tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMistress Barbara Ch. 13

Mistress Barbara Ch. 13


All the audience at the showing were regulars. They were pleasantly surprised to see a new model that projected her sexuality even more as the costumes became less modest. I had no doubt that Angela would be a popular regular model with us and the final applause, as the three of us left the stage, was very encouraging. In my experience the finale usually set the mood for the sales that followed. An hour later, we knew that the clients loved the new format and most of the regulars asked if we were going to continue this from now on. Kent was very pleased and told me that he thought we should retain the new format and reduce our own workload. He went backstage to see Angela with the news that she had a regular job if she wanted it.

The following weeks saw Angela and Caroline in serious training to show the new range of gear, alternating with Cat and I as we changed the format to suit four different models. Our understudies were soon able to coax the audience into increasing their orders, just as they did when Cat and I showed the garments exclusively.

The takeover of the restaurant had happened only three weeks ago but it hadn't affected Angela's duties. She organised everything so well that after the redevelopment work started Lance was able to spare time with Kate to supervise their minor changes to our plan. The main kitchen and bar facilities were upgraded to suit the operation of a separate reception lounge from the restaurant. This saved expensive duplication and additional staff. Her idea of having an evening once a week for the local business people took off well and proved more profitable than anybody expected. Many of the business people became regular customers during the rest of the week on a new membership discount system that she devised. At a time of the year when staffing had been retrenched under Darren's management, Angela had increased the hours of her casual staff to full time work.

Although the initial weeks of redevelopment were rather hectic for all of us, I still found time to arrange for Karl to spend a few days with us on his next visit. He had kept in touch regularly and was looking forward to meeting all the members of our family. I organised his arrival in such a way that Cat and I could spend all day with him for five consecutive days, before our commitment to the next showing.

Angela didn't know about anything our intimate friendship with Kurt so it was a perfect opportunity to test Angela's resolve to please us. The pleasure in humiliation is a strange phenomenon, entirely subjective and having its roots deep within our human psyche. I suspected that Angela would be more like me and challenge herself to accept Kent's control in an otherwise untenable situation.

"Kent has our biggest buyer arriving this week." I mentioned. "You know, the one that Kent showed me off to last time he was here."

"Do you normally entertain him that way?" She asked, excitedly.

The lurid details that I had told her had inflamed her imagination.

"I hope so." I paused "Perhaps you could help me this time? Remember, you can always refuse."

"If you can do it, so can I." She laughed lightly. "You made it sound like a lot of fun."

Thursday morning, I made sure Angela was kept busy at Lakeside while Cat and I went to the Airport to meet Kurt and brought him to Rome for his stay. We put his luggage in the boathouse before taking him to the morning showing of lingerie and swimwear, where Angela was due to model before the afternoon BDSM showing at 2pm.

Kent entertained him during the lunch break and introduced Kurt to Angela as an important client who stocked our entire product range, making sure that she knew the importance of pleasing Kurt in every way possible. It had been the first time that Kent had personally introduced her to any client. I told her that Kurt always loved to gently tease my nipples, albeit discretely, and I expected him to do the same with her.

"No worries." She confided. "He's quite a catch." She giggled.

Halfway through the show I was pleased to note that Angela appeared more sexually excited that usual and was constantly aroused on her return to the dressing room. Kent asked Angela to stay in costume while we dealt with the orders, telling her that he would call her when he was ready. I changed into my toga and helped out while we took orders and dealt with all the regular buyers until only Kurt remained in the room with Kent and I. Angela looked nervous when I asked her to come out into the auditorium and take instructions from Kent. By now, she had some idea of what may lay ahead.

Angela watched, wide eyed, as Kurt inspected my genitals and inserted his lubricated finger into my rectum. If Angela had any doubts that this pleased me, I'm sure that my reaction to his touch dispelled those doubts. Kurt then asked if Angela could take my place. Angela looked at me and I nodded imperceptibly. Obediently she lay back with her legs open and raised as Kurt lubricated her bottom, opened the lips of her vagina and flicked idly at her clit ring with his index finger. Angela moaned with pleasure and relaxed as Kurt expertly brought her to orgasm. She peaked, then lay shuddering, Kurt turned to Kent, complementing him on finding such a gorgeous new model.

