tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMom Keeps Daughter from Failing

Mom Keeps Daughter from Failing


You have heard the story a million times. A college girl wants a better grade and offers her charms to a professor.

It is an occurrence that happens somewhere in colleges and universities throughout the country and around the world. While I never succumbed to the need, I personally know of two girls in my college sorority who had sex with this prof for better grades and one other girl who did her prof for fun.

That's one of the things about college life.

I'm a mom now, and thoughts of those olden days when I was in school cross my mind. Not that Ashley, my college freshman daughter, would ever do such nasty things, but maybe her friends might. Actually I was more worried about boys, because Ashley didn't date much in high school and I worried about her being toyed with at college.

Ashley and I had numerous talks about boys, from the birds and the bees to their un-denied need for sex whenever possible. I think young guys think about sex more than anything else. I know my brothers did. As well as every guy I dated.

So Ashley and I had conversations. She was, and is, a good girl and I knew she'd behave properly when she went away to school.

Now her friend Dina, on the other hand, was a borderline slut. Damn, that girl was something. She was loose, and skated her way through high school I know she's had sex, because her mom admitted she was on the pill after a near "accident." Still she was the ying to Ashley's yang.

Dina and Ashley went to State U. together as roommates and all I heard about over the first several months was how Dina was painting the town while Ashley claimed to be studying. Ashley wanted grades to get into graduate school, Dina wanted to know where the frat house parties were.

All I knew is that Ashley did not come from money. My husband and I had begged, borrowed and stole from our own wants to provide for her college education....along with the bank who issued a loan.

So the telephone call startled me. It was Ashley, and she didn't beat around the bush as there was not much in the way of small talk.

"Mom, I'm in trouble," she said, crying.

Here I hadn't even known she had a boyfriend. How did she get knocked up?

"No mom, it's not that, nothing like that at all."

Asking her to start from the start was the thing to do, and after catching her breath she told the story I couldn't believe.

She's been working hard to get the best grades at the University. She's worked long and hard, hasn't dated nor goofed off in any way. Study, work, study and do well, that's what she's been up to.

Her roommate and closest friend, Dina, was the anti-school. She was majoring in party-time, and has been running around with various guys, drinking and, well, learning new positions for banging her beaus.

Along the way Dina realized that she needed better grades, and soon, or she's be on her way out of school.

"Mom, I just couldn't say no when she said she wanted to check her test answers. I just couldn't. So when we were taking our test in Mr. Johnson's class well she was looking at my test answers as I went through. I mean, I didn't look at her stuff, but she did mine and I didn't stop her."

"So Dina was cheating off your work?"

My daughter admitted yes.

So why was Ashley upset?

"Professor Johnson reminded me of the code book and it clearly says I was just as wrong as Dina for letting her cheat off my papers. He says I could be expelled for cheating. He said I am just as guilty since I knew she was looking at my work. We are both in big, big trouble."

We spoke about all that happened and I realized that while Ashley hadn't cheated that in the eyes of the school she was equally culpable. Shit, thousands of dollars down the drain and a permanent black mark on her record.

"Whom can I speak with?" was all I could ask.

Ashley was quick to answer. "I have a meeting Wednesday with Mr. Johnson, and he agreed that you could be there.....please don't tell daddy, please."

My husband would go ballistic. His hair trigger temper would not be good for our daughter. He'd go nuts, she'd get kicked out of school and then he'd apologize.

I wholeheartedly agreed with Ashley that I'd come down and talk to the professor with her. We had to talk some reason into the situation. It should be an expulsion situation, and I am sure we could work something out.

Little did I know Ashley hadn't told the entire story.

That I learned at the meeting as the Professor laid out the facts of the situation. Not hearsay, but the facts.

Yes, Ashley had let her friend spy on the answers from her exam paper, and that was against the rules. But Ashley also had a term paper that looked remarkably similar to Dina's as both had apparently purchased them from the same online term paper mill service.

My little perfect daughter had not only stretched the truth out outright lied to me. Then came the net bombshell, she had signed a paper admitting to all of the above and part of the remedy.

I read the agreement as Ashley cried sitting next to me. The professor, a 50-something distinguished man with a huge mane and smirk of a smile. He knew he had my daughter dead to right, and watched as I gasp.

"You can't do this," was all I said, after I read the document. Oh, she was going to receive an F on the term paper and F on the exam. I knew that was coming. But my daughter also in the admitting of guilt agreed to receive a spanking that day just to stay in class and not get to an expulsion hearing.

"Mom, I agreed. I know we can't go before the disciplinary board. I apologized to the professor. I understand what I signed. I want this over with so I can try and pass this class."

The professor spoke up. "Mrs. Bennett, I understand your concern, and if you read that document again I can assure you that you can do the spanking. But your daughter needs to be punished for her actions. I am cutting her a major break here."

Clearly he was right. Ashley was in big trouble, and actually deserved a spanking, something she had not received in years. I nodded my head, looking as the professor pulled a ping-pong paddle out of his desk.

