Miss Lane's hand as well.

Turned on and felt absolutely driven inside now after feeling the cum all over her hand and she continued spanking Tina. Rubbing the cum over her ass, smearing it all over her cheeks, and without any warning she rubbed her finger between Tina's cheeks and made them sticky with cum. Tina pushed her butt into her teacher's finger when she's rubbing it between her cheeks. Feeling the cum all over her butt and her pussy causing her stomach flipping from the breathtaking moment that had just happened.

"Don't stop spanking!" Tina cried out, feeling Miss Lane remove her hand from her bare ass. She wanted to feel the cum be hit more into her ass and feel it smear everywhere. "I want more cum." She begged fanatically still over her teacher's lap and her bare butt sticking in the air. Finally giving Patrick the view of her pussy he was trying hard to get earlier.

Miss Lane becoming shocked by this and now wondering if she should continue but thought maybe it would play out well for the future weeks to come. She looked at the students still at their desk and could easily tell they were all aroused by what they just witnessed. The guys looking at Tina's cum covered ass and the girls looking at that and Patrick's cock as well. Still hard and still rubbing it, he is looking at Tina hike her ass in the air.

"Strip, young lady!" She straightened her legs out and Tina fell to the ground onto her back. Her knees bent and feet on the ground with her legs open.

The students quickly looked down and everyone saw her wet pussy and her pussy juice trickling out between her butt cheeks. Tina practically ripped her shirt and bra off leaving herself naked for the whole class to see. She didn't care at this point. After feeling the cum hit her ass and being spanked in front of the class she is over the edge and the lust taken over completely.

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