"Is she fully experienced yet?" He smiled at me. "Like Mistress Barbara and Cathy."

"Still in training at this point." Kent replied as he took off his shirt. "She seems to like you. Perhaps you can help?" He invited.

Her determination to please came perilously close to faltering when Kurt asked Kent, in somewhat cruder terms, if he might penetrate her bottom with his penis. As the two men discussed the merits of anal sex and their various techniques she tried desperately to make eye contact with me. While Kurt had been removing his clothing in order to penetrate Angela, she had noticed Kent being brought to his full erection by my oral technique. Kurt hadn't needed any additional help as Angela's vulnerable naked body had already provided quite enough. He advanced toward her with a contented smile on his face. Now naked and ready for action, his engorged penis appearing larger by his lack of pubic hair, there could be no doubt in her mind of his intention.

Angela was horrified when I assumed a suitable position on the next table, ready for anal penetration and smiled at her. She tried to see what was happening but was told to remain in her present position in one of Kent's most commanding voices.

"We don't want to upset Mr Weller now, do we? Just when you are doing so well."

"No Master!" She replied weakly, as Kurt positioned himself for anal entry. She was fighting back the tears of frustration that I knew her to be feeling by now. I had instructed her well and as Kurt entered her trembling bottom she put her faith in me to the ultimate test. I had always emphasised that faith in her Master's judgement was expected without question. I also require a degree of domination by someone I respect in order to submit to something that I may find degrading at first. The pride and the sense of accomplishment that I feel afterward surpasses description. The reasons for these phenomena eluded me but I could tell that it was the same for Angela. As Kurt gently pressed his penis fully inside her bottom, Angela gasped and climaxed unashamedly before our eyes. The newly released tension had left her limp and powerless. The frightened confusion in her eyes had been replaced by helpless acceptance. Kurt gradually became more animated in his movements and then ejaculated deep inside her.

By this time Kent was rewarding me in the usual way with small but sensual movements, the full length of his inflamed penis lodged in my bottom. I was unable to see Angela's face at this point and of course my concentration was fully occupied by my own pleasure until Kent finally erupted within me.

Poor Angela was waiting for further direction, long after Kurt had withdrawn his penis, still in the same humiliating position. She was almost in tears as the events of the last half-hour or so sank in.

I had asked Kurt to play along with our little test until later that night so he had left Angela like that while he went into the dressing room to clean himself up. He was fully dressed by the time Kent and I finished making love.

Kurt thanked Kent for his hospitality, as if he had just finished a cup of coffee, and left the room without a backward glance at Angela. Kent showered next while I helped Angela to her feet and kissed her. "I'm so proud of you for not using the safe word." I glowed.

She picked up her shoes and followed me into the dressing room. She looked miserable and confused. Angela perked up slightly after I showered with her and told her how much she had pleased me and even more importantly, Kent. She had many mixed feelings as she sought my reassurance that Kurt was indeed as free of disease as he claimed to be and asked for my advice.

"Kent doesn't normally allow unprotected penetration if he's not absolutely sure of the safety in allowing it to happen, darling." I smiled wistfully and told her all about my night at the Club and how I later found out exactly what happened. I swore her to secrecy. I was actually playing for time because I knew that Kent would be taking Kurt back to Rome. Perhaps he would even be showing him around his mansion on the other side of the lake.

Angela was unusually quiet when we all drove home later. She didn't even ask to call in at the restaurant on the way, as she normally did. She helped Cat in the kitchen while I excused myself to go for a swim in the lake. Kurt wasn't in the boathouse so I took the ski boat over to Kent's house and picked him up.

Angela was flabbergasted when I walked into the house with Kurt, now naked, as we all were. I introduced him as our dearest friend from Australia.

"You're not even a client? She gasped without thinking. Then she laughingly hugged him. "Was it as good for you as it was for me?"