"You have the honors, Mrs. Bennett."

I waited for him to leave the room, but he sat there and merely said, "Go on."

At first I wanted him to leave, but the more I thought of it I realized it would add to the humiliation of my daughter.

Soon Ashley assumed the position over the professor's desk.

"Lift her skirt," said the man. "Leave her panties on...if she has them on..."

I followed his direction, reminding myself that from his vantage point he couldn't see her backside. Ashley luckily did have cotton panties on, adorned with the word "P I N K". How appropriate, as her behind would soon be pink then red.

"Mrs. Bennett, if you take it easy on her, I will take over. You don't want that to happen. So make sure she gets a proper spanking. I will start over from scratch, but if you do the job right there will be only 20 strokes."

Damn, he was smart. My first thought was to pull my punches so to speak.

SWAT. I gave my daughter a firm spank with the paddle, bringing a ouch that was replaced by an OWW after the second and third swats.

Totally ignoring the professor, I handled the spanking with efficiency. I hadn't spanked my daughter in ages, but I knew what to do. I remember getting a spanking from my father after being caught making out in the barn with Bobby Joe Miller. He had my jeans off and his strong and firm spanking reminded me I shouldn't be caught in that position again. My ass hurt for a week.

I continued my spanking, thinking how much Ashley deserved it. My daughter began to cry and as much as I wanted to stop I knew she not only deserved it but she needed to receive it to keep her status in the classroom.

Not stopping at 20, I made a point by pounding her ass twice more just because. Once over, my daughter smoothed down her skirt and asked for something to dry her tears. She was red faced, and her behind I am sure was beet red.

She stood, looking at the floor, and asked if she was done. The professor said she'd be welcome back in class and she had an upward road to go if she expected to pass his class.

Ashley kissed me on the cheek and said she understood and appreciated me coming down, and again begged me not to tell her father.

Once gone I asked the professor what he meant by his comments on the class.

"Mrs. Bennett, your daughter has a zero with nearly half of the class complete. She's on her way to a failure grade and that will not look good on the record. You are a smart woman and can do the math. Yes, I won't kick her out of class, but, seriously, it would take a major miracle. Well, unless...

Looking at the man, I asked, "unless what."

He said she might be able to do some extra credit work, almost with a leer.

"Don't you even think it," I said, "don't you think of touching my daughter."

"That never crossed my mind, Mrs. Bennett," said the professor. "There are other ways."

I stared as he stood, brushing down the crease in his trousers. That's when I noticed the bulge, which is ran his hand across to sort of push down.

"You don't think I'd...you don't expect me to....you..." was all I could stammer.

The professor looked at me and smiled. "You are a woman of the world. You know how to get things done. I just know you do. And your daughter, well, she's looking at an F. But I don't know, I like her, and, well, I really don't want to fail her. I really don't."

I watched as he slowly stroked his pants.

"Come on, Mrs. Bennett, help get your daughter a passing grade."

"But I don't do that, not even for my husband."

"You don't what?"

"You know, oral sex. And I have never cheated on him either. I can't."

The man looked at me and nodded. "Guess she's failing, then....but you know, I don't want sex. I just want a blowjob. A simple blow job."

Somehow he didn't think that was cheating, and in the predicament that my daughter was is I was swayed by his argument. I know it makes no sense. In my entire marriage I had not looked at anyone else, unless you count Johnny Depp.

True to my husband, I was embarrassed the few times I would masturbate when he was travelling. I did, but felt guilty the next day. This was so different though. We had invested a lot in Ashley and college and didn't want a black mark against her name.

Robert and I had a normal sex life for couples are ages. At least I think so. It was the once a week arrangement, maybe twice. We got a little adventurous for anniversary and such, but it was, well, I think kind of normal. I surely didn't look at other guys and I don't think he ever cheated on me.

Probably our most adventurous sex was a tryst on our pool table a couple years ago or a quickie on the way home from a party by the side of a deserted road. It was just the way it was. But on this day I was only thinking about Ashley and her jam, the money we'd invested in her education and the thought of it being flushed down the toilet.

I don't know what got over me, but I walked to his side of the table. He nodded to the floor, and as if in a trance I dropped to my knees.

Oh, I hated oral sex. I only gave it to my husband on his birthday. And I didn't swallow. That was gross. Never. Hated the taste and the disgusting thought of it.

But if I could get the professors off quickly, and get my daughter a passing grade, and nobody knew well....

Staring at the crotch of his pants I realized the bulge was still there. I guess I thought the professor would, you know, make himself available but I soon learned more than I needed to know about this being a job.

Reaching over, I slowly unzipped and began reaching inside his trousers. It was as if I had all thumbs, and when I looked for a little help he was merely smiling down at me. "Get on with it, Mrs. Bennett. Somebody could come by the office."

Reaching around his underwear I finally grasp his dick. It was big, and when I pulled it out I realized it wasn't as long as my husband's but it was much thicker. I looked at it and wondered what to do next.

