tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMistress Barbara Ch. 11

Mistress Barbara Ch. 11


On a grassy area, within earshot of the waterfall, Lance looked into my eyes and kissed me tenderly. No words were needed as we sank to the ground and we made love in the open, an idyllic location, the two of us alone but for the bird calls of the wildlife.

Lance was considerate and gentle, allowing me to control the action although his needs were urgent. I lowered myself down onto his big throbbing erection, using my love muscles to caress every inch of his member as I sank down further. His tongue flicked at my nipples as I deliberately brought them within his reach, leaning forward. I slowly moved my hips, teasing him by staying in the raised position for a longer period of time than usual. He firmly guided me back down onto his member and I was surprised by the strength of his fingers as he gripped my hips. He was desperate for release so I moved more quickly and rode him until I sensed that he was about to ejaculate. I stopped abruptly and rolled over on my back, keeping him inside me.

"Not yet!" I whispered in his ear.

Once I was sure that his moment of release had subsided slightly I urged him to continue. In the position that we were now in, we moved in unison until I couldn't possibly delay him any longer.

We climaxed simultaneously and lay together afterward, caressing one and other tenderly with our limbs entwined while we both subsided. Cat was right, he was a tremendous lover and I have to admit that I enjoyed satisfying his needs. I was amazed to discover that it was his first outdoor sexual encounter. We cleaned ourselves up under the waterfall and talked about our two families.

Lance was surprisingly conventional in the lovemaking department and I realised how wrong my first impression of him had been. The recent spontaneous interlude had been sexually satisfying and emotionally gratifying in every way.

I led him back to the Jet Ski, offering him the chance to drive me this time. His sense of humour was healthy and similar to mine.

"I think that might be safer, in some ways." He smiled, his last words full of sexual innuendo.

Des was already back when we returned and I realized that we had been absent for even longer than I thought. Some of today's photos were developed and in the excitement of viewing them I put my arm around Lances shoulders as we scanned the prints. Nobody commented on our absence but it was obvious that I knew Lance a lot more intimately than before. It wasn't long before the sleeping arrangements for the night were settled. Lance and Kate were entirely comfortable with our family's sensible sexual conventions, asking if there was room for us all to sleep together in the playroom.

Happily, Kate experienced her first anal orgasm on the very first attempt. Over the course of the evening Kate became much more uninhibited sharing many tender moments with Cat and I as the men rejuvenated their libidos by watching us play. We had to be careful not to prolong Kate's healing process and we were looking forward to seeing her again when she revisited Harold for her final placing.

Lance had promised her a jewelled ring, similar to mine, to enhance her pubic area. Even with the plain gold sleeper, Kate was already experiencing heightened awareness of her sexuality. She found orgasm readily achievable with only minimal stimulation.

I suspected that her deep rooted inhibitions would diminish far more rapidly with the increase in her libido. While we were in the shower together she admitted that she had already told Angela that she was considering a piercing this weekend, discussing the benefits that she anticipated. She asked my permission to bring her to Maple Lake on her next visit, if she was willing.

Kate explained that Lance's entire family were naturists, but when he met Kate he had bought the business at Angel falls and moved away from the family. A tragic road smash had left Angela an orphan at fifteen so Lance and Kate had offered to give her a job.

Prior to moving in with them she disliked city life and loved the solitude of Kate's home. She had lived with them for nearly three years before an attraction between them developed.

Kate emphasised that it was Angela that had seduced her, as their bond grew, although Kate was initially embarrassed to allow her natural urges to flourish. Lance's relationship with Angela had always been platonic but they were very close friends. They had all discussed the developing relationship fully, prior to allowing it to go further. It was obvious to me that Kate was totally responsible and loved Angela very much.

Sunday was a nervous time for Kate while she awaited the arrival of Melissa's group. When the introductions were complete she sat with us under the shade of the tree, hardly distinguishable from the rest of us. We discussed the week's activities and I responded to queries arising from any personal or business advice asked of me.