She looked at Kurt in a whole new light as they talked.

"I felt terrible deceiving you like that, Angela, but I did enjoy myself and I do hope that you forgive me. Kent has always enjoyed role-playing. I see that Barbara seems to enjoy it just as much." As he spoke he winked at me with a knowing look.

Kurt looked younger than his forty odd years as he looked back at Angela inquiringly. "Am I forgiven?"

A wave of relief swept over Angela.

"Of course you are, Kurt. I hope you are staying for dinner."

Naturally, Angela was delighted when Kurt mentioned that he was staying with us for a few days. We had a great evening and Angela made a huge fuss of Kurt as we caught up on the events here, and in Australia, over the last three months.

We were still talking when Kate and Lance closed up the restaurant and came over when they saw all our lights on. Normally they didn't disturb us but they were thrilled to meet Kurt when they realised that he had been our holiday host in Australia. Kate gave us all some valuable suggestions regarding things to see and do within a days drive of Maple lake. Lance had photos of the scenic highlights and I realised that there would be more than enough to keep us busy over the duration of Kurt's stay with us. While there were no camel rides or exotic theme parks, there was water rafting experiences within a day's reach of Maple Lake. We thought that we might investigate some of these during his stay.

First and foremost there were a number of scenic attractions right here that we would enjoy showing Kurt. Although he had been in Maple Lake several times his knowledge of the local area had been confined to the view from his motel room and one of the local restaurants. It was such a pity that I hadn't got to know him earlier. He would have noticed all the changes since we moved here.

Our playroom was roomy enough to accommodate all of us for sleeping, as well as sexual interaction. I'm sure Kurt enjoyed the unique opportunity to surrender to sexual abandon with so many other people. His life in Queensland had been fairly conventional, whilst he was married to his wife, but after her death he hadn't had full sexual contact with any another person until our trip to Australia. He was totally compatible with our lifestyle.

He told me, when I met him at the airport, that he had been counting the days as his trip approached. I told him all about Kate and Angela in the hope that he may experience a special bond with Angela and make even more frequent visits to Maple Lake as a result. Although there was a large age gap Angela appeared to be a lot more willing to enjoy sex with older men. This was quite common amongst young ladies who were intellectually mature beyond their age, such as Angela.

It was always interesting to observe the difference between sexual enjoyment and emotional compatibility during group encounters. Over the first night I noted that Kurt and Angela went to sleep in each others arms. This usually indicated an intellectual as well as a physical attraction between two partners. I had noticed this sort of phenomena throughout the time my family had been involved in group sexual activity. Margaret and I had often talked about it at some length and we both realised that it was very common amongst our families. I made up my mind to encourage their relationship during the next week, speculating that Kurt may have been the main reason that Angela had been so introspective on the way home. She changed her mood so radically once she realised that Kurt was an old friend of ours.

It was refreshing to see our town from Kurt's perspective and gain insight through the opinions of our friend. Angela showed Kurt the restaurant and told him what she planned to do with the complex once the redevelopments were further completed. She accepted his advice and constructive criticisms with eagerness. We all stayed for lunch before showing Kurt around the other side of the lake by Jet Skis.

We spent a very pleasant afternoon exploring the tranquil area by the small waterfall, then left Angela with Kurt while Cat and I went back to Rome to prepare dinner. We had taken two Jet Skis so that we could leave Angela to bring Kurt back a little later. We made a point of telling her that dinner wouldn't be served for another hour.

Cat had noticed the attraction between Kurt and Angela by now and as we prepared dinner, she suggested allowing her to take Kurt to Angel falls for a trip. There would be time for this while we had our usual Sunday meeting the next morning.

It had been a deliberate move on my part, to leave them alone on the other side of the lake so that they could enjoy each other without the rest of us around. Both Kurt and Angela were no strangers to the idea of having sex in the company of others by now but we all enjoy a little bit of true intimacy from time to time. I remain an incurable romantic.