As if guided by his words ("lick it, Mrs. Bennett") I bent toward him and licked the cock tip then worked my lips down the staff.

"Ah, that's nice," said the professor. "How about kissing it all over....yes....more....yes like that."

The man's cock was throbbing and I enjoyed the way it pulsed as I kissed it. I hadn't realized how sexy that was until now, and I kissed and licked that cock like it was a very special treat.

He maneuvered around a little, getting the ball sack out of his pants as I kissed my way up and down the cock. At his direction I slipped down a bit and kissed his balls before moving back to the tip.

"Suck it, Mrs. Bennett, suck my dick," ordered the man. As if in a trance, I did. I opened my mouth and slipped the dick into it while reaching over and holding the base. "No, no, I don't want hands just your luscious lips."

For the next couple minute my daughter's professor and advisor rocked in and out of my mouth. His big thick cock filled my mouth and a couple times he thrust a little too deep setting off my gagging mechanism. But soon it was a safe journey in between my lips.

"Lift your shirt," demanded the professor, "let me see your tits."

I nodded no but that just made him harder. "Come on, it will help me cum."

I reached down and lifted my top and then my bra, displaying my breasts to a man I barely knew. He reached down and caressed them while continuing to rock in and out of my mouth.

Glancing up, his dick inside me, I saw he was clearly enjoying. I also saw the cell phone snapping shots of my sucking his dick.

Quickly I pulled away and ordered him to stop. "You bastard, give me that," I cried out, trying to reach up and grab the phone. He pushed me back down, setting the phone on his desk. "Hurry before I get out of the mood and your daughter fails. I might even get her before the expulsion board after all."

Resigned, I re-started sucking his dick. I got into the rhythm and moved and swayed my head while my tits bounced below.

It was humiliating. I must have been beet red, maybe as red as my daughter's ass! The man was insistent, and he kept rocking back and forth as I sucked his despicable cock.

I thought of the last time I'd sucked Robert. It was actually last year's anniversary. He told me later he's saved up for me, he didn't whack off for a week. I dressed in a baby blue nightie and we shared strawberries before he got me kneeling over him on out bed.

Bobbing my head and jerking his dick I sought to make him cum fast. What I didn't know is he's been wanking before I came into the room and because it had been so long since he had an orgasm he shot his stuff into my mouth a minute or two in the act....and held my head. Soon I was sputtering and spitting his nasty sauce all over.

We slept in separate bedrooms that night, and anniversary to forget. With that in my mind I hated what I was doing even more. But the professor didn't care, he merely continued his thrusting while whispering naughty statements.

"You like that big dick, don't you Mrs. Bennett."

"You look pretty sucking my dick."

"Bet your daughter is a sweet cock sucker like her mom."

The last one nearly got his dick bit off, but he held my head and told me to be careful....or else.

I wasn't in position to neither negotiate nor demand. So I just kept sucking his cock and listening to his nasty words.

His dick filled my mouth when he moved as much as possible into my face and held himself still. That caused me to gag, but I could tell he loved the feelings and figured it would get him off quicker. I was right.

"Oh, yes, Mrs. Bennett, you daughter is no longer failing, oh yes, I think she's getting a C for sure. Oh yes, yes YES."

Keeping my eyes closed and letting him use my mouth, I tried to stay as motionless as possible and let him make the actions that he liked. He was so demanding and I know he enjoyed the embarrassment I was undergoing.

Then professor's hands caressed my head as his cock shot its sauce into my mouth. Spurt after spurt filled my mouth, and I was perplexed as what I should do next. I wanted to spit, I really did, but he kept rocking hard in my mouth and soon I had to swallow or choke. I swallowed.

Aghast at the whole scene, I couldn't believe I sucked off a man other than my husband for a grade....my daughter's grade.

The professor held his cock and jerked it against my face, but most of the cum had already been expelled. Still, a little bit of sticky stuff made it's way to my cheek.

"You are an incredible woman, Mrs. Bennett, that was fantastic. Your daughter has a special mom, and your husband is a lucky guy."

As I stood he looked at his phone. "I think I will keep these photos just in case you say something to someone you shouldn't, Mrs. Bennett. Not that I don't trust you. Let's consider it an insurance policy."

Nodding my head, I just asked him to make sure my daughter passed. "No problem, Mrs. Bennett, she has a passing grade thanks to you. Don't tell her, because I want her in class. It will be hot thinking of her burnt ass in the seat listening to my lectures. But I will keep a watch over her. Don't worry."

The ride home was uneventful, except Ashley called and asked if the professor said anything else after she left.

"Oh he said a lot, but I think I talked him into your being able to pass if you do a strong job, without cheating, the rest of the year."

My daughter let out a deep breath.

"Thanks so much for what you did, mom, my behind hurts but I know you had to do something you really didn't want to," said my daughter. "I will be a perfect student from here on out."

If only she knew the entire story.

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You need to revisit Mrs. Bennett's serial awakening, with maybe a daughters ex boyfriend or revisit the Professor.

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