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Mom Alone


I was 18 at the time and I was on the internet looking through porn and a link for an incest site came up so I curiously clicked on the link. Inside I found loads of pictures of young guys fucking their hot mature moms and I just got me thinking about my mom and how she was actually really hot. My mom was 42, brunette, a nice big round bubble butt with measurements 36E-32-40. The day I say her alone in the sitting room was a turning point in both of our sexual lives.

I walked into the house just getting back from town and I walked through to the house to the living room where I heard a moan from inside and stopped. I pushed the door open just a little so that I could just see inside. There lying on the couch was my mom butt naked with her legs spread and she was rubbing her hairy cunt like mad. I was actually home early so I guess she thought she could get off before I got home. I watched her for about 10 minutes as she rubbed her pussy and she played with her big luscious tits. I was getting really hot and it made me clear my throat. She suddenly stopped and looked over at the door. I then turned and legged it up to my room. I logged on to the incest site I found a while back and started to get a raging hard on just thinking about my mom.

"Oh your back then?" my mom said in a sarcastic voice. I looked round at the door of my room and there was my mom standing in a robe. "What are you looking at?"

"Oh nothing" I tried closing the incest site but it wouldn't close. Mom came across the room to see and she saw the site and surprisingly she wasn't mad. I looked back at the computer screen and finally got it closed and then when I looked back at my mom, she had dropped her robe and standing was standing less than a yard from me totally naked.

I just stared at her pussy as she said "I saw you watching me downstairs, did you like what you saw?" Nervously is said, "Yes". She walked over to my bed and sat down on the end of the bed and patted the bed and said "come sit here with me". I got up and walked over to the bed and sat down next to her and she put a hand on my thigh, just below my throbbing cock.

She told me to stand up in front of her and when I did she unzipped my trousers and pulled them down along with my pants so that my 6" and 3" thick cock sprung out right into her face. She grabbed the base of my cock and started to slowly wank me off. She opened her mouth and just as my cock was entering her mouth, precum oozed from the tip of my cock onto her lip. She just took my cock into her mouth and sucked me. She was amazing. I could feel my balls tighten and I told her that I was going to cum and she just said, "oh yea, cum in mommy's mouth, give me your big juicy load now" I couldn't take it any more and my balls exploded as my cum shot into my mothers mouth and I watched as she ate all of it. She then told me to lie on my back and so I did. I watched as she manoeuvred herself on the bed so she was standing over my face and then I just watched in awe as she lowered her hairy pussy to my face. As she got closer the smell of her pussy hit and drove me wild. Through her light bush I could she her thick mature pussy lips, soaking wet and I could feel the heat radiating off her pussy. I stared at this magnificent sight and then she put a hand down and rubbed her pussy once and said "so come on and do me".

So I put 2 fingers up into her bush and parted her thick lips and was welcomed by a stream of pussy juice and her sweet smell. I raised my tongue up to her open cunt and drove my tongue deep into her pussy and she suddenly let out a passionate moan. I tongue fucked her wet slit for about 5 minutes and not long after I watched in pure amazement as her clit appeared from its hiding. Her clit was big, hard and I could see it throbbing as it got bigger, just wanting to be sucked. I put 2 fingers into her pussy and fingered her while I took that big, throbbing clit in my mouth and sucked it hard. My mom was now moaning in pure incestuous lust as I fingered her cunt and licked her clit. Just as she was about to cum, she screamed out and I knew the moment was here and I cupped my mouth around her pussy and her pussy shuddered and what seemed like gallon after gallon of her sweet, milky cum squirted and poured out of her hot cunt.

She fell off my face and was panting like a dog while she recovered from her almighty orgasm. I told her to turn onto her stomach and put her ass up into the air. Minutes later I was presented with an amazing view of her hairy pussy and tight pink asshole. I rubbed my hard cork and lined myself up with her cunt and as the head of my cock went into her bush and touched her hot outer lips it felt so amazing. There was absolutely no need for lubricant as she was so wet and my cock just slipped in without any friction. I started to pound her pussy and not long after she started to move back and forth in rhythm with me. From lying down she got up onto her hands so it was proper doggy style and her massive tits were swinging all over the place and I just had to put my hands under to feel and play with her magnificent tits. Now she was moaning wildly and then I pulled out of her snatch and asked her had she ever been done in the ass before and all she could do was moan, "no, but fucking do me!" I needed no more of an invitation so I spread her legs as wide as they would go.

I dipped my cock into her wet cunt and then ran my sloppy cock over her asshole and repeated this about 3 times till there was sufficient pussy juice on her asshole. I placed the tip of my dick on her pink tight asshole and slowly and gently pushed forward on her ass. As the head of my dick squeezed open her tight hole she let out a passionate moan of pleasure. There was more pain for me than pleasure as her ass muscles squeezed my cock. Finally the head of my cock popped onto her hole and we both sighed in pleasure. I started to fuck back and forth in her ass and with every in stroke I would edge my cock further into her tight ass. I admit I don't have the biggest dick in the world but by now she had the full 6 inches of me in her virgin ass. I couldn't take it anymore and I was on the edge of blowing my load in her ass. I told that I was gonna cum but she said she wanted to eat my load. Fuck it, "im sorry mom", I blew. Shot after shot of my thick cum poured into her ass. I fell forward a little and rested on her back with my cock still in her ass and my hands fondling her tits. She pulled herself off my cock and quickly went out running. "What's wrong mom?" There was no reply.

A minute later she came running back in with a glass. She got onto the bed beside me and squatted down and put the glass under her asshole. Cream pie! I watched as she worked her ass muscle and minutes later my cum started to ooze out of her tight ass. There was loads of it, it filled half the glass. She sat down on the bed and I watched her as she greedily drank all my cum that came from her ass that was in the glass. I told her to turn over doggy style and just as I suspected there was a little stream of cum running from her ass to her pussy. It looked so hot and I put my tongue on her clit and ran my tongue all the way through her cunt and up to her asshole, lapping up any of my cum on the way, which actually tasted really good. While I was there I gave my mom a rim job. Boy her ass tasted good. We both than fell asleep, me cradling her in the spoon position. That was my first experience with my mom and might I add, not the last!

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