Lance and Kate joined in when I mentioned the tour buses at Angel Falls, that were the main source of the income that they enjoyed, at their tearooms. Lance was a goldmine of relevant information and we discussed ways to attract similar tours to Maple Lake.

Lance mentioned that a strikingly designed building with interesting grounds close to the lake could attract trade such as his tearooms. He suggested the restaurant by the Lake, where I first met Melissa's group. Kent owned the freehold to that building and the lease was subject to renewal within the next year. An idea was beginning to emerge in my mind but I needed to discuss it more fully with Kent before committing or sharing it with the others. There was enough spare land to double the present size of the building if the lessee had the expertise or the drive needed to make it worth considering.

Lakeside was now fully built to the available land we owned at this point.

Lance was overwhelmed, voicing superlatives as he looked around Kent's house. They rest of us carried on our normal activities as Rick eagerly looked through the photographs that Lance brought for him to look at. Kent welcomed them both before concentrating on Kate. He congratulated her on the remarkable changes that she had achieved since the first night that he met her. Kent told her that he would be proud to instruct her, as Master, if they could stay for the evening after dinner.

Kate looked at me for approval first, before nodding her acceptance.

"I'll try hard to be worthy of both of you. Mistress has explained what you expect of me, and it will be a joy to please you both." She gushed. "Lance and I are very grateful."

Kent and I discussed Kate's dilemma with Angela. We both advised her not to rush the young lady, but to explain the advantages of our communal lifestyle and leave it to her to make the next move.

I spent the rest of the night with Kent, discussing my idea for expanding the restaurant and increasing the return on his investment. The week after next was not as hectic as the previous week, enabling more time to be spent on the project. Kent agreed to leave any decision regarding the restaurant to my best judgement.

An acceptable strategy was full formulated to deal with my idea. We intended to maximise our returns, providing a business opportunity for one of three possible operators. My first choice was obvious but plans for expansion would go ahead regardless.

Des was amazed when I outlined the plan to him, telling him that we would start as soon as we could obtain planning permission. That was a mere formality now that we had the council behind every move that we put before them. Tony was surprised by the extent of the expansion that we had in mind but promised to make my job a priority, as he always did. He felt that he could have the job done inside of the three month deadline that I set for that job.

By the end of the day I informed the current lessee about our plans. I gave him three options. Continuing the restaurant at its present size, selling his business to us, or taking on the whole complex at over treble the rent. He had told me that he was considering selling the business this autumn anyway because the business was on the verge of expansion and his wife couldn't handle another summer of being rushed off her feet. She didn't get on well with their staff and had talked him into selling before she had a breakdown. I told him that I needed an answer within a week, for preference.

Meanwhile, Des organised the rapid planning and approval of plans. They came as no surprise to the council. We had already outlined the properties that were under-developed and told them that we may need their future consideration for approvals, six months previously. Cameron was to submit landscaping plans to minimise visual impact of the new proposal.

When we all met to report on progress at Lakeside there was an envelope in my office from Reagan Carriers. I told Des to open it. Des was visibly shaking with excitement as he scanned the contents of the envelope. Among the many prints was a letter to me from Alf, thanking me yet again for making his day so memorable. In a moving tribute he had also enclosed two ankle bracelets, one for Cat as well as an engraved one for me. They looked expensive and I immediately tried mine on. It fitted perfectly and although I wasn't in the habit of wearing ankle jewellery I left it on as a reminder to Des of my integrity in telling him all about the incident.

Cat loved her gift, vowing to wear it from the moment she tried it on. She rebuked Ken.

"See what a girl has to do to get a piece of nice jewellery."