I have favoured partners but I would never deny other family members the pleasure that I am able to bring them, simply by sharing my body with them. I see this as the biggest advantage of our way of life and I know they all feel the same way. As their Mistress, the others share their innermost thoughts with me. It is a privilege to counsel, and as a last resort instruct them to ignore individual preferences in favour of the common good of the group. There are times when we have all wondered at how there are not many arguments among us as a group. Many similar groups have been torn apart by jealousy and have come apart at the seams because of group financial pressures or individual discontent. The main difference in our group is that the leaders all have a particularly good source of income. If any minor displeasure emerges among the group, the individual's reason must be balanced against the overall good of remaining within the group. Inevitably, compromises are made to ensure that the benefits that we have all achieved are preserved and enhanced. Sexual satisfaction is central to keeping everybody contented, but financial security is also important to most of them.

Love and gratitude was evident later when Angela and I had a moment alone. Angela looked at me and apologised for doubting my judgement on Thursday afternoon.

"I should have known better, Mistress and I promise to do what you ask in future. I'll never question your judgement again." She confirmed. Then she rushed back to sit with Kurt at the dining table.

Early next morning, Angela packed a brief toga into the BMW, along with Kurt's camera and some maps. Kurt drove away from Rome with Angela, naked and beside him in the passenger's seat in the same way I had been with Des on our first trip to Maple Lake. They were going to have a great time and I was pleased for them both. Kurt had been invited to our normal Sunday evening at Kent's house had promised to be back in time for dinner, beforehand. He was looking forward to the subsequent group session in the huge playroom. Kate too, had noticed Angela's interest in Kurt since he arrived.

"I have the strangest feeling that the interest is entirely mutual!" I assured her.

Our plan was to spend Monday night away at the lodge that Kate had suggested, four hours drive from here. It was quite an upmarket operation offering a wide range of leisure activity. Lance had shown us photos and Kurt agreed that it would give us the opportunity to see some scenery, entirely different from anything available in Queensland. Kurt rang Australia from Kent's office and changed his plans to facilitate a longer stay with us. He was in the office for longer than I expected and on his return he was grinning broadly. "You might have to put up with me for another week, Barbara.

Don't tell Angela yet! I want to surprise her when we get back from the trip." He pleaded. "I think we've really hit it off and I would really like to stay on a bit longer, if that's alright with you guys of course?"

"We wouldn't mind if you stayed forever Kurt. It's a pity you have to go back at all as far as we're concerned. I suspect Angela loves you as much as we do!"

"You must know that you are now part of our family!" Cathy said as she hugged him.

"That's for sure!" Kent chimed in. "Stay as long as you want Kurt."

Kurt was dumbstruck. He just nodded and thanked us all, actually quite emotional as he fought back tears of happiness. Although his relationship with us had been primarily business I believe the last few days had changed that, in his eyes too. He had bonded with us again, emotionally as much as sexually, especially last night. We had all made it clear that he was more than just a friend.

We had an early lunch, during which Cat and I kept our word to Kurt and gave no hint of the news that he was staying longer than planned.

Kurt asked if we could go past the airport on the way, to check his flight, before going on to our destination. I thought that this might be going a bit far, but agreed, giving him a look that may well have killed a lesser man.

On the way to the airport Kurt seemed preoccupied and Angela snuggled up to him. Ken pulled up outside the main terminal and Kurt dashed inside while we waited in a temporary park across the road. He came out a little later with a sheaf of paperwork and a map of the airport facilities. He asked Ken to go to the Aero Club, marked on his map. He told us that he had to meet someone there. We arrived just in time to see an old Iroquois helicopter start up, across the road from the car park. This mystery person that Kurt had to see was waving to him so we parked in the parking facility that he indicated. Kurt asked Ken to unpack the car and transfer all our luggage to the trolley that the man was standing beside. I expressed surprise.

"Hope you don't mind, Barbara." Kurt turned to me as he helped Ken. "I chartered a big helicopter to take us there and back. It only takes half an hour to get to that lodge this way." His eyes twinkled mischievously. "More time for some fun along the way."

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