Wednesday morning, Margaret and Kent joined our family in a morning trip to Angel Falls, invited the previous morning by an excited Kate. She wanted us to talk to Angela about communal living in greater depth. Apparently, Angela had a large sum of money due to her in a trust account and had plans to invest in a partnership with Kate and Lance. The idea of community living, with people that cared about her, was extremely attractive to her. Like Caroline, she had made no plans to marry and was ambivalent with regard to children. They had obviously discussed the idea of our lifestyle with her and she was keen to find out more. Our multi generational well structured lifestyle, as described by Kate and Lance, was appealing to all of them.

Margaret was anxious to advise her on the potential problems, as well as the benefits. She and Kent had encountered groups that pooled all their resources and were stuck in, less than satisfactory, later relationships. She wanted to emphasise the importance of maintaining separate financial accounts in any communal venture, maintaining Angela's independence if things didn't work out as she originally expected. I thought of all the deep philosophical questions that we had discussed, prior to joining Kent's family, and realised that her advice would be invaluable. I had persuaded her to join us on the impending visit.

Under my guidance and Margaret's wisdom, Melissa's family had achieved a state of individual independence. They only continued to live together because they all wanted to. At any time one or more of them could have moved on, causing no disruption to the others within the group. The emotional bond was another matter.

Margaret was immediately impressed with the immaculate gardens when we parked and locked the car. We were ushered into the private quarters, amidst introductions to Angela. Kate had arranged staff to assist Lance with the day's business, leaving Angela free to spend the day with us. Kate didn't want Angela caught up in Lance's enthusiasm for our group lifestyle without careful objective advice from the people she respected, as her Masters. This proved her responsible attitude to the young lady that they had nurtured for three years.

Kate made us comfortable in the lounge while we waited for Angela to bring our refreshments from the kitchen. I had already briefed Kate that it would not be necessary to show subservience during our visit but I noted that she was wearing the toga that I had presented her.

It was clear to see that she was wearing no underwear at all.

Angela impressed us as an independent, confident and most importantly intelligent girl. She exchanged pleasantries before asking me a series of well thought out and searching questions. She wanted to know all about Maple Lake and our lifestyle and conventions.

Kate had told her about us in general terms, the practicalities of overall leadership and guidance by Kent and myself.

She directed some interesting questions to Kent, which caught him by surprise. He didn't know how much Kate had told her about the BDSM based structure and etiquette that drew our families together as one unit. He asked her how she thought that mutual respect, emotional and physical safety of so many people could be guaranteed without an acknowledged leader. There had to be a willingness by the group to follow the directions of such a leader. It was a rhetorical question, carefully designed to assess the extent of her knowledge about our group.

Her answer satisfied Kent that the girl was well adjusted and worthy of totally divulging the facts and information that would satisfy her. She impressed me as an extremely mature young lady, able to handle what we decided to tell her in spite of her sexual inexperience and young age.

Kate took the men down the path to show them the falls, upon my suggestion. Cat excused herself to go as well but I held her back.

"Kate tells me that she respects and loves you dearly, Angela." I said, looking her in the eye. "What we are about to tell you must never be shared with anybody outside our families, or discussed with any of your other family members. Do you agree to keep this talk totally confidential and promise that whatever you think about joining us afterward, not to mention this confidence without our permission."

"Of course Barbara. Kate hasn't told me anything except that she and Lance share everything with you." She blushed, looking slightly embarrassed as she emphasised her description of group sex and love. "I have so many questions, but Kate told me that you would explain everything." Kent smiled and took Margaret outside to look at the gardens while I explained the whole structure of the combined family. I carefully acknowledged her limited sexual experience and assured her that nobody would ever force her to do anything that repulsed her, or would harm her. I told her that Melissa was only a year older than her but she was acknowledged as the leader of all our younger friends. I explained that they all interacted with us in the same way as we interacted with our older and wiser friends, indicating Kent and Margaret as they were strolling outside in the gardens. Cathy took her hand, gently explaining to her the profound delight that she felt at being part of the group of families. Angela listened intently while both of us explained how we had met Kate and been impressed by Kate's desire to be part of our group.

Angela could see how Kate had benefited from the group's advice and guidance over the last few weeks. I apologised for seeking personal information from her the first time we met, but explained that it was entirely accidental that we had stumbled on Kate's home that day.

Angela was equally frank and she told us all about herself. She expressed her desire to learn more and visit us, if we still wanted her to. She had been astounded in the changes to Kate's attitude to nudity and dress codes and thought she had changed for the better.

"I suppose I had better call you Mistress, should I Barbara." She said finally, signifying her willingness to progress to the next step.

"Not in public, thank you sweetie!" Explaining the informal conventions that we all adhered to. I smiled warmly at her.

While Cathy talked to her, I called Kent inside to continue the informative discussions with Angela.

When they sat down I noticed that Angela called Kent, Master.

She carefully questioned Kent, showing him due respect, and before long she appeared happy and willing to visit us as a potential family member. Margaret then talked to her alone while the rest of us went outside.

I spoke to Lance about my ideas for the development of the restaurant that Kent and I had discussed and brought them up to date with the current status of the lease and our timetable for completion. It would be something else for them to consider during the intervening weeks. I told them that they had first option to run a completely new operation at Maple Lake, if they chose to try it.

We stayed for another two hours. It gave us the opportunity to answer their questions about the business proposal. Kate and Lance were keen but Angela was non committal until she saw the alternative that we were offering her family. She did say that it sounded wonderful and she was keen to see our home.

I offered to take Angela back with us for a short holiday and Kate immediately agreed. I told her that she could stay in the boathouse or with the rest of us in the house, whatever she felt was more comfortable for her. Kate told her that she deserved as much time off as she wanted, telling her not to worry about them. They could keep the staff that had managed so well with the trade that day, until she returned.

It was 3pm when we arrived at Maple Lake. I dropped Cat and Angela off at Lakeside with our men. I took Kent and Margaret back to their boat at Rome, giving me a chance to discuss Margaret's thoughts on the latest prospective member of our family. She was impressed with Angela's intellect and mature outlook on life, quite sure that no undue influence had played a part in her decision to investigate the offer further. She said that on a personal level, she liked the girl. Margaret and Kent both hoped that she would integrate well with all of us and decide on a future that allowed us to guide and develop her life with us.

Kent pointed out that it was good to see younger people, ready to embrace communal living, eventually making a substantial contribution to the rest of us. He felt that Angela had as much leadership quality as Melissa, given the same guidance. He smiled at me.

"She could be as good as you with a few years training. You and I have to retire sooner or later you know."

It was true that our family was now rapidly reaching the independent wealth level that I had envisaged two years ago as maybe taking five or ten years. It would soon be time to travel and enjoy the fruits of our labours. Kent had already spoken about taking Margaret on a world trip and he trusted me to take over all his responsibility with the rest of the clan. He had groomed me as his successor, just as Margaret had groomed Darlene to be the head designer for the company.

As I drove back to Lakeside, I knew I had to groom my replacement. I wanted Cat to stay with me and Melissa was the only logical choice so far but she would require help to run our large organization, from a girl like Angela perhaps? She needed another pair of eyes and ears, in the same way that I needed Cat.

In my absence, Cat had introduced Melissa and Darlene who had in turn introduced Angela to Caroline next door. The five of them were fully engaged in animated conversation when I pulled into my private parking area. Business was quiet that day and they were sitting outside the shop around a table, sipping tea, almost oblivious to my arrival. Melissa had already told Angela that I was their Mistress, crediting all her success on my business expertise and financial help. Angela regarded me in a new light with this revelation. She had wrongly assumed that Kent owned all the businesses and freehold properties that Kate had mentioned to her.

I admitted that the move to Maple Lake had been my idea, but told her that the overriding reason for my success was summed up in few words; Integrity: Trust: Respect: Along with this I had the good fortune to be blessed with capable and willing assistance. It embraced all the people within our combined families to achieve the prosperity that we now enjoyed in every walk of our life.

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